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Mock Draft Scenarios

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Leave a Comment and let me know what your ideal First three rounds look like!

All right I’ve been doing a lot of posts on how prospects stack up and everything, and this is going to be my first crack at some mock drafts.

What I’m going to do is present some drafting philosophies that might happen on the 2010 NFL Draft. I’ll put my insight into the kind of philosophies and ask for what you guys think.

There are a lot of ways that the Giants can treat this draft, but let’s play out some of the possibilites.

I’m not saying that this is necessarily what I would or wouldn’t do I’m just examining some of the kind of philosophies the Giants could go and commenting on what I think of if they were to happne.

The New York Giants Decide to Go For All Defense in the first three rounds adressing their three biggest defensive needs:

If the Giants decide to address their defensive defeciencies in the first three rounds there are two positions they must address: Line backer and Defensive tackle. They could use depth at Defensive end, and cornerback, but they definitely need safety help IF Kenny Phillips won’t be healthy. What could the Giants do?

Pick #15 The New York Giants select Rolando McClain

Rolando McClain is a very realistic possiblity for the Giants. I think this is a crowd pleaser, it takes care of a need and it represents good, fair value.

I’m a fan of getting Rolando McClain, I’m not a fan of McClain at all costs or McClain if there is better value on the board, but I have no qualms about the Giants drafting McClain at 15th overall.

With the 46th pick in the N.F.L. Draft the Giants draft Defensive Tackle Lamarr Houston.

There are a lot of possible second round Defensive tackles, one of my personal favorites is Lamarr Houston. There is also Arthur Jones, Syracuse, Tyson Alualu, Geno Atkins Georgia, Cam Thomas, North Carolina is also another possibility.

But I like Lamarr Houston’s game more than these other players.

In this scenario we’ll assume that both Jared Odrick and Brian Price (late 1st round prospects who might sneak into the top 20) are gone.

With the 76th player in the N.F.L. Draft the New York Giants select: Safety Darrell Stuckey

Stuckey is a solid pro prospect who has good leadership qualities and has displayed better athletcism then people anticipated.  

In Draft Scenario A the New York Giants address arguably their three biggest needs (although after the signing of Deon Grant the Giants might not need Safety as much as before). They also get good  but unspectacular value with Rolando McClain, Lamarr Houston and Darrell Stuckey all being drafted right in their range. It would really solidfy the middle of the defense and I’d be O.K. with things panning out this way.


Scenario B: the Giants decide to try and build their offense into one of the leagues best to carry the team and will try to fill their defensive holes in the last rounds of the draft, through remaning free agents, or undrafted Free agents.

With the 15th pick in the N.F.L. Draft the New York Giants select Running back C.J. Spiller.

Spiller would provide excellent value with this pick because he’s a top ten player in this draft. Spiller would also give the Giants a dynamic return man which I’m not sure Domenik Hixon is. I like Hixon as a return man, but he’s not as dynamic as say C.J. Spiller is in the return game.

I feel like many Giants fans will dislike this pick…until the first time Eli Throws Spiller a five yard dump off pass, he jukes five guys and takes it 65 yards down the field for a score. Spiller, I think is better than Felix Jones.

Also word is out there that the Giants are not only interested in Spiller, but that they might even move up in the draft to get him (I don’t love that move)

With the 46th pick in the N.F.L. Draft the New York Giants select OT Roger Saffold out of Indiana.

Saffold is a player that has been rising up draft boards (I haven’t done a profile on him yet but I might). There are other second round linemen options you can replace here like Vladimir Ducasse, or John Jerry of Ole Miss (6’5 335 pounds). Charles Brown would be awesome in round two but he’s pushing himself into late round one and probably won’t be available in round two.

With the 76th pick in the N.F.L. Draft the Giants select TE Ed Dickson, Oregon

I know that Fuchs and Andrew Illinicki really like Kevin Boss. I think he’s solid, but not elite  in the passing game.

He catches a lot of balls, but he does NOT create seperation. He’s good blocker, good receiver, but he doesn’t get open very fast.

