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Talkings Points: Saints-Giants

All right so that didn’t go like everyone hoped it would.

So let’s first higlight some of the good before we get to soo much of the bad.

There were three things in particular that I thought were GREAT to see during this game. Not exaggerating when I say great.


#1 Domenik Hixon is returning Kicks Again!

Despite what the announcer Thom Brennan would have you believe, Domenik Hixon WAS NOT RETURNING KICKS REGULARLY THIS SEASON BEFORE THIS WEEK!!!!!

How do these people have jobs?

We Giants fans know that Hixon hasn’t regularly returned kicks since he took over for Plaxico Buress, BUT with Mannigham emerging and Nicks hot on his tail the Giants can afford to move Hixon to return specialist.

And special he did look.

I believe he will also return punts, however, due to the nature of the game, we fans were not able to see even ONE punt return (that’s not one of the good things)


#2 Hakeem Nicks 5 recepetions 114 yards a Touchdown. Touchdown in three straight games! Averaging over 19 yards pre reception.

This Giants receiving corps looks to be in GREAT shape moving forward in the future. Steve Smith is nice, Mario Manningham is nice and Hakeem Nicks, is not only a player who catches almost anything that hits his hands, but also a guy who can exploit defenses deep with deceptive speed. Nicks and Eli still have some chemistry issues to work out, but he looks great so far.

#3 William Beatty played well in place of Kareem McKenzie.

I thought he did at least. He looks very fluid athletically. And I think that was a Terrific draft pick by Jerry Reese. I said with much received slack before the draft that I thought if Beatty was there at the end of round 1 that the Giants should draft him.

Great footwork, great effort, a little undersized, but that’s really his only drawback.

I’ve also gone on record saying I think eventually we’ll see David Diehl move to RT replacing McKenzie and Beatty will be inserting into the starting LT position, where his athleticsm will help against some of those speed rushers Diehl struggles with on Manning’s blindside. But that’s for another year.

O.K. A few more things I have to stretch to make look good.

Eli Didn’t throw an INT to Darren Shaprer.

He really, really tried to though.  Still close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. So he didn’t.

Jacobs averaged 4.7 yards pre carry!

He looked feisty in this game, I thought. It was nice to see. I thought in the game the Giants needed to come out early and set the tempo of the game, unfortunately the Saints came out early and set the tempo of the game.

Such a small sample size though that it means nothing really.

The Giants pass defenses is still second best ranked in the league.

That’s obviously misleading though.

Steve Smith is still #3 in recption yards this season still. And quitely had another pretty good games, 4 catches for 44 yards. Like I said the receiving corps is nice. Good for him.

Tynes is 5 for 5 in his last 5 kicks.

Good. Our Special teams play could be a strength moving forward.

Run Defense, despite all the room should have been to run only gave up 3.2 yards per carry, but who cares!?!? When you give up infinity points

Now the Bad! (red font because it was so awful I have to go with color here)

Bill Sheridan called an awful game plan! I don’t know what GIants team he’s been watching the past 5 years, but the one I’ve watched doesn’t play zone coverage well. And guess what we played too much zone coveage!

The cornerbacks generally tackle well, but don’t play zone coverage well.

Shadow Colston with Webster, should have put Thomas on Lance Moore, and use Bruce Johnson (Dockery didn’t play well) on Devery Henderson  and Robert Meachem who are one trick pony kind of players. Run deep fast.

And then BLITZ!!! After the first thirty-eight touchdowns I would have just sent someone to hit Brees every play, high/low/late/more than once! doesn’t matter. Make them stop throwing the ball!!!

Or if not make sure that when Brees wakes up Monday he cna’t feel his limbs, so if we play the Saints again in the playoffs he might have a little fear in him.

C.C. Brown had 12 tackles!. Unfortunately that was more due to the fact that he couldnt’ break up any passes and had to tackle all the guys he let get open in the first place. Awful pass coverage

Chase Blackburn and Pierce had 15 combined tackles. Unfortunately that was more due to the fact that (t)he(y) couldn’t break up any passes and had to tackle all the guy (t)he(y) let get open in the first place. Awful pass coverage

Kevin Dockery was also exposed. Terrell Thomas was O.K. Not great.  Corey Webster I don’t think played poorly actually. Marques Colston went off, but that was mostly against zone and his two biggest receptions were against Antonio Pierce!!!!! Talk about a mis match. I saw a couple of plays where Webster gave up short yardage, but other than the pass interference call (bogus) I don’t remember Webster really making a terrible play. Did you guys?

