Giants CB Eli Apple Fined for Tweeting on the Sideline During Sunday’s Loss

Giants corner Eli Apple is going to have a little less money in his pocket, as today he was fined an undisclosed amount by the team for tweeting while on the sideline during Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys.

Apple owned up to the mistake on Thursday, stating “I wasn’t confused. It was just a mistake by me.”

Apple was inactive for Sunday’s game when the infraction occurred, but he still isn’t allowed to tweet during the game.

“Everybody has to pay for any mistake they make,” said Apple.

Apple, who has been inactive for the past four weeks, said the coaching staff hasn’t told him if he will be active on Sunday.

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Fired Giants GM Jerry Reese Releases Statement After Being Dismissed

Former Giants general manager Jerry Reese, who was fired Monday along with head coach Ben McAdoo, released this statement through the team on Tuesday, James Kratch of the Newark Star-Ledger reports.

“I would like to thank the New York Football Giants for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing franchise for the past twenty-three years. My time here has been filled with many great memories. Thank you John and the Mara family, Steve and the Tisch family for your confidence in me for so many seasons. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Tom Coughlin and Ben McAdoo for their commitment to the NYG and my time working with them. I’m thankful to the late George Young, who hired me, and to Ernie Accorsi for grooming me. Many thanks to the front office, personnel staff, support staff, scouts, coaches, and current and former players for your dedication to a first class organization. My family, friends and many fans that have supported me, I sincerely appreciate all of you. I am truly grateful and blessed for my time with the NYG. All the best to you. Go Giants.”

Tom Coughlin Comes to the Defense of Eli Manning After Benching

Tom Coughlin may no longer be the coach of the Giants, but he quickly came to his former quarterback Eli Manning’s defense after news broke that the Giants are benching him for the foreseeable future and will start Geno Smith against the Raiders Sunday, Ari Gilberg of the New York Daily News reports.

“Surprised is not the word. My sentiments are totally with Eli Manning,” Coughlin said on 1010 AM Tuesday. “I love the kid.”

Coughlin and Manning were joined at the hip throughout their time in New York, as both joined the Giants in 2004 and were instrumental to the team’s success and failure.

The two developed a strong bond and led the Giants to two Super Bowl wins in 2008 and 2012.

In addition to expressing his bewilderment at the move, Coughlin also praised Manning as not only a good player, but a good person as well.

“He is a class act. He is a two-time Super Bowl Champion,” Coughlin said on the radio show. “He is the finest, most humblest young man in that locker room.”

Successful Seasons That Started With A Giants’ Defeat

New York Giants’ fans are not the ones to give up easily, and neither should they. In all honesty, this football team may have put their supporters through some ups and downs throughout the years, but each season marks a fresh start.

If there is anything you should know for certain about the Giants franchise, it is that nothing is certain until the last minute. To prove this claim, and to boost up your hope for seasons to come, following is a listing of the worst season starts that ended with a complete turn of events in favor of the New York Giants.

Season of 1934

Back to the early beginnings of the National Football League, the first game of the season was a complete bust for the New York Giants. They faced The Lions over at Detroit, where they were unable to score a single goal throughout the whole game. Things only got worse for the Giants during the second game of the season, as they lost to the Packers as well.

Nonetheless, a winning streak from then on got them to the final game of the championship, famously known as ‘The Sneakers Game’. Played on the frozen Polo Grounds against the Chicago Bears, the Giants made a remarkable comeback in the second half and ended the season victorious.

Season of 1981

We can safely declare the decade prior to this season as the very worst in Giants’ history, and any disbelievers can review the odds for themselves. They would have been a bettor’s oasis had they been able to qualify for the playoffs in any of the championships throughout the 70s. Anyway, they managed to surprise oddsmakers and fans alike with yet another disastrous start of the seasons of ’81, and somehow redeem themselves by qualifying for that year’s playoffs.

Season of 1986

There is no better boost to the life and spirits of New York Giants fans than retelling the mythic story of the seasons of ’86. The Giants suffered a significant defeat from the Cowboys at the very start, but swiftly took off and managed to juggle the score all the way to the first Super Bowl game in the history of the franchise. They continued in this trend even during the first halftime of the game, only to gain momentum and culminate into victory with nearly double the points. Considering it had been their first ever appearance at this event, they sure made it count for something.

