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Giants Roundtable Week 3: Tampa Bay


According  to Mike Garaflo (and Ralph Vacchiano) Justin Tuck and Domenix HIxon are “day to day”. 

Also, Clint Sintim (Yay!!!) and Adam Koets (backup center)  were in pads and practicing today. 

Hakeem Nicks, Danny Ware, Aaron Ross and Kevin Dockery are still out and their staus for Sunday’s game is not yet known.

First, last time we did this someone asked if they could be apart of the process, and we here at giantsgab do this for you guys so if you want some questions I don’t see any problem with that.  I’ll just tell you that we do this through email (not at an actual table) so if you want to have a question sent to you to answer it, you’d have to leave your email address in the comment section. 

The New York Giants are riding high after back-to-back divisional wins to open up the season. After two weeks the Giants lead the division 2-0, holding a win over both Washington and Dallas.  While the Eagles have come out and won their first game vs the Panthers and then got pounded at home by the Saints. 

Fans will want to blame the loss to the Saints on Kevin Kolb and his three interceptions, but I’ll say this again. The Eagles are OVERrated.  They lost Jim Johnson, Brian Dawkins, and Stewart Bradley for the season, which takes out all of their defensive leaders, and they have a new, never played together before offensive line, which gave up four sacks to the Saints.  The Saints have O.K. pass rushers, but not all world pass-rushers.  That will bear watching for the rest of the season.  Anyway, back to the Giants.

The Giants after their win against the Cowboys now have the cupcake part of their schedule coming up when they travel to Tampa Bay, to Kansas City, and welcome Oakland over the next three weeks. Even with a slip-up the Giatns should enter week 6 4-1, but let’s hope 5-0. 

The Giants went into Dallas to “Giants Stadium” (sorry I heard Howard Cross refer to it that way and found it funny) and in front of a 100,000 plus and while giving iup well over 200 yards rushing , and unable to find the End Zone in the Green Zone, were able to come away with four turnvoers and a win.

To discuss the victory in Texas and the impending Tampa Bay Buccaneers game I turned to Jeremy Fuchs, Mark Picucci, and Andrew Ilnicki

To get things started I asked all three to give me:

One Statement: Initial Reaction to the game.

Lucky to win. Honestly, I was shocked the Giants won that game. I predicted them to lose, and late in the game, I thought they would. But once Eli got the ball with a minute or so left, I knew our chances were good. 

Great to see the Giants spoil the opening of Jerryland, I couldn’t have scripted it any better.  

Total redemption for the Giants passing attack – stacking the box against the Giants offense doesn’t guarantee success, and having supreme confidence in Eli Manning’s abilities goes a long way particularly at crunch time in the fourth quarter.

My intial reaction was I was suprised at the running game both on offense and defense and I’m glad that the New York Giants have Eli Manning, Superbowl Winner, and Dallas Cowboys have Tony Romo Starlet dater.

And along the same lines I asked everyone to hand out their game balls.

 The Offensive Line as a whole.  They gave Manning all the time in the world to make those throws.

Eli Manning. If he doesn’t manufacture yet another game winning drive, the Giants come away with an incredibly frustrating loss with lingering questions about the team’s ability to make plays at crunch time. The red zone offense looked putrid, and the running game was rendered a non factor all evening. Even though the interceptions from the secondary led to points throughout the game and kept the Giants in it, the lasting outcome ultimately comes down to Eli Manning manufacturing that final drive. He spread the ball out effectively, had a QB passer rating of 130+ in the 4th quarter, and when the game was on the line he led his team the stretch of the field and pulled out a tough win in a hostile environment. He deservedly gets that game ball.

Eli Manning. This might’ve been his best game as a pro. His passes were on the mark at all times. He wasn’t fazed by pressure. If there were more game balls, Mario Manningham and Steve Smith would get them. What a game by them.


I asked Fuchs a question about Eli Mannings performace, which he answered already, but here that is.

Eli Manning’s performace was….?

Tremendous. Like I said earlier, it might’ve been his best game as a pro. Truly tremendous. Poised in the pocket. Earned his keep on Sunday.

