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Who Should Replace Pierce?

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been consumed with Olympic fever. I love it. But, this is a football blog not an Olympic blog. Now that Antonio Pierce has been released, the Giants have a gaping hole at middle linebacker. Who should replace Pierce?

Internally, the best option is Jon Goff, who impressed me after he took over when Pierce had an injury. He’s really athletic, and good in coverage. Smart, too. He’s probably the leader in the clubhouse for now.

In the free agency pool, there are a number of attractive options. We’ll start with Keith Bulluck. He’s getting up there in age, so he would only be a stopgap option. But, he’s as fiery as they come, and would be a great veteran mentor to someone like Rolando McClain or Brandon Spikes. He fills that leadership gap that I think the Giants were lacking last year. But again, he’s getting up there in age. And he doesn’t solve the long term problem.

There’s guys like Pisa Tinoisamoa, Paris Lenon and Angelo Crowell. Nice options, but nothing special.

I think the best option is to sign Bulluck, and draft someone like McClain or Spikes. The free agent options aren’t really that appealing, and most of the good ones are outside linebackers. Goff is a solution, but Bulluck is a better one.

So, what say you Giants fans? Who should replace Pierce?

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32 Responses to “Who Should Replace Pierce?”

  1. Matt says:

    I like thiis idea but maybe we should get dansby nd make him our MLB like vilma in new orleans

  2. Jeremy says:

    How about we get some push up the middle. Cause no matter who we get to replace Peirce will equate to the same result, 30+ yard gains all season.

  3. Jeremy says:

    PS: while Peirce may have been a liability, Not a lot of others would have done better.

  4. Michael S says:

    Why would you want spikes or mcclain if you said you just like goffs ability????

    Personally, I think goffs alright but our defense needs a rookie MLB that can one day lead our defense. Not no fa MLB like dansby. He’s 29. Let’s start fresh at MLB. If mcclain there, draft him. If not, trade back and draft spikes and let him and goff compete for a starting job.

  5. CMH says:

    – How about Osi and 15 to Jags for Reggie Nelson and 11?
    – Draft McClain @ 11
    – Move Sintim to DE w Kiwi and Tuck
    – Put Goff at strong side OLB. Goff-McClain- Boley sounds strong.
    – Sign Vince Wilfork. Pair him w Canty/ Alford/ Cofield in the middle.

  6. Gmen says:

    How about we don’t trade osi and stay put in the draft and a MLB in the 3rd and 4th rounds like pat angerer(3rd) &micah Johnson(4th) and let them compete with goff. With the first 2 picks we get Earl Thomas(S) in the first and Lammar Houston(dt) in the second. Also with our 5th we can get aurthor jones(dt)

  7. Steve B says:

    Well we can all say the Giants have plenty of options when it comes to FA/Draft. I cant believe that the combine is like almost here. Its not this weekend but next. Then FA starts right after that.

    So things will be clearing up in the next couple of weeks (atleast I think)

  8. Shane says:

    The defensive line needs an infusion of talent, desire, and youth. That is where the defense starts and I thing where the Giants have alot of question marks.

    Fred Robbins is on the wrong side of thirty and will he or won’t he perform in the second year after knee surgery.

    Osi, still young but much like Robbins, can he rebound in the infamous second year post knee surgery.

    Canty, will he be comfortable and ready to perform at the level that his paycheck seems to indicate.

    Tuck, definitely tore some parts of his shoulder complements of Flozer Adams, but should be fine this year.

    Kiwi is the only known quantity at this point.

    Alot of question marks there and they could definitely use depth.

    I forsee the Giants going for another edge rusher who is also stout against the run.

    They will worry about a safety, probably Chad Jones, in the 2nd and a lb in the 3rd round.

  9. Shane says:

    Alford and Colfield are in the same boat.

    All knees along that d-line!

    What gives?

  10. Jeremy says:

    I kind of like this Chad jones character, he has experiance at corner also. That’s a good combinatio. A safety with cover skills. The deeper round two and three are with talent the less likely a reach will be made in round one like a trade up out desperation.

