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Breaking News (Talking-Points): New York Giants Stolen Replaced by Alien Imposters, Decide Playoffs Not Worth Playing Extra Games. They’re Tired They Just Want to Go Home and Collect Their Paychecks.

WoW. I usually wait to do the talking-points after I dissect the game more, but let me get right into it now I can’t hold back anything anymore. What an embarassing, gutless performance.

I can sum this whole post up in 25   words.

Terrible Offensive line play (pass on Chris Snee). Terrible Defensive line play (pass on Justin Tuck and Canty due to injury). Stupid Penalties. Stupid Mistakes.

There you have it: The New York Giants season.


What happened to the New York Giants?


I mean I’ve been watching the games all year and I can tell you what happened, but I mean What’s happened?
Where did their identity go…?

This is not the same team I’ve been watching for the past three years.

I know people have been getting on Eli lately, but why?

Everyone KNOWS Eli’s strengths.

Great on third down conversions, great at play action, and great in the two minute offense.

But the way the Giants are playing they are pulling the rug out from underneath Eli.

He has no chance to run the two minute offense becuase the defense is already put themselves in a huge hole before the game is even started, and I’m not going to put the Stupid Late INT on Eli where the team is already out of the game.

Let’s recap the Giants season so far (I’ll have another post out soon about looking forward to the draft so you guys can start scouting potential replacements for what ails the G-men).

This game got out of hand in the first half with two costly fumbles that killed drives when they were moving the chains.

Run three or four yards on first down and let Eli work the field and move down the field and then try once or twice a drive to throw a ball way down field for large chunk of yards, that’s where he succeeds.

Don’t rush two times for -5 yards and then not block anyone on third and 15. NO Qb can succeed with that kind of deck stacked against them.

NO Running game.

Brandon Jacobs 11 carries for 27 yards.  2.7 yards per carry!


Which A takes the Giants out of play Action.

B) makes the Giants ridiculously (word of the post) play from Shotun Most of the time, which brings me to the next point.

Time to Start Rolling Heads Along the Offensive Line.

Seriously you guys suck.

I’m apparently a Reese apologist becuase this whole season is getting a slide from me. I think Resse is smart, I also think he thinks ahead. Think about it. The Giants had Toomer and Burress two older Wide Receivers so what happens in the first three rounds of the 2007 and 2008 draft classes (Steve Smith and Mario Manningham). Players to develop for a few years until they are ready to take over. Well that worked.

In 2008 and this year Reese started drafting linebackers to take over for Pierce and Clark and whoever else was the stop-gap, but Pierce gets hurt. Danny Clark ages 10 years in an off-season and Boley can’t play any games. They say it takes three years for players to finally get it.

This past off-season more Wide Receivers, more diversified weapons on offense AND the key pick here the future LT in William Beatty.

The problem is the players are inexplicably declining faster than they’re being replaced.

This Oline looks old and weak out of NOWHERE. Last year might have been their finest year ever.

And then, without injuries POOF! It’s all gone. Same thing on the Dline who saw it coming?

Not me.

This oline will NOT be the same next year. Guranteed. Beatty is the future. Someone is out. Is it Mckenzie, Suebert?

Snee is still great. O’hara’s time is approaching. Diehl is serviceable on the line, just not at LT.

Next Problem: No Fire.

This year is the first year Eli Manning is showing fire. Pounding on Bradshaw’s shoulder pads getting in the young Wide Recievers faces after poor routes….and this is the first year that no one else is showing fire.

The defense especially the interior (dont’ think you’re getting away from my wrath DT) looks like they don’t even want to be playing.

Stupid Mistakes and Penalties.

But Keep in mind this team is YOUNG, but there are others that are inexcusable.

This is what happens with young teams. Remember a month ago I showed you that the New York Giants had something like 14 players who were from the 2004 draft class or before. This team is Very young and with that comes stupid plays.

The problem is the OLine penalties.

20 yards pass holding. 10 yards pass holding. three yard run holding. sack, holding.

No Blocking.

Eli’s forced fumble play took less than three seconds (holding the ball for three seconds as a QB is not a bad play. Three seconds is even kind of quick. Less than three seconds is out of control.) Block your man!

Fumbles. Missed Opportunities. No Turnovers Caused.

This year Terrell Thomas has come up with a big INT that could swing the momentum of a game (like the San Diego INT or tonights) But then here comes the Old penalty gurnateed or money back offensive line to kill a drive.

The Giants defense is getting NO PRESSURE, NO TURNOVERS.

They are playing a bend AND Break defense. Which is THE Worst defense you can have.

The Broncos Scored 26!

The G@%@#$%@#$ Broncos. Their offense is Terrible.

Now specifics from the game.

