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Giants-Panthers Preview. Giants Roundtable.


Well because of last week’s win the Giants can not have a losing season this year, but that’s still not the season Giants fans invisioned heading into the season. The demise of the line play has been a big issue for the Giants this year, and while there are bright spots heading into the future (William Beatty? for sure. Kevin Boothe? Perhaps. Clint Sintim as a down DE sometimes? You bet).  But on the bright spot the Giants have been, at times, dynamic and unstoppable on offense led by Franchise QB Eli Manning. The Giants offense isn’t even at full strength yet as young explosive TE Travis Beckum, Huge Target Ramses Barden, and 4th round selection Andre Brown have yet to play any real part in this offense.

So this season has been exciting at times, embarassing at others, but thankfully it’s not over yet. If the Giants finish strong with two more wins and get a lose from either Green Bay (vs Seattle, At Arizona) or Dallas (At Washington, Vs Philly) the Giants will sneak into the playoffs…where anything can happen.

To discuss with me this weekend’s events I have Fuchs, Andrew, and Mark.

Game Ball Goes To…
Tough one since the Giants dominated on every side of the ball. How about this one, Ahmad Bradshaw for playing on two bloody stumps and still getting into the endzone twice and picking up some crucial gains, first downs, and show some flash

Eli Manning and Ahmad Bradshaw. Both were outstanding. Eli followed up the best game of his career with another strong one. Ahmad Bradshaw had his best game of his career.

 Give mine to Terrell Thomas for manning up and making sure a depleted secondary didn’t play poorly. Thomas, by the way has been exceptional since that first Eagles game where the secondary was terrible.

If Bill Sheridan’s and the Giants Defense finished out the season like they did on Monday Night would you be ok with him keeping his job?

I would, and the players executed the scheme well. fine job coach.

I am not sold yet.  If they play on that level for the next two games his chances improve in my book

I think I would. It would show me that he figured out what he is doing. But, they have to make the playoffs and put up some strong performances. Big ifs.

This is a much tougher call than it would seem. Sheridan should get some leeway for this being his first year as a defensive coordinator, and he should also get some leeway because the defense hasn’t been anywhere near full strength all year, but the same mistakes were happening for long periods of time in games and for weeks at a time. If there is another mind out there who could do better, I say improve if not then let’s all pray.

Is Mike Shanhan enough for the Redskins moving into the future?
I think it would be a good start for the skins but they need much more then a coach

that team has been completely derailed, its going to take a few years to get back on track. all they have left is pride — the players can either pull it together and try to beat dallas down and help out us Giants or they can roll over and die until Zorn is out of the picture. Lets hope its the former.

I’m not sure. Yeah, he’s a good coach. But they’ll have to start with a new quarterback. New running back. They really need to rebuild, and it has to be through the draft, not through free agency. That will be hard to do with Daniel Synder. I think Shanahan will help, but I think he’s making a bad choice by coming to DC.

I think it would really help, especially if he’s only coaching. He’s always had very good offenses and the Redskins defense is pretty stout if he could get that offense to be above average they could be a real force to recockn with. But they do have to find theier QB (whether that be Campbell or not) and they need some more offensive linemen. They are very old along the line

Speaking of Offensive linemen.

How about the play of Will Beatty?
  Tremendous. No need for McKenzie next year. Really sure of himself out there.

think he has been impressive.  I see him taking Diehl’s spot at left tackle next season and moving Diehl back to guard.  He is developing into a nice piece of the offensive line. 

thought Eli was well protected especially on 3rd downs, glad to see some depth heading into next year.

I with Mark on this one, not Andrew or Fuchs. I think Beatty has Elite Pass Blocker all over him. And I also think that Beatty should replace Diehl at LT, move Diehl to LG (where his strength and technique will be good, and also where he doesn’t need elite athleticism) and then move Suebert to the bench or let him go.

