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The Most Indispensable New York Giants


With the news building momentum that the New York Giants might be without Future All-Pro Safety (am I getting ahead of myself?) Kenny Phillips I thought I would come out with my list of the 10 players the New York Giants could least afford to lose moving on in the season.

Of course after I started writing this it was reported that Kenny Phillips WILL miss the rest of this season. A lot of which has to do with the ridiculous N.F.L. injury rules, which don’t allow teams to put players on like a 15 day DL like in baseball.

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#10 Tom Coughlin/Jerry Reese

This list is harder than I thought it would be to be quite honest with you. I know that Coughlin doesn’t do anything on the field, but this team is definitely being molded in Coughlin’s image. Listen to the post-game interviews, they’re much more toned down when Coughlin first arrived, despite the team having some big personalities. Also, the Giants are very fundamentally sound for the most part. Last year they set a record in turnovers for a 16 game season.  I’m not sure who will take over for Coughlin when he’s gone, and I’m not worried about it yet, but I think it could be terrifying in the future.

Same thing with Jerry Reese stabilityof an organization starts at the top.  I also think has drafting has been, maybe the best in the league. Steve Smith and Mario Manningham look to be great. Everyone loves Nicks and Barden, Beatty is a super athletic LT, Bradshaw was found in the 7th round as well as SafetyMichael Johnson. Just a fantastic job.


#9 Shaun O’hara

Looking back at my list I think that O’hara might be a little low, but I think the Giants have so many great players. Shaun O’Hara is the second best player on the offensive line and like all centers makes the line adjustments and such.  A hard working, smart player.  #9 most indispensible might not be completely justified.

#8 Brandon Jacobs

I think many people will want Jacobs higher on this list. Which I could understand, but I like Bradshaw, and the Giants have won before when Jacobs was hurt. They have won before when Jacobs was hurt and even ran the ball effctively at times without Jacobs, although it becomes much harder. Jacobs sets a tone for this team and he’s important to the Giants.

#7 Steve Smith

People might call me crazy for putting Steve Smith ahead of Jacobs, but that’s O.K.  Steve Smith is Eli Manning’s comfort target. Just facts.  Steve Smith is HUGE on third downs. The Giants like to have long drives that eat up the clock wear defenses down and give their own defense a break. Steve Smith is a big part of that equation.

#6 Kenny Phillips

We will have to find out how important Phillips is to this team. With the way this team is constructed Phillips might even be higher becuase the Giants seriously lack depth at the Safety Position.

I LOVE Good safeties. If I were building a team I would want a Great QB, a Great LT, A great DE, and then Two Great safeties, in that order. I just think the way the game is played two dominating safeties could open up a whole world of possibilites for your defense.  If I could choose between having the three best linebackers in the league to add to my defense, or the two best safeties I’d choose the safety.

I think Phillips is ascending still so he’s not as good as he will be, but man, I hope he’s not hurt for a long time.
C.C. “where’s my guy” Brown will be filling in or Super talented, but equally as clueless in college Aaron Rouse.

#5 Antonio Pierce

You want to have Good linebackers but you can get by without great linebackers, especially in a 4-3, especially on the outside.  What is more difficult to do is replace your leader on defense, Pierce is physically on the down side of his career, but he is a true leader. There are a lot of fans out there that don’t love Pierce, but I don’t want to see what our defense does without him.

#4 Corey Webster

I’ve stated my case time and time again about Corey Webster clearly being a top 5 cornerback in this league. Shut-down Corernbacks make a big difference the Giants have one.  I don’t want to lose him for any games let alone many games.

#3 Chris Snee

EVERY team in the league would take Chris Snee in a heart-beat. Great player. Best talent on our offensive line.  Besides that, I believe in the future of Will Beatty, but our backup interior OL scare me.

#2 Justin Tuck

This season could get ugly fast if the Giants are without Tuck and Phillips for an extended period of time.

Justin Tuck is great against the pass, great against the run, and a leader. If Pierce isn’t the leader of the defense Justin Tuck is the leader. He’s not only one of the best players on the Giatns, but one of the best players in the league. Justin Tuck left the game against Dallas, they went off rushing, and without Tuck the Giants might not have a Superbowl.

#1 Eli Manning

I’ve never made it a secret about my love for Eli Manning.

He’s put into a tough situation right now.  The team is falling apart with injuries at all positions, WR, DL, Secondary, Special teams.

He’s going to start earning his contract this year.

4 straight years into the playoffs and off to a good start this year. Handles the New York Media well, keeps a calming influence on the team when things get chaotic, which they are definitely approaching now.

The QB is always the most important player on a team, luckily for the Giatns we have a very good one who seems to get better every year and who is a master at the two minute offense.


That’s my list.

Who do you guys think should be added to the list.

Osi is a good player, but we won 12 games without him last year.

Kevin Boss injury could do us big harm, I think he’s number 11.

David Diehl is 12, although like I said I think Beatty’s potential is very high.


Every team suffers injuries every year, hopefully this is the last of the big ones for the Giants and they will get healthier and improve as the season wears on, unlike the Mets who simarily started the season very well went through catastrophic injuries and suffered the rest of the year. (The Giants and Mets share medical componets to their injury prevention and rehabiliation procees. Yikes!)


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Hopefully the Giants can adapt and overcome.


I’m sure everyone’s list will vary. Let me know what yours is.

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4 Responses to “The Most Indispensable New York Giants”

  1. Andrew Ilnicki says:

    Frankly, I am surprised that Brandon Jacobs isn’t a bit higher. I love Bradshaw but the hard hitting tone set by Jacobs is a crucial #1 in the 1-2 punch.

    I like seeing the GM and HC up there too, way to give credit where its due in terms of vision, discipline, and focus.

    Did you ever think in 2006 Eli Manning would be #1 on this list? Think about this — in every other NFC East market Eli Manning is known as the Giants biggest liability. New York has come to love him, and has seen what he’s capable of.

    I think we’re heading into the Eli Manning golden era — his best years are now upon us and his improvement every year is noted, and i cant wait for him to prove everyone wrong this year and fully become the elite quarterback he is in everyones mind.

  2. Jason C. says:

    My top 10
    1. Eli
    2. Jacobs
    3. Snee
    4. O’Hara
    5. Tuck
    6. Pierce
    7. Osi
    8. Webster
    9. Smith
    10. Feagles

    Jacobs is CLEARLY higher of a priority than you have him listed, and Phillips is already gone so adding him to the list is just too pessimistic for my blood. Also Boss is only valued because our TE situation is so bad, I’d like to see Beckum get some play this week, especially if things get ugly early, which the Giants SHOULD be capable of pulling off…

  3. I agree that Boss is valued mostly becuase our TE situation could get ugly in a hurry.

    The problem I have with Jacobs listed so high is We have won without him already.

    Same thing with Osi, especially Osi (12-4 last year. He’s missed many other games before as well)

    I think I might have been too low on O’hara I can agree with you there becuase our center position is also terrible.

    GOOD call on Feagles.

    Good list.

    I’ll still disagree with Jacobs and Osi I like the rest though.I think you swayed me on O’hara.

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