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I Can Not Wait For Football to Start.

Osi doing what he does best.

Man, oh man, oh man. I can’t wait for the regular season to start.

All of this talk about nothing is driving me crazy.

I don’t care if Osi Umeniyora left practice.

I. Do. Not. Care.

Anyone ever get mad at a boss before and want to leave? Anyone actually leave? Anyone ever call in sick the next day because of the boss?

People fight with their bosses all the time. It Happens. No big deal.

What I was waiting to see Osi do is say “I should not have left. I’ll take my medicine (punishment) and let’s move on and play football”

That’s essentially what he said. This is the first time, (By all accounts) it’s ever happened and hopefully the last. Osi has silenced his complaining about a contract, he’s healthy, and he’s read to showcase his talents.

He will either be fined, or will not be allowed to play the 1st quarter of the Redskins game, or both. . We’ll move on.

But before I do here is my last post on my thoughts about the pre-season game vs the Jets.

An Optimist’s view of the game.

It got buried in a flood of postings.

Another one is my N.F.C. East breakdown here.

Next, I don’t want to hear about how bad the Giants WR corps is.

I don’t buy it.

Here’s the truth about the Giants WR corps. This is THE most talented group of WR’s I have seen on the Giants in a very, very long time.

God Bless Amani Toomer and the Plaxico that actually showed up from time to time, but they were big, slow plodding targets. They hardly ever created true seperation and it was a lot of run on 1st, run on 2nd, let’s try to convert to a big WR on third. Or Play action once in awhile.

And enough about the drops in the pre-season. Does anyone remember the 2007 season with the Giants? They must have dropped the ball 200 times that year. It was the most frustrating thing, ever.

And last year as well. Amani Toomer had 6 drops and Madison Hedgecock had 6 drops (and only 8 catches. Note to Giants don’t throw him the ball)

Source on drops.

And Jacobs must have had at least four. I can remeber that many.

THIS WR cops is very explosive. (Hixon, Manningham) Smith? Nixon? Hagan, if he makes the team. I think those players are deceptively fast. I left out Sinorice Moss. I think he’s getting axed. This WR corps has great hands Smith has shown clutch hands. Nicks has great hands. All acounts is Barden has good hands. This WR corps also has size Hixon (6-2), Barden (6-6), Hagan (6-2).

This WR Corps is diverse and intersting and there are so many optoins it’s ridiculous.

You don’t have to have a dominate WR to win football games.

I think Eli Manning might be at his best this year just throwing to the open guy not worrying about anyone’s feelings.

But Anyway, I also like Hixon (which I’ll get to in a moment)

And lastly I don’t want to hear about Brandon Marshall anymore.

He’s a cancer, He’s one more run in with the law from an 8 game suspension. he’s one more positive drug test from a 4 game suspension. He also wants a 10 million dollar contract or so.

And if gets that we have at on of money in the next few years invested in our OL, Tuck, Eli Manning , Canty , Bernard, Boley, Webster, and Jacobs.

We don’t need to invest 10 million in one more player.

My thoughts on Marshall and Hixon

Why does everyone love Brandon Marshall so much?

Why does everyone hate Domenix Hixon so much?

Here are the facts.

Jay Cutler threw the ball 616 times last season (for reference Eli threw it 479 times) and the Broncos were down a lot.

Marshall racked up a lot of big numbers in games that were high scoring games.

Second Marshall had 6 Touchdowns for the season. That’s not great.

Third Marshall drops the ball…a lot. Third in the league with 12 dropped passes behind Braylon Edwards and Dwayne Bowe. (according to the Washington post here:

SIDE NOTE: Madison Hedgecock had 6 last year to go with his 8 catches. Which has to be the highest percentage of dropped passes to thrown at in the league.

Fourth: He’s been in too much trouble with the law, and I think we’ve seen time and time again guys who are repeatedly in trouble with the law are that way because they think they are above the law, and he’s the next person waiting for one of Goodell’s heavy suspensions.

