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Giants Roundtable Week 5 Recap: Raiders

Welcome to the latest installment of Giants Roundtable. I decided last week that a recap and preview in one entry got a bit length so I was going to split it up every week. This week we’re getting a late jump on the re-cap becuase of some unforseen issues, we’ll have the game preview up by Saturday.

The Raiders game was an abomination of a game from the Raiders standpoint, who get to go get spanked this week when they play the Eagles. Yikes! I’d love to see an upset but looks bleak right now.

Still, there are things to discuss, so let’s get at it.

I have with me here today, Jeremy Fuchs, Mark Picucci, and Andrew Ilnicki

One Statement: Intial Reaction to the Game.
 A total embarassment to the Raiders, it looked like the Giants were in a scrimage.  Total domination from the opening kick off. 
Ridiculously entertaining. I know it wasn’t a “good game” by any means and it was probably pulled off the air in several markets but if you’re a Giants fan today, there’s nothing better than watching the always underrated Giants go out and spank another NFL team like they were playing a Pop Warner team

A dominating performance against a putrid team


The Raiders are terrible, which is unfortunate. This was once a very proud franchise. The Oakland Raiders have some serious indivdual talent and a team like the Raiders go to show you hwo much organizational competence matters in the N.F.L. and how Davis should have hung it up five years ago.

game ball goes to……?
 JaMarcus Russell, Giants 12th Man.

Eli Manning – a 158.3 passer rating cannot possibly be critiqued

Eli Manning. He did the best thing and that was show that his foot is fine. He picked a part a bad Raider defense, and left the game up big. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

 Give me Bradshaw. Bradshaw put the game away early, and his 50+ yard scamper on a third and Looooooonnnnnnnnnngggggg deflated the Raiders early. He looked great. Hopefully he’ll continue that this week.

Another “second” stringer (Bradshaw’s not playing like one) is the quarterback David Carr I was interested to see what the panel thought of his performance.

Do you feel more or less comfortable with David Carr moving forward?
I feel about the same, he is steady at best.  If Manning goes down the offense will struggle but he is better then lots of backups in the league right now.
I feel that David Carr is a decent backup, and the fact that he was able to move the ball well is certainly encouraging. I still would not like to see him for any more than is absolutely necessary though.
Same, to be honest. He was playing the Raiders, and they were up big. Carr is the perfect backup. You know he could come and play in a pinch, and play pretty well. Let’s put it this way: I’m more comfortable with him than Anthony Wright. He’s the perfect backup.


David Carr is what he is. An uber talented player who doesn’t have, in my opinion, the football IQ to be a full time starter in the N.F.L. This man can throw it, he can run it, but I just don’t trust his decision making.  I think the sacks he took with the Texans really ruined his career. He’s a great player to have has a backup and maybe he’ll get another chance at starting, but I feel comfortable having him as a backup.

 next year the Raiders need:
Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, Jimmy Clausen?

How about a new owner? In all seriousness, I’d take Sam Bradford. Bradford is the type of accurate passer they need. He’s not going to cost you games, and I think that’s what they need.  I think McCoy is more of a gunslinger, and the Raiders need discipline at the QB position. I think Tebow would be great from a PR standpoint, but I see him as a H-back type. Jimmy Clausen would be my other choice

 I don’t know that they need more unproven talent at the NFL level trying out for a Raiders team that is floundering around so badly. The Raiders need a team leader that knows how to stay focused and win games. My advice is get Jeff Garcia back on the horn, pronto.

All of the above!

Before the college football season started the hot names list included Javean Snead, and now with the season in full swing the list also includes uber talented Jack Locker, or as they call him “West Coast” Tebow. But I have a philosophy (not a 100 percent) super talented and productive in high school, super talented and productive in a big spot in college, good chance in the N.F.L.  Give me Clausen. He looks like a good player. We’ll see more as the season goes along. The Raiders really need Gruden back.

The lack of respect the WR corps got at the beginning of the year as turned into utter astonishment outside of the Giants organization, I turned to Andrew.

are you suprised to still see Smith leading the league in receiving after week 5?


  Not at all — consistency is the hallmark of Steve Smith’s performance week in and week out. You can depend on him to make plays every single game, defenses can’t seem to be able to shut him out. Watching him the past few years has been a lot of fun but the way he plays does not lend itself to surprise – more like routine. So this year the numbers are there, now it’s time everyone else in the sports world recognized the skills.



