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Cowboys-Giants Game Preview: Giants Roundtable

What an abysmal performance last week vs the Broncos. The schedule though ceratinely did not break the Giants way as the Giants do not have an advantage over this weeks opponet becuase the Cowboys also played on Turkey Day. Meaning there are no extra days off for the Giants this week.

This is it: Win or Pack your bags. The Giants are trying to send a message as it appears both Osi and Chase Blackburnhave been demoted. Unfortuantely Michael Johnson will probably not play leaving C.C. Brown back in action.  I have with me at the roundtable. Fuchs, Andrew, and Mark.

Is it time to start scouting for the draft?
No. The Giants are still in it. A win against Dallas and things are looking good.

I believe it is never to early to start scouting young players, unfortunately for Giants fans it almost time to start the draft countdown and to REALLY start focusing on adding some new blood to this team. 

 I bet they’ve already started, or never really stopped. The Giants are a great drafting organization with lots of integrity in the players they select, they keep at it all the time.

This game could put the nail in the coffin. I’m a HUGE draft fan, and in fact almost enjoy the draft as much as I do the regular season so I know I’ve been scouting and I won’t get into this fully yet, but I’ll say this. The one thing I do hope the Giants do is target BPA (or Best Player Available). That should always be the strategy. Right now with the way teams are drafting lately it seems like Running backs get pushed down the list and if the Giants miss the playoffs they might be staring at C.J. Spiller in the face (or maybe the next Chris Johnson) and I hope they’ll take best player available.

Anyway, back to the on-going season.

If the Giants lose this game should they sit Eli Manning down for the rest of the season and see what Carr can do?
 If there is a chance for Manning to damage his foot then yes, if not then no chance.  Manning still needs to play as many snaps as possible and Carr is nothing but a stop gap/back-up quarterback in my eyes. 

Miles Austin has 566 yards receiving vs the Cheifs, Raiders, and Falcons (Three pretty poor teams) and 258 yards receiving in the other 8 games he’s played… is he truly a number one WR, or does he just beat up on the bad teams?
He’s a number one WR. Fast. Big. Good hands. He’ll be tough to deal with.

It is too early to call Austin a true number one receiver in my opinion but he has had some incredible games so far.  At this time I would say great games against bad teams but is leaning closer and closer to number one wideout.

This is a dangerous question that has “jinx” written all over it. Let’s say this — he’s very fast, athletic and can round out the Dallas passing attack nicely if someone else is having a tough day. Similarly, Hakeem Nicks also had a good day against those teams mentioned — so lets say they are comparable and are both top 3 receivers for their respective teams.

I’m not particularly supersitoius, but to me Miles Austin is NOT a number one wide receiver. Not yet, anyway. He may be in time and he is talented, but let’s see him do something against a good team (and by that I mean I won’t be terribly impressed if he torches the Giants, I said a good pass defense).

One part of Dallas game that gets a lot of love (and especially because they just ran all over the Giants in week 2) is the Dallas Three headed monster.

Most Dangerous Dallas Running back: Jones, Barber, or Choice?

People might disagree with this, but as I tell the guy I work with who loves his Cowboys — Tashard Choice is a very very good running back. I think he’s just as dangerous as the other two guys who certainly get most of the attention. Nobody is planning their game around him. And there’s no telling what he’s going to do when he comes in. He’s nasty on that QB Draw play that Dallas loves to run, and he killed the Giants last year with it. To me that makes Choice the easy, um, choice here.

Jones. He can break off the big run

This might be a surprise but if I had my pick I want Choice.  Every time he gets a chance he delivers.  Jones and Barber have shown glimpses but Choice has been the steadiest player. 

Weird. No one picked Mario Barber, even though he has had some tremendous success vs The New York Giants. Choice is great all around. Jones is explosive and Barber is powerful. The way the Giants have handled running backs this year, I would say the answer might be all three. IF Felix Jones could stave off injury I’d like him the most, but he doesn’t so Barber to me has shown me more than Choice, although I dont’ believe Barber is a franchise running back. He’s nice.

In the first matchup the Giants lit up the Cowboys in the air, but the Cowboys defense has been playing better and it might be a wintery day in Giants stadium this week. Would bad weather actually hurt the Giants in this game instead of help them?
It would hurt. We all know that Eli isn’t great in cold, windy weather. That’s why the run game is so important. If Giants get it going, the weather won’t really matter.

I agree 100 percently completely. The Giants, as a franchise, have made a living off of being the more physical team in December when it gets cold and peopld dont’ watn to hit. But this Giants team is not that. They are playing soft, they are playing a finesse game (unsuccessfully) and I’m hoping that there is good weather this week. I’ll take my chances that Romo will blow the game more than I will that the Giants will out tough the Cowboys.

The Giants passed all over the Cowboys the first matchup with Hakeem Nicks…will the Cowboys be able to stop the Giants passing attack this week?
I have all but given up on the running attack so if the Giants have any chance this year it’s going to fall squarely on the right arm of Eli Manning.  He has the talent to pull this one off, hopefully this will be a good Manning week! 

Well said. Hopefully the Giants can rediscover the running game, doesn’t seem that way, but it might be possible. bigger threat, Roy Williams, Miles Austin, or Jason Witten?

For the Giants who have had problems covering the middle of the field — typically Witten would be my choice here. But there is a chance that the Giants took all 10 days to get their heads together and figure out how to get more pressure and stop the short to mid range passes. If that is the case and the Giants Defense can execute, then a deep threat like Roy Williams might be the guy to look out for.

