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Prospect Profiles-DT Brian Price

Brian Price is a super productive young defensive tackle, who will be shooting up draft boards this off-season, especially if he can bulk up on his frame.

He’s not a player that will be drafted by a 3-4 team to play nose tackle. Maybe a team will consider drafting him and playing him as a 3-4 DE, but I think he is ideally suited for a team that plays a lot of Tampa 2.

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Brian Price

Measurables (Combine Numbers Will Be Posted Here Whey They Become Available)

Born April 10, 1989 (Very Young)

6-2, 300 pounds.

2009 Pac 10 Defensive Player of the Year


43 tackles, 22 which were Tackles for loss. 7 sacks, and a forced fumble.

Big Games in 2009:

5 tackles and 2 sacks vs Tennessee

4 tackles and a sack vs Oregon

4 tackles and 2 sacks vs California

4 tackles and a sack vs Was

6 tackles 2 sacks vs Arizona State and a pass defensed

4 tackles vs USC

5 tackles vs Temple in the bowl game

Brian Price seems to play up against his competition which is a good thing. He only had two games during the season where he had less than 2 tackles on the season

so he was doing something every game, but like I said most of his big bames were vs teams in his conference or teams that were higher level teams during the season which bodes well.

Scouting Reports

K.C. Joyner

He is one of those prospects who is graded quite high in some circles but who is perceived as having less value in others. That means he could end up on either side of the defensive tackle run that is almost certain to happen in this year’s draft.

“Price’s run-stopping metrics in the five games I broke down are very impressive. He won 18 of the 57 point of attack run blocks directed his way and also drew two holding penalties. Put the two together and it equals a 35.1 percent POA win rate; that is almost equal to Ndamukong Suh’s 35.3 percent POA win rate.

“Price was also comparable to Suh in his POA win rate when blocked by a single defender. He won 16 of the 36 single-team POA blocks, or 44.4 percent, versus Suh’s 14 wins in 32 POA blocks (43.8 percent win rate).

“Where Price doesn’t match up with Suh is in splash play volume (a splash play being defined as when a defender does something to negatively impact a passing play — sacks, tipped passes and hurries being chief among these). Suh had 36 of these in seven games versus Price’s 13 in five games, but Price did have a higher splash play percentage on pure pass-rush plays (15.5 percent versus Suh’s 13.6 percent).

“That shows Price’s potential upside — but it also illustrates part of his downside. Suh’s splash play rate was achieved in 272 pass-rush attempts. Price’s came in only 97 attempts. Part of that is due to my having broken down seven of Suh’s games versus five of Price’s, but that still doesn’t account for the huge gap in play volume.

“To look at that from another angle, Price was on the field for 234 of the 318 defensive snaps the Bruins faced in those contests, or 73.5 percent of the time. Suh was in 496 of the 508 Cornhusker snaps, or 97.6 percent of Nebraska’s plays. Price’s on-field percentage total is one of the lowest of any of the defensive tackles in the Draft Lab series, and that suggests durability could be something of a concern.

“Another concern is that Price is a two-trick pony from a pass-rush move perspective — and only one of those tricks seems to work well. Eight of his 13 splash plays came as a result of a very effective “rip” move, but he gained only one splash as a result of the bull rush that serves as his primary pass-rush technique. If he didn’t see much success with his power move at the collegiate level, it stands to reason that he’ll see even less success with it in the NFL, so developing other moves should be high on his offseason training list.

“Any favorable comparison to Ndamukong Suh is obviously very noteworthy. The durability and pass-rush move concerns may keep him from cracking the top 10 on draft day, but overall, it looks like Price should land on the positive side of the value point scale. He gets a TFS seal of approval.” – K.C. Joyner, ESPN

Scouting Report N.F.L. Draft Board Insider

Scouting Report-There may not be a player who’s hotter than Price.  He and Dan Williams seem to be the tackles who are on everyone’s mind.  And for Price rightfully so.  Short and squatty, with lots of beef.  The strength of his game so to speak is his quickness.  He’s a smart player and does a nice job diagnosing run plays, but it’s that quick step off the ball, where he’s able to split defenders and when he gets to the ballcarrier does a nice job with technique on his tackles.  Very light on his feet for a man so big, and does a good job with a variety of interior pass rush moves.  He looks to be the kind of guy who could flourish in a 4-3 with a big NT next to him.  Reason being, his weakeness is well, his weakness.  If he can get to your side, he can overpower you, but head up, he struggles. And double teams swallow him up altogether.  What I see going wrong is, when he can’t get off his man right away, he loses his leverage.  Gets too high, and once he’s up, he backs off.

Draft Status-It’s going to be hard keeping Price out of the first round at this point.  He’s chosen a nice time to declare because even though it’s a crowded first round, he’s coming off a season where he had 22TFLs, which is staggering for an interior defensive lineman.  Guys like Dan Williams and Terrance Cody are more nose tackle prospects, whereas Price is more like Gerald McCoy, as a 4-3 UT.  This means his draft staus compared to Williams and Cody will depend largely on the defensive scheme of the teams picking.  But regardless of the system, Price is almost certainly a top 25 pick.

