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Giants Roundtable Week 5: Recap Chiefs

I’m going to do things a bit differently with the Rounddtable. Let me know if you like this better. Basically it’s the same great analysis only this time I’m going to split it into two sections: the previous game analysis and then later in the week (maybe Sunday morning) the Game at hand.  I just feel that perhaps it was getting a bit too long for some of you.

Coming into the season the Giants had a few major questions one of them was what, oh what could they possibly achieve without a Wide Receiver. Giants fans also screamed about how poor the secondary was…and through the first four weeks of the season the New York Giants have THE best WR in the league (statistically through the first 4 weeks of this season) Steve Smith who leads virtually every category in the league. Receptions, yards, yards per game, touchdowns, first downs, etc etc. 

And on top of that despite missing Kenny Phillips, their best Safety, Aaron Ross their 2nd CB and Kevin Dockery for most of the season the Giants have THE number one pass defense in the league (statistcally speaking through four weeks of the season).

The nay sayers will points to the Giants “easy schedule” the same naysays who constantly sprout of Phillip Rivers stats of course overlooking he plays THIS schedule tlhe Giants have played so far EVERY YEAR!!!

“funny” how things work out. This is what’s true. The Giants have gone on the road three our of four weeks (and three weeks in a row) and beat every opponet they have played, the last two they have pounded into submission. They have beat them every which way, passing, running, sacking, playing the run, special team awarness and etc etc.

They are battered, they are bruised, but they have accomplished something that only 8 teams out of the last 117 teams in the league have tried winning three road games in a row.

Interstingly enough two of those  teams are Eli Manning Giants teams and one of the other 8 is another Couhglin lead team (the Jaguars).

With that in mind I gathered my friends, Jeremey Fuchs, Mark Picucci, and Andrew Ilnicki to discuss last weeks game and the impending game against Oakland.

First the recap.

I asked everyone

One Statement: Initial Reaction to the Game

The Giants are clearly making the most of their preparation time and are getting in sync early both offensively and defensively — they completely outplayed their opposition on the road for the second straight week and the way this season has been unfolding is wonderful to watch.
The Giants took care of business and won a game they should have
Should’ve been a blowout. Giants missed a lot of opportunities, especially on the offensive side of the ball. They can get away with that against the Chiefs. They can’t get away with it against the upper echelon team. But, a nice performance. 
 agree with all three assessments. The Giants are getting more in sync each week as they continue to rotate guys into the lineup because of injuries, they are winning games they should win, and they could have easily have blown out two of the last three games more than they did. 
The next thing I asked was for everyone to hand out their game balls.
Game Ball Goes to…?
Steve Smith without a doubt.  He totally dominated the Chiefs on Sunday, 11 catches,  134 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Smith is quickly becoming an elite wideout in the NFL.
Steve Smith. Plain and simple. I said on Twitter yesterday that he’s quickly emerging as one of the best receivers in the NFL. For those who said the Giants were going to have issues at the receiver position are looking silly right now. Luckily, we at GiantsGab had faith in the wideouts. It’s paying off. 

Steve Smith – the guy is everywhere and nowhere at the same time if that makes sense. He’s a ninja. You can’t cover him, you can’t stop him, you can’t find him, you can’t contain him – yet Eli can’t miss him. We can expect Steve Smith to continue making big plays for this Giants team, perhaps draw some coverage as the season progresses and that will open things up for the rest of the receivers as well. What is always said about great players is that they make the guys around them better — that is certainly true of Eli Manning but I believe this can also be said about Steve Smith… time will tell what happens with this young Giants receiving core but the talent level and potential for star power is for real.

 Steve Smith is earning a lot of game balls this year. It’s hard to disagree with that, but I’ll give it to Eli Manning. He made plays to a lot of Wide Receivers, and if not for Manningham he might have had well over 300 yards passing with no interceptions. 

Speaking of Manningham

I had Manningham for anywhere between 1 and 3 drops depending on how difficult I want to be….remember any others?
  Not off the top of my head, no. Not sure what was up with Manningham. I’ve said before, he’ll make plays where you’ll say “Wow!” and make plays where you’ll be shaking your head. 

That is about right but the Giants will put up with it because of his speed off the line, he can get open with no help.

