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Talking Points: Giants/Eagles

Oh boy. This is getting old fast.

But I’m no fair-weather fan. So let’s get on with the game talk.

Maybe we’re spoiled because the team has been so competitive recently, even when they have lost it’s benn close. Well maybe they’ll bounce back.

Let’s start with the good.

If we continue to play this “well” the Giants will have a pretty high draft spot!

Facts are facts. Jerry Reese has been a very successful draft-master, and this is mostly coming from the back end of the first round. His first and second round picks since his tenure started in 2007 have been Aaron Ross, Steve Smith. Kenny Phillips, Terrel Thomas, Hakeem Nicks, Clint Sintim, Willam Beatty.

With only 1 1/2 easy games left in the season (Washington-Easy. Carolina-1/2 easy. Depends which Delhomme shows up) the Giants could have a pick in the top 20 for the first time if they continue to play like this. and if they don’t have a high pick that means they figured it out and probalby made the playoffs.

I was only kidding about that last one.

Brandon Jacobs over 4.0 yards per carry three games in a row

No touchdowns. Bradshaw seems to be very good in short yardage situations. He hits the line too fast to lose yardage, but Jacobs looks like he’s coming on strong. he also had two catches and no drops.

I cant’ remember any drops.

This is the first game without a big costly drop. Not coincidentally Mario Manningham didn’t play.

No drops because Eli wasn’t himself. He must be hurt.

What’s more troublesome. Eli IS hurt or Eli Isn’t hurt. I’d say isn’t hurt. If Eli isn’t hurt and just forgot how to play football that’s a big problem. If Eli is playing poorly because he needs rest that’s less of a problem in the future.

Steve Smith is still number four in receving yards in the league.

This is a bit misleading because the New York Giants have not yet had a bye and a few of the people on his tail have already had their bye weeks (Hines Ward is next to him). But what isn’t misleading is that Steve Smith has 662 yards receiving through 8 games. If I were to project that over a full season with my abundance of mathmaterical formulas and equations I’d know that Smith is on pace to have 1,324 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns. Problem is no more cupcakces no the schedule to rack up big numbers. Still even against good defenses Smith is showing up and getting 50 or so yards vs good teams which are decent numbers.

Hakeem Nicks is going to be a good wide receiver in this league.

No touchdowns, but another 4 catches for 53 yards and one great catch for 35 yards.

Also what I LOVE about Hakeem Nicks is he’s always trying to be around the ball.

There was one Eli Manning scramble in particular where he came back to the ball to make a block for Eli Manning.

Which shouldn’t be a big deal, but it IS a big deal.

MOST wide receviers don’t do that. Nicks a first round pick has no big head. He’s humble. And he works hard.

The reason he made that big play last week was because after the ball was thrown he broke off his route to come make a block for Mario Manningham incase he caught the ball.

He’s a hard worker, good hands. Pretty good route runner (wait until he becomes a polished route runner like Steve Smith). Sky’s the limit for Nicks.

How about that play he had where the Cornerback came up and forced a fumble. And then Nicks scooped the ball and got a 9 yard gain. Great play.

Kevin Boss IS on the team.

I saw him making catches and being utilized. Good to know.

We tied the second half!

Despite how poorly the Giants played for the whole game I saw glimpses of who the Giants were in the second half.

Hopefully that will last for an entire game at some point.

Bruce Johnson 2 tackles a sack a forced fumble. No guys running open all over the field

The Giants secondary is very young. They make stupid mistakes. They are also very talented and are poised to be good in the future. If Kenny Phillips was back there and the Giants had an upgrade on Michael Johnson (who’s not a bad Safety. He’s just average. That’s not a dis either. He’s middle of the pack, would start for 25 or so teams in the N.F.L.). Johnson just doesn’t make plays.

For instance there’s a guy in Buffalo Jarius Byrd who makes plays. Rookie CB from Oregon who got moved to Safety and he just make plays. That’s a guy you want back there. That’s Kenny Phillips. That’s not Michael Johnson.

Johnson doesn’ tmake big mistakes a lot either. But C.C. Brown does.

Onto the bad.


Team’s aren’t supposed to be beaten up like the Giants are heading into week 9 of the season.

Bradshaw is hurt and not performing his best. Tuck is obviously hurt. Eli is hurt. Phillips, Alford, Andre Brown are all on I.R. Canty, Ross, Boley have barely played a game this season. Manningham is hurt.

What’s that like every starter?

Things got so bad. That Corey Webster. The only competent secondary member had to return punts. Because Hixon and Moss BOTH Got hurt. This is getting out of control

8.0 yards per play.

Eagles yardage per play on offense. I have nothing further to say on that.

Can’t stop the run or pass.

Both gave up big plays. Nothing further to say about that.

Feagles not great again.

Just that kind of a season. Sure Feagles is 200 years old, but he’s the most consistent player like in N.F.L .history and now….


The Chargers suck. But the ONE thing they don’t suck at his throwing the ball.

