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An Optimist’s View of the Giants-Jets Pre-season Game.

That’s it. I’m done being a Giants fan. This season is wasted. I’m rooting for the Cowboys this season.

Jerry Reese is not a genius, he’s an idiot.

Tom Coughlin can’t coach.

Eli Manning isn’t worth 1 million let alone the other 99+ million the Giants owe him.

That’s all you’re hearing from Giants fans, but friends, settle down.

The New York Giants will be fine.

In fact there was a lot of good things that happened last night. So pardon me, while I focus on the positive for the upcoming season.

First things first, it’s pre-season.

The Colts this year are 1-2 in preseason. last season they were 1-4. The season before that they were 1-3. The year before that the Colts were 1-3. In 2005 the Colts were 0-5 in pre-season.

So in the past 5 years the Colts have been 4 and 17, but they have over 60 regular season wins, one of the most in the league.

Pre-season Does. Not. Matter. At. All.

There are 100’s of examples how little pre-season matters, but I won’t bore you with more.

Who cares about pre-season? It’s a barometer, about as good as a weather barometer…

It means nothing until the weather actually happens, or in the football sense the regular season starts.

One of the important things to note is that Giants weren’t playing the team they will be playing during the regular season. Key componets on both sides of the ball were missing in action and Kevin Boothe came in at the start of the second quarter and he’s not a full time player for the Giants. Of course that can happen during the regular season, but for now fuget abouht it.

Second, last night Eli Manning threw the ball 21 times while he was in the game Jacobs ran the ball 6 times in the first half and the Giants ran about 14 total times while Eli Manning was in the game.

That’s a ratio you’ll never see during the regular season. The offense was not balanced last night, the Giants tend to favor the run slightly as well. The Giants gme plan was mostly vanilla. No need to worry.

Don’t think WR’s missed plays. Thinks WoW. This is the first time in a very long time I can remember WR’s being open.

Plaxico Burress is a good wr, Amani Toomer always has a special place reserved for him with the Giants, but those guys for the most part were possession type Wide Receivers. Sure Plaxico made big plays, but truly how often was Plaxico Burress WIDE-OPEN.

Not very often. Same thing with Toomer there was always a tight window with those players, even though they could wrestle away and come with the ball there were few easy throws.

These WR’s we have now create seperation. When they beat a Cornerback, they BEAT a cornerback. There is so much space for the pass to be completed. Sure it didn’t happen regularly last night, but it will.

We as fans should focus on the fact that Hixon was finally returning punts!


If Hixon returns regularly this will be a great thing. He didn’t make big plays last night, but he will.

Also positive was Hakeem Nicks

Nicks was thrown at 7 times, caught the ball 6 times for 144 yards and 2 Touchdowns. He’s talented. End of that discussion about his potential. Huge hands, underrated speed, catches almost eveything (at least someone did).

Hakeem Nicks easily leads all Giants WR’s in stats this pre-season. In catches with 8, in receiving yards with 208 (no one else has 100) and with Touchdowns 2.

No more major injuries.

The Giants are getting healthy. Jacbos left with a minor injury but came back in the game I can’t imagine he’s out for too long.

Our Backup Running backs look great.

I think I was WRONG about Bradshaw. (I like to rub it in when I’m right so I have to take my lumps when I’m wrong).

I didn’t think he had the ability to spell Jacobs if he ever needed too. I look really wrong. He looks fantastic. Shifty, explosive, powerful.

What a great pick in the 7th round.

Danny Ware catches the ball well and he looks solid as a third option.

Brandon Jacobs had another catch.

This is good. He sucked at catching last year. It looks like he worked at it and looks competent, at least, catching the ball.

Fred Robbins, Barry Coefield, Rocky Bernard, Osi appear healthy.

None had their best game ever, but they are all playing, they all look good and this is important.

The defense hasn’t played up to it’s potential yet, but they are working on things, and Bill Sheridan is still figuring out everything.

Teams also don’t blitz much in pre-season and the Giants are good at that.

Jonathan Goff played well, again.

Goff led the team in tackles last game. And looks like he might be the future at middle linebacker, so that’s another positive for the Giants.

