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Osi for Kerry?

I can’t remember where I saw this, so if you are the person who thought of it, I’m sorry I didn’t give you credit.

But, the gist of the proposed deal was this: Osi Umenyiora for Kerry Rhodes?

It fits a need for both teams. The Jets need a pass rusher. The Giants need a safety. Both seem to be on the outs with the organization. Would it fit?

On the Giants side, yes. Rhodes would look great next to Kenny Phillips. Rhodes is a ballhawk who is pretty good in run support. On the Jets side, I’m not sure. Yes, Osi would give their pass rush a much needed jolt. But,is he a fit for the 3-4? He’s not a 3-4 lineman, so he would have to play the rush linebacker spot. Can he do that?  Can he drop into coverage if needed? I don’t know. I know he can rush the passer from that spot. It’s the coverage that worries me, from a Jets standpoint. Will the Jets be willing to take on the coverage risk in exchange for the pass rush ability? Not sure.

Would I do this deal? Yeah. We need a safety, and unless we get Eric Berry in the draft ( which in unlikely), the Giants will need a proven safety, and Rhodes is proven. I’ll miss Osi, but he gave us nothing last year, and this team has pass rushers. Would you do this deal?

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21 Responses to “Osi for Kerry?”

  1. Jeff says:

    Not a bad trade, but the Giants need a strong D line or the secondary doesn’t matter. Remember, this team won the SB with Wilson and Butler as safeties. I think the Giants need to improve back there, but in the right scheme, Osi should be more effective. Plus, I’d expect his knee to finally be back at full strength this year. I think I’d stick with Osi.

    Also, here’s an article you might like:

  2. Larry says:

    No chance. I am not trading a young, pro bowl pass rush end for an overpaid, underwhelming safety. Rhodes had a terrible year and is a primadonna. He looked like he didn’t even care or want to be out there against the Colts. Osi had a bad year, but if I am going to trade him, I need a better player than Rhodes. I would take Rhodes, but not for Osi. The Jets would do that deal in a second. Osi would be a monster at rush LB.

  3. Kwayry says:

    “I’ll miss Osi, but he gave us nothing last year, and this team has pass rushers.”
    Few things in that statement that bug me. I thought the Giants had a bad year defensively because of the DC and his scheme. Why stop at Osi, what did Tuck give the Giants last year, Kiwi? We can do down the line.
    And if this team has pass rushers, where were they last year? Or are you singling out Osi?
    Will I do the deal? No, who is Kerry, what did he do? Osi showed up in the playoffs and the SB (with the right scheme, yes, but he showed up). By the way, with all the problems we had at Safety 2 years ago (remember Butler?), We still won the SB. So, I don’t think safety is the problem, or the DB’s are the problem. No pressure on the qb will expose any defensive backfield.
    I know it’s a long post, but let me close with this. The one player the Giants missed the most, besides Spags, is Kawika Mitchell. He could get to the qb, name me one of our current LB’s that can get to the qb?

    • Steve B says:

      Great post I agree, I think Boley will be that playmaking LB, he was hurt all year, and then he had to take over play calling duties from Pierce. And he was under you-know-whos scheme.

      Having the right scheme and right coaching makes all the difference, before the 2007 season, we thought that Corey Webster was a bust. We changed defense, and now he is our best Cornerback (’08 he was best CB in league).

    • mimi says:

      I completely agree!! first of all put credit on the Dc not on the player! Sheridan had a personal grudge for osi and Fewell doesnt…Right there theGiants defense is going to improve becaus eFewell is going to give the GDefense the shot in the arm and esteem boost they need!! we have many grat players and blame can not be put on one player .you are a sports journalist, how can you say something as iggnorant as saying Osi didnt give anything to the D? He only playd what 5 plays all season???? Get real!!! Fewlwell has already done so much for these gmen!! you wait and see!!! dont diss on OSI or our defense because their DC choices and his play calling and playing players in wrong positioning was the problem!! look at the year we won supperbowl..osi and tuck played same side…who have have thought you didnt need a 30050 lb DL to be effective? well..look where we ended up????? can you spell Superbowl???:)

  4. Kwayry says:

    By the way, great blog. I love the draft profile series. Great job.