I thought Smith was in for a 70 yard catch season with 700 yards and an important role on third down. I didn’t think he would play THIS good. Now, I want to see it happen vs better competition, but he’s played well and hopefully that will continue. I’m definitely suprsied how good he’s been so far.

The only bad performance this past weekend (on the Giants) belonged to my favorite target: Sinorice Moss. I asked Andrew:

When will the coaches get that Sinorice Moss needs to be removed from the roster?

So before we decide to do anything with Moss, I’m assuming that when Domenik Hixon comes back he will be on return duty, correct?  If and only if that is the case – then my suggestion is that they use that roster spot to bring on another kicker that can bury the ball in the back of the endzone and provide a little competition for Lawrence Tynes to keep his stuff together.
If you saw Coughlin alluded to the fact that Hixon would be returning to Special Team’s duties, to which I say: YES YES YES YES!! He’s explosive punt returner, and he’s a smart special team’s player. This can only lead to good things for New York.
Enough about Sinorice Moss and the offense let’s turn to the defense.

6 sacks, 3 forced strip fumbles… is this becoming a trend again or is the competition just terrible?
  I think a little of both. The terrible competition doesn’t help, but anytime you hve an attacking defense, you are going to get sacks and forced fumbles. They will have a lot for the rest of the year.

Had they not been explosive before this year I’d chalk it up to inferior competition, but Kiwianuka, Tuck, and Umeniyora have each had very successful “sack” seasons so it’ not an aberration. Also, Fred Robbins his up in top three in the league in sacks the past three season by a DT prior to this season (Tommie Harris is ahead of him) he’s tied with Kevin Wiliams and Haynesworth with 16.5 over the past three seasons

What was interesting to me is that the Giants blitzed so many Secondary members this past week. I don’t know if we’ll see that vs the Saints.

I’m an Eli Manning apologist, but he’s making me look good this year. I turned to Mark:

Eli Manning’s first career perfect passing rated day…thoughts?
 It really doesn’t count because he was playing the Raiders.  All kidding aside, Manning played well and I stated earlier he is becoming a great quarterback. 

I‘d still put Manning in MY top 5, but not everyone would (actually few would).

Hey look Tynes didnt’ miss an easy field goal. I asked Fuchs to elaborate.

Satisifed with Tynes performance this week….did he get the memo?
I think he did.  I’ve always said that Tynes is going to make a big kick, and miss a cheap shot. The Giants will live with the missed ones, because of his clutch kicking. Annoying for fans, but you have to keep the big picture in mind

I’ve said this for a few weeks now. People hate on Tynes, but he’s not terrible. He’s just average. He’s an average kicker. The G-men could look to upgrade at the end of the season, but there are much worse than Tynes out there.

I mentioned Hixon possibly returning to special teams duties, one big reason is Mario Manningham. The other is Hakeem Nicks, whos continuing emergence allows the Giants to have enough depth to not worry about potential injuries to Hixon from the return game. Another emerging pass catcher is Number 47.

How’s Hakeem Nicks look so far this season?
Very promising, he has played well when he is on the field.  I feel Nicks should be the third receiver and move Hixon back to special teams and the fourth wide out.  
What are your thoughts of Travis Beckum?
 I like how the Giants are sprinkling him in every game.  He has made some nice catches and I feel he will get more chances as the season progresses. 


Travis Beckum has much better hands than I thought he had. He was originally a linebacker in college. What an athlete. Speaking of linebackers we (by we I mean the Giants as an extension of me) had our 2nd round pick make his season debut for the Giants.

What’d you think of the season debut for Clint Sintim?

