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The Top Ten G-men Prospects

I saw an interesting article here

In the article Chris Steuber profiles and discusses the top 10 prospects in the Giants organization right now. I enjoyed the article and I like but it got me thinking-how would I rate the top 10 prospects in the Giants system?

“Prospects” is a different term in the N.F.L. then it is in baseball, where prospects have played X number of games in the Major Leagues (I think it’s in the 125 ballpark and are generally minor league players) but I’ll say anyone who has played less than three seasons is a prospect in the N.F.L. because they say year three is the year where you become a veteran. In other words players who are entering year Three are still prospects, players who are entering year four are no longer prospects.

That means Mathias Kiwanuka, no-, Kevin Boss Yes.

This is dicey though because a player like Domenik Hixon or Sinorice Moss feel like they are still “prospects” who have chance to emerge as big time players but they are older. So if I feel justified in putting a player who has been in the league for four years now in I will, capice? Also, to me prospect means long-term impact and not just classified as the impact a player will have on the organization in the next year.

Before I started, I just wanted to list the order of Stueber’s rankings. If you’re interseted in his selections go to the link I provided at the top of the page.

#1 Kenny Phillips
Hakeem Nicks
Aaron Ross
Kevin Boss
Terrell Thomas
Domenik Hixon
Steve Smith
Clint Sintim
Ahmadh Bradshaw
10 Mario Manningham.

That’s his.

Before I start I want to say that my list is not entirely inclusive, I don’t think that these are the only players that will be effective for the Giants because the number of players the Giants have that are homegrown talent that should be productive for them is outstanding.

Many other teams must be jealous, but these are the young players that I think have the highest potential for impact. I’m generally more of a high risk/reward kind of prospect profiler. So safe players who should be solid perhaps even good, like Aaron Ross, are not on my list. I love Aaron Ross and am glad the Giants have him on their team, but I don’t think his potential is as great as these following players. Steve Smith is another that comes to mind-I think Steve Smith will be a very solid player in this league, I do not think his upside is that of a number one WR.

My list in descending order.

#10 Maurice Evans, DE out of Penn State

The first player I’ll catch some flack about.

Standing at 6-2 and weighing 264 pounds, Evans is built like Dwight Freeney and his style of play is reminiscent. In 2007, Maurice Evans amassed 12 sacks and forced 2 fumbles playing for Penn State and was shooting up draft boards. He ran into trouble with the law and his promising career was derailed and he was replaced at the starting DE spot by first round pick this year, Aaron Maybin. Evans gathered 20 tackles and 3 sacks while missing three games in September in 2008.

I think Evans has enormous potential, and I hope for this year he’s at least on the practice squad because in the future with the right coaching staff I think he could put up 10+ sacks a year type of statistics.

I just hope that the Giants aren’t forced/decide to release him.

#9 Clint Sintim

I would like to mention that I also really like Bryan Kehl, but Kehl is already 25 and behind recently singed Michael Boley and probably Gerris Wilkinson so I’m not sure he has a starting position in the future with the Giants. Time will tell.

Clint Sintim last year though lead the nation in sacks from the LB position, I believe.

His sack totals also increased every year: 3, 4, 9, 10-which is encouraging that he showed improvement every year.

He played for a very good college coach and I think he could be a very good player in this league-at least at getting at the passer.

What worries you a bit about his sacks numbers is that 5 of his 10 sacks game against the opponets of Duke, East Carolina, which are not fantastic blocking teams. Still he has plenty of athleticism and was productive in college.

Sintim is 6-3 and 254 pounds and I’m not against the idea that he eventually moves to Defensive end as opposed to staying at linebacker, especially if he gains any more weight.

I think his coverage skills are a bit underrated-but in the same token he had Zero interceptions in his college career (part of that is definitely due to his priorities and responsibilities in the system he played at in college).

I think the Giants play a good system for Clint Sintim-he might be his best though in a 3-4, or as an outside pass rushing defensive end.

# 8 Jay Alford, Penn State

I have a theory about players in the N.F.L. If they were really productive in high school and went to good colleges and were productive in college, they will be prodcutive in the N.F.L.. Enter Jay Alford.

Alford recorded 19 sacks while with Penn State during his career (tied with LaVarr Arrington for 8th all time on the school list) which is pretty good from the DT position. Alford is 6-3 and 304 pounds and a fluid athlete. He ran a 5.07 40 at the combine-Glenn Dorsey ran a 5.17, Sedrick Ellis a 5.24, Raji a 5.13.

