The Arizona Cardinals labeled the possibility of Pro Bowl wide receiver Anquan Boldin remaining on their roster as “pretty high” considering they have only received one trade offer from an undisclosed team, General Manager Rod Graves said today.

According to the team’s official Web site, Graves said that he didn’t think that offer “was very significant.” He declined to specify the terms or the team that made the proposal.

“Our priority has always been to extend Anquan at some point and we felt before doing so we had to at least explore opportunities at trade might present,” Graves said. “We have done that and the process is still not over, but it looks as if him staying with us and at least the possibility of an extension seems more of a reality than a trade. …

“We won’t trade him unless it’s for commensurate value. Not only as a player, but we know his value extends in the contender he makes us as a member of the football team. We certainly don’t want to give up that without fair compensation.”

Graves’ comments followed an ESPN report that the Cardinals have dropped their asking price for Boldin to a second-round draft pick as well as other compensation.

Graves said he has remained in touch with agent Drew Rosenhaus, who represents Boldin, throughout the process.

At this point in time I am so confused.  I don’t know who is going or who is staying.  Under 24 hours to go until we find out.