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10 More Interesting Questions

I found 10 more questions on the website, and again i thought that they were interesting. As always feel free to comment in the comment section. Here they are:
1) If the 2007 season was made into a movie who would play Eli Manning? Who would play David Tyree and who would play Coach Coughlin?

2) With back to back games against NFC East rivals who ranks as your most hated opponent?

3) Piggybacking on the last question, who ranks as your most hated player?

4) With Flozell Adams launching himself into the dirty player stratosphere who would you name as the all time dirtiest player?

5) If you could go back 6 years and re-draft would you take Big Ben or Phillip Rivers over Eli?

6) After handing out my gameballs on Sunday I noticed a lot of other writers agreed with my picks (Barry Cofield, Bill Sheridan and the Front four) but one name kept appearing that led me to this question. Is a one tackle, one fumble recovery game a good one in your eyes?

7) Like build a bear I would like you to build the best defensive end out of all the current players. So you could take Tucks explosiveness, Freeney’s first step, Allens mullet (you get it).

8) Bottled beer or draft?

9) The ultimate tailgate food?

10) When I go senile at the age of 57 I will be granted the gift of remembering one play in the history of the Giants, what will this play be? I imagine Tyree willl get a lot of love here, but for me it’s not the answer, your thoughts please.

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7 Responses to “10 More Interesting Questions”

  1. Jeff says:

    1) Eli Manning: Haley Joel Osment.
    Not sure about the other 2.

    2) Dallas, hands down.

    3) Patrick Crayton

    4) Bill Romanowski

    5) That’s tough, because I do like Eli. But maybe to keep the draft picks, Rivers. Giants still woulda won the Super Bowl with Rivers. Even though he’s a bit of a dick, he’s a really good QB.

    6) It depends on how big the fumble was

    7) Everything Jared Allen except the attitude. I’d take that from Tuck.

    \8) Bottled

    9) See #8

    10) For me it’s the Tyree catch. For you, is it Plaxico’s catch shortly after? Or the Strahan sack of Brady? How about the Alford one, that was pretty sweet.

  2. Eli Lover says:

    I love big blue

  3. twerp says:

    Everyone forgets that right before the Plax TD, Smith caught a sideline pass on 3rd and 15 (I think. Almost positive it was 3rd down)that nobody remembers because it was sandwiched between the Tyree catch and the Plax go ahead TD. My favorite play of that game.

  4. SoDev says:

    twerp, it was 3rd and 11. Also, It’s not forgotten, I don’t know how any real Giants fan could forget that play.

    My favorite play was the Beautiful lob to Plax to take the lead because that’s what finally gave us the lead, and that is what was most important. All the other plays were for not if that doesn’t happen. That play brought me to my knees. It was literally one of the happiest moments of my life. =D

  5. Jesse Cassel says:

    1) Eli Manning: Matthew McConaughey
    David Tyree: Cuba Gooding Jr
    Tom Couphlin: Tommy Lee Jones
    2) The Eagles- I cant stand them
    3) Flozell Adams – Used to be Brian Dawkins but now That Dawkins is in Denver and Flozell has proven to be an ass, definatly Adams
    4) Richie Incognito
    5) Id have to go with eli, even though i like Rivers i just think eli is more professional and i dont know that philips would win a superbowl being that hes had a good team aroud him for years and hasnt been able to do anything with them and big ben is good i just never liked him.
    6) I dont think he deserved the game ball, he didnt do that much he just got it cause hes osi
    7) Id take Jared Allen, Justin Tuck, Dwight Freeny, and throw Reggie White in there
    8) Draft
    9) Steaks
    10) Mine would probably be the plax touchdown catch in the corner of the enzone. I know its generic but i remember how exciting it was when i saw it.

  6. Rich says:

    1. Matt Damon as Manning and Cuba Gooding Jr. as Tyree. Ed Harris as Tom Coughlin.
    2. Cowboys
    3. Patrick Crayton.
    4. Roy Williams
    5. I remember vividly during the draft, saying I want Ben or Eli. It ended up being Eli. Yeah Ben has two rings, but that ’07 Super Bowl was one of the greatest times of my life. Can’t replace it. Eli.
    6. Yes.
    7. Tuck, Strahan, Gastineau and White all in one.
    8. Draft.
    9. Burgers and Steaks.
    10. Jacobs truck-hit on Meriweather during the Super Bowl that sent him flying five yards.

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