Just to be a little different I’ll give out 1/2 a game ball to each Kenny Phillips and Michael Boley.  Phillips came away with one easy interception and then made a fantastic head’s up play for the other.  Phillips also chipped in with 7 tackles and is on pace for 96 tackles so far in this early season.

Jason Witten, Giants killer, had 3 catches for 30 yards I believe, and Michael Boley is a guy who plays a lot of coverage. I would have to watch the game again, but I think the safeties and Boley played most of the Witten Coverage. Boley has to improve in the run game, but that’s not his strength pass coverage and blitzing are. Boley also came away with  7 tackles in the game. Not bad for his debut.

One of the problems highlighted AGAIN! by the G-men was an inability to score in the Red-Zone (I don’t like “Green Zone”, and besides I’m not calling it the “Green” or “Go” Zone until the Giants prove they are not Stopped every time in the Red Zone). 

One of the most offered up suggestions by Giants fans is a 6’6” presence who dominated in the Red-Zone at Cal Poly.

I turned to Fuchs:

 You predicted 10 Touchdowns this year for Ramses Barden.. This week he made his Giants debut…on special teams while Derek Hagan played a bunch of snaps…when are the Giants going to get this together and get him some action?
That 10 touchdown prediction isn’t looking too good right now, is it. I was shocked they didn’t use him more. At least try him in the red zone. Honestly, it couldn’t hurt. I was talking to someone today (who’s actually a graduate of Cal Poly, the same school as Ramses), as was equally shocked. He’s 6-6. Even if he doesn’t catch it, he’s still going to draw the attention of opposing defenses. I don’t get it. I really don’t.


I don’t know what I could really add to that.  There has been a dearth of scoring in the Red-Zone. Now, the Giants scored two touchdowns from Near the Red Zone, but no touchdowns in the Red-Zone.  Running twice and creating 3rd and longs is’nt working so maybe we should go for the throat on the first play with Play Action.  Eli Manning is one of the best QB’s in the league at selling the play action. A lot of teams use boot legs to the outside and throw to the TE as well. Hopefully we figure something out.

Not a big issue but the Most talked about issue heading into the game was the roll that the crowd would play in the Cowboys favor. I asked Mark what he thought.

Did the big crowed help out the Cowboys?  



No, I believe it actually put more pressure on the Cowboys to perform.  You know Jerry Jones wanted to win in the worst way but unfortunately for him it’s the players that have to make plays not the crowd.

I saw a stat at that showed that teams opening up a new stadium had a losing record.  Tony Dungy on Football night in America also said that the opening of the new stadium actually hurt his team becuase they forgot to show up and got blown out by the Bears.  There is also a stat that the New York Giants had won 45 road openers in their history, now 46.  Second most in the N.F.L. second only to the Cowboys.  Maybe it was just “destiny”.

The third big factor heading into the game was something Mark alluded to earlier when he handed out his game ball. So I turned back to Mark to ask him:

How did the Giants keep DeMarcus Ware in check? (All the cowboys for that matter. Zero Sacks)






Remember last year when the Cowboy’s sacked Manning eight times?  That’s how they stopped the Cowboys.  It was pride, they were not going to let that happen again. 
Andrew added to that:





why is Kevin Boss on duty blocking DeMarcus Ware when he could have switched roles with Hedge and caught some passes? You should have noticed that on the final game winning drive, Boss got two crucial first downs – one was brought back due to the [bogus] holding penalty but the guy makes big plays happen, and you have to wonder if the Giants left points off the board by not utilizing him more. Boss has much better hands and wherewithall after the catch than Hedge, he’s an accomplished red zone threat. Hedgecock is not a passing threat, and while he is an amazing physical presence and blocker… its clear he has no pass catching ability whatsoever. This is a fact and has been obvious for years, the mans hands are made of stone. I’d like to see more balls thrown to Kevin Boss in general, especially inside the 20, hopefully in the endzone. Leave Hedge on the line blocking where he does best. If you must have a safety valve that no one is expecting, dump it off to Jacobs instead – I would like to see more ways like that where the Giants can get the ball off and running to the outside, and be more effective moving the ball downfield with their backs.