Adequate with a huge upside. I want to see him get floated around a bit more as he gains experience, bring him up on the line to rush the passer and things like that. 2 tackles on the day was fine and dandy — but I look for some sack numbers from Sintim this year as other teams won’t have a handle on him without going back to preseason tape. Hard to imagine that with the depth on this Giants team they will see it coming.
Good pass rusher. Good run defender. We’ll see how he does in coverage this week. I still think he could be converted to a Defensive End becuase of his strength and speed, albeit a much smaller DE, but if he can play LB he might be a better version of what the Giants wanted to do with Kiwianuka at linebacker.

more linebacker talk, especially since we’ve been teased by Michael Boley and had to see the reapperance of Chase Blackburn.
confidence level in Chase Blackburn?
  Very high. A friend of mine calls him the “heart and soul of the Giants”. While I wouldn’t go that far, Blackburn is a lunch pail guy who gets it done. I’m confident in starting him at every linebacker spot. 
Just a smart, knowledgeable football player. not a great player, and I wouldn’t say “heart of the team”, I’d rather say the “image” of the team. Just fill in get your job done, play blue collar, tough nosed football.  Blackburn represents what we fans like about the Team, but he’s not the heart and soul of the team.
Another replacement player I wanted to discuss is C.C. Brown. I turned to Andrew for his thoughts on C.C. Brown’s play since Kenny Phillips left with that terrible injury.
How about C.C. Brown this year, he’s playing much better than I thought he would. Agree?


He is starting to play better and when he does he plays hungry, he hits like a train, and it’s a blessing that he’s being relied on so heavily now so that in the thick of things later on in the season the rotation will be effective and not detrimental.

On another note — CC had that touchdown plain and simple. The forward progress rule to bring it back was BS and the refs are perhaps more inconsistent this year than I’ve ever seen them. I mean just last week Adrian Peterson was stripped for a touchdown that was VERBATIM to what happened in the Giants game this week…. that touchdown was legit and the game should have been another shutout: 51-0 Giants.


How good is Jerry Reese. Seriously? Just stop and think about it. People are so ready to give up the Giants draft picks, but look what he is doing with even late round picks.
Zak De Ossie 4th rounder (quality long snapper and good special teams player) Kevin Boss 5th rounder, Michael Johnson 7th rounder, Bradshaw 7th rounder,
4th rounder Bryan Kehl (good depth), 5th rounder Jonathan Goff (emerging special teams player)
This year undrafted Free Agent Bruce Johnson.
Giants fans are spoiled how smart this team has been over the past few seasons.  In Reese we Trust!
Anyway, back to the wrap-up of the Raiders game.
In the Raiders game we saw the apperance of Clint Sintim who looks like an N.F.L. player, just an impressive physical specimen. We saw Mario Manningham and Steve Smith continue to make big plays, we saw Bradshaw “break-out” for the umpteenth time.  We saw the defense obliterate a terrible opponet, and we saw Eli Manning’s first career perfect passer rating game.



Oh yeah and we also saw Sinorice Moss play terrible at special teams. Maybe Moss could be a good WR in this league, but he’s not needed on the Giants for that. They have too much young talent that seems to play better than Moss and the Giants, I feel no longer need his services, maybe they could release him and re-sign fan favorite Maurice Evans or another backup safety because the depth is thin.
The Giants showed in the Raiders game that they have impressive concentration even against terrible opponets and the Giants also showed us that barring a MAJOR meltdown, they’ll be one of the only teams in the league to make the playoffs five straight years, despite all their injuries.
The Giants now sit at 5-0 and with 11 games to play could potentially play below .500 football and still have a chance to play in the playoffs.
So sit back enjoy the ride and let’s see over the next 11 (and beyond) weeks how special this team is in 2009.
Leave your comments we always appreciate them. Sorry this came out so late. The Saints Giants roundtable preview will be out by Saturday perhaps even earlier.
Have a nice day, everyone.




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3 Responses to “Giants Roundtable Week 5 Recap: Raiders”

  1. Andrew Ilnicki says:

    In all seriousness, what would you suggest be done with Moss?

    Who would people rather have than Moss and why?

    OR do you keep him around because we might need more options at receiver down the stretch….

  2. We could go after another member of the defensive secondary especially at safety, like Clinton Hart who just got released from the Chargers

    we could get another defensive tackle since the depth has been tested there.

    a Kick off specialist (not a big proponet of that)

    a project player like Maurice Evans could be re-added to the roster.

    Or we could call up Rhett Bomar and see what he can do in garbage time and try to develop him more.

    Just a few options.

    Sinrocie Moss is ok.

    But the rotation is now: Smith, Nicks, Mannigham, and Hixon routinely.

    And then Hagan, and then moss for now (until Barden reclaims that spot)

    and Hixon will return punts, Danny Ware goes back to Kick offs or Hixon goes to kick offs

    and Moss isn’t a good special teams player so he loses all value being a number 6 WR.

    we could add

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