Giants News: Cowboys Elliott Receives Six-Game Suspension

Well Giants fans, we thought the Week-1 match versus the Dallas Cowboys would be softened up a bit with Ezekiel Elliott possibly not playing. Then the news comes down the pipe … Ezekiel Elliott gets a six-game suspension over a long investigation over domestic violence.

But wait … don’t jump up and down with joy yet. Elliott will be able to play against the G-Men this Sunday, before the suspension is initiated. What the heck is that all about? That doesn’t seem fair at all.

So why is this happening? It was reported that Harold Henderson was under a 4 PM Tuesday, September 5th deadline to make a ruling, otherwise, the Dallas Cowboys star running back would be eligible to play against the Giants no matter what the outcome. The problem with this is that the NFL leaked that no such deadline exists. Now, depending on who you talk to there was either always such a deadline, or never a deadline.

“As his designated Hearing Officer in this matter, my responsibility is to determine whether the Commissioner’s decision on discipline of Mr. Elliott is arbitrary and capricious, meaning was it made on unreasonable grounds or without any proper consideration of circumstances. It is not the responsibility, nor within the authority of, the Hearing Officer to conduct a de novo review of the case and second guess his decision. Rather, the review is to determine whether the player was afforded adequate notice of his alleged violation, the right to representation, opportunity to present evidence, and a decision which is fair and consistent. In a case involving violation of a policy, fair and consistent means whether the process and result were in compliance with the terms of that policy. This one is, in every respect. – Elliot’s Hearing Officer

This all gets even more confounding because just like Tom Brady played the entire 2015 season under injunction for Deflategate, Ezekiel Elliott still has a good chance at getting bailed out as well.

So how fast can getting a little extra help at winning the NFC East go down the tubes? Just about the same amount of time it takes to file an injunction.

Sunday Night’s Game

In the wake of this news, the betting odds for the Giants vs. Cowboys in Dallas on Sunday Night Football have taken another step towards Dallas favoritism. The lines actually opened at 5.5 but were bet all the way down to 3.5 … and now almost universally the lines have moved to 4 points and I wouldn’t surprised to see the line inch a little further away from the Giants.

This is actually a good thing. Teams know when they are favored to win and if the lines keep moving it might get into the players’ heads—we’re expected to win. Just a slight underestimation is all it takes and perhaps Giants can catch the Cowboys sleeping.

This news gets even better for those of us who want to place a few bucks on the Giants this weekend review the odds at BetOnline before placing any action. We know that these teams always play each-other tough. The Cowboys only have a 1-game advantage since 1992. The Cowboys have taken 26 games and the Giants 25. They basically duke it out each season, trading wins. However, the Giants are on a 4-0 run against the Cowboys against the spread. Giving the G-men a four-point line against the Cowboys … I’ll take that all day!

It’s going to be a brutal game for the Giants-Cowboys opener. Whoever wins is only squeaking through by the margin of a field goal. With that in mind and the betting lines back up to four points, expect the Giants to cover the spread Sunday.

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Giants Release Third-Year DE Owa Odighizuwa

Owa Odighizuwa is looking for work today, as the Giants announced they have waived the third-year defensive end. Here’s the report from the teams’ official site.

The Giants today announced they have waived third-year defensive end Owa Odighizuwa.

The moves comes one day after the NFL suspended Odighizuwa without pay for the first four games of the 2017 regular season for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances.

“It is unfortunate that things have gone in this direction,” said general manager Jerry Reese, “but we wish nothing but the best for Owa as we all move forward.”

Odighizuwa was the Giants’ third-round draft choice in 2015, from UCLA. In two seasons with the team, he played in 18 games and had four tackles (three solo) on defense, and two tackles on special teams.

He saw limited action in each of the Giants’ first three preseason games and was not credited with a tackle.

Odighizuwa did not participate in most of the team’s spring drills, including a mandatory minicamp.

Can the Giants Win This Year’s Super Bowl?

Can the Giants win the 2017 Super Bowl? The answer is a big YES! The New York Giants are one of the greatest football teams of all times in the history of the game. Ever since they were founded, the team has performed better than many other teams with a proven track record of success. With a consistent team of great players who have impeccable game skills, every match involving The Giants is a match that every Super Bowl follower will make sure to catch.

The 2017 Prediction of the Giants in Super Bowl

Who can the Giants turn to in their ground attack 2017? In as much as the team never secured as many points as it has done in the previous seasons and some analysts believe that it is going to be tough for it to show an improvement this year, we at Wild Jack Casino online are very confident that The Giants are going to deliver a remarkable performance and secure more points this year. In fact if not watched, The Giants could prove to be an unstoppable force in their ground attack 2017.

Here is why the team can win this year’s Super Bowl:

1. It Has Upgraded Its Offensive Arsenal

The team took some big hit last season partly due to an offensive arrangement that was among the worst in the league in terms of raw talent. The Giants have upgraded their offensive capabilities this year by signing up a number of very talented players with excellent track records.

For example, they have brought in one of the most notable player in the NFL history. Odell Beckham is truly unstoppable and this season is his chance to prove that he is without doubt the best player in the game.