I agree to a point, but think schematically things changed as well. It sure felt like Kevin Boss stayed in much more to help out with the blocking game and I think the Giants chipped DeMarcus a lot.  Ware had 20 sacks last season, but I think he’s goign to get a ton of attention this year, we’ll see how he does getting double and tripled team. Remember Dallas replaced Chris Canty with Igor Oshlansky who is good against the run but provided little to no pass rush, ever.  I can see the use of using Boss instead of Hedgecock to block. Boss is much close to the line of scrimmage and I would worry that if Ware got a full head of steam Hedgecock couldnt’ stop him.
Now that we have covered DeMarcus Ware, Eli Manning, the stadium the next standout issue was the Giants run defense and running game, which were abysmal at times.
Fuchs said about the run offense and it’s ineffectiveness.




One, the Cowboys were gearing up on the run. They knew it was coming, which was one of the reasons the passing game was so effective. A lot of credit has to be given to Jay Ratliff, the nose tackle. He’s a very underrated player, and did a very good job. I wouldn’t be worried. The Giants will get their running game going. They are too good not to. It’s just a question of when. 

 I think there were two problems. First, Jay Ratliff is very good. He’s very quick and he had a lot of penetration during the game. He has to be clamped down better next game. I think two was that too many outside sweeps, the 3-4 run defense is vulnerable in the middle if you get the Nose Tackle sealed off by one guy, not the outside where athletic linebackers can chase you down.  I think it’s an aberration the run game has been very good for a few seasons against good defenses before, it’ll be fine.

More concerning was the Giants run defense.

My sneaking suspicison was that Osi Umeinyora didn’t maintain gap integriy.

I asked Andrew if he felt the same way.

is it just me or did Osi seem to get sucked in too far on most of those big runs…

He certainly did. That’s two weeks in a row that Osi Umenyiora got smoked by atleast one huge running play. He’s not the only one that was caught way out of position though… the entire front 7 over-pursued and the designed cut-back the Cowboys repeatedly ran for huge gains made them pay for it. The corners were well blocked, basically the entire run defense was eliminated by the Cowboys. This week, Osi needs to get to Byron Leftwich and create problems in the pass rush. The linebackers and corners need to then move up when appropriate, get into position and clamp down on the run like they typically know how to do.

I personally always thought Aaron Ross was a good tackler and played the run well so maybe the Giants miss him in that respect.  The Giants are over pursuing and a knock on Osi has always been that he doesn’t maintain gap integrity. Michael Strahan was great against the run, Tuck is very good against the run, Kiwanuka is good against the run, and Osi can be a liability against the run. At least that’s my take. I also think Boley is average against the run. He’s smallish he can’t take on blockers.  I think Chris Canty’s return (very good against the run), and adding Clint Sintim (very big and strong could be good against the run) and some butt-kicking off Osi to maintain gap integrity could go a long way. Maybe that’s why Osi left in pre-season. Bill Sheridan said, “Hey gap integrity, Osi” and he peeled out (mostly kidding).  It is a source of concer, all the big running plays the Giants are given up, but not something that can’t be corrected. It’s not a lack of talent that’s creating problems, its a number of things, in my humble opinion.

With Michael Boley on my mind I asked Mark:

What’d did you think of Michael Boley’s debut? (led the team with 6 tackles)?

I like the addition of Boley, he played well Sunday in Dallas.  He was all over the field and it was nice to see a Giant linebacker with speed.  I think as he heals and becomes more comfortable with the system you will see more and more plays being made by Boley. 

I’ve let my opinions be known on this already. Great against the pass, good blizter, average run defender. I think he’ll be valuable though as we continue during the season.  Keep in mind Jason Witten did nothing against the Giants on Sunday.

Another player who played well in pass coveage with two interceptions was Kenny Phillips.

What about Kenny Phillips performance…?

