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With The 15th Pick The New York Giants Select…..

Giants fans, the NFL Draft is about two months away and it can’t come fast enough.  There are lots of good players coming out this year and the 2010 draft class could be a great one.  I am getting overloaded with mock drafts so today I turn to you, the great fans of GiantsGab.  So fans, who do the Giants select with the 15th pick?  Leave your answer in the comment section below.

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43 Responses to “With The 15th Pick The New York Giants Select…..”

  1. Andy says:

    I think they’ll end up trading down unless Rolando McClain is still on the board. If they keep their 15th pick and there’s no McClain, I say shoot for Earl Thomas and take a LB second round.

  2. Rob says:

    I think Brian Price is good value at 15…in my mind, DT is a more pressing need than LB or even Safety. Would love to see them take him there.

  3. CMH says:


    Sign Vince Wilfork to fill the DT need.

  4. Gmen says:

    I think Earl Thomas he is a need and in my opion I like him better than Eric Berry and McClain(I don’t think he is a 4-3 MLB)

  5. Jeremy says:

    Brian price is good value at 15 but with the lack of 3-4 teams we could get him later. I’m guessing we go after a lineman like Davis from Rutgers or price if they aren’t there the giants will trade down. But how far should they trade down, no later then 23 in my opinion. If Davis isn’t there Bruce cambell would be nice but not at 15. I like Bruce because he won’t start right away and when he does he will a shutdown tackle on the right side. I like Davis because he could start right away but won’t either so a year with him improving on the bench would be great.

  6. luke says:

    ROLANDO MCLAIN and if hes gone brandon spikes

  7. Jeremy says:

    No LB at 15 too early. The only positions worth taking that high are shutdown corner, pass rusher, stud reciever, stud TE(luxary pick), stud offensive Lineman, QB. The only way you trade up is for a QB. CJ spiller is just like Reggie Bush bad first round pick horrible 2nd round pick. And everyone who says DE in the first round. We can’t keep drafting the same position over and over it’s a waste. It’s like the lions with 3 wide recievers in a row. They shouldn’t have draft Roy Williams and while Calvin was a good pick they shouldn’t have drafted him either. Some positions are pointless if your team is bad. Like drafting a safety with no pass rush or drafting a TE if your team is bad like the browns did a while back. I can’t stress this enough it takes a team and one player can’t make it better it’s a collection of talent working well together.

  8. Jesse Cassel says:

    I agree with Luke Rolando McClain if not Brandon spikes they need a solid linebacker

  9. Adam Y. says:

    theres enough depth in this draft where we could still pick up a solid linebacker in the 2nd or 3rd round. I think we should get a DT in the first round, or a DB. Either way i think the first round will be a defensive player (unless a star o-lineman makes it down to 15)

  10. Steve B. says:

    Another vote for Rolando McClain. If you can grab an elite LB than you have to do it.

    If he is off the board, think maybe Price. I do like Earl Thomas, but Jerry Reese likes to pick players that have been playing for awhile and have consistency, and Thomas is a red-shirt soph.

    But I think the pick will be McClain, and if the Broncos trade Marshall, and Dolphins sign Dansby, Giants wouldnt need to trade up to get him, he would pretty much fall to 15. There is still a chance that if those things werent to happen, that he will still fall to 15.

  11. Adam Y. says:

    Does anyone know if theres been talks to get Brackett from Indy? I think he will be an unrestricted free agent this year and hes a solid, veteran line backer who would be an instant starter; so we can then get a project MLB in the draft.

    • Jeremy says:

      I heard the Colts don’t want to lose him, but he’d be a tremendous aquisition. I like price A lot but I think we could get him at 20 or 23 and still pick up a safety and linebacker in the second. I hate to be redundent but The best value if we stay put at 15 would be an offensive lineman try to prove me wrong.

      • Adam Y. says:

        i think your right about getting an o-lineman first round, unless there is a dominate DT that we can pick up.

      • Jesse Cassel says:

        nah we need a linebacker I agree its the best value for sure to get a olineman but we have no linebackers I mean look at our backers stats against other teams, We were anemic they need a stud linebacker that can grow into the leader of our defense

  12. giantsforever says:

    Lets draft a dlineman, and get some lb’s in free agency/second round of draft

  13. Che S says:

    Rolando McClain
    If not trade down to the lower half of the round (#25-29) and draft Brandon Spikes. We need a LB, and McClain is as good as advertised. Spikes is good enough for low 1st top 2nd round pick.

  14. Che S says:

    Drafting a DL who probably won’t have a chance to start doesnt make a lot of sense even though we do need depth on that spot.
    On the other hand getting an impact MLB (McClain or Spikes) who will come and compete with Goff for the starting role is crucuial now especially with AP gone!

    • Jeremy says:

      Rookies don’t need to start. Actually it’s better if the don’t start means your team is good. I know I know you don’t think we were good.

  15. old ghost says:

    If Mclain not available trade down to 20’s for extra 2nd round pick. Take Iupati, Mays or Mt.Cody with the 20+ pick. Then in second round with 2 picks take either: Spikes Washington,Weatherspoon,Morgan Burnett, Chad or Reshad Jones. Another thought is to Trade 2011 Draft picks for 2010 2nd and 3rd rounders because 2011 will be talent dry.