Season of 2007

Here is something even the younger Giants fans remember – the victory of the New York Giants against the game favorite, The Patriots at the Super Bowl XLII. However, many choose to forget the starting games that allowed everyone to witness some massive losses. The Giants were defeated by rivaling Dallas Cowboys at the season’s opening game, but they were only overcome one other time, by the Packers, as they made their way to the season finale. With such a track record, there is no saying what you can expect next!

Giants Awarded LB Nigel Harris, Waive DE Romeo Okwara

The Giants made a couple roster moves today, as the team picked up LB Nigel Harris, and waived second-year defensive end Romeo Okwara.

Nine days ago, Nigel Harris helped the Los Angeles Chargers defeat the Giants with two tackles on kickoffs in the final five minutes. Today, he joined the Giants’ roster.

The Giants were awarded Harris off waivers after the Chargers released him yesterday.

To create room on the roster the Giants placed second-year defensive end Romeo Okwara on injured reserve. Okwara sprained his knee in practice last Thursday.

Harris, 6-2 and 225 pounds, was signed by the Chargers as a rookie free agent on May 1. He played in the season’s first five games, and had eight tackles (six solo) on defense, and three stops (two solo) on special teams. Harris was inactive on Sunday, when the Chargers defeated the Raiders in Oakland.

Harris started 41 games at South Florida, where his career totals included 232 tackles and eight forced fumbles. As a senior in 2016, he was second on the team with 78 tackles (48 solo), 9.5 tackles for losses, 2.0 sacks, and two interceptions.

Harris will wear No. 53.

Okwara played in the Giants’ first five games as a reserve defensive end and had three tackles (one solo).

Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. Says He’s Feeling Fine After Monday Debut

Odell Beckham Jr. said Thursday that he has not experienced any setbacks with his injured ankle this week after making his debut Monday and he expects to be more involved this week against the Eagles, ESPN reports.

“I came out straight. I didn’t have any setbacks or anything like that. So, keep ramping up the rehab,” the New York Giants star wide receiver said. “Just try to get as good as you can get, you know what I mean?”

Asked about whether playing more this week was his hope or his expectation, Beckham said: “That’s what’s going to happen.”

He acknowledged that his ankle might not be 100 percent for the entire season.

“The ankle is something you get on every single day. So, you never really know, but I’m going to get as good as I can get and I know once I’m comfortable cutting off in each and every way, I don’t see that there will be any problems with it, even if it’s not 100,” he said.

Beckham was listed by the Giants as limited in practice Thursday.

Giants News: Cowboys Elliott Receives Six-Game Suspension

Well Giants fans, we thought the Week-1 match versus the Dallas Cowboys would be softened up a bit with Ezekiel Elliott possibly not playing. Then the news comes down the pipe … Ezekiel Elliott gets a six-game suspension over a long investigation over domestic violence.

But wait … don’t jump up and down with joy yet. Elliott will be able to play against the G-Men this Sunday, before the suspension is initiated. What the heck is that all about? That doesn’t seem fair at all.

So why is this happening? It was reported that Harold Henderson was under a 4 PM Tuesday, September 5th deadline to make a ruling, otherwise, the Dallas Cowboys star running back would be eligible to play against the Giants no matter what the outcome. The problem with this is that the NFL leaked that no such deadline exists. Now, depending on who you talk to there was either always such a deadline, or never a deadline.

“As his designated Hearing Officer in this matter, my responsibility is to determine whether the Commissioner’s decision on discipline of Mr. Elliott is arbitrary and capricious, meaning was it made on unreasonable grounds or without any proper consideration of circumstances. It is not the responsibility, nor within the authority of, the Hearing Officer to conduct a de novo review of the case and second guess his decision. Rather, the review is to determine whether the player was afforded adequate notice of his alleged violation, the right to representation, opportunity to present evidence, and a decision which is fair and consistent. In a case involving violation of a policy, fair and consistent means whether the process and result were in compliance with the terms of that policy. This one is, in every respect. – Elliot’s Hearing Officer

This all gets even more confounding because just like Tom Brady played the entire 2015 season under injunction for Deflategate, Ezekiel Elliott still has a good chance at getting bailed out as well.

So how fast can getting a little extra help at winning the NFC East go down the tubes? Just about the same amount of time it takes to file an injunction.

Sunday Night’s Game

In the wake of this news, the betting odds for the Giants vs. Cowboys in Dallas on Sunday Night Football have taken another step towards Dallas favoritism. The lines actually opened at 5.5 but were bet all the way down to 3.5 … and now almost universally the lines have moved to 4 points and I wouldn’t surprised to see the line inch a little further away from the Giants.

