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Rumor: Hixon/Moss tendered, Not Dockery

In a move that I can’t quite understand, or begin to explain for that matter… Domenik Hixon and Sinorice Moss are rumored to be tendered. Kevin Dockery, however, is not.

So aside from Hixon, here is my problem with this — I want to see Ramses Barden out on the field next year, A LOT.  That is my focus when it comes to the receivers who don’t play as much as Smith, Nicks, and Manningham.  Hixon is obviously a good receiver that can get open and he’s an explosive return man — I would definitely like to continue to see him out there… and he would be rumored to make 1.7 Mil next year so I think Hixon himself would like to stay in Blue to collect that paycheck.

BUT… Sinorice Moss who is not what I consider to be a good receiver OR a good returner, atleast not for the Giants; he should have been available as an unrestricted free agent this year to sign with someone else.  If the rumor is true and Moss stays to collect as a Giant, the only thing he brings to the team now is a log jam of seniority in front of rising stars like Ramses Barden who NEED to get some consistent playing time next season.

Think of teams like the Rams who desperately need a reciever like Moss to simply get from A to B.  The Giants have PLENTY of good receivers that can out perform Moss — I think it is a mistake to muddy the water and attempt to keep him around for another year and pay him 1+ Million dollars to ride the bench slightly ahead of Ramses Barden who by the way has an upside far greater than perhaps anyone else on the team.

To me, this was a situation easily avoided by letting Moss test the market next week, along side Kevin Dockery in free agency. Now we will likely have to spend another year scratching our heads wondering why Moss is still a Giant.

Does anyone else find this annoying?

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21 Responses to “Rumor: Hixon/Moss tendered, Not Dockery”

  1. jeremy says:

    i think the Moss situation is a basic example of trying to get a return on there investment. they spent a second round pick on him so if they could get anything back for him it would seem like a win. unless losing him in Free Agency would get a compensatory pick, but he doesn’t play a lot so i doubt it would be a good one. and none of these contracts are guaranteed so it isn’t a big gamble.

  2. Matt says:

    Wat tender did moss get?

  3. dreday147 says:


    I find this very annoying, Moss time as a Giant should be over with. My only guess is that the Giants want to get a draft pick for him as compensation if another team wants him. But I don’t see any team giving up a pick for Moss, unless it’s round 5 or later. But Moss was a third round pick right? If a teams signd him they would have to give us a third round pick right? Or does it depend on the tender they sign him to?

  4. Matt says:

    It depends on wat they tendered him at which i am attempteming 2 figure out

  5. Russo757 says:

    Any smart business man knows when to abandon hope on “return on an investment” and cut your losses because there is NO RETURN. Moss sucks. Point blank. Cut or trade the fool

  6. Chris says:

    I’ll be very annoyed if Moss stays on the team. He’s nothing. He’s average at best and needs to go to a team that will play him full time and give him plenty of reps so he can salvage some career. He could catch 50 balls. But I want to see Barden too! He should be developed, developed, developed. He should work with Eli constantly on those end zone routes.

  7. dreday147 says:

    Well if they did tendered him, I hope it’s at the lowest price so maybe another team with no receivers will pick him up maybe Baltimore, the jet or Rams. Then we’ll get a late round pick.

  8. jeremy says:

    i think the lowest tender is the original round tender and he was a second round pick. no ones giving us a second round pick for moss. the highest round we’ll get is a four unless someone is really desperate and i mean haven’t been laid in months desperate, then we could get a third. thats as high as it’ll go.

  9. dreday147 says:

    Moss has been tendered.
    Moss (second round) tender, $1.176 million, but it’s not guaranteed they can still cut him later on.

    • dreday147 says:

      This is actually the best thing the giants could do. If a team picks him up before we cut him. We get something for nothing. But any smart team will wait until we cut him and then pick him up.

  10. thats right — originally at 2nd round.

    who the hell is going to match that?

  11. Steve B. says:

    I see nothing wrong with this, although i thought they would have kept Dockery, but on to the Moss subject….

    The simple answer is like others have stated, they are trying to get something back for him, if not now then in training camp. Everyone knows that Moss is a training camp stud. Problem is health and consistency. So if he lights it up in preseason, maybe a team will offer a draft pick for him.

    And the whole Barden thing is simple. If he is the better player, he will move ahead of Moss. Its that simple.

    Moss being on the team has nothing to do with Barden’s playing time. Whoever the better player is will move up the depth chart.

