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Pour Some Peppers On It?

Please forgive my Def Leppard reference. I’ve been trapped inside my house since the latest SnOMG has hit ( I think I got about 12 inches), so I may be working on some version of jungle fever. Again, I digress.

Steve Serby of the New York Post wants Julius Peppers in blue.

t doesn’t take much to go from pretender to contender in one year in the NFL. The Giants took the first step toward restoring the pride of Big Blue by replacing overmatched defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan with the fiery Perry Fewell. That was a mere appetizer.

Peppers would complete the meal.

Imagine a younger Michael Strahan getting after Tony Romo and Donovan McNabb. Peppers, who is 30 years old, is coming off a 10 ½-sack season

This is all predicated on Osi Umenyiora not wanting to stay in New York, looking instead for a place that guarantee him a starting spot. So, let’s get hypothetical here. If Osi leaves, do you want Julius Peppers? My answer: Hell yes. Listen, Peppers is an unbelievable pass rusher. He would instantly ignite a sagging defensive line. And, as Serby mentions, Perry Fewell would help to motivate the sometimes lazy Peppers. It seems like a match made in heaven.

So, I ask you. Pour some Peppers on the Giants defensive line?

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14 Responses to “Pour Some Peppers On It?”

  1. Michael S says:

    Wouldn’t even hesitate. That’s if they trade osi and gave enough money for pepsss. Tuck, peppers, kiwi combo. I like.
    I wouldn’t trade osi unless he wants to be and we get something good in return

  2. Gmen says:

    didnt peppers say that he wants to play olb next year

  3. Jason C. says:

    ONLY if there’s no Osi…

  4. Russo says:

    I’d rather have Osi, Tuck, Peppers than Kiwi.

  5. I’d be cool with Peppers, Tuck, Kiwi.

    Move Osi for Kerry Rhodes and a draft pick?

    That’d be one way to improve at three positions (DE, Safety, and Draft strength).

    Kerry Rhodes has a lot of ability even though NY hated on him this year… has him rated as the 2nd BEST safety this season.

    Get it done, Jerry!

  6. Steve B says:

    Yes, as others have said, only if Osi pulls a Shockey, and forces himself to be traded, I would say go get Peppers.

    It would actually be a big deal, because we get somekind of value for Osi, possibly a 1st round pick. And then we get an elite pass rusher, but it is “buyer beware” because we all know that Peppers can dominate a game, he isnt that far off as being equally bad run stopper as Osi….

    In 2009 ranked all the 4-3 DE’s, there were 73 DE’s that played atleast 25% of the snaps


    Overall: 9th best
    Rush: 9th best
    Coverage: ranked #1 (he could be OLB in 3-4)
    Run D: 51st


    Overall: 22nd best
    Rush: 12th best
    Coverage: 28th best
    Run D: 56th

    Although Peppers is a better Overall pass rusher, they both have problems against the run, and Osi is 2 years younger, should be better, being 2 years removed from major knee surgery, and is already under contract. Peppers is 30 and going to want a big buck contract.

    So, in conclusion I am happy with Osi, but if he goes, I would be happy with Peppers

    • Steve B says:

      I do have to say that he only had 2.5 sacks in 2007, while playing 14 games.

      I know he does have the reputation of taking plays off, maybe a change of scene is what he needs.

      But the fact is he has put up monster numbers in a contract year. Buyer Beware, is all I am saying

  7. Jared says:

    isn’t Peppers a UFA? So a trade for him wouldn’t be necessary…. right?

  8. Jared….correct

    That’s why I’m saying if you could move Osi for Kerry Rhodes and a draft pick (3rd rounder)

    You’d upgrade DE. Peppers better than Osi…or at least very comparable.

    You’d upgrade S Kerry Rhodes 1,000,000 times better than C.C. Brown or Michael Johnson

    Extra draft pick better than No extra draft pick.

  9. Russo says:

    Trade Kiwi for draft picks, Trade those picks to move up to get Eric Berry, Sign Peppers
    …then I wake up

  10. Michael S says:

    Jesse bartolis is making a bunch of sense. I love that idea. It would all be positive things for the giants except for the fact that osi is 28 and peppers is 30 and will want big money. He’ll want a haynesworth style deal that i’d be willing to give unless Dan snyder doubles the deal lol. Then our safety situation is solved with Kerry Rhodes and Kenny Phillips back and an extra third rounder. To make things better, since safety is shored up, we could trade up and draft mcclain and then BPA from there. Tuck, peppers, kiwi wouldl be one of if not the best d end combo in the league.( even with osi, the giants still have a strong d end combo)

    ps: even though peppers is 30, he’ll retire in 5-6 years which will give me plenty of time to get ready and drafted and continue the great d end tradition of the New York Football Giants!! 😉

  11. Erik says:

    There is no conceivable way that the Jets move Kerry Rhodes for Osi, much less Rhodes and a draft pick. Osi spent the year underperforming, is a known liability against the run, and is openly unhappy where he is; Rhodes is an all-pro safety who anchored the league’s best defense. I enjoy a good fan-wank as much as the next guy, but this isn’t a Madden franchise, guys.

    Also, while I like the idea of Peppers in blue, Carolina isn’t going to let him walk; they’ll franchise and trade him if their negotiations hit an impasse. He wouldn’t command a huge premium at that point, but someone in the league will trade a second-rounder for him. He’s also expressed no interest in moving to another team playing a 4-3, and he’s another guy built like Osi: borderline 3-4 OLB/pass-rushing 4-3 DE. We’ve currently got three of those on our roster (Kiwi, Osi, Sintim), and since he’s not going to be free, there are a lot of other holes we need to address first.

    • Erik…

      If you get a chance to go look at transcripts of the JETS when talking about Kerry Rhodes, or what Kerry Rhodes has been saying on SNY channel.

      Sounds like bad blood.

      More important position in the N.F.L.

      DE or Safety?

      Prior to his injury Os Umeinyora was one of the preimer pass rushers in the league.

      Rhodes also underperformed last year and is openly unhappy with things that have happened with the Jets.

      Becuase I think DE or rush linebacker is a more important position I think Osi has more value than Kerry Rhodes.

      Maybe the Giants can’t get another draft pick if they do Osi for Rhodes, I don’t think it’s as far fetched as you think it is.

    • About Peppers.

      Carolina will NOT franchise Julius Peppers.

      Becuase they franchised him last year he gets a huge pay raise (1st year of Franchise Tag is paid like top five in their position…second year is an auomatic pay increase) reports that if the Panthers franchised Julius Peppers it would cost them OVER 21 million dollars THIS SEASON.

      They won’t do that.

      And if they do franchise him…he won’t rebuke a gurnateed 21 million dollars for one season and get a long term contract where he cna’t make as much I don’t think another team would be willing to trade a 2nd rounder AND pay Peppers 21 million dollar THIS season before even working out an extension.

      If they don’t franchise him…they can’t trade him.

      I think he’s almost assured of being a free agent.

      (Profootballtalk is also reporting a similar belief)

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