For the record, I’m saying Kenny Phillips and the rest of the Giants secondary baited the Cowboys with pre-game injury banter. Not only was there no visible evidence that Phillips was battling a knee injury, the guy played the type of game you expect from a seasoned all-pro veteran that just came back from a long spa treatment – unbelievably focused and dangerously fresh. Between his tackles and interceptions, his poise and focus — this young man’s star is on the rise.

I won’t go on record saying the Giants are faking injuries, but I do think Phillips is a star on the rise, and sooner rather than later.

I had one more house keeping note on the Giants/Cowboys game. And that was the big story of the night Steve Smith and Mario Manningham.

More impressive Mario Manningham or Steve Smith?
Hard call to make on that one. “Mr. Third Down” Steve Smith vs “Super Mario” Manningham in a game where both guys came up with crucial plays at the right times. I’m going with Manningham ONLY because he’s had less experience, he’s spent time working the scout team and obviously he has done his due diligence learning the offense, getting to know the routes and working with Eli to perfect communication and reading defensive schemes. Steve Smith has been at it a while and frankly he’s already an incredibly dependable receiver, I expect big catches in clutch situations from him every week, however unfair that may sound. So in this situation, Manningham gets the edge. He proved to all of us that he has what it takes to be a go-to-guy. Are you keeping track? How many GTG’s does that make for the Giants now?


I read somewhere that Mario Manningham was Eli Manning’s lacky during the pre-season constantly pestering Eli Manning on how to get better. I hope that’s true.  I also read that he worked out with an old wily veteran (can’t remember who) who told Manningham that some routes he ran, he didn’t use his quickness to his advantage and he had to learn how to do that if he wanted to be good becuase that’s his biggest strength.

Jeez, he’s quick. I can’t remember a WR THIS quick, in a long long time. Tim Carter was fast, Manningham seems to be what the Giants hoped Sinorice Moss was.  Smith is doing much better so far than I thought he would. He’s becoming a great possession receiver in this league.

So that wraps up the Giants/Cowboys coverage and we’ll move onto the Giants/Buccaneers game.

The big story line here has to be Derrick Ward’s first time facing the Giants defense.

 Tampa Bay had a strong run game against Dallas and Derrick Ward looked pretty impressive vs the Bills (despite his limited carries and yardage). Will he have a big game against the Giants?

 He might have a good game, but let’s face it, the Giants have a much better run defense than the Bills. The tandem of Ward and Cadillac Williams is dangerous. The problem is that their passing game isn’t good enough to get defenders off the run. 
I watched them play the Bills last week and their pass offense looked all right. No great Wide Receivers, but Kellen Winslow was a big factor. Their offensive line’s not bad and the y have talented running backs. I think the Giatns need to get a big lead early and force the Buccaneers to keep the immobile Leftwhich in passing situations to gurantee victory.



 vs the Cowboys the Giants had zero sacks, and vs the Bills and the Cowboys the Buccaneers gave up 2 sacks total in both games.  Which is better this weekend? The Buccaneers pass protection or the Giants pass rush?
I am going to give the edge to the Giants pass rush, the Giants defense is better then the Bills and Cowboys.  With the Giants defensive backs playing well look for the Giants to cover the receivers downfield and unleash the fury on the statue that is Byron Leftwich.

Let’s hope so becuase the way the rules are in the league now. The advantage goes to the Wide Receivers and the best pass defense isn’t great Cornerbacks, it’s a great pass rush.

But having said that I’m very high on Corey Webster and believe he is a top 5 cornerback in this league. I asked Andrew:

Who in the league is better at Cornerback than Corey Webster?  (last week Santan Moss held in check, this week Roy Williams 1 catch for 18 yards)

Corey Webster is most definitely a top 5 corner, there’s no question about that. It’s hard to say who might be better – I mean week to week the weight of shutting down a team’s # 1 receiver can shift. The Jets for example came away with a big win against the Patriots this week, a game in which Tom Brady failed to throw a touchdown. Therefor, Darrelle Revis’ performance eliminating Randy Moss as a factor certainly carries a hefty weight to it – especially since Revis was running his mouth all last week about wanting that opportunity. So this particular week, Webster’s performance is noted but I would say it’s not necessarily at the top of the mainstream sports media’s radar. For us loyal to Big Blue however, he’s incomparable. It can’t be forgotten that Corey Webster’s performance in the 2007 NFC Championship game directly contributed to the trip to the Super Bowl for the Giants, and his performance the past two weeks has only strengthened his case for a pro bowl appearance this year. Ultimately, he’s a premier player who knows how to play ball within the rules and can create all kinds of problems for the opposition, and you have to love him for that.