Are you counting the interception as a drop? Because that was a very catchable ball that shouldn’t tarnish Eli’s performance whatsoever, or Kevin Gilbride’s for that matter who a I think called a great game with balanced and creative offensive plays. That one particular drop by Manningham was also in the red zone, and it makes it look like all the momentum from last week didn’t translate over to KC because the final stat is 1/4 in the red zone. That drop was huge because it was bona fide scoring opportunity for the Giants who had a great drive going, all kinds of momentum, and would have most likely scored the way things were shaping up and then it ends up going for 3 points the other way — thats a 10 point swing and I was pretty unhappy about that turn of events. Manningham had the drops that mattered, and his one 40+ yard catch was almost dropped as well. He had the most noticeable off day out of anyone for sure.

I think Mark had the most enlightened comment there-Super Mario has we hope he is for the rest of the season. Is very elusive and young. He’ll make some big plays and make some big mistakes. He’ll have to learn quickly though Coughlin doesn’t tolerate that and he could find himself moved down in the depth chart instead of staying at #2 when Hixon returns and Nicks continues to emerge.

The reason I keep track of the drops is because what’s often over looked in Eli’s “Completion percentage” stats is how many drops the Giants have had over the past few years (a lot!)

When you see Eli Manning reach for his heel you…?
  Almost fainted. Honestly, if he goes down for any extended period of time, we’re screwed. I don’t think he’ll miss a game. If he does, the Giants are in trouble. Eli’s had a MVP type year. You can’t replace that production. 


 Begin to think about the 2010 season.

dropped my beer…..  closed my eyes — and then high fived everyone around me when Eli dropped a screen pass off for Hakeem Nicks who took it 50 yards to the house. That’s the mark of this Giants team, surprising everybody when they least expect it. I hope Eli finds a way to rehab that heel through some massage, stretching, whatever — but find a way to stay in control of the offense because I don’t care to find out what David Carr can do for 60 minutes unless absolutely 100% necessary.

 I don’t want to see David Carr in extened action. (that’s a period). Manning is a fantastic leader and good Quarterback in this league. No one knew until now that Eli has had Plantar faciatiis (spelling?) all season. What a warrior.

With some of the pleasantries out of the way let’s delve into the game vs the Chiefs.

One of the things that will be most talked about is Lawrence Tynes missing another short field goal.  I asked Andrew all Giants fans are asking…

 Sick of Tynes yet?

In the words of Tom Coughlin: “The missed field goal upset me.”
That is all.

I have been a Tynes defender all season. It’s not that I love him, it’s jsut that I don’ t know what the better option is. Hopefully he gets back to his 2007 form (where he made 85 percent of his field goals…well above average).

Another important issue for the New York Giants is Red-zone Effeciency which has been struggling all season, but which has improved greatly as of late. I turned to Mark.

Are our red-zone worries over?
 I wouldn’t go that far yet but it is improved.  The Giants need to keep the playbook open and not get too predictable.  I would still like to see Bradshaw get a few more opportunities in the redzone.

Unfortunately, the biggest question has to be is it the matter of the Giants figuring out something that has plagued them for two years…or the terrible opponets they were playing? we’ll find out.

After Big Fan Tony’s “tip-toeing” comments last week I wanted to know what Andrew thought about how Jacobs responded.

There was a lot of Jacobs talk heading into the game…how do you think he played?

He wasn’t as criticized by the pundits during the game this week to start with, which is always encouraging. But both Jacobs and Bradshaw did what they needed to do to pound the ball inside, weaken the defense up — and create opportunities for the passing game with play action fakes and so forth. It worked. There was a balanced attack of pass and rush – and Jacobs seemed to hit the hole harder this week with his opportunities, however slight a difference there was. His YPA increased to 4.4, so something was working better for him.
Better, but far from perfect. He’s still not the Brandon Jacobs we love. Running people over getting 5 yards almost every time he touches the ball. Hopefully that guy will show up, becuase quite frankly he’s being outplayed by Bradshaw so far this season.
One of the injurires that has allowed Mario Manningham to emerge more is that one to Domenik Hixon, but what has definitely suffered is the return game. I turned to Fuchs to talk about our favorite subject.
Sinorice Moss in the return game? 
  We’ve talked about this before. I really don’t like it. He offers NOTHING. He’s not a good returner. That was the scouting report coming out of college, and he’s done nothing to change it. I would like to see Bradshaw or maybe Gartrell Johnson back there. Not Moss. He doesn’t do anything. Get him off returns. 



I’m hoping Couhglin convinces to Hixon that when he returns he becomes the number 3 WR and that being number 3 is not a demotion becuase he’ll handle all return duties.  it’s tough becuase you never want to set a preceent where a guy can Lose his job becuase of injury. That’s why I think Hixon will initially return as the number 2 Wide Receiver.
One of the the biggest conversations Giants fans have had this season is the alarming amount of injuries seemingly suffered every week. Two of the lateast are Boley and Bryan Kehl. Two weakside outside linebackers. I asked Mark about these two players.
How about Bryan Kehl and his Special Team’s play this season?
 Bryan Kehl has been all over on special teams.  Its been good to see other players step up as well after the loss of Tyree.   
 I would also look to see Kehl get more playing time now with Boley on the shelf. 