2. The Team Is Determined To Win More than Ever

The Giants are determined to recover their lost glory this year. Keep in mind that the last time they secured a Super Bowl victory was 2011 and have lost for the last 4 years. This time they are totally prepared to bring the cup back home. Whether they will succeed in this or not, we are yet to see in the coming weeks.

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Odell Beckham Jr.’s Status for Opener in Doubt Due to Ankle Injury

The biggest question around Giants camp Tuesday all had to do with the ankle of one Odell Beckham, and if he will be ready to go for opening day against the high powered Dallas Cowboys.

Well, for Beckham, his status is very much in doubt.

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that it looks like the ankle that was sprained for the wide out will take 1-3 weeks to heal, meaning he will miss the opener.

Odell Beckham and the Giants clearly avoided a disaster on Monday night in Cleveland, but that doesn’t mean the news was all good.

Even though it doesn’t appear that Beckham’s sprained ankle is serious, there is some concern that he won’t be available for Opening Day in Dallas, a source familiar with his injury confirmed. It’s “too early to tell” for sure, the source said, but generally the recovery time for a sprained ankle is 1-3 weeks depending on the severity.

The Giants’ opener is now only 18 days away.

Late Tuesday night, ESPN reported that it’s “not out of the question he could miss a week or two of the regular season.” After the Giants’ loss to the Browns on Monday night, Beckham reportedly laughed at a question about whether he’d be available for the Cowboys game on Sept. 10. And officially, Ben McAdoo wouldn’t even rule Beckham out of preseason action during his uninformative conference call with the media on Tuesday afternoon.

Giants Players Ticked at Browns and Fans Over Hit That Took Down WR Odell Beckham Jr.

(AP Photo/David Richard) ORG XMIT: CDS118

Landon Collins and Damon Harrison ripped into both Browns DB Briean Boddy-Calhoun and Cleveland’s fans on Monday night for the hit on Odell Beckham and the crowd’s reaction to it, Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News reports.

“You don’t ‘boo’ somebody when they get hurt,” Harrison said in a string of tweets. “Not cool Cleveland fans. Not cool at all. I know u guys were excited about winning but damn . . . I know y’all came to see him so come down to NJ if it’s that serious. U just don’t boo a injured player. Congrats on the win. Enjoy.”

Collins was livid over Boddy-Calhoun’s low hit and had no problem explaining why.

“I cannot have a teammate next to me playing that way,” Collins, a safety, said of the defensive back’s low contact. “I cannot condone it. It’s not something I seek. He had all the opportunity in the world to make a different play.

“The play wasn’t a penalty, but it’s something everyone knows . . . you don’t do,” Collins continued. “He had about 30 seconds to make a play on the ball in the air. He could’ve made a play on the ball, could’ve hit him high, but he chose a different route. I can’t respect him.”

Beckham didn’t appreciate the hit and limited his postgame remark to say: “I don’t know. It’s just football I guess. Preseason, so . . .” Coach Ben McAdoo didn’t have a problem with it.

“It’s football,” the coach said. “You can’t hit a guy high, you can’t hit a guy low. You try to hit him in the middle. It was one of those balls where Eli had to drive it and he left his feet. It’s a tough play for a DB.”

Giants WR Sterling Shepard Expected to Be Okay After Ankle Injury

Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard is expected to be “in the clear” after suffering an ankle injury during Wednesday’s practice, a source told Jordan Raanan of ESPN on Friday.

Shepard, who was carted off the practice field, had an MRI on Thursday. Coach Ben McAdoo, who initially described the injury as “a sprained ankle, a basketball-type ankle,” said the MRI was “due diligence.”

The injury occurred while running a route during a non-contact drill. Shepard rolled the ankle, according to McAdoo, and wasn’t able to put any pressure on the affected area. He was taken off the field on a cart.

The initial diagnosis was of a sprained ankle. But the Giants wanted to wait until the swelling went down for the final verdict. Shepard was in a boot following the injury and underwent the MRI on Thursday morning.

The Greatest NFL Players Of All Time

To the uninitiated, football may seem like nothing more than two human walls crashing into each other every now and then, moving a few yards ahead or behind, with everything culminating into a cloud of dust!

However, at core, football epitomizes everything that is American. Beyond all those blocking schemes, color-coded blue sheets and military terminologies lies the ultimate goal of taking the ball to the opposition’s area – to score points. It also serves as an excellent sport to place bets on, with sports bettors pumping in millions of dollars into the NFL betting industry, from all parts of the world!

Before we get into the greatest if all time, let us not skip the greatest NFL players heading to this season. Moreover, as we are already on the subject of NFL, let us not forget the betting behind it.

Greatest NFL players heading into this season

If you are looking forward to the new season then Tom Brady is someone to keep an eye on, especially if you are considering betting. He has already been billed as an early favorite to win the MVP.

Playing for the New York Patriots, be sure to keep your eye on him and his team during the season. If you want to take advantage of the great odds, then you can visit the NFL betting info page for some top tips!

