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Talking Points: Giants-Redskins

Finally! A dominating performance from what we thought could be a dominating team heading into the season.

There wasn’t much bad, but we’ll start with the bad.

First and most importantly.  Hakeem Nicks left the game in the second quarter with a hamstring injury (courtesy Ralph Vacchiano and Mike Garaflo)

But Jeez! Is he fun to watch. Two catches for 66 yards, one catch for 45 yards.

Heading into last night’s game Hakeem Nicks had 362 yards after the catch and was averaging 9.5 yards after the catch on EVERY Reception, which is best in the league (

Boy, oh Boy is he fun to watch.

The Giants Still Had Trouble Covering the Tight End

The Redskins offense could not do much, but what they could do was throw the ball to the backup tight end (but former 2nd round pick) Fred Davis who caught 5 balls for 65 yards.

This is an alarming trend.

The blocking on the kickoffs is still not great.

All year the Giants have made big hits on opposing team’s returners, but they have not blocked well.

Hixon averaged only 15 yards per return. I know he’s a good return man, but he’s not getting any room to work.

3 more plays of over 20 yards.

The defense, despite dominating the Redskins in most facets still gave up three plays that went over 20 yards. A 46 yard bomb to Santan Moss, a 51 yard screen to Rock Cartwright, and a 22 yard pass to Fred Davis.

The Giatns can get away with that when they play bad offenses, but a good offense (like the Eagles) can make that dangerous.

That’s all the bad.

Let’s move onto the Good.

Eli Manning is 416 yards away from 4,000 yards on the season.

Eli is having a career year. And if not for three god-awful performances that came within the month after his bad injury in Kansas City he could be sittin gin much better position.

In the Denver game the Giants couldn’t get on the field and when they did they fumbled the ball away. If Anyone had shown up for that game Eli might already be there.

By the way 26 Touchdowns and 11 Interceptions.

Mario Manningham ran a route where he had room to stay in bounds!

I know, I’m shocked too. He also showed his elusiveness. Super Mario had 3 catches for 44 yards and a touchdown.

Kid is super talented, hopefully he works with Eli during the off-season to get everything right.

If this kid could run routes like Steve Smith….oh boy.

5 sacks. Including one by Tuck AND Umeinyora

I never thought I would see the day!

All kidding aside finally it was good to see. However, let’s not get on our high horses the Redskins are missing TWO starters on the offensive line, from an offensive line that wasn’t great in the first place.

I’d like to see a little pressure added the rest of the season before I believe anything has changed.

Jonathan Goff Made Another Play.

Couhglin and Reese will have a much better feel for how Jonathan Goff will play moving forward, but to me he’s pretty solid. I don’t think he’s great, He’s not like a Jon Beason or even a London Fletcher, but he’s started two games (didn’t play a ton in the Eagles game) and played in three games the past three weeks.

And in those three weeks he has a sack, an Interception, two passes defesned and 10 tackles. (and a near forced fumble in the Dallas game)

In 9 games Antonio Pierce had 1 Forced fumble, one sack, and 3 passes defensed.

So he’s an upgrade.

What Im’ saying is I think that when the draft rolls around the Giants could pass on Brandon Spikes (but not Ronaldo McClain if he’s there) in the first round because Goff has done enough to earn a chance to start there next year with a full off-season as being the “man” on the defense.

Chase Blackburn

He was a Monster Last Night! Seriously how many train wreck hits did he have on the coverage teams. And then he had that gimme INT too.

Speaking of Interceptions. 3 in one Whole game. No Way!

Before the game in our Giantsroundtable preview I was lamenting how few turnovers the Giants had caused this season.

They had 10 INT the entire Season! They had three in one night.

Terrell Thomas! Looks good for the future

He, like everyone else has been out of position from time to time this year, BUT unlike everyone else on defense he’s also actually made plays!

What a Novel Concept!

Terrell Thomas has 5 Interceptions, or another way to look at that. Terrell Thomas has 5 Kenny Phillips has two.

And all active remaining players have 7 (2 for Bruce says Bruce Johnson has 1, however, I know for a fact he has two. One vs Dallas for a Touchdown and than 1 last night vs Hunter Smith) One each for Aaron Rouse, Michael Johnson, Corey Webster, Jonathan Goff, and Chase Blackburn

Dererk Hagan welcome to the Touchdown Club. Red Zone Offense GREAT! Last night.

Heading into last night the Washington Redskins were one of The best units for Red Zeon defense in the league.

The Giants went 3 for 4 in the Red Zone and came away with 21 points. And Mario Manningham had another way just outside the Red-Zone

Kevin Dockery. Good game

Made the most of his opportunities.

Lastly, IF (big IF) the Giants can win out they have a good chance of making the playoffs.

The Cowboys play the Redskins, who might be so embarassed about this performance tonight that they bring it next weekend vs the Cowboys in another primte-time game. Then the Cowboys play the Eagles…which might be a tough game or a game where the Eagles don’t try. I’m not sure what happens with that.

The Packers though play Seattle (they should smoke them, but stranger things have happened) and then Arizona.

They could lose to Arizona, but  again Arizona might have nothing to play for.

It’s really odd, the last week of the season the N.F.C. Will have three teams vying for a playoff spot (assuming the Giants next weekend) all playing Playoff teams who will probably have nothing to play for.