The Secondary is Young and Terell Thomas is not playing awful.

He’s making plays. Every week you see him make a play somewhere. He’s not always in the right spots, but he is young. This is first year starting and he’s learning quickly. I think he’s going to be a good player.

Corey Webster has struggled at times this year, but shown flashes.

Bruce Johnson played great at the beginning of the season, but may have hit the rookie wall.

It happens to a lot of players. Now worries.

Aaron Ross-well he’s definitely a starting caliber N.F.L. player, even if this year is a waste.

I think when the pass rush gets back to itself (hopefully next year) the secondary will have a bright future.

Defensive Tackles. Here are you pink slips.

Chris Canty at least has a pulse. He’s not playing up to his contract, but really next week will be his “pre-season finale”. not a great excuse, but really he hasn’t gotten a fair shake (again never hurt before in his career. How would Reese now)

But the rest have been awful.

Robbins=Terrible. Two or three plays made all season.

Coefield-Double Terrible. Zero plays made all season.

Rocky Bernard-Charge him with grand larceny.

!#$@@#$ That’s how the defensive line is playing.

Osi, still fighing his way back to full-speed, but all in all playing terrible.

Kiwanuka. Put him at DT. Maybe he’ll make a play.

To be honest, Kiwanuka is a ghost. I’m not sure if he’s not playing much or just sucking.

The Kicking Game Was Our Best Asset Today, which usually means you lost pretty bad.

Feagles aided by teh high altitude resembled an N.F.L punter.

Tynes hit a 52 yards.

Good for them. DId something right.

If You’re not excited about the Giants receiving corps moving forward please discard your N.F.L fan card and pick up a different sport like hockey or something.

Steve Smith 869 yards receiving through 11 games this season. He’s going over a 1,000 yards this season as long as he averages 26.2 yards per game the rest of the season.

Mario Manningham is running better routes and is a good young player.

Through 10 games this season (remeber missed one becuase of injury) Manningham has 665 yards receiving and is averaging 14.8 yards per reception. (For Reference Big Play Randy Moss averages 14.7 yards per reception, Reggie Wayne 12.7. Andre Johnson 15.1. Roddy White 14.0)

Over 14 yards per reception is explosive.

Through 8.5 games Hakeem Nicks (remember missed 2.5 games) has 538 yards receiving and is averaging 16.8 yards per reception.

Travis Beckum and Ramses Barden are still developing.

Even if BOTH are busts the Giants WR corps will still be formidable moving forward.

Year one of a rebuilding plan (for Wide Receiver corps) is usually the worst, but so far so good.

Against a running team C.C. Brown was our best player.

Scary, Scary, Scary thought.

Moving on.

Danny Ware looks more explosive than I thought he was.

I still like Andre Brown and I’m a believer in drafting the best talent available (so for instance when the Giants step up to the podium this year if C.J. Spiller is sitting there DON”T PASS ON HIM), but Ware he might be ok.

Speaking of Ware,

Danny Ware is now D.J. Ware. don’t know why (well I do) but I don’t care. If he wants to be D.J. He’s D.J. So D.J. Ware

Our Return Units Can’t Block.

I know Hixon can return. And when he gets the ball he’s not dancing he’s flying, but he still can’t get to the 20 before he’s being swarmed by three defenders.

Let’s fix this, please.


Playoffs aren’t impossible or even improbable.

But THIS Giants team will not make the playoffs.

IF they Turn into the Giants team we thought they could be, you know one that blocks and can get at the QB with a four man rush. Then maybe they make the playoffs.

But don’t count on it.

We haven’t seen that team ALL season.

Not One game have they looked like they could be dominate at the line of scrimmage.

I don’t care if your QB is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or JaMarcuss Russel.

If your team gets dominated at the line of scrimmage (both sides offense and defense) your team loses. End of Story.


Fent your frustrations.

But Still have a nice day, everyone.


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12 Responses to “Breaking News (Talking-Points): New York Giants Stolen Replaced by Alien Imposters, Decide Playoffs Not Worth Playing Extra Games. They’re Tired They Just Want to Go Home and Collect Their Paychecks.”

  1. Russo says:

    I agree with all but Eli should take some heat. He couldnt hit the blind side of a barn in the first half. He had oportunities and missed his mark more times than a franchise QB should. THe rest you can chalk up to lack of protection

  2. Scott says:

    Great post; well said. One thing that I noticed was that Bill Sheridan has no fire at all. He looks comotose on the sideline. Football is an emotional sport and he just doesn’t have it. It was even more evident when compared with Josh McDaniels’ enthusiasm and energy on the other sideline. I think we should call out Tom Coughlin too because he’s not much better. I think the teams lake of effort and passion starts at the top with the coaches. I also think that when Osi walked out of training camp in August that was a sign of bad things to come..