  5. Steve B says:

    I honestly dont know, I have seen a couple Jets game, but hadnt realy pay too much attention to Rhodes. has Rhodes as the top 5 saftey in each of the last 3 years, and every year he improved overall.

    In 2007 Osi was ranked 10th best overall 4-3 DE. In 2008 he was injuried, and 2009 he was 22nd coming off the injury (excellent in pass rushing, not good in run defense). Kiwi is better against the run, but definitly not as good as a pass rusher at this point as Osi.

    Plus there is the fact that Rhodes doesnt like or doesnt like playing for Rex Ryan, how will he do under Coughlin?

    I think right now I would not do this trade.

    But, if the same thing that happened last year happens this year, i.e. Shockey forcing himself out, then I say yes trade him.

    B/C I would rather have a strong pass rush, then a strong pass defense, because those cover guys cant cover the reciever for ever. (McNabb seemed like he can sit down, order a drink, get up, and throw to any reciever he wanted)

    And one of our starting safties is a 7th round pick, I think we will be fine with a 1,2, or 3rd round saftey pick this year.

  6. On the Kerry Rhodes thing.

    Kerry Rhodes has dynamic ability.

    However, I’d rather just keep Osi and draft S Earl Thomas

    Then we have both.

    • mimi says:

      Again you can not compare Osi’s stats this past season to his previous seasons! Sheridan didnt play him!!! If you dont play you cant make plays…..again i reference the 2007 season when Spags played tuck and osi on the same side…We were effective and won a superbowl…….and if we go with a tampa 2..We need OSI!! Giants fans love Osi and we want to give him a chance to play not warm a bench!!!o

      • I’m not sure if you were insinuating that I was comparing them…

        I’m not comparing the stats.

        I’m just saying that Kerry Rhodes is a very talented player like Osi is, and that the idea of a trade between the two based on ability is not far fetched…

        But Pass Rushing DE are worth more than Safeties so the Jets would have to compensate the Giants more as well

        as for me I prefer to to keep Osi Umeniyora and try to draft a Dynamic Safety like Earl Thomas and thus have our safety and our DE.

  7. mimi says:

    We certainly need a safety…no one argues that..but what we need more,is some one to inspire and encourage a defense that was brought down by personal differences, which is completely un professional. We have the talent as Fewell says….and as he says SI is a football player who wants to play football! we have 5 guys having or have had surgery and hopefuly will be backand play with new found heart! I think we will see good no great things this next may take a few games but we will…..We need to draft a few secondary guys and play our guys where they play best like diehl at guard not LT….not that he hasnt done darn well considering its not his position. I love my gmen and i believe that the change came with a new Dc, he is passionate and he will guide our D back to where they belong! top 10!!! Goo Big Blue!!

  8. mel says:

    Absolutely NOT!!! There really is anything wrong with our safeties other than we do not have enough of them to go around. They were worn out and injured through most of the season, we need more depth which is where the draft will come in. Osi and the rest of the line will be fine when we get a DC and a scheme that works properly. There have already been enough changes this off season let’s see if they were the right ones before making other changes.

  9. Michael S says:

    Here’s what should happen if that trade takes place==== osi umenyiora+ 5th = Kerry Rhodes+ 3rd + …….. v e r n o n gholston!

  10. Kevin says:

    This site just lost a lot of credibility by even posting about this trade.

    Posting about a trade without hearing any legitimate rumors is just plain dumb, but this one is especially ridiculous. We can draft someone as good or better than Rhodes in the 1st or 2nd round and keep Osi at a cheap price.

    Q: “I’ll miss Osi, but he gave us nothing last year, and this team has pass rushers. Would you do this deal?”
    A: How about 7 sacks and 4 forced fumbles, almost all of which could’ve been game changers? You don’t even mention that he just came back from a serious injury. Could that have hurt his ability to hold up at the point of attack, leading to his difficulties against the run? YES.