So you can see he has good athleticism from the DT position.

On top of that Alford will be with players like Osi Umeniyora, Tuck and Kiwianuka putting pressure on the outside and Canty, and Bernard, and Tuck on the inside as well.

I think he’ll progress this year, but we won’t see his full impact until next year when the DT rotation thins out a bit (I think Robbins and Coefield leave via Free Agency) and Alford moves to the top of the depth chart.

In minimal playing time he was statistically, by Footballoutsiders’ measure, much more productive last season than Coefield. Question is he an effective player if he plays regularly?

This could be just a hunch, but I like what I see out of Alford.

#7 Mario manningham, Michigan

Manningham is not a huge target, he’s pretty wiry at 6′ even and a 185 pounds. But he was super productive in college against great competition, especially in his senior season, when he caught 72 passes for 1,174 yards at over 16 yards per catch and 12 touchdowns.

Manningham was mocked in a lot of first rounds right after the season ended but fell down draft boards as the scouting process heightened.

A big part of that reason was that Manningham only ran a 4.59 40 at the combine (borderlining linebacker range), which is not very good.

He’s much faster than that-and showcased that a bit when he ran a 4.42 at his Pro-Day.

Manningham, my friends, is also a dummy. He bombed his wonderlic test, and reports surfaced throughout the off-season (prior to the ’08 draft) about his poor interviewing. You add in a slow 40 at the combine with bad interviews and you get stock dropping=Mario Manningham.

Lucky for the Giants though, Manningham has better football speed than he does straight-line speed and he can make fantastical catches. He has high upside for sure, hopefully he makes a nice progression this year.

#6 Andre Brown North Carolina State

Player #2 that I’m higher on than most people.

I’m a big proponet of Andre Brown and strongly beileve he is the #2 running back by seasons end behind Brandon Jacobs.

Andre Brown was the opposite of Clint Sintim in college. He had more production against good schools.

He averaged 4.8 YPC Vs South Carolina, 4.2 Vs Florida State, 4.7 vs Wake Forest, and 7.8 vs Miami (I recognize Miami was more name recognition than good this year) and under 4.0 YPC vs Duke, and 2.5 vs William and Mary.

He catches the ball very well out of the backfield and has good size.

6′ 228 pounds-he’ll be a better version of Derrick Ward, I think.

I think this player is a steal as a fourth round pick for the Giants.

#5 Kevin Boss

Kevin Boss is turning me into a believer, I was a doubter prior to last sesaon, but he’s growing on me.

Kevin Boss had the highest DVOA of all the regular starters on the New York Giants (from the “receiver” positions) last season with a DVOA (Defense Value over Average) with a 14% (the higher the number offensively the better, the lower the number defensively the better) with Domenix Hixon second with a 11.5% DVOA.

Boss is one of the only Giants receivers who racked up any yards after the catch last season. Boss also caught 60 percent of the passes thrown in his directoin which was as good as Steve Smith and Smith is as a clutch preformer and good ball-catcher.

Boss was another sleeper found by the Giants in the 5th round of the N.F.L. Draft. Reese subscripes to the same theory I do about drafting players: Early in the draft, draft productive players from big time schools and in the later and middle rounds draft players who were very productive at smaller schools with good athletic ability-which is what Boss is.

Boss ran a 4.74 at the combine in 2007-second to only Greg Olson in the 2007 N.F.L. Draft.

Good athletic ability, good catcher, good player.

You’ve sold me, Kevin Boss, I think you’re future is much brighter than I originally thought. And I’m man enough to admit that. Kevin Boss my number 5 Giants prospect, who I think can have a season or two that are Pro Bowl caliber before his career ends.

#4 Terrel Thomas

Terrell Thomas is a 6′ cornerback with great athetic ability and versatility.

Here’s what one of my favorite draft sites said about Thomas before the 2008 draft:

“A jack of all trades, Terrell Thomas can play corner, safety and return specialist. He also returned a blocked field goal for a touchdown in 2006. The leader of USC’s locker room”(

I’ve already talked about how productive Terrell Thomas was last season before, but I’ll just run through it real quick when Thomas was he, he was the best Cornerback the Giants had at stopping the run converting 70 percent of his opportunities for stops. And had 7.1 adjusted yards per play against him, only Corey Webster and Kevin Dockery did better. Corey Webster, again by the way had 5.4 yards against him-or 9th best in the entire league.