This weekend could be the Giants (and most likely is unless the Giants can sneak in as the 5th seed and meet the 6th seed in the Confernce Championship game) the last game at the Old Giants Stadium….does it have any affect on the game at all?
  It shouldn’t. And if does, shame on the Giants. Giants Stadium is not a cathedral of football. This is not like closing Yankee Stadium. I think a lot of people (myself included) are happy to see it go. So, this is just like any other game.

I think so.  Players are talking about how they want to finish old Giants Stadium with a win.  Hopefully it is just another reason to pump them up and contribute to another solid performance on Sunday. 

It sure does — I expect a renewed energy from the Giants this week and hopefully another dominating performance to get everyone hyped up for the Minnesota game.

Hopefully only positive benefits.

Is Carolina better of or worse off not having Delhomme in at QB?

Better — he had such a horrible year and was selected to have a stellar fantasy football year.  Just goes to show you how far you can fall in one year, shame….

Much better he is terrible.  I can’t see him playing quarterback there next year. 

I’m a fan of Delhomme, but the way he was playing, they are better off. Matt Moore isn’t anything special, but Delhomme cost them games. As long as you can get the ball to Steve Smith, they should be fine.

When the Panthers gave Delhome that extension I didn’t think it was a terrible move. Boy was I wrong. He’s finished.

Who are you more afraid of Steve Smith (Carolina) or DeAngelo Williams?

Based on how they played this matchup last year, Williams. But if he’s banged up, Smith might be the liability and the Giants secondary hasn’t exactly been the picture of confidence.

Steve Smith. As evidenced by DeSean Jackson, the Giants have trouble with short, explosive receivers. That’s what Smith is. They will have their hands full. 

With the Giants secondary definetly Steve Smith

Well I was going to say it would be DeAngelo Williams because I’d like to see the Panthers trying to protect Matt Moore with their makeshift Offensive line (missing both starting tackles)  because the Giants run defense has been pretty awful this year, and last year DeAngelo Williams had a field day vs the Giants.


The Panthers are without their Pro-Bowl Tackle Jordan Gross…will the Giants make the Panthers pay for that
If the Giants can get some consistent rush like last game, I will be truly elated. Surprised of course, but pleasantly so.

 Let’s just say they better or there will be no chance the Giants are playing in two weeks.

Julius Pepper has 9.5 sacks this season and when he’s on the top of his game he’s almost impossible to stop….what can the Giants do to contain Peppers this week?
Double team him or a least chip him with a tight end or running back.  They can also run plays away from him or roll the pocket away from him. 

Agreed. I’d also add use more screen passes, screen passes can really put doubt into the mind of a defensive end and once that happens the offense should have enough time to throw the ball downfield.

One of Carolina’s best young players is TE Dante Rosario (from Oregon) in his third year… he’s only started 6 games this season and has 313 yards and 2 touchdowns. Not huge numbers, but he’s very athletic…Does he have a big game vs the Giants
He could. You saw Brent Celek have a nice game. The secondary isn’t good, and Goff is still figuring things out in coverage (although, he is impressive). I don’t know if he goes crazy, but he could rack up some nice yardage. 

To me, Michael Boley is good in coverage, but he’s still always one step away from deflecting copious passes to the tight end. Perhaps this weekend he’ll be in the way of more. The Giatns can not cover tight ends, if you’re in a deep leageu consider playing Rosario this weekend.

Is it just me or did the Giants trot out Travis Beckum a lot last week? Do you think this week is a week he might make a couple of big plays…?
 I liked seeing him out there and now with the injury to Darcy Johnson I see Beckum getting more chances to make plays.  I think he has a chance to contribute for the Giants the rest of the year. 

I’d like to see waht Beckum could do in the open field with some room to run. He has such explosiveness, I saw some scouting reports in the offseason comparing Beckum’s potential to TE Owen Daniels. Beckum is explosive, hopefully that will mature someday.

