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A Theory on The Sudden Decline of Brandon Jacobs

Let me preface by saying that this is completely and utterly a theory. I have no inside knowledge to support it. Just something I’ve been considering. As you may remember, Brandon Jacobs signed a big contract extension over the summer. 25 million dollars. Not bad. He’s also set up financially for life.

Would Brandon Jacobs, now that he has the big money, decide to throw it in and not play as well? Since he has the money, he has no reason to try. 13 million is guaranteed. Even if he gets hurt, or under performs, he gets that money. I don’t want to assume that Jacobs is not trying anymore. Just something that’s been bouncing around in my head. Thoughts?

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12 Responses to “A Theory on The Sudden Decline of Brandon Jacobs”

  1. Júlio César says:

    bullshit… he’s playing very well now

  2. Dan says:

    Please. How about getting him more than 10 carries a game? And putting him in on 3rd and short? Besides? 13 million? Who can live on 13 million? f he played that contract out at top level, he has another big contract coming. He didn’t throw in the towel.

  3. Mario Henriquez says:

    Was Michael Matthews the best blocking TE on the team?

  4. andrew ilnicki says:

    jacobs is not a classless business decision maker like TO. its an insult to the integrity of the team to suggest the man isnt trying.

    perhaps what youre trying to say is that he’s running smarter, not harder — for longevity.

    we suspected that a month ago, and it was more or less confirmed by jacobs in the press.

  5. the real reason is he is 6’5″ and runs high

    exposes the legs, which RB’s need

  6. Jared says:

    He’s running smart so we can keep him around to split lips and knock DB’s out for years!! Go-Gmen! Maybe we should use him more than 1 quarter!

  7. ASK PSU says:

    C’mon this guys still got fire. You can’t say he’s dogging it. He still wears his emotions on his sleeve and you could see that against the eagles (but so do I against the eagles, F*** em)
    Fact is, guy thinks he’s someone he’s not, and he also has this me against the stereotype mentality.
    People say he can’t run outside, turn the corner, and he wants to prove them wrong… Our mans a down hill runner. PERIOD! A dam bruiser.
    Play callings been skeptical at best.
    Ward not there means one less back to prep for.
    OLines a little beat up.
    He doesn’t have the same numbers or big plays. Its not cause he’s not trying.

  8. Cactus Jack says:

    Brandon’s problems, can be directly traced to the loss of Plaxico Burress. With no one to draw the double team inside red zone, teams can afford to stack the line against the run. Bradshaw seems to be having the same problem.
    Additionally, Brandom starts his run from too far in back of the handoff, giving the defense both time and the opportunity to track him as he hits the hole.
    Tacklers have been hitting him low and avoiding his strength and he’s been going down after the first contact.
    He needs better coaching.
    Cactus Jack

  9. andrew ilnicki says:

    Q: Is Brandon getting enough carries – not yards but carries?

    A: Oh, I don’t know. As I said to you early on when all of you were complaining that he was carrying it too much and not doing it well enough, that in the end of the season I thought the numbers would reflect a solid season for him. I think I still feel the same way. When it is all said and done it will all balance out. But they are trying to get — Ahmad at the beginning of the year was our hot runner and doing a great job. And everybody wanted to get him more carries. And now everybody wants to get Brandon more. You can’t do it all. So you try to split it up. And it is up to our running back coach, who does a great job. And Tom, again, sets the parameters that Gerald operates in. And you just hope that you have the right guy in at the right time.

    – Kevin Gilbride


    Now — I don’t know is not the right answer. And hoping you have the right guy in at the right time might as well be a dice roll. Relying on parameters of a rotation sketched out in a game plan and then not modifying those parameters during a game in which you are getting real time feedback is the mistake.

    If you see Jacobs in real time leveling people, you keep him in. Put the excel spreadsheet away.

    That does not mean the game plan goes out the window, it mean certain tactics get used more than others to keep your team in a mode of success.

    ANY coach that wants to win more than stay true to a set plan by the numbers would do that.

    Giants coaches — GET A PULSE!!!!! The game requires it.

  10. Jeremy Fuchs says:

    Just want to say I LOVE the discussion. I will say though, that I don’t want to accuse Jacobs of not trying. It’s a theory. It’s not sourced or anything. I think the point of not using him as much (for whatever reason) has something to do with his declining production.But also, there was talk of him not running as aggressively as he had been. I’m not sure if he is–I don’t have access to game tape. I will say that the running high thing has been a problem his whole career. He runs liks a 5-10 back (which is a great combo, but it can lead to injuries, and he HAS had an injury problem). Keep up the discussion, guys.

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  12. […] seems the Giants have gotten away from it, and judging from you guys, you agree. Brandon Jacobs needs to get more carries. Ahmad Bradshaw needs to get his game going. We might see […]

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