Final Analysis-Price isn’t going to wow everyone with his pass rush skills, and he certainly needs to get in the weight room if he wants to deal with the size of NFL offensive lineman, but as a disruptor and run stopper, Price is the real deal.  He’s an excellent gap player who will instantly improve the defense he’s drafted to.  Some have said Price could bulk up and play NT, and others have said he’d be well to play DE in the 3-4, but I’m on board with neither.  Not strong enough to play NT, and not tall enough or fast enough to play end.  He’s a poor man’s Gerald McCoy in this draft and that’s a positive thing.

Reminds me of: Broderick Bunkley, DT Philadelphia Eagles-Both squatty guys, more quick than powerful, and great at making plays in the backfield.  It took Bunkley awhile to acclimate himself to the NFL, but Price may be more NFL ready and have a bit more upside



  • Strong, thick, wide body
  • Tremendous short area quickness
  • Very quick first step
  • Nice initial pop at the point of attack
  • Explodes off snap
  • Plays with high motor
  • Great instincts – recognizes play quickly
  • Gives solid second effort
  • Tough
  • Disciplined in gap control
  • Penetrates and disrupts
  • Active hands – doesn’t let linemen get into his body
  • Has a deadly club move
  • Nice body control – can bend and drive past linemen
  • Nice skill set and collegiate production
  • Weaknesses:

  • Frame is maxed out
  • Gets engulfed against bigger linemen
  • Can get overwhelmed and frustrated when run at
  • Lacks great speed
  • Lacks upside – a bit of an overachiever
  • One-gap DT only in 4-3 schemes
  • Short arms?
  • Summary: Price is a player I like a lot for teams that need a 3-technique (think a Warren Sapp-type role). He makes a lot of plays and is just flat out dominant at times. He doesn’t take many plays off and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s revealed that he has top intangibles. He’ll find himself drafted in the top 25 picks.

  • Player Comparison: Mike Patterson. Patterson is also a quick, stocky defensive tackle who disrupts at the line.
  • Big Board Rankings (1/11)

    Walterfootball 13th

    Draft Board Insider 89th 50th

    Where the Mocks Have Him Landing (as we get close to draft)

    Bartolis Summary and Final Verdict

    Brian Price is an intriguing prospect in this year’s N.F.L. Draft. Brian Price is ideally suited for a 4-3 alignment and probably could not hold up in a 3-4 system.

    That’s not to say it’s impossible. Jay Ratliff of the Cowboys is not an ideal size Nose tackle for a 3-4, but he is dominant in every game he plays.

    Brian Price is an exceptionally quick player of the ball and makes a lot of plays in the backfield.

    He had 43 tackles, 22 of which were behind the line of scrimmage. That’s darn impressive.

    I’ve always been a believer in good players are good players and don’t get wrapped up in athletic ability.

    Price is still young and inexperinenced and has some things to learn, but as far as making plays he’s a master at it.

    Brian Price is the third best defensive tackle in the draft, and becuase of that any team that wants to draft a player with his potential may have to reach a bit for Brian Price in the first round.

    Is he one of the thirty two best players in the draft?

    I think so. I do not believe, though that he will be the best player available when the New York Giants draft 15th this year.

    I will not be upset if the Giants draft Defensive Tackle Brian Price, but I will not be estatic either.

    There are players I prefer more, that’s not to say I don’t like Brian Price. I do.

    I think he has pretty high potential, but I don’t think he’ll be the best available option when the Giants select 15th overall.

    Final Verdict

    I think Brian Price is a player the Giants WILL Be very intersted in.

    like I’ve said numerous times, whether or not Jerry Reese comes out and says it: in the first three rounds he prefers players who come from well-established programs in the major B.C.S conferences. He also takes Best Player Available in most of the cases.

    It depends how high the Giants view Price.

    With the possible departures of both Fred Robbins and Barry Coefield (most surely Robbins and Rocky Bernard) the New York Giants will need a Defensive Tackle.

    Brian Price might be too tempting for the Giants to pass up at 15th because he would  be good (not great, I’m looking for great) value, and he’d fill a positional need.

    He also has very high upside because he was super productive at U.C.L.A.

    In other words: Don’t be upset if the Giants end up with Brian Price he’s a very productive and good player, but I’m not sure he’s the game changer that other players are that could still be available (Earl Thomas or C.J. Spiller specifically).

    If the Giants Actually do switch to a Tampa 2, Brian Price may be even more valuable to the Giants than I think.

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    12 Responses to “Prospect Profiles-DT Brian Price”

    1. Jeremy says:

      I wouldn’t mind drafting him in the second round maybe moving up to get him. With the 39th or 40th picks. Because isn’t he another Alford. And if we draft him in the 1st how would our run D look like with him next to canty, I shutter to think(the bad shutter). Maybe Alford and Price next to each other with Tuck and Osi on the outside. No run D at all but that would be one hell of a pass rush. But that’s what LB are for right it’s about time they start doing they’re job and defend the run.

    2. Steve B says:

      The only senario that I can see the Giants taking Brian Price, would be if both McClain and Thomas were already taken. Some think he has a shot at the Browns (7), and some think Thomas could go to the 49ers (13).

      If that were to happen, I would say take Price, but later in the first round. In other words, trade down in the first round, and hopefully pick up a 2nd or 3rd round pick, because there is a lot of talent in this draft, especially on the defense side.

      And there is also a lot of playes coming out earlier, so if they are in the 2nd or 3rd round this year, they could have been 1st round picks next year.

    3. steve says:

      maybe 2nd round safety 1st round.

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