Impressions of Michael Boley’s play so far this season?
  Awesome, I was a big fan of Boley when he was in Atlanta and he is the linebacker the Giants have been missing.  The injury to his knee will slow him down but hopefully he will be back to tormenting offenses in the next month.

I think it’s an abosloute tragedy how many injuries the New York Giants have suffered through this point of the season.  Of all the free agent acquisitions, C.C. Brown the one most people were worried about has done the best job of staying on the field and being productive.

Speaking of C.C. Brown I turned to Andrew. 

How do you think C.C. Brown had filled in so far for Kenny Phillips?

This week he made me eat my words. I have openly and repeatedly criticized this mistakes and haven’t been compassionate about his involvement in the Giants secondary at all. He really showed some resolve this week though, was very physical and made some things happen – he played one hell of a football game put simply. He created turnovers, minimized miscues, played decent coverage and made a ton of tackles. He is not Kenny Phillips, but then again no one is.

Agreed. C.C. Brown will never ben an all-pro pass defender, but he’s very good in run coveage and is an adequate backup. Unfortunately, he will play a prominent role in the Giants secondary this year.

Speaking of C.C. Brown I asked Fuchs:

Did you realize we had 3 forced fumbles, one by Pierce,  1 by C.C. Brown and one by Tuck…thoughts?
  This is an aggressive defense, a hard hitting attacking defense, and that’s going to lead to fumbles. Also add the one of the opening kickoff. Not sure who forced it, but Bryan Kehl recovered it. You’ll see plenty as the year goes on

C.C. Brown has played well so far vs inferior competition. It’ll be interesting to see how he plays against a team that is great passing the ball…say the Saints in week 6.

But besides C.C. Brown the secondary as a whole has been fantastic this year. First in the league (statistically) against the pass this season. I asked Andrew what he though.

Again the Giants gave up less than  150 yards passing…Cassel 127 yards passing…thoughts?

The pass rush was there, the front 7 played extremely well. They also clamped down on the run and the secondary was there to break up pass plays for the majority of the game. It was another dominating performance by all on the Giants defense. Great to watch.
It is great to watch and Bruce Johnson has been the suprise player of the year this far into the season.
The Chiefs game wrapped up a 3 game winning streak in consecutive games on the road, and although it was against two teams who might not win a combined 8 games this season it’s impressive none the least.
If the Giants hadn’t shown over the past four years they were a competitive team I wouldn’t read much into this start, but they have been a good team and should continue to dominante inferior competition and play well against good teams. Hopefully the Giants are looking at another 11 or 12 win season and a playoff spot.
We’ll come back with the Raiders game preview later in the week. Let me know what you think of splitting up the recap and preview for the Giants roundtable.
Go Big Blue!

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5 Responses to “Giants Roundtable Week 5: Recap Chiefs”

  1. Russo says:

    I need to watch this game again because although it was obvious manningham was not up to par I remember the int pass thrown by manning to be behind him. You can say that it was catachable because it hit his him but it was not the best thrown pass. I also dont remember a drop in the Inzone. I remember him breaking down the left sideline, being well convered, and the defender breaking up the pass. I could be wrong on that one though.

    Don’t get me wrong, I was disappointed with his performance. But I think, or maybe hope, that once he and Eli get more comfortable with the routes he runs and he speed and adjustment time he will solidify himself as #2…at least until Nicks steps up.

    Ive never really been a fan of Hixon, and I think Moss should get the boot asap.

    I would love to rewatch that game but it wasnt televised so i had to watch it at the local bar (poor me)lol. Is there any websites out there that post old games?

  2. andrew ilnicki says:

    yeah — nfl rewind is a great service.

  3. POPS Ilnicki says:

    Hey guys, don’t you think we deserve to see a li’l bit of Ramses Barden in some sort of game situation, maybe just to let him run a route or two. He’s probably been playing on the scout team so long he knows the oppostion’s plays better than ours. If Smith or Manningham get nicked up we got a stud on the bench with no real NFL game experience. Maybe I’m just getting bored with all the winning but sooner or later somebody’s gonna put an X on Smith’s jersey and take the little “ninja” out. Remember Buddy Ryan and his bountys.

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