Very well said, and diplomatically to boot. I’d put Darrel Revis, Antoine Winfield (best against the run), Nnamdi Asmougha, and Asante Samuel in the same class (great nose for the ball, gambler though).

My biggest conern in the passing game is Kellen Winslow.

Best player on Tampa is Kellen Winslow…is he contained this week?
Yes. I think Winslow is vastly overrated. He’s good, but he’s not a game changer. Michael Boley got very little press, but he was great on Sunday, and held Jason Witten to only 33 yards receiving. The Giants can afford to focus on him a bit more, because they don’t have to be as concerned with the wideouts for the Bucs. 

People are very sensitive to the word “overrated” but I think you can be very good and still be overrated. Kellen Winslow is good for sure, unfortuantely for him he’s had a lot of injury and other mitigating issues which  has hurt his productivity.

On the WRs.

Tampa Bay has the same “problem” the Giants had heading into the season: no proven Wide  Receivers, but they do have an explosive Tight End in Kellen Winslow…forsee any problems this week in coverage?
If Michael Boley can come of a great effort under nearly identical circumstances having been matched with all-pro Jason Witten, and considering the safeties have shown they can get step in and get physical, make tackles on these kinds of big threats, I have little doubt they can contain the Bucs offense and make it frustrating for their play-makers.


The fundamental problem with the4 Buccaneers Wide Receivers, unlike the Giants WR’s is that the Bucaneers WR’s are all possession type wide receivers who, I feel lack elite explosiveness. I think you’ll see them address that in the off-season.

I think Winslow is the X-factor, but Mark disagrees.

Who’s the X-Factor for the Buccaneers?

I would have to say Byron Leftwich.  If the Bucs line gives him time he can hurt the Giants.  He has a strong arm and a strong will, so he will stand in the pocket to deliver a pass.  He is averaging 286 yards per game and with the Bucs defense playing so poorly he is getting lots of chances to make plays.
have to admire his courage, but the thing about Leftwhich is this:



 Byron Leftwhich has a great arm, but he is ssssslllllllloooooooowwwwww…any chance he avoids the pass rush this week?
I liked Leftwich last season filling in at Pittsburgh — I think in several situations he looked better than Ben, he moves the ball well and yes he does have a great arm. And he’s looked pretty good this season in a starting role. That said, Byron will get sacked atleast 3 times, he will be pressured all day by a relentless front 4, and when he does get the ball off I’m looking at the Giants secondary to defuse any potential threat. Overall, I see this being a very difficult and frustrating day for Byron Leftwich.

I think so too. We’ll have to wait an dsee how many people are missing this game.  Leftwhich is slow, but his offesnive line is O.K. Osi is great at stripping the ball and with Leftwhich’s windup and lack of mobility I coul dsee that happenning once or twice this weekend.


THE most annoying thing for me this season has been the constant nagging injuries.

The Giants were without Aaron Ross, Kevin Dockery, Clint Sintim, Hakeem Nicks, and Danny Ware they lost during the game both Justin Tuck (arguably best player on team) and Domenix Hixon…is the most annoyed you’ve ever been with injuries?

I wouldn’t say annoyed, more frustrated. Of course, you don’t want to see anyone injured. But it is impressive that they are 2-0 with all of those injuries. Imagine what they’ll be like when healthy.


One of the major things injuries have done to the Giants is deplete their draft classes’ impact.  Headline by Hakeem Nicks.

Hakeem Nicks wasn’t a part of the action Sunday night and he likely wont’ be again this week vs the Buccaneers… after that the Giants play the Cheifs and Raiders…not great teams…which is unfortunate because he might have been able to rack up some numbers…what’s your prediction for catches and yardage by seasons end?

