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Ranking The Giants: Secondary

We continue to Rank The Giants, with this edition focusing on the secondary. Oh, the secondary. To be fair, this unit had a LOT of injuries. Had they been healthy, who knows, it might have been a strength. But, they didn’t stay healthy, and we were stuck with a patchwork secondary. I’m feeling harsh, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ribbing.


Webster started off the season great, but took a fall (along with the rest of the defense) when the schedule got harder. It’s hard to make out what kind of corner Webster is. Is he an average one who excels against mediocre competition, but doesn’t do well against top flight teams? Or is he a good corner who just had some unexplainable bad play? I’ll take the former.  Webster has talent, but he can’t put it together against top-flight wideouts. He’s not a number one corner, more of a number two. On this team, however, he’s probably the number one guy. Ouch.



Dealt with injuries all year, so it’s tough to get a good read on his performance. Showed versatility by playing safety, and playing it pretty well. Need to see him when healthy.



Huge fan of Thomas, and thought he had a great year–probably the best individual year of anyone in the secondary. Still has some work to do, but is a solid cover corner who can make plays. And get this–he’s an exceptional blitzer. Maybe Perry Fewell will actually utilize that skill.



Rookie free agent who started off strong and finished off week. Probably ran into a rookie wall. Talented, but needs experience. In a few years, could be a really good player. Will probably be the fourth corner next year. Better to ease him in, anyway.



Readers of this blog know my strong dislike of Dockery. I still don’t get why he is on the team. He’s not very good. He’s really not. He’s fast, but he’s too short, too aggressive, and takes way too many penalties. He shouldn’t be back next year, and if he is, I may stage a revolt.



Oh, what could’ve been. He was playing out of his mind before getting hurt in Dallas. He’s a stud. And will be in the future. I think the demise of the defense is directly tied to the Phillips injury. It sucks. He has a ton of talent, and hopefully, his injury won’t prevent him from using it.

GRADE: INCOMPLETE (but we all know it’s in the 90s when healthy.)


Michael Johnson. You were good at one point. Started in your rookie year. Started on a Super Bowl winning team. You were pretty good last year. But then your buddy James Butler left town, and left you stranded. Then all hell broke loose. In all seriousness, Johnson had a HORRIBLE year. It was completely out of the norm for him. Should the Giants give up on him because of it? Probably not, but he shouldn’t be starting next year. He needs to prove that he doesn’t suck.



Waiver pick-up from Green Bay. Not terrible in pass coverage, not great in run defense. Just a mediocre player. Played well in some games, especially the Chargers game. But, not consistent enough to be a starter. A good bench player, but mis-cast as a starter with the G-Men.



Oh, CC. Where to begin. I’ll start with this: CC (Can’t Cover) Brown is a horrible safety. He just is. He’s a big hitter, but that’s about it. Absolutely dreadful in pass coverage. He would be average in run support, but he is too aggressive, and can’t wrap up ball carriers. I’m sure CC is a nice guy, and I’m sure he’s a hard worker. He’s just not a NFL safety. He’s not good. If he’s back with the G-Men next year, there WILL be a massive revolt. I’d be happy to lead it. Sorry, CC. You are the worst player on the Giants right now, maybe even in history.

GRADE: 0 (Okay, he’s not that bad. Not zero bad. But, really bad. And, as I said when we started this, the scale was 0-100, or the CC Brown to Lawrence Taylor scale. Well, CC, you’re at the low end, hence the zero)

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5 Responses to “Ranking The Giants: Secondary”

  1. Steve B says:

    According to (best stat site ever) a lot of our assumptions are true, but there are a few suprises.

    (note: positive numbers are good, negative are bad, and in parentheses I will put where they rank in the league)


    Corey Webster:
    Corey Webster was hands down the best cover corner in the NFL in 2008, yes better than Woodson, and Revis.

    2008 Stats
    Overall: 23.4 (ranked #2 out of 114 CB’s)
    Rush/blitzing: 0.8 (#25)
    Pass Coverage: 23.2 (#1, buy a large margin)
    Run Defense: 0.9 (#35)

    In 2009, he started great, but like the team, went down hill
    Overall: -1.1 (#47 out of 107 CB’s)
    Rush/blitz: -0.4 (#86)
    Pass Coverage: 3.9 (#25, big drop)
    Run Defense: 1.4 (#39)

    Our Best corner was actually Terrell Thomas
    Overall: 8.6 (10th best)
    Rush/blitz: 1.8 (3rd best)
    Pass Coverage: 8.9 (9th best)
    Run Defense: -2.1 (#87)

    Bruce Johnson was our 2nd best Corner
    Overall: 0.2 (ranked #36)
    Rush: -0.2 (#75)
    Coverage: 0.2 (#48)
    Run: 1.2 (#43)

    Aaron Ross played at saftey so he is hard to grade-2009 Incomplete
    2008: Overall ranked #102
    2007: Overall ranked #88

    I really dont know what to expect from Ross, I think he can be a good corner, but at this point he is clearly not the number 1 or #2 CB

    In 2008 we had great saftey play from Kenny Phillips and James Butler

    Kenny Phillips 2008
    Overall: ranked #17, great against run, not so much against pass

    James Butler 2008
    Overall: ranked #13, he was the reversed, good coverage (shocking) not good against run

    Then there is Michael Johnson, who has been the Giants worst Saftey these last 2 years, Yes he has been worse than Cant Cover Brown.

    Mike Johnson 2008 Stats:
    Overall: -15.0 (ranked #79)
    Blitz: -7.7 (#83 worst in league)
    Cov: -7.2 (#75)
    Run: 0.9 (#30)

    Overall: -19.9 (#85 out of 87 S)
    Blitz: 0.2 (#31)
    Cov: -11.2 (#84)
    Run: -2.9 (#70)

    CC Brown
    Overall: ranked #76, our best Saftey!
    QB rating throwing at Brown: 142.6!

    Aaron Rouse
    Overall: ranked #78
    (suprising stat: QB rating throwing at Rouse is 68.2!)

    Giants desperately need to upgrade the Free Saftey position, i.e. Michael Johnson. QB that threw to Mike Johnson had a QB rating of 133.0 in 2009

    This is why i am voting for Earl Thomas in the 1st round.

    Note: it looks like there will be some Tampa 2 coverage throw in our defense, I think that can really help out Corey Webster, he is good against recievers, except when he is matched up agianst physical-tall recievers: Brandon Marshall, V. Jackson. I Think tampa 2 would really help him out when he faces those type of recievers, and everyone else he can go man on man with.

  2. Chris says:

    If Webster,Thomas, and Ross are all healthy next year and all have career years (and I think that’s possible), our defense should do very well. I can’t believe how much Johnson regressed from his first two years. I’m serious when I say this: I did not see him make a single play all year. He’s, at this point, not much better than CC. But I like him a lot his first two years. I don’t understand what happened.

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  4. michael says:

    i was just wondering the status of kenny phillips if there is any update….. i saw some things when he got hurt about this possibly being career ending… is this still likely or up in the air still?

  5. CMH says:

    Anyone else think CC Brown might actually make a decent outside LB? He’s planty fast, has good size and hits like a truck.

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