Travis Beckum might be the dynamic TE the Giants need, but I’m not sure that Tom Coughlin and Gilbride will use him in that role because he’s not known to be a great blocker, andBeckum is raw. He was a linebacker when he arrived at Wisconsin and eventually learned to play the Tight End position.

This draft would upgrade three different positions on offense in hopes of becoming one of the best offenses in the league.

Kevin Boss is a good N.F.L. pro bowl player with a high floor and low ceiling. He’ll be solid, but never great, in my opinion.

What do you guys think of Option B?


Option C:

MY PERSONAL IDEAL DRAFT (which means taking best player available and getting some luck with some players falling)

In the first round the New York Giants select:

OT Bryan Bulaga.

I’ve seen that Trent Williams is considered by some scouts to be the top OT  in the draft class ahead of Russell Okung, which means I think he’ll be the second OT taken which means it’s possible Bulaga falls down to 15, if he does I don’t think the Giants should hesitate to take him.

I dont’ think Bulaga will be available in the 2010 NFL Draft, but it’s possible that he might be. If the Lions pass on Rusell Okung and the Redskins select Jimmy Clausen the Cheifs will probably go Okung and then the Raiders might go Bruce Campbell, which means that Trent Williams or Bulaga will probably be available when the Giants pick at 15.

Round two the New York Giants select DT Brian Price

Brian Price has first round ability, I think, but there are a lot of questions arising about Brian Prices work ethic and potential. He’s had a poor pre-draft showing and he probably took himself out of the running at #15 overall for the New York Giants, where a lot of people mocked him early in the process.

If the Giants could steal Brian Price in round two and get a 10 year starter at tackle in the first two rounds I’d be set with the draft no matter what else happened after it.

With the 76th pick in the NFL Draft the New York Giants select ILB Brandon Spikes

Early in the process Spikes was a heavy favorite for the Giants at the 15th overall pick because everyone thought McClain would  be gone and Spikes had 1st round ability. But he’s had a TERRIBLE pre-draft showing. He’s been outrun by more than one offensive linemen, top that with his eye gouging incident and declining production for two years straight and you get a player who drops in the draft.

I would puke if the Giants took Brandon Spikes at 15 overall, but I would jump up and down if they could get him in the third or even the fourth round where that’d provide excellent value.

I like Sean Lee a lot too and Daryl Washington but I think both of these players will be gone by the Giants third round pick. Washington seems to be climing boards.

What would you guys think of this scenario?

 Draft I wouldn’t love. Option D

With the 15th pick in the N.F.L. Draft the New York Giants select Sean Weatherspoon.

Weatherspoon is a good player and a very strong possiblity for the Giants at 15th, I’m not a person who believes he’d provide the best value though. It’s adequate value, but it’s not exceptional value like a Bryan Bulaga might provide.

if the Giants nabbed Weatherspoon in the first, but then got great value the rest of the draft it’d be no problem, but if they reach every round…yuck.

With the 46th pick in the N.F.L. Draft the New York Giants select DT Geno Atkins

Geno Atkins has been rising in the pre-draft process and I’ve seen things like “he’s a better pro prospect than he is a college player”

well that’s not a player I’m that interested in to be honest. I want a productive college player who scouts think will be productive in the N.F.L. I’d also take a productive college player who’s production didn’t meat their talent level (like Carlos Dunlap who was more than productive enough, but he just wasn’t as productive as his ability)

With the 76th pick in the N.F.L. Draft The New York Giants select C J.D. Walton.

The Giants do eventually need to address the center position (and probably kind of soon) they don’t have great depth there and this is an appropriate value pick, although it’s not a great value pick.

It’s solid. It fits a need.

This draft option to me is all about drafting for need and getting adequate value and not knocking it out of the park.


Other possible targets:

I have no idea what the Giants will do after the first round, but I think there are a limited number of candidates the Giants will actually consider in the first round that I haven’t already mentioned.