But Nicks isn’t the only one battling injuries.

Yeah, he probably would’ve put up some big numbers. I think, providing he stays healthy, he catches 30 passes for 350 yards. I think that’s a good number. He’s still adjusting to NFL defenses, and that’ll take time. Next year, however, should be big.Giants rookie wide receivers and nagging injuries has been a constant lately.



Giants players activated from the 2008 draft on Sunday Night…..
William Beatty (1 block), Ramses Barden (special teams appearances), Travis Beckum (didn’t do much)…
This was my Favorite or Reese’s draft classes I thought it was great, but the only one making an impact so far is Bruce Johnson…what’s the future hold for these draftees?
The future is bright for this draft class.  This is a nice problem to have, the rookies don’t have to play right now.  Reese has built a young deep team so the rookies can sit and learn.  As the season progresses look for the rookies to get involved more.  I still believe that Sintim will get more playing time and Barden should start to get some looks around the goal line if the Giants continue to struggle.


Giants….Can’t score in the Red-zone and it’s almost cost them two games…what’s the solution vs Tampa Bay.

I turned to our panel for their thoughts.

It’s time to try something new.  Spread out the receivers, put in Barden, try using Bradshaw, maybe play action……something needs to change.  Brandon Jacobs is a beast but he is like a semi truck, once he gets rolling he is hard to stop but he takes some time to get up to speed.  As the field shrinks the Giant offense is becoming predictable and the defense can focus more on Jacobs and trip him up before he gets started.  I would love to see Bradshaw get a few more opportunities down in the red-zone.  I would also like to see some different plays sprinkled in, maybe a draw or counter play.  Try play action or spread out with four receivers and let Manning make some plays.  If something doesn’t change I fear it will begin to cost the Giants.

 The solution is simple: Play action passing, and at least try Ramses Barden ( who I affectionately call Red Zone Ramses. That’s going to stick. I feel it). The Giants have lacked creativity in the red zone. It seems as if they stop when they get to the 20. The play action passing game is so good, and it will be even better in the red zone

get the impression that the Giants are not taking these scoring opportunities seriously enough. Why after several seasons using the same offense are we seeing the Giants get away from what works? There are no fakes, the formations always telegraph the playcall, and the defense seems prepared for everything the Giants run or throw at them. It’s time to get back to a series of plays that work – and for the Giants I’ve boiled down my magic 7 here:


  1. RB Brandon Jacobs up the gut
  2. Playaction pass to TE Kevin Boss; or
  3. Playaction pass to WR Domenik Hixon
  4. Delayed QB Draw to RB Ahmad Bradshaw
  5. Quick-slant to WR Steve Smith
  6. Bootleg QB sneak / option pass to TE Kevin Boss
  7. Corner Fade to WR Ramses Barden
I know the #1 play did not work against the Skins in week one — but that’s because their defense had no reason to think the Giants would fake a run and then pass. Against the Cowboys, it was largely a passing effort but for each play they’ve called, I’ve not seen it actually work in games past. Only failure.
Philosophy 101 says – ‘The man who knows one, knows none.’  And that is why the Giants have gone 0/8 in the red zone. They have not mixed it up, they have not deceived or disguised their play calls, they have not been dynamic at all in the red zone. There is no element of surprise. By contrast, you notice how the Cowboys effortlessly got in the end zone 4 out of 4 times – the reason simply is that the Giants defense didn’t know what they were going to do! The Cowboys lined up in hybrid pass formation and threw once, ran twice, and Tony Romo called his own number once. Mixing up it like that really threw the Giants for a loop. That is good, crafty, skillful play calling in the red zone, and the execution was made that much easier because the Giants defense could not anticipate, they simply had to react. The Giants need to add this creativity back into their routine once they get into the red zone, its time to fake runs, fake passes, design your series so that the defense cannot anticipate what you will do next.
My advice is don’t leave the Giants with third and long opportunities. It is difficult to just drop back and pass in the Red-Zone anytime let alone when the defese KNOWS you have to.  I just know this I’d rather be talking about why the Giants can’t score in the Red Zone rather than why they can’t even make it to the Red-Zone.