    Bring back Osi and let Fewell return him to Pro Bowl status.

    • I think it’s a bit of a strecth to say that it loses credibility by saying this…I can’t remember where I saw this, so if you are the person who thought of it, I’m sorry I didn’t give you credit.

      But, the gist of the proposed deal was this: Osi Umenyiora for Kerry Rhodes?

      It’s not reporting a trade is happening or might happen or any of that.

      Also, I know Giants fans love Osi Umeniyora…but does the organization?

      Osi constantly gripes about his pay…

      This year he didn’t try hard for the new defensive coordinator.

      he openly questioned the coordinator and the way Tom Coughlin runs the team.

      He ran out of a mandatory practice last season…

      He said…Sheridan doesnt’ bench me that comes from Tom Coughlin…

      I am FOR bringing back Osi Umeinyora…

      But it’s not outrageous to suggest the Giants might be thinking about dealing a player that has been troublesome at times….bothersome most of the other times

      and been injured a lot.

      He missed all of 2008, he missed 5 weeks in 2006.

      Again, I say bring him back…but it’s not ridiculos to suggest the Giants might not want to.

      I also agree with Michael S.

      Osi is more valuable so if this was even a possiblity the Jets would have to give up more than just Kerry Rhodes.

      • mimi says:

        We are hearing only one side of the story! Osi admits what he did by walking out of practice was wrong and apologized. Sheridan had a “hardon” for him and made it persoanl. A professional Dc wouldnt do that.that is why he is gone! Osi will play and he will play hard bcause he is a football player 1st and foremost..You cant blame him for complaining about pay when we pay other players such high wages. Osi is a giant and will be a Giant,net season, will work hard and will play his heart out for Fewell and the Giants. sherisan was not Dc material he didnt motivate one single guy on that defense. We need AP back or a Strahan do motive the players as well….Eli has a quiet demeanor ,by nature so we need an outspoken person.and i believe Fewell will fill this along with AP ans Justin tuck. Like the gentleman above said we need a healthy team but tha twould include a good back up safety…..Yes Giants fans love Osi and he loves his giants….Lets show him and Fewell and our defense the love!!! kindly,mimi

    • mimi says:

      amen!!!!!to your post!!

  11. mimi says:

    Jesse, i know yur job isnt always easy,especilly with us giants Fans. The thing is Sheridan didnt give Osi a proper chance! and He deserves that. Let us see what Fewell does,and i have a very good feeling he will be the shot in the arm our D boys need! He has pasion interacs with excitement on the sidelines ,is more composed from the booth..lets hope he coaches f4rom the field especially early on..This is what we need a coach who teaches and pushes our guys to be their best:) sorry if i was harsh..but its hard to hear people diss Osi and ourGiants and i feel like i have to defend them when it was so much more than just Osi..When a whole defense gives have to look at wha tthe peoblem is…coughlin sholuld have stepped up,as the head coach, so i find that a bit dissapointing as well..But to put blme on the players isnt fair…..Let see how they do in camp and preseason then in sept!! Its gonna be a long, exciting wait!!! GOOOO GIANTS!!

  12. mimi says:

    I read tha tOsi said some things today….and it breaks my heart tha he is that frustrated!! Osi!!!! Please try and stay positive and let fewell work and inspire you!!!! We are all here rooting for you and we love you!!! Remember you are a football player and not a quitter!!! We believe my friend, we believe!! and we here on giants Gab love and support you and know you ARE going to do GREAT things!! Put last year behind you…ITs time to look foward and let the people who believe in you help you!!! there are many!! Read thes epoast and get inspired!!! Fewell know who you are and whaqt you are!!! dont let the negative get to you!!! Good things are coming///be your best friend,ok not your own enemy!!! Start doing some pilates,and dont laugh!!! Some yoga and be ready and strong to kick giants Butt!!! Your friends and fans are here for you!!!!! You can do this!! The Giants can do this!!!!! No giving up or giving in!! Be your best you hear me!!!! LoveYou brother!!!!

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