Derrick Morgan is one. Brian Price is another (although I think less so now), Dan Williams is possible, and Earl Thomas is another (I hope so. I really like his game).

the Giants are one of the most interesting teams in the draft, a ton of talent, but a lot of places that they could upgrade.



Let me know if thinks broke right what three players would you want to see the Giants come away with in the 2010 N.F.L. Draft (realistic please. I mean Gerald McCoy in the first, Eric Berry in the second, and Russell Okung in the third round won’t work)


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22 Responses to “Mock Draft Scenarios”

  1. Whoops I had the comments disabled when I intially posted this, should be O.K. now though.

  2. chris harris says:

    im going mcclain/weherspoon torn next Dt geno atkins and thrid we go runnung back from orgeon bllount

  3. Sam w says:

    1st- Mcclain/Weatherspoon
    2nd- Price/Houston/Pouncey
    3rd- Aurthor Jones/ Morgan Burnett
    4th- Deji Karim/Trevor Lindely

  4. taylor says:

    Bartolis, why is Spiller excellent value but McClain unspectactular? From what I’ve seen they’re both ranked pretty similarly but Spiller plays a position that is easy to find talent at where the giants have good players already and McClain is at a position that is much more difficult to find talent at that is the giants biggest need. It would seem to me that McClain is better value and a much better fit. My ideal draft would be McClain, Price, then an OL or another LB.

    • Big Boards….

      Mel Kiper Spiller 9, McClain 15 Spiller 6, McClain 11

      ESPN SCOUTS inc Spiller 10, McClain 15

      Draftobard Insider Spiller 9, McClain 11

      CBS Draft Scout Spiller 7, McClain 11 McClain 17, Spiller 21

      NFL Draft Spot SPiller 5, McClain 9

      This is a random sampling of my favorite sites, and only one walterfootball has MClain higher.

      I like McCLain I think at 15 is good value.

      I think he’s probably the 11th or 12th best player in the draft

      I think Spiller is easily in the top 10…that’s just one mans opinion though.

      I also think that McClain has to be SLIGHTLY downgraded because of his Chron’s disease not much but more than nothing.

  5. Jesse Cassel says:

    I dont think that plan A’s third round pick is even an option anymore now that we have deon grant there is no way theyll draft a saftey in the first three rounds

  6. jeremy says:

    I love option C, but life never works out that perfect. Though I think your on to something with Spikes dropping to round 3. Bulaga would be good on the right side. Anthony Davis is my ideal pick for round 1 but its more high risk high reward and I’m not sure if Jerry will roll the dice that high in the draft- Bulaga is the safer pick. Jerry usually takes his risks in the third round were Spikes would be ideal.

    Nice article Jesse Keep up the good work–

  7. Paul says:

    Interesting I think the Giants most important needs are MLB, LT and C.

    Then equally I feel we can use depth at all of the following psns: DT, CB, FS, OG, Blocking TE
    I think the biggest bang for our buck is to trade down in the 1st round and get an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick. I would then draft C/G Pouncey later in round 1, 2nd rnd MLB BPA, two 3rd rounders I would take BPA LT and DT.

    Depending upon who is on the board when we pick at 15, i would take McLain, C/G Pouncey, RB Spiller, LT BPA or DB Earl Thomas!!! Note: KP may not be able to play and we only have Rolle, Grant, Johnson and another rookie that I can’t remember his name? If lle or Grant get hurt Johnson stinks. Adding Earl Thomas would solidify our 2ndary. In fact both Rolle and Thomas can also play CB. Opposing offenses would not know who to key on and that would be good for the Giants 2ndary.

  8. pc says:

    still a fan of going for Spiller But I think Kevin Boss is the shit. He is the best tight end in the NFC East and Probowl worthy. Why mess with that position in the draft when you have him and Beckhum?
    Take a LB in the 2nd round or third. We have talent thats ready to harvest in that position this year. Jacobs is slowing down and Hixon isn’t the greatest threat as a return man although good. Spiller would be a difference maker from a team that looks like a 9-7 or 10-6 to a 11-5 or 12-4.