Fifth: Maybe you don’t love the Giants draft picks, but let’s suppose Marshall cost a 1st and a 3rd. Here are the Giants last six 1st and third round draft picks.

Hakeem Nicks, Ramses Barden
Kenny Phillips, Mario Manningham
Aaron Ross, Jay Alford
Mathias Kiwanuka, Gerris Wilknson

2005: no first round pick.

2nd round pick Corey Webster
3rd round pick: Justin Tuck

2004: Philip Rivers (exchange for Eli Manning)

no 3rd rounder, but our second rounder was Chris Snee

Our fourth rounder Reggie Torbor and 5th rounder Gibril Wilson.

Draft picks ARE valuable especially when you get the kind of production that the Giants have gotten out of their draft picks

And I admit I like Domenix Hixon a lot more than other people, but here are cold hard facts.

Hixon played about 10 games where he played a lot (started 7)

In those 10 games Hixon had 567 yards receiving, and in those games Eli Manning had 2,128 yards passing, which gives Hixon 26 percent of our total passing offense, which isn’t great, but not terrible (Brandon Marshall last season was at about 32 percent of the total passing offense in games he played. Reggie Wayne’s was like 29 percent)

It also gives Hixon an average of 56.7 yards per receiving per game.

If he could maintain that in every start over the season he would end this season with 907.2 yards throughout the season.

Which is not bad at all.

People also forget that the Giants went 12-4 last year with Hixon AS THE LEADING RECEIVER.

It was Hixon, not Plaxico who had the most receiving yards for the Giants last year.

And I’ve heard the “no double team” yadda yadda yadda thing about Plaxico which is in part true, but people who think Plaxico of last year was the same Plaxico of 2007 were not watching games closely. He was not the same. He lost whatever spark he had and was resting on his laurels all of his stats were down, receiving yards per game, receiving yards per pass, touchdowns per game, big plays made…even though the running numbers were probably better than ever before.

Hixon also averaged 13.9 yards per reception all of last season which was better then:

Andre Johnson
Brandon Marshall (only 12.2 yards per reception)
Wes Welker
Tony Gonzalez
Big play Santana Moss
Hines Ward
Anquan Boldin
Derrick Mason
Dwayne Bowe
Donald Driver
Steve Breason
Eddie Royal (10.6 yards per reception)
Jason Witten
T.J. Who’sYourMomma (9.8 yards per reception)
Torry Holt
Devin Hester (13 yards per reception)

He’s not better than all of those Wide Receivers and that drop against the Eagles kills us, but He’s not the worst option in the league either.

He’s 6-2, he’s wiry, fast, decent hands, and catches the ball for a distance when he does.

Hakeem Nicks is powerful, has deceptive speed and great hands.

Steve Smith has been mostly clutch.

Eli Manning was one of the best Quarterbacks in the league last year on third and long, when teams Know the Giants were passing they still made plays, many of that thanks to Steve Smith.

Ramses Barden gives them great strike zone in the “green” zone.

And Mario Manningham has tremendous upside and ability.

The WR position is FINE.

It’s not the strength of the team, but it’s not as glaring of a weakness as people think.

Bottom Line. I’m excited for the regular season so we can concentrate on winning games and watching good football instead of all of these side issues.

My links above.

An Optimist’s view of the game.

Another one is my N.F.C. East breakdown here.

Leave a comment, I’ll get back to you.

As always, have a nice day.

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3 Responses to “I Can Not Wait For Football to Start.”

  1. CCC says:

    your team will be good, but I still want my Skins to beat them

  2. Thiergow says:

    I can’t wait to see Manning throwing to Nicks.
    IMO is going to be the 2nd wideout and Smith will be back in the slot. This guy is so good in traffic.
    You forgot to mention that BJ CAN catch now. the passing offense is going to be fine.

  3. Joel says:

    Nice piece of work! This exactly the material I needed to read right before the season starts. Lately, it seeems I’ve been reading only bad news, injuries to key defensive players, dropped passes, INTs, and so on. This gets me fired up and exited about the season opener.

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