Nowadays, betting on the outcome of various NFL games has become as popular as the sport itself and with the increase of the internet and mobile betting platforms, this stratospheric rise is set to continue. Keep your eyes out for online betting providers that offer free bets and deposit matches to help you get more bang for your buck!

The sport involves plenty of speed, teamwork, intensity, force and grit. The players need to execute plans as if they’re pieces in a chess game, shifting positions, reacting and dominating the smaller battles, in order to win the bigger ones. As a spectator and especially if you are betting on the outcome, you need to know the lowdown on players performance, as well as their past history including any injuries that might come back to haunt them!

The best NFL players excel in all the departments of the game, and have the ability to convert even the casual spectators into diehard fans. Let’s tell you about few such individuals who have emerged as among the greatest NFL players of all time.

Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots
At quarterback position, Tom Brady has proved himself has proved himself time and again as one of the best NFL players of all time. He has started more Super Bowls compared to any other quarterback in the history of the game, and is tied with the likes of Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana for the most titles. By the age of 39, Tom Brady has already bagged 3 Super Bowl MVP awards and 4 Lombardi trophies. Chances are, if Tom is playing, it is a good idea to place a bet on him because he rarely disappoints!

Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs
People have said all sorts of things about Joe Montana – that he was the product of a certain system and couldn’t have done better at any other place; that he was never the best quarterback of his time. There is only one reply for his critics – just see the rings on the guy’s fingers! He may not have been your ideal quarterback, but he definitely knew the ways to win and was easily one of the top five quarterbacks in the history of NFL.

Jim Brown, RB, Cleveland Browns
Jim Brown shocked everyone by retiring at the peak of his career in the year 1965. He set a benchmark for all the running backs after his era. Having played in just 9 seasons, and mostly with a 12-game schedule, Jim rushed for 12,312 yards. With 5.2-yard average, he stands at seventh position among the best rushers of all time. His average is in fact the best of all! His brute force inside the tackles was unmatched, punishing even the best tacklers; but he could still outrun the defenders in the secondary.

Jerry Rice, WR, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders
Every NFL follower knows the kind of numbers Jerry Rice managed to put up during his long NFL career. He holds NFL records in receiving yards (22,466), receptions (1,519) and touchdowns (205). However, what really distinguished Jerry Rice from others was his amazing work ethic. That’s one of the main reasons he continues to be among the greatest players to have played in NFL.

Whether you are just watching for fun or are going to consider having a punt on the outcome, NFL is one of the greatest sports in the world. If you haven’t got involved yet, what are you waiting for?

Giants Ink Former Bengals Kicker Mike Nugent

Mike Nugent, a 13-year veteran who has played in 158 regular-season and postseason games, was signed by the Giants today, Michael Eisen of reports. He will vie for the job with Aldrick Rosas, who has never played in a regular-season game but had been the only kicker on the Giants’ roster.

Nugent, 35, has played for the Jets, Tampa Bay, Arizona, and for the previous seven seasons, the Cincinnati Bengals. He has made 236 of 292 field goal attempts (80.8%) and 344 of 355 extra point tries for 1,052. That ties him with Nick Folk and Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith for 50th on the NFL’s career list.

Odell Beckham Jr. Wants to Be the NFL’s Highest Paid WR

(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Odell Beckham Jr. has loftier goals than being the NFL’s highest-paid wide receiver — he wants to be the NFL’s highest-paid player, Jordan Raanan of reports.

The Giants star wide receiver made the declaration in a video posted by the UNINTERRUPTED on Thursday.

“It’s like the elephant in the room, and you don’t want to talk about it,” Beckham says in the video. “But I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I’m like, ‘No, I’m going to … there’s no need to not talk about it.

“I believe that I will be hopefully not just the highest-paid receiver in the league, but the highest-paid, period.”

Beckham worked out on his own this offseason in Los Angeles instead of attending OTAs and ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported through sources that Beckham’s contract was part of the reason he remained away. He ended his absence when he attended mandatory minicamp last month, and was in attendance Thursday for the start of training camp.

Beckham is to make $1.8 million this season. He is set to make over $10 million this year in endorsements separate from his football income, including $5.8 million from his newly-signed Nike deal.

Can Giants QB Eli Manning Have a Bounce Back Season for Big Blue?

USA Today Sports

Many fans are looking for Giants quarterback Eli Manning to have a big 2017, as last season he threw 9 less touchdowns and two more interceptions than he did in 2015.

Sure he led the Giants to the postseason, but he just didn’t play as well as he did in 2015, when he threw 35 touchdowns and 14 interceptions, putting up a QB rating of 93.6.

Now at 36 years old, it’s a time where Manning has to prove it all over again that he can get the job done. Today reported about Manning, and the feeling is he will have a big season for Big Blue.

The Giants believe Manning is due for a bounce-back season. They need it from him if they’re going to contend for a Super Bowl. But then again, they were right there in the mix last year when he was playing poorly most weeks. The Giants’ influx of offensive weapons should help Manning as long as the line is somewhat able to protect him. But Manning is 36, and quarterbacks can begin to fall off a cliff at this point in their career.