The good thing about this is: teams always get up vs division rivals and the cowboys already beat the Eagles this year in Philly so maybe the Eagles get up for the game anyway.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We have to take on a Panthers team that was very impressive Sunday Night and win before there is any talk about anything good happening for the Giants.

This much is for sure, despite this god-awful season at times, the Giants (led by Eli Manning) will finish with no worse than a .500 record.

If that’ s a fall from grace…let’s just say that there is little worry that this can’t be turned about next year regardless of how this season plays out.


Leave your thoughts on the game and the season at hand.

And let’s hope that Hakeem Nicks (is there a good nickname out there for Nicks) “Hakeem the Dream” i’ve seen before. Any others?

let’s hope Nicks is O.K. for next weekend. He’s exciting to watch.

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13 Responses to “Talking Points: Giants-Redskins”

  1. Russo says:

    Goff is playing well but I still think we pick up Spikes with our 1st round pick

  2. Júlio César says:

    A lot of people say that spikes is too slow (the one think that we keep complaining about pierce) and he obviously has some character issues

    i think we should keep goff/pierce sharing plays next year and wait for the next draft… MLB isn’t a valuable position in the draft, so maybe we can take a monster even with a late pick in the first round (remember, ray lewis was 26th overall)

  3. Russo says:

    U think safety or corner for the first round?

  4. Júlio César says:

    I Don’t think we need corner, at least not in the first round (Webster is very good, If Ross stays healthy he’s also good, Thomas is talented…)

    Safety is a good option, we need someone playing next to Kenny… Eric Berry would be a dream come true, but is almost impossible

    i would also consider DT and interior o-linemen (seubert plays with a lot of heart, but we can do better, and o´hara is getting old, we need someone to the future)

    what do you think??

  5. Russo says:

    Eric Berry or Taylor Mays would be godsends. I think we have been exposed at safety all year and we should have enough depth to still function without one player.

    MLB worries be because NY gets beat consistantly in the middle of the field and has for years. The short pass routes destroy NY. I think Pierce is on the way out..but you make a good point about speed. We may be able to slide one more year.

    DT would be the next area for concern after Safety IMO if NY doesnt go MLB. I think if NY has more of a center push and gets more pressure on the QB than they can afford to be OK elseware. I havent been impressed with Canty. He hasnt lived up to the hype at all.

    O-line would be third. They have def shown their age this year but I think they have a few more in them.

    If this year ends up being uncapped I think Reese should take advantage, trim the fat and make some moves. There are a lot of solid free agents in 2010. A couple key pick-ups and anohter solid draft and these issues go away

    • andrew ilnicki says:

      hey russo, how were those seats at the game?!

    • Russo

      To me if the Giants don’t make the playoffs they will be drafting in the top 20.

      I would take BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE Regardles of position.

      I think the Free Agents are meant to fill out positional needs, draft talent.

      Taylor Mays has coverage issues (yikes! but is super talented) Brandon Spikes has character and pass coverage issues.

      Ronaldo McClain the MLB would be fantastic, or Joe Haden if he fell that far.

      Earl Thomas might also be best player available (FS Texas) at the position where we draft.

      I’mi a huge draft junkie and i’ll be in on it all season, but to me first round best player available.

  6. kevin dominguez says:

    i caught the ball that manning threw to d hagan for a touchdown after he spiked it….how awesome is that

  7. Kevin Dominguez that is sweet.

    While were on the draft thing if the Giants are picking around 18th here are some players who could realistically fall to them that would be great pick ups.

    I love C.J. Spiller, even if that is a luxury pick.

    I’m also a fan of Jermaine Gresham even though he’s coming off a major surgery, and the Giants are pretty set at Tight End.

    I love Ronaldo McClain, but I think he’ll be gone before the Giants pick.

    S Earl Thomas or S Taylor Mays

    An OT like Trent Williams, Bryan Bulaga, Anthony Davis (Rutgers)

    CB like Donovan Warren or Ras I Dowling

    Maybe a DE like Carlos Dunlap (huge upside, inconsistent play) Derrick Morgan or Everson Griffin or

    Greg Hardy (season ending injury this year. Maybe the best 4-3 DE in the draft)

    There are three or four DT who might earn consideration for pick (not Suh, he’ll definitely be gone).

    UCLA Brian Price (underclassman), Terrence Cody (huge mo-fo from Alabama), Allen Bailey from the U (Reese has shown he likes players from the U. Bruce Johnson and Kenny Phillips are two of the only players in the league from the U the past two years)

    So who knows….right now it’s too early to tell.

    But as far as what I think teams should do is ALWAYS draft Best Player Available because most draft picks don’t contribute greatly for 3 years anyway and who knows what needs a team will have in three years.

    We’ll talk much more about this after the season (hopefully that is later rather than sooner)

  8. Russo says:

    Andrew..the seats were were the two bottles of crown we drank. Im still paying the man.

    The suite next to ours was filled with NY jerseys so everytime we scored I was banging on the glass over to the other room where they were cuz ours was all skins fans…who left around the 3rd quarter btw…lol

  9. twerp says:

    Since we’re talking draft, I’d try and get a true LT. Diehl has been good, but I’d much rather have him playing LG. Also, Beatty has been really impressive and I think he should be starting at RT next year. Dominant O-line means dominant offense.

  10. Júlio César says:

    tottaly agree twerp, but this is a weak class in terms of OT… the only guy who is worth of a 1st round pick is okung, but he should be long gone by our choice

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