At the bottom of the same article during which Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald offers quotes from the lawyer representing Dolphins defensive end Randy Starks, Jackson drops an interesting nugget regarding the status of free-agent receiver Plaxico Burress.

Per Jackson, Burress has told people he’d “love” to play for the Dolphins if his legal problems are resolved.

Wow, that’s quite a coincidence.  Because I’d love to join the Dolphins if my age and lack-of-elite-athletic-talent problems are resolved.

As of right now, my chances of joining the Dolphins are roughly equivalent to Plaxico’s, if the key to his availability is the resolution of his legal problems.

Burress apparently believes that his current entanglement will go away if he ignores it long enough.  Maybe he thinks that because the strategy has worked with other problems he has faced.  But what he needs to realize — and quickly — is that prosecutors in New York aren’t going to wake up on morning and say, “We’re bored with this whole thing.  We’ll just drop the charges.”

So either Burress will do a few months of jail time voluntarily, or he’ll risk a mandatory minimum sentence of 3.5 years.  Since he has blown his chance to serve his time before the launch of training camp by refusing to cop a plea earlier this year, Plaxico’s legal problems most likely won’t be resolved until after the commencement of the 2009 regular season.

As a result, his best bet remains to obtain a trial date in February or March of 2010.  But even if he manages to pull that off, the only teams likely to be interested will be those with coaches or General Managers who are sufficiently desperate to take Burress as a potential one-year rental.