You know I think the biggest problem the Giants have had this year is that the matchup’s have been TERRIBLE. With all the injuries. The Giants have plyaed three teams in a row that throw the ball on everyone.

And now they get a fourth.

The Saints, Cardinals, Eagles, and Chargers are probably four of the six best teams at throwing the ball in the league (the Colts and Patriots are in the top six as well). Actually this year the Steelers, and Texans are great  at throwing the ball as well.

Anyway point is the Giants secondary is struggling with all the injuries and to compound that they have gotten pass happy teams four weeks in a row now.

I’d much rather be playing run first teams right now although that doesn’t look much better.


Well, that’s all I have to say about this game for now.
There’s more, much more bad things that were going on.

But Fent YOUR frustrations and tell me what I’m forgetting.

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11 Responses to “Talking Points: Giants/Eagles”

  1. hercules73 says:

    wtf happened to our pass rushers? We are getting not enough pressure. Most secondarys will get burned when these upper tier qbs have this much time. To much talent at DE almost getting there is not cutting it. Wake up boys this season is starting to slip away. Bye the way first post, very mad and luv giants gab.

    • Thank you Herclues 73.

      We love having you stop by.

      I don’t know about the rest of the “staffers” but I write for the interactions between me and the commenters so if you feel inclined please leave a comment anytime!

      I’m not sure what’s happened to our Defensive line as a whole.

      I think it’s Three things.

      First Injuries.

      Last year Coefield and Robbins had major leg surgeries. They don’t look the same.

      This year Canty and Alford are out.

      Tuck has that big shoulder issue (among other smaller issues) and Umeinyora is also coming off a season ending injury.

      Even if these injuries are leaving our players one step slow that could be the difference between a sack and big play for the offense.

      Two: schmeatics.

      The blitzers aren’t as well timed as last year. There are more open wide receivers there are bigger holes. Plain and simple.

      Thirdly: confidence.

      Confidence in the scheme as well as in their own abilities. It seems to be lacking at both ends.

      These three issues compound to give the Giants a very average defense right now.

      Good against bad teams, bad against good teams, and average vs average teams.

  2. CMH says:

    – What’s most frustrating is that we are getting outworked and outcoached. This is a defining moment for Coughlin.
    – Why did we sign Rocky Bernard? If Alford is healthy does he even make the active roster? With Jay and Canty both out we need him to step up but he’s invisible.
    – Reese is an awesome GM but he erred by coming into the season with so little deoth at Safety. CC Brown needs to sit. I wish he had taken the $ we gave to CC and Rocky and paid James Butler instead.
    – Speaking of CC, I’d prefer we play a 5-3, a 4-4, or a 4-3 w 3 corners and 1 S than see him on the field again. That’s not a joke.
    – Osi needs to step up and show some leadership. If Coughlin wants to send a message by benching a vet, he’s the likely candidate. He seems to be playing “selfish” this year.
    – Need to look at some LB renewal. Love AP but time is catching up to him. He’s just not athletic enough to make the big play. Likewise, Clark and Blackburn are pedestrian. Need to get Boley healthy and start getting Sintim, Kiehl, and Goff some snaps.
    – Throw the ball to Boss! Sit Hedgecock and put in Beckum for some H Back looks as well. Eli needs some mis matches and those 2 things will help.
    -Cut Sinorice Moss and sign a safety

    • CMH

      I wonder if Rodney Harrison would consider coming out of retirement…he might get burned once in awhile, but at least he’d make a play ONCE this season.

      As for the depth at safety.

      With the salary cap ALL teams have depth issues somewhere. The question is where and will it affect you.

      The Giant chose to bolster their depth at the Defensive line, wide reciever, and linebacker.

      Leaving their Safety, Tight End, QB depth thin.

      unfortuantely it’s just been one of those seasons where injuries are ravaging EVERY position.

      Eli is hurt. Kevin boss is getting hurt eveyr week. Phillips is out for the season.

      C.C. Brown WAS a three year starter on another N.F.L. team.

      You would think that being a starter on ANY N.F.L. team is good enough to be a backup on the New York Giants.

      That however has not panned otu.

      He’s definitely been exposed.

  3. Russo says:

    I’m not sure they would do much better against a rush heavy team right now. Look at how many yards NY has given up against the run…dallas, philly, and the saints all ran well against the giants. I hate to say it but this looks like more than just a slump. Its more than just the secondary being thin due to injuries.
    1) D line isnt generating enough pressure (which is amazing given Tuck, Kiwi, Osi, Robbins make up our line)
    2) D cant stop the run
    3) D cant stop the pass
    4) Special teams is allowing way too many yards on the return.
    5) Eli is throwing 1-2 picks per game
    6) Trouble establishing a solid run game
    7) Lack of unique play calling on offense.
    8) Trouble putting up 7 in the redzone.
    9) half of the team is injured.

    Thats a lot of problems to tackle. I think the main issues to address would be
    1) Playcalling – I dont care how good your team is…if we dont start mixing it up and spreading the ball around we will be medeocre at best.
    2) Take a hard look at the conditioning staff…with this many injuries something needs to change.