    In order for Barden to be more productive this season, he has to play special teams. Giants carry around 5 WR’s for game day. Smith, Nicks, Manningham are starters. Hixon will be rotating in, some 4 wr set, and he is the return man. Hagan plays special teams. In order for Barden to have a chance to play he has to beat out Hagan so atleast he dresses for the Game.

    Then maybe finally we can see some Red zone offense with Barden and Boss.

    But for Barden to play he has to beat out Hagan, and that is the area of Special Teams.

    • Truth be told — its not as simple as “if he’s the better player he’ll play”… and you point out one of the reasons right in your post concerning the special teams aspect of Coughlin’s regime.

      Its a bullshit reason, and EVERYONE knows it.

      The point of the whole system is to WIN. These stupid and ridiculous chain of command bullshit reasons are precisely why Barden didnt play — because there were better people like Hagan on special teams that have more experience and seniority in the league.

      To me… it IS simple:

      Hagan, continue playing special teams.

      Barden, when we get inside the 20 yard line, we’re putting you in.

      See how simple that is? Goodbye redzone woes… hello win column.

      • Steve B. says:

        Its not that simple though, the Giants only dress 5 WR in a game.

        The only way Barden plays is if he replaces Smith, Nicks, Manningham, Hixon, or Hagan.

        The first 3 are locks to play, because they are pretty much the starters, Hixon is the return man, so he is in. and the Last spot is for Hagan, who can play special teams, thats how he dresses, because of Special teams.

        So if the Giants ONLY dress 5 WR’s. Who do you take out? The only chance Barden plays if he can contribute on special teams, you might not like that answer, but thats the way its done.

        Smith, Nicks, and Manningham are all better than Barden, so they dress thats 3.

        #4 is Hixon, he is the 4th wr, and return man. Barden is not upsetting Hixon for the 4th wr spot.

        #5 wr is an important special teams member, and can contribute. This was Hagan spot

        Thats it, only 5 spots, the only spot Barden can compete with is for that last spot, which is someone who plays special teams.

      • andrew ilnicki says:

        It’s a good point.

        It’s just a damn shame that the Giants cannot figure this out, you know how to make it work so that they can win their red zone battles and not be so militant about this special teams issue.

        But to your point, I recall Moss and Barden dressing with the 5 receivers dressing for that week 3 Tampa Bay game for example… right? (Nicks and Hixon were out that game)

        Barden didnt play special teams at all that game, moss and hagan did and both were ahead on the depth chart. They hoped to get barden in to see what he could do in the red zone and because of the shutout, it turned out it wasnt necessary. Moss ended up getting the nod ahead of Ramses and recorded his touchdown catch on a GREAT pass from Eli, a damn bullet in the numbers.

        So my point here is — it can work with Ramses not playing special teams. But his chances of getting meaningful playing time increases of Moss is not on the field and ahead in the depth chart.

        Beyond that, it seems to me that between 8 offensive linemen and 3 Tight ends, you could be creative and make it work and start 6 receivers if thats what it takes to win a damn football game.

  12. Julio Cesar says:

    Steve B. is right… and a 6’6” guy on the field is not a guarantee of success in the red zone… if it were that simple, we could offer some money for Yao Ming to play on sundays for us

  13. Matt says:

    Well barden is good but jerry obviously isnt high on him

  14. Tyroc2 says:

    It amazes me have King Ramses is knighted without having done one thing of note in a real game. He is dubbed receiver incornate without having beat anyone out. It even more amazing how just implying Mosses name brings up such heat vitrol when there is almost nothing of note that he has done that any other Giants receiver has not. Mosses greated sin is to have been drafted on a team where his forte is not the strength of the ‘Franchise’ QB and that is geting the ball down field. Yes Eli is improving, but how many times have we seen Moss beat his man down field only to see an under thrown or arrant pass. Injuries? What receiver has not had injuries and for that matter what Giant? He does not play now because the Giants are deep and he is not the best match for ‘throw High’ Eli. That is not a rap on Eli, just a fact, maybe because he has had many tall targets to throw too. So now it is Mosses fault the offensive coaches can’t find a place for a sure handed speedster. Damn, I love Manningham, but how many damn drops has he had? If that was Moss the lynch mob would be waiting outside Giants stadium. Why don’t you look at Mosses body of work when he has been allowed to play? Even special teams which is simply God Awful, is he supposed to do it all by himself there too. Even Hixon struggled there for much of the season. For you damn geniuses who think you know more about player evaluation then the pros you need to think it through. Sometimes it’s just a bad situation for a guy to be in, the team is stacked at receiver and most of the Giants fans did even realize that until half way through the last season. These guys are good and they are all Giants. Damn, give the guy a break who does nothing but bust his ass to try to contribute as a Giant. When he’s gotten a change he has done his job. Other then just being big and dominating a 2nd or 3rd tier of college football (such busts are a dime a dozen) Bardon has done nothing and the coaches can tell when/if a guy is ready to contribute. I mean Moss is kept out because he is smallish and because this is a run first team and the fore mentioned ‘throw high’why would they just keep Ramses in moth balls when he is supposed to be all that and a bag of chips according to people in his fan club. The Giants proved that they will play rookies that work in their system I mean there are systemic issues with the structure of the passing game and you can see some serious issues that take various facets of the passing game out of play and they are, down field passing where the ball travels more then 35-40 yards in the air (Moss), quick slants (improving), screens, TE, green zone, 3& 4 wr sets. Trust me, if Moss was as bad as all the fans make him out to be, he would have been gone a long time ago. And right about now, he probably want anyway. Its easy to talk trash when you have a wealth of talent at a position, but lets see what would happen if the wrs got hit like the DL or DBs did last year and see who would be talking trash then with a bunch of waiver wire pickups many the position.