This is actually a good thing. Teams know when they are favored to win and if the lines keep moving it might get into the players’ heads—we’re expected to win. Just a slight underestimation is all it takes and perhaps Giants can catch the Cowboys sleeping.

This news gets even better for those of us who want to place a few bucks on the Giants this weekend review the odds at BetOnline before placing any action. We know that these teams always play each-other tough. The Cowboys only have a 1-game advantage since 1992. The Cowboys have taken 26 games and the Giants 25. They basically duke it out each season, trading wins. However, the Giants are on a 4-0 run against the Cowboys against the spread. Giving the G-men a four-point line against the Cowboys … I’ll take that all day!

It’s going to be a brutal game for the Giants-Cowboys opener. Whoever wins is only squeaking through by the margin of a field goal. With that in mind and the betting lines back up to four points, expect the Giants to cover the spread Sunday.

Giants Release Third-Year DE Owa Odighizuwa

Owa Odighizuwa is looking for work today, as the Giants announced they have waived the third-year defensive end. Here’s the report from the teams’ official site.

The Giants today announced they have waived third-year defensive end Owa Odighizuwa.

The moves comes one day after the NFL suspended Odighizuwa without pay for the first four games of the 2017 regular season for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances.

“It is unfortunate that things have gone in this direction,” said general manager Jerry Reese, “but we wish nothing but the best for Owa as we all move forward.”

Odighizuwa was the Giants’ third-round draft choice in 2015, from UCLA. In two seasons with the team, he played in 18 games and had four tackles (three solo) on defense, and two tackles on special teams.

He saw limited action in each of the Giants’ first three preseason games and was not credited with a tackle.

Odighizuwa did not participate in most of the team’s spring drills, including a mandatory minicamp.

Can the Giants Win This Year’s Super Bowl?

Can the Giants win the 2017 Super Bowl? The answer is a big YES! The New York Giants are one of the greatest football teams of all times in the history of the game. Ever since they were founded, the team has performed better than many other teams with a proven track record of success. With a consistent team of great players who have impeccable game skills, every match involving The Giants is a match that every Super Bowl follower will make sure to catch.

The 2017 Prediction of the Giants in Super Bowl

Who can the Giants turn to in their ground attack 2017? In as much as the team never secured as many points as it has done in the previous seasons and some analysts believe that it is going to be tough for it to show an improvement this year, we at Wild Jack Casino online are very confident that The Giants are going to deliver a remarkable performance and secure more points this year. In fact if not watched, The Giants could prove to be an unstoppable force in their ground attack 2017.

Here is why the team can win this year’s Super Bowl:

1. It Has Upgraded Its Offensive Arsenal

The team took some big hit last season partly due to an offensive arrangement that was among the worst in the league in terms of raw talent. The Giants have upgraded their offensive capabilities this year by signing up a number of very talented players with excellent track records.

For example, they have brought in one of the most notable player in the NFL history. Odell Beckham is truly unstoppable and this season is his chance to prove that he is without doubt the best player in the game.

2. The Team Is Determined To Win More than Ever

The Giants are determined to recover their lost glory this year. Keep in mind that the last time they secured a Super Bowl victory was 2011 and have lost for the last 4 years. This time they are totally prepared to bring the cup back home. Whether they will succeed in this or not, we are yet to see in the coming weeks.

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Odell Beckham Jr.’s Status for Opener in Doubt Due to Ankle Injury

The biggest question around Giants camp Tuesday all had to do with the ankle of one Odell Beckham, and if he will be ready to go for opening day against the high powered Dallas Cowboys.

Well, for Beckham, his status is very much in doubt.

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that it looks like the ankle that was sprained for the wide out will take 1-3 weeks to heal, meaning he will miss the opener.

Odell Beckham and the Giants clearly avoided a disaster on Monday night in Cleveland, but that doesn’t mean the news was all good.

Even though it doesn’t appear that Beckham’s sprained ankle is serious, there is some concern that he won’t be available for Opening Day in Dallas, a source familiar with his injury confirmed. It’s “too early to tell” for sure, the source said, but generally the recovery time for a sprained ankle is 1-3 weeks depending on the severity.

The Giants’ opener is now only 18 days away.

Late Tuesday night, ESPN reported that it’s “not out of the question he could miss a week or two of the regular season.” After the Giants’ loss to the Browns on Monday night, Beckham reportedly laughed at a question about whether he’d be available for the Cowboys game on Sept. 10. And officially, Ben McAdoo wouldn’t even rule Beckham out of preseason action during his uninformative conference call with the media on Tuesday afternoon.