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Unpacking The Loss: New Orleans

Ouch, that one hurt. And frankly re-watching the tape will be pointless because there would still be no signs of life from the Giants… they were killed yesterday on the road in New Orleans. Dismantled, shredded, burned, and buried. DESTROYED.

This I promise will be a shorter article than usual as there is little to talk about relating to the Giants — their opposition dominated the game from start to finish. And so instead of putting everyone (including myself) through the misery of looking at all the lopsided stats yet again — I’ll be focusing on anecdotal evidence here today. For example, instead of listing Drew Brees’ incredible passing stats, I will say that the Giants Defense must not have bothered to get off the bus in New Orleans yesterday… and if they did they sure as hell never made it onto the field.

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Giants Defense:
Pass Rush ZERO!!
Sacks on Drew Brees NONE!!
Interceptions NONE!!

Seriously — did the Defense even bother to show up yesterday? I don’t think they did – and the only reason they got 1 tick mark for 1 out of 5 is that they were able to contain the run early and make a nice goal line stop to save some points… but in the end that effort was all in vain.

For the majority of the game, the Giants entire defense was a step behind the Saints seemingly at every turn. Antonio Pierce got burnt repeatedly. CC Brown got burnt repeatedly. Terrell Thomas got burnt repeatedly. Michael Johnson got burnt repeatedly.

If you’re Tom Coughlin how do you approach your team on Monday morning and what do you say?

“Clean it up starting now fellas — every last one of you!!!!!”

I assure you he won’t be pulling a Jim Zorn and congratulate his team on doing some things well.


There were some questionable calls that impacted the game and while I hate to “go there” I will say first that Ed Hochuli did a great job of explaining every call that made sense, in detail.

That said — there were some phantom penalties that had no business being called:

1) Shaun Ohara’s hold that wasn’t – nowhere in the entire play where Eli Manning rolled out and hit Brandon Jacobs for a TD did anyone on the Giants commit a holding penalty. This call prevented the Giants from scoring a much needed touchdown even thought they were not going to overcome a gigantic deficit.

2) Domenik Hixon’s offensive pass interference that wasn’t – the biggest BS call of them all… Hixon started running and thats all that happened.

3) Corey Webster’s pass interference that wasn’t – this is getting ridiculous. The only way you can closely defend a receiver and not get called for contact is if your feet tangle incidentally… which is exactly what happened when Corey Webster was called for a 55 yard penalty where he was supposedly ‘not playing the ball.’ Not only did that play lead to a brutal touchdown for the Saints, it arguably tainted the momentum of the game to go permanently against the Giants.

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Giants Offense:
Passing Not Great
Rushing Not Great
Protection Just OK

Eli Manning and Kevin Gilbride committed to taking shots down the field against a fired up New Orleans secondary — and frankly I was glad to see those risks taken. Unfortunately it didn’t pay off, and in retrospect perhaps seeing the chains get moved closer into the redzone instead of Eli going 0-3 on deep bombs down the field would have been the smarter call, particularly on 3rd and short. It’s a really ballsy play to go deep on 3rd down and Eli couldn’t connect like he usually does. Hixon nearly pulled the first of several deep ball in but he was well defended and the likely touchdown pass was finger-tipped away at the last second.

Notable developments:

Ahmad Bradshaw getting screamed at and shoved by Eli Manning for missing the proper block on a blitz that led to the only INT of the day. Tom Coughlin harps on that facet of the game for a reason — if you pick up your blocking duties the quarterback has the time he needs to make a play, if you miss those pickups it might lead to a turnover. Lesson learned.

Brandon Jacobs getting through the line effectively, getting outside, and running well for 4.7 ypa… a marked improvement over the last several games. Unfortunately for Jacobs, the Giants seldom had the ball and when they did, Eli was trying to make up ground through the air to overcome a huge deficit.

Hakeem Nicks working out another TD – yes it was garbage time so I’m not all that excited but, good for him none the less.

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Special Teams

Giants Special Teams:
Kicking Great!
Punt and Kick Returns Tremendous!!!

Perhaps the only bright spots were Lawrence Tynes nailing a 49 yard field goal and the amazing return game on display in the form of Domenik Hixon. Unfortunately for Hixon — the Giants offense wasn’t able to capitalize on all his hard work and return heroics by repeatedly cutting the field in half. But it’s good to see Hixon back in the lineup — and hey — Hixon might have had a TD if Darren Sharper wasn’t such a play-maker.


Overall the Giants were completely out played and it was one of those bitterly disappointing losses that you hate to watch but hope the experience makes the team better going forward. I really do hope this was a wakeup call for the players and coaches heading into a rough part of the schedule – preparation needs to be a focus this week with another explosive offense coming to town, the Arizona Cardinals.

I hope no one lost sleep over the loss, and maybe next week we’ll see some redemption from the Gmen.



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7 Responses to “Unpacking The Loss: New Orleans”

  1. Jason C. says:

    The way the Giants D made Drew Brees look, they should be ashamed of themselves.
    I still am not impressed with Drew Brees as a QB as he threw many passes that could have easily been picked off, was helped with pass interference on at least one critical TD drive, and was throwing against a weak secondary with NO pressure. I just hope we get to play NO in the playoffs, at Giants Stadium (hopefully) and maybe by then they’ll have a scheme in place to get some pressure on Brees, they do that, they win.

    • Melodie says:

      Well if Drew Brees threw many passes that could have been easily picked off….why wern’t they..And further more I’m tired of all ya’ll not giving our Saints the credit they deserve….Get over it!! The Giants lost to the SAINTS!! And we played that games very well!! The Giants aren’t all they are hyped up to be!!

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  3. Kevin Kolb says:

    What are the odds of the Saints having to play the Giants in Giants stadium? Slim and none. You lost to a better team. Drew Brees is awesome.

  4. andrew ilnicki says:

    if the Giants bothered to play defense — this was an entirely different game.

    i give credit to the saints but the Giants really let this one get out of control with no intensity on D. end of story.

    if you have a problem with that as a saints fan rewatch the 2007 playoffs and realize what this team is built on. defense first.

    • Julie says:

      To bad it’s no longer 2007. The Saints dominated that game from the beginning!!! Eli and his Giants were unable to recover from the first 10 minutes of play. The Giants played badly, but the Saints played an amazing game and should be given the credit they deserve.

  5. andrew ilnicki says:

    Saints deserve some credit — but dont get carried away. they played a good game and the Giants got a wakeup call they sorely needed.

    Eli and the Giants will be a playoff team, so we’ll see whats what at the end of the season.

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