  15. Tyroc2 says:

    Sorry, should have proof read…in a rush

  16. andrew i says:

    do you think other qb’s in the league dont rely on their receivers to go up for the ball? any 300+ yard game that phil rivers had last year was because tall ass vincent jackson made some incredible catches.

    Eli throwing high, yes — its there. but so often only the receiver can catch that pass… and not a defender. sometimes the receiver has to make the play on the ball, and thats that.

    Barden is 6’6″ with huge hands — that is an advantage plain and simple. we have many short receivers that can out play moss, are more versatile, etc…. not too many bardens out there.

    its not a knock on the man, its an evaluation of what he can bring to the team — again the upside for barden is perhaps greater than anyone elses… thats the point.

  17. Tyroc2 says:

    Andrew, that is true but height no more guarentees success then lack of height guarentees failure. When a wr has a db beat by 5 yards that is not a jump call situation, that is a run under the pass situation and we fail woefully at getting the pass out there for receivers to run under. That is the primary weakness of our upfield passing game. Fact is if we had that we would not have these green zone problems. It amazes me how much heat manningham has taken for “leading Eli’s passes out of bounds” that is rediculous, Eli must throw the pass well before the wr gets to the point were the two can connect. The wr must find the ball in the air and track its trajectory to where it will come down so that it can be caught. Those sideline routes are scripted to be sideline routes, Coughlin’s comments about MM having to take the pass inside is for media consumption alone. Taking the route inside would expose Eli to floating the ball too close to the safety so it is run that way so the wr catches the ball ‘and keeps his feet inbound’ or it is incomplete or intercepted out of bounds. But MM is not a Toomer yet and has not mastered keeping his feet inbounds. However, many of those passes are sailing too far out to even make a play. The point is, our up field passing is below 30% completion, a very low percentage of that is drops. For the receivers the NYG have that is just not good, particularly when you do have wrs who CAN get seperation. So far, Hixon, MM, Nix, Smith all droped sure touchdown bombs as well as all the other wrs, except Moss (knock on wood). The NYG wrs are just damn good and could be far better with a logical and creative passing attack that can employ the TE and backs to keep defenses of balance. Nix, MM, Smith are arguably all first round picks (MM fell because of off field issues and Smith was knocked for speed misconceptions) and high to mid round at that based on production. They were all described as polished were as Moss was a 2nd because of size and being raw (and rightly so). So I contend that Moss IS on scedule but the others are way beyond expectations at the time of Mosses acquisition. Moss will play when someone finds a role for him(which is unlikely from this coaching staff) or when he explodes for some other team. I further contend that if you had been watching the preseason games, Remses may have singlehandedly lost woodson his job due to his inexperience or lack of awareness on some of those career defining passes he threw in his last games as a Giant that really as you put it “sometimes the receiver has to make the play on the ball, and thats that”. Well it certainly was for Woodson. Remses can’t get off the line (yet) and he is too slow to get into his route, he has not caught on yet (early in the season) and was not even productive in specials. What he did in camp agains now long gone dbs should not be part of the thinking. It is not just a questin of size, it is heart and talent which will ultimately dictate…that is if you get into the right system and QB. Look at Barian at MN, two teams and countless QBs and here comes Farvre a QB that can exploit his talents, and who would have known, the guys a All Pro (pick of S. Smith (BS).

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