How much of an impact oes Jonathan Stewart have on this game?
  The Giants run defense is so good, that it’s possible that Stewart is quiet. He’s a tough back, but the one constant of the defense is strong run D. They should be able to contain him

He will have a lot of opportunities thsi weekend. Hopefully the answer to my proposed question is “not much”

One of my favorite players is MLB Jon Beason…why doesn’t this guy get more love. He already has 121 tackles this season

What’s his team’s record?  Take it from Eli — in the end it’s not about stats but its about WINNING games. 

That is true, but Beason is a very good player on defense. It’s not about stats, but I’d love to see Beason on the Giants. And I think if the Panthers had a competent QB this season they’d finish the season with 10 wins. 


The Panthers are the 4th overall pass defense…can Eli Manning and the Giants Wide Receivers have a big day on Sunday or do you think the Giants will attack the Panthers on the ground where the Panthers are 26th against the run

The Giants receivers are somehow shredding everyone. They can beat you short all day, middle, or long. It’s a testament to how hard Eli, the receiving core, and the coaching staff have worked at developing this passing game. We asked for it for years, now we’ve got it. And it opens up the running game now as well because the Giants are now a multi-threat team. Not just a 3-headed rushing attack. I dare say if the Giants Defense stays hungry and somehow this team makes the playoffs, we will be seeing the most complete Giants team that I can recall heading into the post season.

I’d still like to see the Giants dominate the Panthers on the ground. I think bad teams at the end of th eyear can be beaten into submission early in the game, where they will no longer try.

Final Prediction:

34-24 Giants

Giants keep their playoff hopes alive and win 24-17

I think the Giants come out big, and play well. Final Score: Giants 24, Panthers 14

How cool are the Panthers uniforms?

I like em, but not for my team. True Blue all the way

Anything else to add…?
 Another must win. Giants need to come out strong. I think they will

I hope everyone has a merry christmas!!’

With any luck, the Cowboys lay an egg in DC and the Skins come out with a vengeance and several things to prove to their new GM…. the Giants take another must win game and do us Giants loyal proud. What a way to wind down the season.


Do you think Jonathan Goff has justified the right to start at MLB all next year or do the Giants need an upgrade in talent there?
Personally yes he has.  I have been hard on Antonio Pierce for two years now and I feel that his time as a Giant is over.  I would still like them to bring in a stud rookie (Spikes from Florida) but I wouldn’t be upset if Goff was the starting Middle Linebacker.  Plus he has been great on special teams

Let me go on record and say I like Spikes, but will be unhappy if the Giant’s dont make the playoffs and they draft him in the top 20. I’m not that high on him. Good player, but not top 20 player. Goff doesn’t have elite athletic ability in my opinion, but he has made plays-if that continues I think he deserves a legetimate opportunity to be the starter next season.

If Corey Webster is hurt can the Giants contain Steve Smith?
 Quite simply, no. Even if Webster is in there, they won’t be able. I keep going back to DeSean Jackson. I think Smith is better. He could have a huge game

Steve Smith scares everyone, but hopefully he won’t have a hug eimpact. Terrell Thomas isn’t the nimbles Cornerback if Webster deosn’t play this could be a problem.

What is an underrated X-factor or aspect of this game.
I think the x-factor is how the Giants start.  It seems that if they come out and start fast they are tough to beat but if they come out and stumble they look shaken and I really don’t want to see that happen on Sunday

Well put.

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5 Responses to “Giants-Panthers Preview. Giants Roundtable.”

  1. flashgames says:

    I think the Giants will win!

  2. Russo says:

    I think u guys are worried about the wrong Steve Smith….
    After this game there are gonna be calling the Carolina receiver “The other Steve Smith”

  3. Russo-

    The other Steve Smith this year still has 922 yards receiving with 6 touchdowns and a 15.4 yards per reception average.

    With 7 plays over 40 yards (3rd best in the league)

    He’s been a big play-threat despite his terrible QB Play on the team.

    But Carolina steve Smith is kind of boom or bust with this team so if I had to bet on who would be more productive today safet bet is the Giants Steve Smith

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