    • Russo

      I’m not sure they’d do better against a run heavy team either. Except, run heavy teams usually don’t score points fast!

      That’s been one of the biggest problems with the Giants this season.

      Starting out games way behind.

      There are certainley many issues to tackle.

      • Russo says:

        sadly enough two TDs were scored off running plays for big yardage against Philly.

        I hope they address the Safety and LB possitions in the offseason. I agree that AP is starting to show his age. He didnt even attempt to stop McNabb on the play where McNabb scrambled for the first down. I’d like a LB and team leader who is going to make sure he is involved on every play.

        Lucky for NY there are a few nice LB, CB, and safeties coming up for free agency this year. Here are a few:

        Barrett Ruud
        Karlos dansby
        DeMarco Ryans

        Antoine Bethea
        Darren Sharper (he is 33 which is getting up there in age but his aggressive style will mesh well with the giants)

        Tramon Williams
        Richard Marshall

        I think NY is ok at CB with Ross, Webster, and Dockery and have potential at LB with Boley and Sintim but I think those two still leave a little to be desired.

        While we are talking possible trades or acquisitions…There are a few nice WR up for grabs as well.
        Mles Austin
        Vincent Jackson
        Braylon Edwards
        Steve Breaston (I think they will keep Breaston and cut Boldin)

        I like our WR corps..but I figured Id post those to see what everyone else thinks.

        Most of all PLEAE PLEASE PLEASE cut Moss, and CC Brown.

  4. Jared says:

    Ditto on the training staff! What the hell are we paying them for? It’s called “stretching” maybe some yoga and pilates would help. I admit it might be funny to se Canty’s big ass doing downward facing dog but if it keeps him on the field I think the rest of the team can deal with it!

    Let’s go G-men, let’s get our shit straight!

  5. I feel like a Mets fan. All this hype, all this buildup, and what? Injuries and embarrassment.

    But, on the bright side of things, this team is still 5 – 3. A half game out of first, with two division wins already under its belt. While the schedule doesn’t look too easy, who cares?!?! The schedule was easy and they blew through it with precision and efficiency. Now that the schedule has gotten tougher and they’ve faced injuries and some adversity, everyone wants to get their lemming on and run off the cliff. We are not Jets fans!

    Do we forget that 0 – 2 in ’07? Where did that team end up? Aren’t most of the same guys around? And last year when this team was 10 – 1 we all were punching our tickets for the Super Bowl, only to have Donovan McNabb singlehandedly rub the entire fanbase’s collective face in the dirt in the playoffs.

    In 2007 this team faced adversity and overcame it, gelling at just the right time to launch them on their historic run through the playoffs. Now that expectations are higher, I understand the cause for alarm. But even amidst some of the worst play that any of us have seen in the last 3 years, this is still the NFL and there is still a lot of season left.

    I think Ahmad Bradshaw’s cracked metatarsal is a perfect metaphor for these Giants, rights now: there is the potential for danger and disaster and we might have to get’em next year, but for now there are games to be played and he’ll be in there, just like the rest of the team.

    Don’t panic everyone! Even though Kevin Gilbride will still be calling the plays this Sunday at the Meadowlands, there are still some guys out there that can make some plays. I don’t want to make a bold prediction, but I think when the dust settles on this one, Hakeem Nicks is gonna make us all forget about old what’s his name. I think Eli will right the ship, I think Brandon Jacobs will round into his old tone-setting form (remember when he threw that ball at the playclock in Dallas, what a G!), and Coughlin will have these boys playing their best ball when they need to be. They have no choice.

  6. Cactus Jack says:

    While everyone is beating up on C.C.Brown, Sinorice Moss, Rocky Bernard and A.P., we have deeper problems. Our personnel problems will be resolved once our injured get back and we can get another crack at the free agent market.
    Much more difficult will it be for Reese and Coughlin to recognize the deficiencies in the coaching staff and to rectify them. Sheridan and Gilbride are mediocre, at best. They are not innovative, have no flexible game plan, do not use their personnel effectively, are too predictable and are uninspiring. We won’t know how good a G.M. Reese will be until he addresses this problem.
    No single aspect of our poor play, recently, has been worse than our kicking game. Tynes and Feagles have left us in consistently bad field position. Tynes is too unpredictable and an average kicker and Feagles, as good as he’s been, may have hit the proverbial brick wall at age 44. There are no gems among the free agents. Reese and Coughlin must recognoze the value of a top notch kicking game and address the problem in the middle rounds of the draft, not only in the undrafted free agent market. A scout should be assigned to track the kickers in the college ranks…maybe even among the soccer players in Europe and South America.
    Coughlin must re-evaluate his physical training program. If it is not, in fact, responsible for the inordinate number of hamstring injuries the team has suffered in the past few seasons, it certainly hasn’t alleviated the problem. Something is wrong and needs to be addressed.
    And while we are about it, we could probably use a little more speed among the water boys.
    Cactus Jack

  7. Russo says:

    Cactus Jack for President!
    Dude I couldnt have said it better myself.

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