  3. Scott says:

    I meant to say “the teams lack of effort”.

  4. VINMAN says:

    I just want to say to all the giant fans if we dont take care of these problems we will have many bad years ahead.Bring back Spags ,Coughlin has spent his time,we need fireup leadership with all aspects of coaching.Time has come to fix this damn problems and strive to beat one team thats are nemises—EAGLES………….

  5. VINMAN says:

    jesse you are right on keep up the good work…

  6. Chris says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth Jess…I sat there and said “who is this team!!!”..I havent seen them play this bad since Eli was a rookie…The tough part is that this is the super bowl core! The funny thing is that this game had no implications on the playoff picture but to be honest…from what i have seen so far, i now expect very little from this team this year!

  7. Jared says:

    BS! Someone needs to be fired TODAY! WTF? Heads need to roll including every coordinator we have! Get rid of all 3 of them. There is no way we make the playoffs now so fire every last one of flippin’ one of ’em!

    Throw Coughlin in there to, he talks about being complacent and he’s the one that looks like he’s taking a nap on the sideline. I miss his beady little devil eyes that came out every time the ball was snapped. Where’s the fire?

    Reese better get his $#!T together quick!

  8. Justin says:

    Nobdy is going to be fired but something has to change. The secondary is weak, really weak. There were plays down field that receivers were COMPLETELY alone. This is the 5th game in a row that every member of the secondary has gotten beat, including Webster who was the last player left that was healthy and decent. There seems to be no spark at any level other than the receivers and even then Smith dropped a sure 1st down last night! I mean, that stuff happens, but now it’s starting to look like the poor play is contagious! Tuck should not be playing right now, it’s painfully obvious that he is hurt. Because Tuck is getting abused Osi lacks the openings he used to get from doubles on a healthy Tuck. Other guys need to be on the field(Sintim??). Even at RB!! It took the coaches weeks to realize that Ware should be playing, so they did play him. Of course he fumbled(see my contagious concern)but he out ran Jacobs. There is too much bad going on right now to mention. We’re not done yet but unless we sweep Phil and Dallas it will be. Sad situation. PS…If you see our O-Line tell them football started 10 weeks ago.

  9. Andrew Ilnicki says:

    I am actually going to have to watch the game again before I write my column.

    How effing sad is that?

  10. Mark says:

    Jacobs blows- tired of everybody defending him. The big guy got PAID and also got LAZY. And guess what he doesn’t care. He can’t hit the hole plain and simple and dont give me the stats I know what they are from last year. Just look at the first 4 games before Bradshaw was hurt, he had no problems running. And as you mentioned, you can see Ware is much more explosive and it’s too bad he fumbled after the nice 14 yard run because then he completely lost his confidence. Reese made a major mistake siging Jacobs to big money-13 million guaranteed and 15 of that the first 2 years. Plus he’s only getting 15 carries a game. And just look at Moreno last night-that is called an explosive running back. Already I would take him over Jacobs hands down
    Kilbride is the other problem we all know that.

    I like Tuck but he does not get a pass. This is the NFL- If he’s hurt, don’t play and Canty is also a bust. Outside of Phillips (IR), Boley, T Thomas and maybe Webster (he’s having average yr) this defense has nobody and I do mean nobody. Tuck and Osi are one dimensional, especially Osi. He is so soft against run it’s a joke. Tuck is good but not great-he benefitted from Strahan getting double teamed and now he’s gets more attention.

    Outside of Boley, we have not one linebacker and the safeties are awful. The front 7 is small, soft and so slow. Why are you so surprised-just look at the games against playoff teams from last year and this year. Dallas and Philly have the biggest O-lines in the league and we can’t get a sniff of pressure on them. They manhandle us-as did Carolina last year. So how is anybody surprised. 3 games against Eagles and not a sniff on Mcnabb. Kiwi, Tuck, Osi and the DT’s just blown off the ball so easy then you have slow LB’s like Pierce, Blackburn and Clark and you wonder why teams are destroying us. Then throw in the horrendous safety play-we have no ball hawks, playmakers or any explosiveness anywhere outside of Boley. Im watching a 36 yr old Briand Dawkins smacking us all night from the first play of the game when he blasted Nicks. Tell me one guy on our team that has a nasty mean streak. I watched our TE Kevin Boss get absolutely tea-kettled 3 straight games by the other team and we haven’t hit anybody ALL YEAR. TC/Sheridan/Kilbride all must go

    • Jared says:

      I want a re-boot of this team! How many of us would have a job if we put that much effort into it? These people are overpaid and unwilling to work hard to win.

  11. DJ News says:

    What a Great team ! How long till the make it back ?

    It’s really sad to see them like this!

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