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Bartolis’ Preseason Game Observations

Fuchs did a nice job of giving his observations for the pre-season games, but I’ll just highlight what I saw in the game that impressed me.

Ahmahd Bradshaw eased some of my concerns heading into this season. I have to admit I haven’t been the biggest Bradshaw proponet, I think he is pretty talented, but I thought people were over-valuing his potential contributions to the team for the upcoming season. But watching that pre-season game, I thought to myself. WoW. This must be what the Giants coaches and scouting department sees at every practice. He runs hard and fluid, has make people miss ability and doesn’t go down at first contact, despite weighing only “198” pounds-IF that. Good work Bradshaw, keep it up.

C.C. Brown Also Eased my concerns. I”m suprised more people are not talking about C.C. Brown (who started for the Texans last year. This was the first time I’ve intently watched him play and I have to say I was impressed. He’s very, very athletic. He looks really tall and strong as well, and everytime I looked up he was around the ball, he wasn’t always Right, there a little bit off sometimes, but everything I read talked about his propensity to get lost on the field and that I didn’t see. He eased my concerns.

Note to Staff. DO NOT CUT Maurice Evans. When I did my “prospect rankigns” for the Giants, I put Maurice Evans at #10. And he just confirmed what I already believed. He looked very fluid and fast and strong. He was bull rushing, and blowing by people (not first stringers) but he looked really good. I know the Giants have a wealth of Defensive linemen, but I really hope they give this guy a spot on the roster or practice squad I think he can be a 10 sack a year player in the N.F.L.

Clint Sintim is looking good. He can really get after the passer as a Defensive End in a 4-3. I want to watch him more to see how well he gets in coverage, I’ll just say people weren’t running uncovered through his part of the field so that’s nice. If he can make plays in the passing game, he won’t come off the field.

Tutan Reyes looked great. He was playing against the 1st team defense and he had a great pull move and didn’t allow much pressure, we’ll see how he’d do (hopefully not) for a whole game, but I think he’s a much needed upgrade to the OL depth.

William Beatty is going to be a S-T-U-D. He struggled early in the game with Everett Brown, but overall he did well. He’s extremley athletic from the LT position, but Brandon Jacobs looks bigger than he does. If he can add 15 pounds of muscle and keep his atheticism he’ll be great. He needs to iron out his fundamentals, but most of all he needs to get in the weight room all year and get bigger. People are saying Rookie Everett Brown, but remember Everett Brown is PURE speed and he couldn’t run past Beatty, but he could push him around a bit. He should be fine.

Hakeem Nicks has great hands. Hakeem Nicks looked like a player who didn’t have enough time playing in training camp, but that catch he made was Amazing. I think it was even tipped right before it got to him and a hand was in his face, it was an impressive catch. I hope there’s more of that to come. He needs more reps with the QB’s, but he looked solid, just looked like a rookie is all.

David Carr is NOT better than Eli manning. Every now and then you’ll see someone spouting off about how David Carr would be better than Eli Manning, pllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeee.

Are you crazy? last night showcased the difference between Eli Manning and 95 percent of QB’s in the league without two of his starting linemen, Eli Makes quick reads and gets rid of the ball. David Carr (Woodson, all the Pathers QB’s) can’t process information as fast as Eli does and hold onto the ball too long and it’s on the ground or incomplete or they’re running around for their lives.

Eli is not the most accruate QB ever, he makes some poor throws, but his information processing, diagnosing plays (you heard Gruden talk about how he set up all those long runs by checking to different run plays), and ability to avoid a lot of stupid mistakes (there are some) seperates him from the rest.

WATCH Eli play, don’t look at his stats, they don’t tell the story.

I saw someone comment about “Tynes” poor kick-offs. I don’t think you’re paying attention, those kick offs had pretty good hang time and were right at the Goal line, which is good. Carney was awful last year at that, I mean awful. Worst in the league, Tynes is a scary kicker, but kickoff coverages should improve this year.

Bye-Bye David Tyree.

Ok, I love David Tyree. All his interviews make him seem like a great man, his Catch will live on in history, but he should not get a roster spot with these New York Giants. He’s only 6′ and he’s going to be 30 years old before the season ends, he’s not a young man. He’s not out to “prove” what he can do. He doesn’t have huge upside, and he WAS great on Special teams, but he’s a year removed from a terrible surgery and Derek Hagan has made a name for himselef on Special teams his short career in the league, and like I said I think C.C. Brown with his athletic abilitly can be a great special teams contributor.

Hagan is 6-2, was an earlish round draft pick (3rd round) was very productive in College at Arizona State (2,458 yards and 18 touchdowns in 2 years at Arizona State averaging over 15 yards a catch), and he looked good in the pre-season game. He looked better than the stat sheet showed, he was open a good amount and made some good plays on bad passes. Hagan also has much more upside than Tyree.

In fact in Hagan’s 4 years he only has 5 less receptions yards and 1 less touchdown than Tyree does in all of his seasons.

The Giants will carry somewhere between 5-7 Wide Receivers.

Hixon, Smith, Manningham, Nicks, and Barden are locks.

Sinorice Moss (more on him in a second) is probably the leading candidate at 6. Derek Hagan should be 6a or 7. Tyree doesn’t deserve a roster spot, it’s a tough break, but it’s life and we should move on.

Sinorice Moss can’t return punts. This is still an area that is of major concern. I’ve yet to see Sinorice Moss impress me while returning punts, ever. I don’t think he can do it well. I saw Coughlin say something about saving yardage on that one play where he ran up and caught that ball, but he got a bad early read and had to make a diving catch to do that, and that could have easily been a fumble.

On top of that he fair caught that ball on like on the Giants on 5 yard line. Yikes.

Manningham looked explosive on punts though.

All right there we have it hoepfully these are some observations you aren’t seeing be made elsewhere. I’m not going to talk more about how the WR’s did (Barden included) because there weren’t that many pass plays and they were rotating a ton of guys in and out hopefully we’ll get a better feel for that next game.

Leave a comment, I’ll get back at you.

Have a nice day, everyone.

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4 Responses to “Bartolis’ Preseason Game Observations”

  1. royhobbs7 says:

    The Giants will probably wait until the Jet game to air it out given the injuries on the OL.

  2. Jesse Cassel says:

    i agree with the qb situation i thought carr was not good he was so gunshy he looked to run the ball instead of throw eli looked real sharp and he reads the defensive as well as any top qb in the league. but wr situation i think hixon is the guy thats ganna step up atleast this year, even though i love manningham and i wanted him on the giants before he was drafted i dont think hes quite ready. and by the way what do you think of barden i think hes a great player and can grow into a dominant number 1 guy. hes got size and some surprising speed. he was open all game and with eli in there i think he would have had more chances to collect some reception. tell me what you think about barden

  3. CCC says:

    no love 4 Ramses?

  4. Responses:

    Roy Hobbs. Absolutely agree. No point in running a long pass play only to have ELi Manning get hit needlessly and lose him for an extended periof of time.

    CCC (Judson) and Jesse Cassel.

    I like Barden so far. He looks like he will be a factor for the Giants this season, the QB’s missed him open sometimes which is a pity, but the play that was an INT it looked like Barden could have made more of an effor to get back to the ball.

    I’d like to see Barden go against top CB competition though before I get too excited.

    I just didn’t want to talk about him because Everywhere else is. I’ll know more after the next time I see him play.

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