  16. Adam Y. says:

    theres more talented line backers to choose from in the 2nd or 3rd round. And if we get a real good DT in the 1st then it would make our line backers jobs easier by putting more pressure on the QB. if we get a linebacker with our 1st round pick will he be good enough to make our d-line better?

    • Adam Y. says:

      and by better i mean make their jobs easier.

    • Jeremy says:

      I agree with you. Let us hope the giants think the same. Reaching for a linebacker would be counter productive. If the fat men upfront suck then our linebackers job will be much harder. Like a running back with No offensive lineman.

  17. j-arc says:

    i’m not feeling most of our likely options there–if somehow williams, davis, berry, or mcclain is still around at 15, fine.
    otherwise, we should trade the pick, stock up on 2nds and 3rds and go for best available in:
    RT, MLB, FS, DT
    in late rounds we should get:
    DE, C, P, CB

  18. Adam Y. says:

    the giants arent really known for trading up their draft picks. And after the past couple years i have faith in the manegment to draft the right guys.

  19. Jeremy Fuchs says:

    Here’s my (very) early thinking:

    I really like Brian Price. I do. But, is he an impact player in Year 1? Not sure. I think the pick has to be McClain. I think he can play right away, and middle linebacker is one of our biggest needs. Second round, draft a safety (Chad Jones?) and take it from there.

    Of course, we will have plenty of mocks, but it’s nice to get the juices flowing.

  20. Adam Y. says:

    well whoever we get first round is almost sure to be a defensive player and able to start on day one. i think we are almost all agreed on that. but a star RT in round one wouldnt look so bad either =]

  21. Andy says:

    Honestly, any talented defensive player whether it be a LB, S, DT, DE, would satisfy me. I don’t really care about the order they’re picked as long as we make a good attempt at improving the defense.

  22. Chuck says:

    What we need to do is draft a RT in the first then we move beatty to LT cuz he shows alot of potential and then move diehl to guard cuz he played it in college and he was better at guard then tackle…we have to build around our strenghs first and put back together our o line and restart this offense!

  23. I’ve been saying this in th eprospect profiles, but I’ll say it here again.

    What the Giants NEED to do is

    Draft GOOD Players. YOu do that by drafting Best Player Available.

    I think the BPA at 15 will be A) Earl Thomas, B) C.J. Spiller, C) Brian Price, or D) OL.

    Rolando McClain won’t be there at 15.

    I’m a proponet of drafting Anthony Davis or Bruce Campbell and anchoring Beatty and Campbell/Davis on the outside and moving Diehl into the guard spot…thus improving Three positions with one pick.

    Beatty=upgrade over Diehl…Diehl=upgrade over Suebert, Davis/Campbell upgrade over McKenzie (although Mckenzie is actually pretty good so not really an upgrade, but with his aging and health concerns perhaps an upgrade that way)

  24. Jeremy says:

    When drafting early in round one position plus BPA has to equaly get factored into the equation. It’s hard to field a team if all your talent is invested in one position.

    • Yes. But you CAN’T miss on a top end draft pick.

      They cost too much.

      Look at the Bills…they draft for need and talent instead of BPA every year (they have had some pretty lousy first round drafts. Donte Whinter, Marshawn Lynch, John McGargo, J.P. Losman, Lee Evans, Aaron Maybin). All were need picks only Evans is a first round type player.

      Donte Whitner is O.K. not 8th overall good.

      Raiders draft for need.

      And the the Packers…ALWAYS take Best Player Available…good team.

      Steelers BPA…good team.

      Take people you think can play in the N.F.L. becasue if you draft guys who can’t play…you’re in trouble. Fill your positions in other means if you need to.

      • Jeremy says:

        I see, I see said the blind man. I just don’t like CJ spiller he reminds me to much of Bush. Everything else you say is Gospel, Preach on brother.

  25. Adam Y. says:

    i think they will draft the best player available on defense. I dont see them picking up a QB, HB, WR, or TE in the 1st round. The Giants arent going to draft some one in the first round that they dont think will be able to start soon. Whats the point in paying top end money to a player where we already have depth. What if the best player available was a wide reciever, you think we would pick him up when we have 3 good receivers now?

  26. Shane says:

    Earl Thomas, there is way too much need there.

  27. horsecack says:

    jr will draft the best player on the board so if he feels the best player is a wr he will draft him dont be surprised if we end up with an extra de like jason pier-paul what a lot of ppl dont understand is that if you draft best player available you can always work out trades especially in the first and second rounds.

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  29. Horsecack

    Well put. I think Jerry Reese drafts Best Player Available EXCEPT in the first round.

    I think in the first round I think it’s Best Player Available at a position the Giants aren’t great at.

    But he never takes bad value.

    Ross, Phillips, and Nicks where all need picks that represented fair value (except for Phillips who was BPA)

    I think if Derrick Morgan (check profile) is sitting there at 15th overall he’ll be a NY Giant.

    I also think this could be true for Carlos Dunalp or Jason Pierre Paul, although both scare me a bit. I’ll profile JPP Soon after the combine.

    • horsecack says:

      all though jason pier-paul is dumb as all sh*t just by listening to him talk lol i think he will be a good player in the nfl hes a former b ball player and they usually make a good transition to the league i wouldnt mind having him dunlap too i wouldnt be surprised if jr would pick up dez bryant if hes still there as well

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