  11. Jason C. says:

    All the people who want to rebuild via the draft, I’m not with it. This is NOT a team that needs to rebuild, to worry about plugging in a bunch of players from the draft into our starting lineup scares me. We saw last year what happens when you plug in a bunch of inexperienced players throughout the defense (a waste of one of Eli’s best seasons that’s what). Make a push for DeMeco Ryans, Goff can back him up, draft a top tier safety, and another outside linebacker to compete with Sintim. I’m also hoping to sign a starting TE somewhere down the line, but that’s a different story.

  12. Jeremy says:

    Signing a LB in FA won’t neccessarily garner him a starting job. He’ll have to earn it and but I’m curious what are current guys can do. Quick fixes are never the answer especially when they yield a high price tag.

  13. Michael S says:

    Jason c…….. Did you just say find a starting TE down the line?????? Lol

  14. Jeremy says:

    I’m not a fan of the bossman either. He’s reliable but very slow out the gates but our offense is geared around recievers now, star TE won’t be satisfied in our offense. So the bossman will do for now.

  15. Jeremy says:

    Though when he jumped over that Eagles corner that is my favorite highlight. Bossman for the probowl.

  16. alex says:

    Yea democa ryans or carlos dansby wil have 2 compete with goff and blackburn…are u serious? I think our best shot is dansby because there are no unrestricted safetys worth grabing to start. I would luv mcclain but then wat would we do at safety wudnt u rather earl thomas at safety than chad jones. The only way that’s hapening is is we take care of our mlb need before the draft

  17. Michael S.

    I understand what Jason C is saying.

    Kevin Boss is a solid player, who will Never develop (in my opinion) into a dynamic pass catching Tight End.

    I honestly believe that Travis Beckum could become that.

    But honestly Boss might be the WORST Tight End in the N.F.C. East…right?

    Who’s better:

    Witten or Boss? (Witten)
    Cooley or Boss (Cooley)
    Celek or Boss (Boss overall. Celek as a pass catcher)

    I think that’s very low on list of priorities and not something I’m concerned with, but I don’t think it’s far-fetched to say that you could find a better pass catching Tight End.

    I think Boss is one of the better overall tight ends in the league though and I think Beckum can take on the role of being an explosive pass catcher

    • andrew ilnicki says:

      while witten is better and is perhaps the best TE in the NFL, cooley and celek are simply used much more in the offensive game plan than Boss is… i truly believe that.

      Boss was one of the best producing TE’s in the league statisticaly, he doesnt have the reknown that the others do but he IS a great TE. he blocks extremely well, and has great hands and ability to run after the catch.

  18. dreday147 says:

    Here’s what I like draft wise. First pick up a FA LB. 1. Dansby or how about Joey Porter for a sesson or two…hear he’s about to be let go. (only if he comes cheap)

    1.Earl Thomas
    2.Brandon Spikes
    3.Micah Johnson
    4.DT (Best on the broad)
    5.OT (Best on the broad)

  19. Michael S says:

    I like that draft alot but not Micah Johnson. I say draft a dt in r3. Other than that, it’s pretty solid.

  20. Gmen says:

    How about this draft
    1st-Earl Thomas
    2nd-Lamarr Houston
    3rd-Pat Angerer
    4th-Micah Johnson
    5th-Arthur Jones

    • dreday147 says:

      Gmen…. I think we need a top Lb in the first or second round. We already have Lb’s from the later rounds. It’s time for a stud LB and the only way we’ll get that is in the First or second round. We gotta get McClain or Spikes in the first two rounds. Other than that, I agree with the the draft.

      • Gmen says:

        I agree that we need a stub MLB I think McClain can be that but not spikes I like Angerer and Micah better than spikes. The only problem with McClain is that I would want to trade up to get him it would likely cost a 1st and a 2nd which is to much for him but if he’s there at 15 get him.

    • Jeremy says:

      Who’s lamarr Houston. What school, he’s a MLB right.

  21. Gmen-correct.

    I’m working on a profile of him presently…but am waiting for some video to be posted online of him before I post it.

  22. dreday147 says:

    Lamaar Houston’s a Texas Longhorn..

    Gmen….you like Pat Angerer and Micah Johnson over Brandon Spikes, not sure about that one. Hey , if we can get McClain with giving up a 3rd round pick and switch first round spots to 10 or 11 I’m in. If not, I think Spikes is the next best LB available.

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