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Giants Defense and O-line: Sucks

That is all…


Happy Thanksgiving.

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9 Responses to “Giants Defense and O-line: Sucks”

  1. Paul says:

    The entire team looks awful. They play with no sense of urgency. Their secondary is consistently leaving receivers wide open. No pressure being put on Orton. Offensively, I have no idea what happened to the O-Line; they used to be one of the best units in the NFL. They have done a pitiful job since week 6. Eli is not making great decisions. I hope they lose every game for the rest of the season so hopefully some changes will be made.

  2. daJudge says:

    Thank you NFL Network. Fortunately, I did not have a chance to watch this game. Radio was tough enough.

  3. Michael S says:

    I do not know what is happening to them. I feel like im more mad than they are that they’re losing. I see there losing and smiling on the sidelines. What needs to change? Coaching, players or philosophy??

    • Paul says:

      I felt the exact same way during the game. Nobody on the team appears to give a shit that their season is all but over. I can’t fathom a reason to smile about anything at all when the team you’re paid to play for it losing. Sucks when the fans seem to care more than the players.

  4. Russo says:

    0 push from the DL
    0 protection or wedges from the OL
    0 talent in the LB corps ( minus boley)
    0 consistancy from our 100 million dollar QB

    Happy turkey day

  5. Cactus Jack says:

    It isn’t that hard to figure out why…it’s the defensive coordinator, stupid.
    Any team can have a player or two suddenly have a bad year. Injuries, age, big contracts can do that. It doesn’t have to be a disaster.
    When a whole team suddenly goes bad, you have to look to the coaching.
    The Giant’s troubles stem from the loss of Spags and the advent of Sheridan. Coughlin and Reese assumed that because he was Spag’;s assistant, he would carry on Spag’s game plan. Trouble is that Spags had a game plan for every team and Sheridan hasn’t got a clue. The blank look on his face on the sidelines, while the defense is being ripped apart, says it all. The players returning to the sidelines, after a score and ignoring him, tells a story.
    He can’t rally them…he can’t communicate with them…he can’t coach them. He has no answers. Watching the Broncos run around the two best ends in football, play after play, without modifying the defensive scheme was football malpractice.
    What is true about Sheridan, can be said about Gilbride as well. Watching him pore over the pictures on the sidelines, it becomes clear that he can’t figure out what’s happening to him. The best O-line in football can’t open a hole for the best power back to gain more than two yards is pathetic. Watching Jacobs running east and west looking for a hole is sad. Watching Eli, braking the pocket and racing for the sidelines before throwing the ball away, is depressing.
    I’d break up the coaching staff before I’d break up the team.

  6. Mark says:

    Sheridan/Coughlin/Kilbride all must go. But everybody needs to stop with “if we had Spags we’d be so much better.” Don’t get me wrong Spags is definitely missed and we wouldnt be getting pummeled like we are but we were not a great defense last year and we have been more banged up then we were last year. Losing KP and Alford to IR and Boley most of the year. killed us but even putting injuries aside. Most fans were fooled by the 11-1 start last year. All you have to do is first and formost look at how we match up against the teams in your division and the playoff teams we played.
    Eagles 3 games- no sacks……….not a sniff on mcNabb?? Westbrook killed us first game at Giant stadium on the ground and in the passing game. Playoff game anybody remember that nice 3rd and 20 completion when Mcnabb had ALL DAY to throw. And that was a very average Eagle team that beat us twice at home-no excuse and that was Spags defense.
    Week 15- A horrendous Dallas team kills us in 2nd half with rookie Tashard Choice 9-91 on ground and the 4-52 on the little dump offs and Spags never in 2 years had an answer for Witten or the screen plays. Is that “bad coaching”…… its called horrendously slow linebackers. Countless times we saw Spags have Pierce in coverage and burned for huge plays. Remember the joke at home against Eagles when he was on Westbrook-easiest TD ever. All the games against good teams the defense was not great and very soft against run.

    Week 16- home game against Carolina for #1 seed, national TV and Panthers just blowing us off the ball so bad first 3 drives for TD’s swiss cheese. It was embarrassing and we were lucky to win they had 343 yards and only 25 minutes of possession.
    All 8 games against playoff teams last year and one playoff game (3 of those against Eagles) Teams averaged 24 points and 310 yards per game.

    We get dominated by teams with big O-lines and guess what-our 2 biggest rivals have the biggest O-lines in the league. Our DT’s blow and Osi and Kiwi are so soft against the run-they get manhandled so easy. And I have no idea what’s wrong with Tuck. And I’ve said all year long our LB’s all suck-they are all slow and not one guy can fly to the football and make a play.
    Boley has speed but he hasn’t been here long enough. And it’s unfortuante KP got hurt but the safeties suck-period.

    I just gave you all the important facts from last year-even with Spagnulo we didn’t dominate on defense. So all the guys blogging “this is the same team from last year” explain to me how you don’t understand that our talent sucks-especially the front 7. I just laid out all the facts of the important games and no injury BS excuse.

    • Matt says:

      No thats where your wrong the coordinaters should go but firing coughlin is the last thing we need 2 do hes still good maybe if he called plays we would betr i say its time 2 see what will betty has on the o line nd what the hell happened 2 ramses barden hes always inactive

  7. The one case you can make about the D-line run stopping is this: all you have to do is run left.

    They have given up everything this year… awful.

    That responsibility from front to back is:
    Osi, Thomas/Ross, Boley, and Michael Johnson.

    I saw Denver run 3 times in a row the same damn play and gash the Giants each time. Ridiculous

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