Tampa Plays the Giants, Redskins, Eagles, Panthers, Patriots (in london), BYE, Packers, Dolphins, Saints, Panthers, Jets, at Seattle, Saints, Falcons the rest of the season…’
When is the first time they win a game this season?
I refuse to take their next against the Giants off the table. This Bucs team has more to gain from a win against the defending NFC regular season champs – they will be amped up at home and are in a position where they have to prove to themselves and their fans that they have what it takes to win. So I cannot say with 100% certainty that the Giants are going to go into Tampa and blow them out, no matter how badly I want to say it. I was the guy last year expecting a blowout in Cleveland, and the Giants were the ones who got dominated in every respect. That’s kind of how I view this game, it could be a trap. But beyond the Giants, when you consider how some of their scheduled opponents are playing, I think the Bucs certainly have a shot to win several of those games. I don’t see a Detroit type of situation down in Tampa by any means.



I think this game is a lock. But I hope the Giants have the same attitude that Andrew has heading into this game. I think they are pretty bad though.

Prediction time.

What’s your Final Prediction?

The Giants are going to beat up on the 31st ranked defense in the league.  Watch for the Giants to get the running game going this week and dominate this one from the beginning.  Look for the Giants to go 3-0 on the season (Giants 24 Bucs 13)


 This should be an easier game for the Giants. The Bucs have a nice rushing attack, but they are pretty inept in the passing game. Defense isn’t what is used to be. This could be a blow out. Final score: Giants 31, Bucs 14

31-20 Giants

I’ll take 28-17. I think the score will be closer than the game. I can see Tampa Bay getting a cheap touchdown at the end of the game, but we were the superior team two yeras ago when Tampa was really good and they have gotten worse and I think the Giatns have gotten better.

Any Given Sunday though.


Before we leave you guys to ponder everything that’s been said…

Anything else to add?

I think the Giants have solidified as one of the top two or three teams in football. Up there with them are New Orleans and Baltimore. This is going to be a fun year.

For Tampa Bay, they will have to overcome a ton of problems Sunday to be effective, and I look to the center of the field as the area of focus  – whether that be dumping off to their backs after the pressure moves up, or getting the tight ends free to make a play. I see a lot of short passes and reliance on the ground game for the Bucs, slowly moving the chains into scoring position and staying with it to punch a couple balls in the end zone.
For the Giants, I hope to see a continued hunger and focused effort on delivering what many think will be an easy win. To do that, they need to ignore the hype and focus on the areas that clearly need improvement – pass rush, running the football, stopping the run, and finishing with touchdowns instead of field goals inside the 20. I’m looking for a more balanced attack this week in what may very well be reported on Monday morning as the most complete team in the NFL. Eli Manning throws for 200 yards and 2 more touchdowns and I see Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw getting a score each.  One of Manning’s touchdown passes come routinely from about the 25 yard line, and Bradshaw takes one in from around midfield. The Giants go a modest 2/5 in a slight improvement in the red zone. The offensive line and Brandon Jacobs remember how to pound one in from the 1 yard line, and Kevin Boss proves that faking a run works wonders when you roll out and pass to your TE.
I would like to go on record and say I don’t love Baltimore, I think their defense is a shell of what it used to be, same thing with the Patriots you can’t continue to lose players, but not doi anything about it and maintain. While the Patrios have Ravens have spent their energy on imporving their offense the Giants cotinue to seek out defesne (boley, Canty, Bernard)…there is a long season so we’ll see what hapens.



We know this is a bit lengthy, especially in this era of “give me information as quickly as possible and only with essentials…I don’t want to spend more than 30 seconds reading anything…” but we really love our Giants and hope you were able to find time to read this and we’ll be able to make some time to let us know what you think about this feature.


Have a nice day, everyone.

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  2. “How did you think you played Sunday night?”

    Osi Umenyiora:

    “Not well, it wasn’t up to my standards at all. I played like sh….!

    That’s the only thing needed to be said.

    I can’t fool myself. Sunday can’t get here soon enough. I wish today was Saturday.”

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