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Most Underrated NY Giants

I wrote my most overrated Giants in response to an article on saying that Brandon Jacobs was the most overrated player in the entire league, not just on the Giants.

I identified three Giants I thought were overrated: Kevin Boss, David Diehl Madison Hedgecock, and full expected to be confronted on my opinion that Boss was overrated by NY Giants fans, but much to my suprise Giants fans took umbrage with my view on Madison Hedgecock. It was interesting so I decided to do the most underrated NY Giants.

My view of underrated is this: a player does not get enough credit from a community (whether that be the N.F.L. the Fan base, or the average N.F.L. fan). A great player can still be underrated.

Underrated just means not as highly thought of as I think they should be.

In this instance I chose three prominent Giants who I think are still underrated, it just happens this way.

These players are clearly not “under the radar” Players.

So here are my Most underrated Giants.

After you read mine let me know who you think are the three most underrated NY Giants (



Justin Tuck

One of the five best All around Defensive ends in the National Football League. He does not get the respect he deserves.

Even without Strahan or Osi the Giants were able to play well in 2008 becuase of THIS guy.

And even last year in his down year, he was still a productive overall player.

He had 6 sacks this past season, and according to only had 8 Quarterback pressures this past season, yet he still ranked as their 7th best 4-3 DE in the league last year.

Now, that’s not great, but it is still substantial. No one believes that Tuck was playing at full strength last year.

How did he rank 7th overall still? Well for one he knocked down 8 passes, which led the league from the DE position.  Secondly he had 44 and according to PFF he had 36 Stops, which ranked 3 among Defensive ends. For PFF a stop is a solo tackles which causes an offensive failure (Ie tackles close to or behind the line of scrimmage).

I think Giants fans know how good Justin Tuck is, but I don’t think those outside the N.F.C. East realize how good he has been.

Eli Manning

Underrated does NOT mean Underpaid.  I think people confuse the two. People argue that Eli Manning is overpaid and by doing so downgrade him to an average N.F.L. QB.

Is Eli Overpaid? Thats a different discussion for a different day, but for now I”ll continue with what I think he is underrated (even if I might be on an island on this one)

Every year Eli Manning appears on a list of most overrated players in the league.

And every year I complain about it. I’ve made this argument 50 times before so I won’t make it fully again here.

The Giants defense has not been a dominant defense, and until last year Eil had no great receiving options (Plaxico is talented, but he was a lazy route runner, he was undisciplined and he gave up on passes which gave Eli more interceptions than he should have. Plaxico also did not rack up Yards after the catch very often so Eli had to work for all of his yardage he got. Also, Plax’s numbers improved after he came to the Giants so I argue that they both benefited from each other. Toomer on the other hand was at the twilight of his career when Eli got really going and there was no great number three receiving option-Steve Smith was still learning), Eli Plays in the toughest division in football, Manning plays in the hardest stadium to throw a football, and Eli Manning also plays in an offense that is not a “pass-friendly” west coast offense where it becomes easy to post a high completion percentage and gain yardage.

On top of that, even though the Giants have had traditionally dominant defenses they were only once in the top 10 in defense since 2004 (and it wasn’t in 2007, it was 2008).

All of these have contributed to a lowering of Eli Manning’s statistics.

But this is what is great about Eli Manning. Down by 5 with two minutes left in the game I want Eli Manning on the field over almost every other QB in the league.

Also, find me ONE other QB whose defense gave  MORE THAN 25 POINTS PER GAME who was able to lead their teams to an 8-8 record. Usually teams who give up more than 25 points per game are on 2-14 teams. 4-12 teams. Maybe a 6-10 team. Maybe.

Those who aren’t Giants fans don’t get that Eli Manning is easily a top 10 QB in this league.

Corey Webster

It was a crime that Corey Webster did not make the Pro-Bowl in 2008 where he was probably the second best cover cornerback in the league that year.

He had a 23.2 Coverage rating ( in 2008 which was DOUBLE the next best player in 2008 (which was Darrel Revis) and which would have been second to Revis this year (and better than Charles Woodson this year as well).

According to Webster allowed 27 catches on the year last year, which was ridiculous if you look at the Giants schedule. He shut down players like Hines Ward, Terrel Owens (twice), Ocho Cinco, Fitzgerald, DeSean Jackson (twice). He was awesome. 40.3 percentage of passes completed (Best in league)  and only 1 touchdown allowed.