Thomas outplayed Ross last year, for sure and the combination of the Giants defensive backs vs other WR who are not the top 2 WR’s was 10th best in the league overall (opposed to 21st best in the league for #2 WR and 3rd best in the league vs #1 WR)

The biggest question to me is where will Thomas play for his whole career. I’ve suggested before that Thomas should be moved to Safety to pair with Kenny Phillips to give the Giants a very potentially dangerous Safety combination for the next 10 years.

Thomas with his size, ability, and leadership skills could be an excellent safety in this league, I think. And with both Webster and Ross as young Cornerbacks on the team, I think he’d be more valuable as a starting safety than as a Nickel Cornerback-which I think is more readily available around the league.

I’m not sure what will happen with Terrell Thomas, but this much is for sure-he’s a very talented young player and has the skill set and the intangibles to be a great player in this league.

#3 Hakeem Nicks

The only position Giants fans seem to know how to talk about this off-season is Wide Receiver.

Giants fans are all over the spectrum on this between happy Burress is gone to indifferent to bellowing for mutiny because the Giants did not trade for Edwards or Boldin.

I believe that by season’s end Giants fans will all be on the side of relieved.

I think the Giants have THE most talented young Wide receiver corps in the league. The New York Giants have spent FIVE draft picks in the first three rounds at this position since Sinorice Moss (Moss, Smith, Manningham, Nicks, Barden, and a sixth you could sneak Travis Beckum in there).

And about a month ago I posted a blog “Do the Giants Already Have a Number One Wide Receiver?”

Where I looked at the probability of that a team emerges with a number one wide receiver by selecting a WR in the first three rounds of the draft. And essentially what I concluded in a very limited and subjective (I decided a WR’s #1 Status) study was that there is about a 12 percent chance that you get a stud Receiver (think larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Roddy White) and about another 12%+ chance that you get a number one WR out of the first three rounds that will have more than one 1,000 yard receiving season in their career (think Vincent Jackson, Bernard Berrian type players).

Anyway-about 25 percent chance you get a number one WR, another 20+ percent that you draft a serviceable WR for your team (Think: Josh Reed, Donte Stallworth-before the incident, ATL’s Michael Jenkins) and about 50 percent that a WR is a complete bust.

We’ll, if that’s the case with the Giants I think Hakeem Nicks has the best chance at becoming a Stud.

To be honest when I first thought about the draft I favored Kenny Britt to Hakeem Nicks, but after the Giants selected Nicks I did a lot more research and have become enamored with Hakeem Nicks.

Nicks averaged 18.0 yards per catch last season-for a player that is not suppose to be explosive. He’s built like Anquan Boldin or -ripped out of his mind, and is much faster than people give him credit for.

Nicks ran a 4.49 40 at the combine while Maclin ran a 4.46, Britt a 4.48, and Pat White (an explosive athlete) ran a 4.49 as well.

40 times mean little, but add a 4.49 40 time with 18 yards per catch this past season, hands bigger than most offensive linemen, Super production in the ACC (1,222 yards in 13 games-4 games over 130 yards and 12 touchdowns), a player familiar with a pro-style offense, and a knack for making circus catches.

I\'m getting excited

And all of a sudden you start to get a pretty impressive player.

The article I linked at the top from says that “Hakeem Nicks will be the best WR of this draft” (paraphrased)

Anyone else pumped about Nicks?

#2 William Beatty

And Surprise player number three. William Beatty is THE most underrated draft pick-up of the 2009 draft. There are many other players that were selected in later rounds that will have an impact-what I’m talking about is how fast Beatty is dismissed for no reason.

Beatty has EVERYTHING you look for in an Olinemen. He was super productive in college-look up the numbers in the run game between the games Beatty missed and the games that Beatty played in-their significant.

Beatty has the ideal body. He stands at 6’6” and weighs 307 pounds (can definitely add weight to that if need be) He has an arm span of 34 3/4-a Full inch longer than Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe and Michael Oher), he threw up 27 bench press reps at the combine despite his size (6 more than Oher, 4 more than Monroe), was fourth in all Offensive Linemen in the 40 yard dash, was a full .20 seconds better than Eugene Monroe in the 3 cone drill.

He’s an athletic freak who was productive in college. THE biggest question about William Beatty was whether or not he was a one year wonder-which is an unfair question to ask Beatty who was super-productive his senior year.

Beatty entered college as a 265 pounder started playing LT at the end of his freshman year after he began the process of learning the position. Then started his sophomore year, played a few games broke his leg and missed his entire sophomore season. Beatty then was recovering from his broken leg and played through that the next year, his junior season. His senior season he absolutely dominated.