Awful pass interference call on Webster. If you just saw the highlight on football night in America they don’t show you that Colston tripped over his own feet!!! Wasn’t touched by Webster.

Would you guys have kneeled it going into half only down 10 and getting the ball back?

I don’t think I would have either. We’ve seen Eli Make things happen there before a lot. unfortuantely someone blew a blocking assignment which didn’t give Eli a chance to work his magic.

a field goal there brings the game within a mangeable seven and who knows what happens from there.

But things took a turn for the worst when Eli fumbled and Reggie Bush put the Giants away with a sweep around the corner.

No Drops By the Wide Receivers

A first for the season. They have a lot, but not this one.

The Eagles lost too!

Now we don’t have to hear Eagle fans bragging about anything the rest of the season because your automatic response is just “13-9 Oakland!” So that will shut those annoying fans up.

That’s all for this game.


In summary, Offense not bad, actually. They were in a terrible position where they couldn’t be balanced and still didn’t play terribly.

Defense terrible. C.C. Brown awful. Kevin Dockery awful. C.C. Brown dreadful. Antonio Pierce and Blackburn in coverage. Terrible schmeatics. You can’t blame that on them, they are not coverage guys plain an simple. C.C. Brown Atrocious.

One Closing idea!

When Ross gets back make Terrell Thomas a Coverage safety. Michael Johnson can move up and play more in the box and Thomas’s primary concern will be playing pass defense. Our run defense isn’t bad. It wasn’t even that bad this past game, so we don’t need C.C. Brown playing the run well at the expense of terrible pass defense.


Leave some comments. Fent your frustration.

have a nice day, everyone.

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19 Responses to “Talkings Points: Saints-Giants”

  1. andrew ilnicki says:

    overall a nice rundown….

    CC Brown lived up to his preseason performance stigma Sunday. aweful coverage and even Aikman knew to say he does well in run coverage but really is aweful in pass protection.

    I hate to go there but Corey Webster was the victim of an awful pass interference call that changed the momentum of the game and completely took the Giants out of it. If your feet tangle thats the only thing left that a CB can do in defense of a pass and not have it be interference. he was playing the ball — that was a 55 yard BS call that led to a touchdown.

    Same thing with Shawn Ohara’s “holding” penalty that took away a touchdown from Brandon Jacobs who flashed some monster hands on a nice catch in the endzone. Phantom penalties kept the Giants out of it all day long.

    Some very close early strikes from Manning to Smith and to Hixon both on third and short could have changed the outcome of that game – it was consistent gamble that didn’t pay off this week until garbage time with Carr to Nicks late in the fourth.

    Hard to get excited about.

  2. Russo says:

    Rushing the passer has been a problem all year. Our “stud front 4” really hasnt been impressive. I’m not sure if its a lack of fire under them or poor play calling…but for amount of talent we have on the D line they have been less than productive..unless against a less than impressive team. They have put pressure, but not the type you would expect from a line consisting of Tuck, Osi, Kiwi, and Canty, and robbins,

    We did get robbed on a bunch of penalities. the two Andrew mentioned had the most impact. I love how they show a replay of the Ohara hold and no one sees a hold.

    One thing that was very noticable is that when the giants are loosing they get very predictable, on both sides of the ball. Eli trying to force the same pass to manningham two or three plays on the same drive on the right side of the inzone and the D running the same Blitz scheme didnt help.

    Its sad to say but I think it was just a matter of time before our mile long injury list caught up to us. I was hoping to see a healthy D after our three fluf games but Ross has yet to take a snap and Canty is in one game, out the next. Its going to be hard facing teams with a good pass game with the amount of people missing from the D. Our best bet is to bring HEAVY pressure to ease the burdon on the beat up secondary.

    I guess we’ll see how they fair against the cardnals this weekend.

  3. andrew ilnicki says:

    Sinorice and Ramses who isnt being used to the Raiders for the NFL’s best player?

    I hate to unload guys and switch up team chemistry right now but the Giants didnt bother to show up in NO sunday, can’t let that happen again.