This year, Webster was still better than people think. Webster allowed (according to PFF) less receptions than Darrell Revis (although at a much higher completion percentage) and was still in the top 20 in almost all measures for CB effeciency EXCEPT (and this is a big one) Touchdowns allowed where for whatever reason (and I”m thinking this might be schematic) the Giants bled touchdowns out. He also had a few careless penalties (or terrible Pass INT calls in some cases)

Had Webster broken up 2 or 3 of the TD passes he allowed we would be talking about Webster being pro-bowl worthy again.

I fully expect a bounc-back year from Webster and he was SOOOOOO Underrated in 2008 that he still needs to get props even though he took a step back last season.

Steve Smith

I thought long and hard about the other people I wanted to consider for this position.

Kiwanuka, Chris Snee (But I think he gets a lot of recognition), Kareem Mckenzie

but I decided on Steve Smith.

And I think this has to do more with the faults that people want to find for Steve Smith than the positives.

Who would you rather have Steve Smith or DeSean Jackson?

99 out of a 100 people would chose DeSean Jackson (it seems that way) I don’t think the disparity is that great between the two players, in fact I think you could argue that Steve Smith is the better Wide Receiver.

There is no questioning that DeSean Jackson is the more EXPLOSIVE player, but the better overall WR?

I’m not sure.

For the first thing Jackson has no interest in blocking at all, while Steve Smith will. Smith is a better blocker (though neither is elite)

Secondly, Jackson will disappear for large stretches of games. He had only 62 receptions (38th best in the league)

Also Jackson had 9 Touchdowns and five picks throw into his coverage. He also had 56.3 percent of passes caught that were thrown to him.

Steve Smith on the other hand had 70.9 percent caught.

The other thing I think Steve Smith clearly has on Jackson is as a third down WR.

I don’t know. It might be a tough argument to make, but I think Steve Smith is still considered as a good slot WR and not a legetimate #1 WR which I think he can be. He needs to get in the end-zone a little bit more, but other than that he’s every bit as good as Wes Welker and Wes Welker (if not better) and Welker is constantly talked about as being one of the best weapons in the game.

Lets go Stevie put a few more in the end zone this year and get your respect.

That’s my list of underrated Giants….

What’s yours?

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4 Responses to “Most Underrated NY Giants”

  1. Steve B. says:

    I agree.

    Think Giants fan know what tuck is about, but you do not here his name in the NFL, usually starts with Jared Allen, D-Ware, Julius Peppers…

    I also like the Corey Webster underratted, he was purely awesome in 2008, he did have a down year in 2009. Lets not forget he was benched in 2007 for poor play, came back in that buffalo game, had a pick-6, then continued that success in the playoffs. Shutting down Tampa, Dallas, Greenbay, Patriots WR’s. I think Corey Webster will have a bounce back year.

    I do hope he gets better in zone coverage, and I think Fewell is the right man to do that, secondary play is his specialty.

    I think a lot of people remember the TD against the chargers, and it looked like Webster gave up the TD, but he was suppose to have saftey help, and Mike Johnson didnt help him out. It was the wrong coverage play, but i think that sticks in peoples minds.

  2. sam says:

    Tuck is my man crush! I LOVE JUSTIN TUCK! Webster is so nasty, hes going to be back, and Terrell Thomas is going to have a HUGE year! I want to add the entire 2008 team and season to the Underrated list because he we DOMINATED! we were the second team all time to beat 7 teams with winning records in a row, and in that stretch we beat philly in philly, pittsburgh in pittsburgh,washington in washington, Im telling you I have never felt the way I felt that year as a fan, but it all fell apart after Plax shot himself and the DL started wearing down, I really wish they would’ve won the superbowl, so they could’ve gotten the respect they deserved! Go Giants!

  3. Jeremy says:

    For the first thing Jackson has no interest in blocking at all: I laugh every time i hear that comment. Jackson’s a hack Smith’s the better receiver hands down.

    My list of under rated goes
    -Eli (a top 3 QB in my opinion, only Drew Breez being better, he’s even with T. Brady)
    -Mario Manningham, that TD reception he made in Dallas against Newman was insane.

    I was pissed when Osi went down. I was telling all my friends that having Tuck will be like having Osi teamed up with a young Strahan. imagine that i was drooling for ’08 to start then Osi went and got hurt; F’n Jets. Tuck was forced to team with kiwi (lame). kiwi is a rich mans Tolefson nothing more.

    PS: Payton’s a fantasy QB not a champion. Would you rather have Phil Sims or Dan Marino. I’m choosing Phil always.

  4. Matcohen says:


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