It’s logical why he “only” had one good year.

This of course would overlook what I mentioned earlier-look at the numbers in the difference between when Beatty played and when he didn’t.

“He allowed 6 1/2 sacks in 689 plays in his final two years”. (spots exchange).

Beatty, I believe, will be an athletic, dominating pass blocker in the N.F.L. And the Detroit Lions (among others) will regret passing him up in rounds 1 and 2.

#1 Kenny Phillips

Perhaps, everyone’s favorite Giants prospect. Kenny Phillips comes from the U. And is a super smooth athlete who I think will be very productive.

I’m not even going to present much of a case as to why-it’s simple just watch him play. You can tell last year that he was a play maker in the limited action he got last season. He was clearly the best Safety in his draft class and other teams just felt they didn’t need a Safety, I guess.

Matt Mosley (ESPN blogger) has said on numerous occasions the same thing-that Kenny Phillips is the breakout star (he said Phillips will have a Pro Bowl season this year) for the Giants this season. agrees with me as well that Phillips is the number one Giants prospect. I can find many people who think the same thing.

Kenny Phillips the top prospect for the New York Giants.

I hope you enjoyed my (perhaps too) thorough look at the Giants prospects. Before I part, I’d like to say I decided not to classify Domenik Hixon as a prospect, but believe he will make a great #2 WR in his career with his explosive abilitly, but I think he might be an average #1 WR-if that makes sense.

Let me know what you think, I want to hear it! (and as always anytime you leave a comment with me, I’ll take the time to respond to your comment)

Have a nice day, everyone.

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4 Responses to “The Top Ten G-men Prospects”

  1. royobbs says:

    Good analysis. Enjoyed it. However, I believe that another big surprise (maybe not this year, but next) will be Travis Beckum. He will be similar to what TE Cooley is to the Redskins. The key to Beckum will be his health. If healthy, he will give the Giants an option that they have never really had at TE (i.e., a quick, pass-catching, acrobatic receiver).

    • Royobbs-

      Agree, I like Beckham, I got into this “debate” with another Giants fan on a different site about whether or not it was a good idea to use Travis Beckum has an H-back and he didn’t think so which I think is completely wrong.

      Beckum could provide a huge boost to the receiving game out of the backfield,we’ll see whawt happens. I’m hoping the Giants use him well and he is a productive player fo rthe G-men.


      I’ll consider your suggestion and see if I can get around to doing a most valuable players list. I like the idea.


      Jason C-

      Technically, Moss wouldn’t not be eligible for this list becuase he’s had three full seasons and is entering his fourth season, but even if he was eligible I would not have put him on the list.

      I think Moss has a nice skill set, but I don’t think he’s Steve Smith or even his brother.

      I think where Moss could be truly helpful for the G-men is if he can use his explosive speed as a return specialist because the G-men are suffering in that area.

      I guess Santana Moss turned it on a bit late too, I’m not sure Sinorice does, I’m hoping he does, but not counting on it.

      I disagree with the 5 WRs that makes no sense.

      Hixon, Smith, Nicks, Barden and Manningham are guranteed not going anywhere. Hixon and Smith will start and the other three have too much upside.

      The team has been talking about Moss has the number 3 WR this year, so that makes six already.

      My guess is the Giants keep only three safeties (Phillips, Johnson, Brown) and let Terrell Thomas or one of the new DB’s play Safety in a pinch.

      I also don’t know why they would consider keeping Kevin Boothe like I’ve seen around becuause he was awful

      So I think you’re right there that they might just keep Beatty, Whimper, and Tutan Reyes as the Olinemen and be one short there.

      Thank you for the comment.

  2. baconsprays says:

    Jesse great job with the analysis. I also read the article and was a bit let down. I think maybe the same article done on the most valuable players on the team would be a good one too. Great stuff man, keep it coming.

  3. Jason C. says:

    I just have a question…
    Have you given up on Sinorice Moss?
    I mean I’m not saying that he belongs on the list, as his production the past couple of seasons has clearly turned off a lot of fans, but I think his skill set might be what we need out of a WR, and believe he puts up 50+ catches this year, that is if he makes the roster…
    Also I’ve seen a few other Giants related sites talk about how the Giants only have room for 5 WR’s and I think that’s nonsense, they’ll clearly have 6, if not 7 receivers on roster and probably carry one less O-Line and one less LB and/or S.
    Either way, I can’t wait till preseason starts, only a couple of weeks away!!!

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