I think Boley does well with Tight Ends, and Witten hasn’t been the same player this year. I think Roy Williams is vastly overrated. I think Miles Austin, while not a number one yet could give the Giants problems this weekend.

I would say for that the Giants need to make plays when there are opportunites to do so. Get a push up the middle to force Romo into Osi and Tuck. Hopefully Chris Canty’s return vs his former team inspires the defense.

What’s the Giants defensive game plan need to be this week in order to be successful?

It starts with pass rush, is held up by stopping the run, is aided by no penalties, and it ends with cutting of the big plays across the middle. That eliminates ball movement and first downs. If Romo ends up hitting a couple of big plays down field — I am fine with that as long as the Giants eliminate the plays that sustain rhythm.  I did some research on the Giants D from 2007 – 2009 on what it is that the Giants do well on Defense that wins games and it’s that same old formula that we all know and love and are just waiting to see. Pass rush, run stop, and mistake free coverage.  To do it, you need a push up the middle from Canty, Bernard, or Robbins — and Osi and Tuck need to collapse into the pocket from the side. And if they do get that kind of pressure consistently, the Linebackers need to hang with the short routes and play good, physical coverage and make tackles. We need to see it now more than ever, obviously. I am an optimist, and I think they can do it and use the hatred of the division rivals for the next several games to propel them into playoff shape.

Chris Canty is playing his first game against his former team…will he come up with a big effort this week?
He hasn’t shown up yet this year and he probably won’t again on Sunday.  Hopefully for his sake his hamstring is still bothering him because so far he has been a giant waste of money. 

Canty gets a pass this year from me for that large injury and the positiona djustment, but he better show Something the remaidner of the year and play well the next five.

While the Defense has problems the offense has had it’s own. No Running game, poorer pass protection, thankfully DeMarcus Ware is having a down year.

What’s wrong with DeMarcus Ware…he only has 8 sacks this season?
Not sure. Teams are using tight ends to block him, which helps. You have to wonder if he’s hiding an injury.

He started slow, but I think he’s been picking it up. He can be a beast when he’s on so hopefully he’s not on this week.

Is Dallas Return game in for a big week?

I think one of the ways the Giants like to get fired up is to get physical on Special Teams — I say they are kept in check all game.  CC Brown might just earn his keep this week.

I’m just nervous about this becasue Goff is moving into a bigger role on defense, and he has been a monster on Speical team and C.C. Brown will probably play a lot and he is O.K. on special teams, which means there might have to be a new man on the coveage units.

What’s the best offensive game plan to use vs the Cowboys this week?
Run. Get the run going. If they do that, then the Giants don’t have to go against a pretty strong pass defense, and can pick and choose passing spots. Can they get it going? Don’t know. That’s a scary thought. 

no turnovers and long drives, keep the Cowboys offense off the field. The way the Giants defense is playing the less they have to play the better.

I mention the poor play of the defense, but one thing Dallas has not done well this year is protect the quarterback. I wondered if the Giants would be able to take advantage of that in Sunday’s game.

The Cowboys have given up 25  sacks this year (a little more than 2 a game) can the Giants get Tony Romo this week?

Boy they need to. I want to see him smothered by Tuck on Sunday. I’m sure Canty would love to squash that guy too. Dallas has a great line though, the Giants need to impose their will on them and simply want it more for 60 minutes to get it done.

I’m not sure what the key to winning is other than all the units playing better. But one thing is for sure. Somone has to step up and play well.


More posied for a big breakout game this week: Kevin Boss, Brandon Jacobs, or the Giants defense?
Kevin Boss should be having a huge season but the play calling is just killing his chances.  Boss is a great tight end and should get more balls thrown his way.  It frustrates me that the Giants rarely throw to the tight end and every tight end that plays against the Giants destroy them.  That said Jacobs and the defense are struggling so its Boss with the breakout if given the opportunity. 

anything else to add…?
Must win game. Win, probably make the playoffs. Lose, you’re probably staying home. Will the Giants of the early season show up? Or will the Giants from Thanksgiving show up. Don’t know. We can only hope that the right Giants show up. 

I still am willing to give the Giants a shot to win this game. They are at home with the most to gain from a win — I say they do it and keep things interesting in the playoff race in the NFC East

Giants superbowl is Sunday afternoon, the whole season basically boils down to this game

Clearly the panel believes that THIS is the biggest game of the season. Let’s see what the Giants are made of. Does anyone think they will win.

Final Prediction of the game?
 A tough one. Must win. That said, I have a good feeling. Final Score: Giants 28, Cowboys 14

think the Giants are back against the final brick of the Meadowlands wall here — and they need to come out bruising.

24 – 17 Giants.

I am so up in the air on this one, I think they lose, my best friend the Cowboys fan thinks the Giants will win.  The Cowboys really haven’t beaten anyone special this year and the Giants already beat them once.  If they can’t get their emotions up and play hard on Sunday I guess they never will this year.  So with all that Giants 20 Cowboys17

The Giants have to show me something before I pick them to win any games the rest of the season. they played abysmal vs the Saints, the Eagles, the Broncos. They have been non-competive in every game that mattered. The Falcons game they tried to lose the game in every way possible.

This is not a good team right now. And I’m not caught up in the past or pre-conceptions. Dallas has routed poor teams, but so have the Giants. Dallas is not a great team, but the are playing better than the Giants.

I hope I’m wrong, but show me something boys.

Cowboys 31 Giants 17.

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  1. Bob says:

    I hate to say so but as far as the Giant’s winning this week I just can’t see it happening. I would like to know from anyone what is up with Osi. This can’t be good for the relationship with him and the team. I am sure something is not good here.

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