  4. Brian says:

    If CC ever plays another down for the Giants, it will be a huge mistake. He looked so lost in coverage. I am just thankful this meltdown happened this early in the season. We all know Coughlin will lay into them this week, and hopefully get this defense back on track.

  5. luke says:

    how many times does brees need to pick apart the zone till sheridan changes it up? after he saw we were gettin little to no pressure with a four man rush he should have sent blitzes here and there and thrown some man coverage in there.

  6. luke says:

    also is ross ever going to come back this year?

  7. Jared says:

    I think we left our pass rush on the plane! Horrible!

    Moss needs to go somewhere else. I say we trade him, CC Brown and a second rounder for Josh Cribbs.

  8. Kyle says:

    I think Hixon is fine as a kick returner. We need a Safety or CB badly. I say we take advantage of Oaklands inability to win and try and trade for Asomugha. (Not likely they will trade but one can wish…)

  9. I’ve seen the suggestion twice that the Giants should trade for Nnamdi Asmougha which would be nice, but everyone must keep in mind that Crazy Old Al David is paying Asomugha

    over 16 million dollars a year!!!!!

    We can’t put him on our cap, no way no how.


    Aaron is OUT for practice on Wed. Already.

    Seems like he’s getting closer though.

  10. andrew ilnicki says:

    there wa an article on espn about 10 guys that should be traded… see if i can find it

  11. […] Brown is starting to get exposed.  Jesse mentioned moving Terrell Thomas to safety when Aaron Ross comes back. I agree with that. Brown is a great run […]

  12. Russo says:

    10 giants or 10 players across the board that should be traded?

    We have players we can trade to free up our cap. 16 mill worth..not sure. But we have some fat we can trim.

    Ross is out wed already? Wow. What is close? We are heading into week 7. you would think if his condition were getting progressivly better he would have limited practice. I hope we arent holding on to a hope that he is going to get better when we should put him on IR.

    Whats going on with Barden? I never see him on the NYG injury list but he has been appearing on the game day list of inactives. Thats a shame because I was looking forward to seeing him be that tall redzone threat.

  13. Jared says:

    If the Giants would trade for Nnamdi Asmougha couldn’t they restructure his contract by giving him a long term deal and stretch that money out over several years? Not that we would get him but one can hope.

    What are the giants paying Moss? Anyone know?

    • Russo

      My personal belief is that Aaron Ross, Chris Canty, and Michael Boley will be allowed to Fully, Fully heal and be ready to play week 11 (after the Giants bye week)

      Which means no game against Arizona, Philly or San Diego.

      Not any easy games by any stretch.

      I think I’ve seen that Chris Canty is the closest to coming back. We all know Boley is out until at least the San Diego game, probably week 11 for sure becuase he just had surgery

      As far as Barden goes.

      The new York Giants feel as though they have enough talent in the Wide Receiver Corps to let Ramses Barden get acclimated to the N.F.L.

      he is an athletic god-send. However, he has never played at the competition level that would prepare him to play effectively in the N.F.L.

      It’s what they did with Manningham. Although “Super Mario” had some injury issues as well, but he didn’t play until this year and developed nicely.

      Steve Smith wasnt’ relied on until the end of his rookie season either and he developed nicely as well.

      Seems to be the Giants way


      Nnamdi Asomugha was just signed this off-season which makes it virtually impossible.

  14. Russo says:

    Thanks for the reply. I knew Boley would be out, possibly Canty, I guess I just figured that since Ross has been inactive for so long he would be ready to go. I guess week 11 is better than not at all.

    I guess the key to survival without those guys is getting creative with the blitz packages. Going zone against a deadly passing team is a bad idea. Any word on Sintim? It would be nice to have him rushing the passer in the next three games.

    Asomugha was just signed to a three year deal so Im pretty sure he is a no go but there may be someone on the free agency that we can trade for. Im not as concerned about the CB as I am the safety possition.

  15. Zach says:

    I agree that the giants could certainly use a replacement for CC…as soon as KP went down I knew trouble was coming against the top teams. I like the idea of trading for michael huff but since the deadline has passed I cant think of anyone on the street that would be considered an actual upgrade since CC has been there already….frustrating stuff..

    Also if anyone reads this and considers themselves a sports fan they should check out the book, The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live by Robert Tuchman…just picked it up..very solid..

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