Jeff Feagles has 9 punts out of 20 inside the 20.

Everyone is worrying about Tynes, but Feagles on the other hand is being Feagles. (I’m not looking forward to his retirement) nearly one out of 2 punts this pre-season have gone inside the oppositions twenty, yet he still maintains a 42.1 punt average. He’s amazing.

This will be big during the season.

Even though the Giants haven’t applied “pressure” they still are averaging 2.3 sacks per game.

Over a season that would be about 37 sacks. That’s not bad. It’s not great either, but we’re getting there.

We can finally say good bye to Sinorice Moss

I think this is a positive.

See yea, Sinorice. I would be floored if he made the final roster.

He didn’t even play with Eli Manning in the game, I don’t think. He doesn’t return punts well, he doesn’t return kicks well, he’s never fully healthy and he’s a waste of roster space.

I’m hoping that letting Moss goes means they might be able to keep DE Maurice Evans, a prospect I love.

Boss looks good

Boss could have had 2 touchdowns last night. He looks like everything is clicking he runs routes well and he’s a great find in the 5th round of the draft.

All right, ladies and gents, let me know what you’re thinking and I’ll be sure to respond to you.

Let me know your concerns and I’ll see if I can persuade you otherwise.

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6 Responses to “An Optimist’s View of the Giants-Jets Pre-season Game.”

  1. Russo says:

    All valid points. As far as the receivers go, I agree moss is gone. I also think that Hixon is next on the chopping block. He cant seem to get on the same page as Eli and when he does he isnt consistant in his catching ability. I think the drop last night by smith was a fluke. I’d look to use Nicks, Smith, Manningham and Barden as the WR. Cut away the rest of the fat. Also, is it just me or is our offensive play calling more than obvious. Ive been saying thsi for years. I think we needa new offensive coordinator. I can pretty much call the plays from my couch, and even which side the run will be on. The giants need to incorporate more play action plays and screens until they can establish a deep threat pass game. If not then teams will expect jacobs to run the ball or manning to do a 3 step drop pass. As far as the D goes, I’m only slightly impressed. The line I think executes well. The secondary is weak. With as much pressure as the front line puts on the QB, there should be way more interceptions and batted balls from the NY secondary. I think we need to throw caution to the wind and disregard exp and play the guys who are hungry and are making things happen. Hopefully things will line up before game 1.

  2. I disagree about the secondary being weak. Agree they need to get more hands on passes.

    I think Aaron Ross needs to improve as well as Michael Johnson.

    But I think Corey Webster is one of the 10 best, if not 5 best CB’s in the game. I also like Kenny Phillips and Terrel Thomas and Kevin Dockery form one of the best Nickel coveage talents in the game.

    C.C. Brown is athletic, but extened playind tiem would scare me.

    Agree on using more diversity in the offense, hopefully Beckum gives us some of that.

    I think the Offensive Coordinator is hit and miss. The Eagles playoff game was especially frustrating for me.

    thanks for the comment.

  3. Roy says:

    They actually did blitz a fair amount. My concern is with Sheridan. When things are tight and he has to lock down a 2-minute drill or a 7 point lead, I’m afraid he will be way too conservative. Run defense should be pretty good, however.

    I’m not petrified about the offense, but being open with stone hands is not productive. Hixon’s drop leading to INT was troubling. Manningham’s catch ratio was poor as well.

  4. Scott says:

    I’m glad to see another Giants fan who isn’t throwing in the towel already. Preseason games are for evaluating the young guys to see where and if they’re capable of contributing. I think we have a great group of young receivers who will get better as the year progresses. As a UNC fan who watched Nicks for make spectacular catches for three years, I think all Giants fans are going to be elated with that draft pick. He is a great team player who has an innate ability to catch balls other guys just can’t reel in. If injuries don’t become a major issue we will have a great year. I would like to see a little more diversity on offense. With the speed we have at wide receiver, I think it will happen. Our secondary and linebackers should be improved and our defense as a whole should be very stout. I would be happy with another 12-4 record and expect a better postseason.

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