  9. Steve B. says:

    I love McClain in the first, but have no idea about the other rounds. I do think that Price could fall to the 2nd round, and would absolutely be a steal if that were to happen (was at one point favorite for giants at 15)

    I think the Giants will look to fill a need–MLB–in the first round, then the other rounds go BPA, with a couple of positions in mind.

    I do think they could go safety in the first three rounds, because Grant is only a one year signing, so It wouldnt suprise me if they went saftey in third round.

    I think the only glaring hole is MLB, other than that, there is not much of a need. DT is probably next, but if Canty/Alford/Bernard are healthy, then I think the Giants are in good shape.

    Those would be the 2 “needs.” Next would be depth, and depending on what happens with the shifting of the OL, they could use either a guard/tackle, and a center. Think Giants will end up shifting Diehl to LG, Beatty LT, and the rest the same, then draft a RT who will eventually succeed McKenzie.

    Think they might go RB in later rounds, and probably add corner/DE depth. Maybe a guy like Javier Arenas in the 3rd or 4th. Would provide corner depth, but also is a good return man, which would be nice to have.

    The only think I know is that the Giants are walking away from the 2010 draft with a MLB. Other than that who knows.

  10. Matcohen says:

    You realize that this is all unrealistic. This is not what teams do. Unless they trade up or down, they create a list in descending order of preference of the players that they want and draft the top player on the list when they pick.

    In later rounds, this can be altered based on the picks in the previous rounds.

    So the question is, what does their board look like 1-15?

  11. Matcohen,yes

    I know that’s how it works.

    What I was saying is these are possible scenarios that MIGHT happen, if they were to happen something like this what would you prefer.

  12. Joe says:

    1 mcclain
    2javid best

    3 bpa

  13. jeremy says:

    Jahvid best in the second, Im all over that. I like that cat holiday out of LSU as well, maybe in the 5th.

  14. CMH says:

    1- McClain- Fixture inside for next 10 years
    2- Price/ Houston- Active DT to add some pop to front 4
    3 – Young (OT from Notre Dame) sit behind Kareem for a year and slide in next year
    4- Tennant- C from BC- need some depth behind O’Hara
    5- Lindley- I like this kid and if he develops Ross can swing to S
    6- Ryan Perriloux QB- Stud athlete. Stick him on practice squad and see if he develops
    7- A blocking TE to challenge Bear Pascoe for the 3rd spot

  15. Matcohen says:

    Didn’t mean to seem snarky but all of this is a bit fantasy-like.
    I wonder if you could do a Giants draft Board 1-15 poll.

  16. Matcohen says:

    I think that in round 1, there are 3 guys who will go in the top 15 that the Giants do not want
    Jimmy Clausen
    Sam Bradford
    Jason Pierre-Paul

    And 13 that they would be happy with:
    Russell Okung
    Bryan Bulaga
    Anthony Davis
    Trent Williams

    Mike Iupati

    C.J. Spiller

    Ndamukong Suh
    Gerald McCoy

    Rolando McClain

    Sergio Kindle

    Eric Berry

    Joe Haden

    You have to think that 1-3 guys not on that list get drafted in the top 14 so the Giants will have their pick of a linebacker or an offensive lineman. My gut is that they will and should take the best OL as that is where the talent is (BPA) unless someone unexpected drops because a few teams draft based on need.

  17. Matcohen says:

    Sorry 12 in second group. I had 13 but moved Jason Pierre-Paul to the first group because of his high bust potential.

  18. Chris says:

    I like the first option. I love when the g-men draft defense. There’s always free agent offensive guys around. I think we need stud lb’s and def line.

  19. CHUBBY T says:

    1st round Giants should take:
    A) Brian Buluga OT
    B) Earl Thomas S/CB

    2nd round:
    A)Tyson Alualu DT or Lamarr Houston DT
    B)Jamar Channey ILB or Daryl Washington OLB

    3rd round:
    A)Kyle Calloway OT (if Buluga is not taken)
    B)Brandon Ghee CB

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