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How Would “Beast Mode” Look in Big Blue?

Let me start this off by saying this is not a rumor I have seen or heard Anywhere! It’s just a hypothetical question I’m posing right here right now.

Andrew posted an article here questioning the Giants depth at running back this upcoming season and wondering what Gartrell Johnson, specifically had to offer to the team.

I’m not sure, but I do know that out in Buffalo is a much maligned and uber talented, productive N.F.L. player who sure does good things no the field.

Marshawn Lynch, despite the person he may (and seemingly is) be is one of the most talented running backs in the league with a rare combination of strength, speed, and catching ability. Listed at 5-11 and 215 pounds Lynch runs like a wrecking ball at times and was also timed at the N.F.L. combine with 4.46 speed.

Lynch has also been very productive, at times in the N.F.L. Playing behind one of the worst offensive lines and clearly one of the worst, if not the worst passing attacks in the league Marshawn Lynch has averaged 4.0 yard a carry in his career.

In 2007 when Lynch played 15 games he had 1036 yards rushing (on only 251 attempts) with 8 touchdowns and 300 yards receiving with another touchdown.

736 of those yards came after intial contact, which effectively gave Lynch the moniker “Beast Mode” (although I think Lynch dubbed himself beast mode)

The Buffalo Bills Starting QB Trent Edwards had 11 touchdowns through the air in 2008.

Lynch is elusive in the open field, he can run inside or outside and he can run right over defenders.

But defenders aren’t the only people Marshawn Lynch runs over (was that too easy of a cheap shot?) as his infamous hit and run case, gun possession, failed drug tests, and theft of a womans wallet/credit card. The woman was wife of a police officer (Alleged incidents, I don’t know the legalities of any of this).

Lynch was suspended for the first four games last year and lost his starting tailback position to the talented and quiet Fred Jackson.

The former first round draft pick has been reduced to an after thought as the Bills drafted C.J. Spiller seemingly spelling the demise of Marshawn Lynch has a Buffalo Bill and placed him third on the depth chart. He has responded by taking his time to report to the Buffalo Bills facilities this off-season and requesting (then denying requesting) a trade.

Lynch did look a bit sluggish though coming off his injury and seemed to be heavier than his listed 215 pounds, something that might still be an issue.

When requested by reported (according to about whether or not Lynch was down to 215 pounds he said, “”Nah, I ain’t down to 215.  I’m comfortable.”  Pressed on how much he did weigh, Lynch just repeated, “I’m comfortable.”

I like Brandon Jacobs as a player (though he must improve this season) and I know lots of fans love Ahmahd Bradshaw (I like him too, but have a bit tampered expectations than my boy Illnicki who has a man crush on Bradshaw with good reason), but I haven’t seen the Giants have a player who can be a threat on a outlet pass out of the backfield on a consistent basis.

Bradshaw has the ability to do so, but Lynch IS a threat out of the backfield.

And with the blocking ability the Giants have on the Offensive line (which is light years ahead of the Bills right now even if they did take a step back last year) Lynch could be a dangerous weapon out of the backfield.

Andre Brown, the Giants 4th round pick last year is also a player worth considering for the role of “3rd down back” but he has the little issue of coming back from a possible debilating injury (though early word is that he’s good to go for training camp and right now is participating fully).

The Giants might again struggle out of the backfield this year, a problem that a motiviated, responsive, and well-behaved Lynch might be able to alleviate. But that could be asking a lot.

If the Giants were to consider this hypothetical trade what would it cost?

Not much. Lynch has a first rounders contract, he has a history of violating the leagues conduct policy, the Bills smallest need is at the running back position, and they have no realistic chance of contending this year.

The Bills want to (assumption) get rid of this malcontent and would probably be willing to do so for a fifth round draft pick.

I know Jerry Reese safeguards his draft picks like a pirate defends his booty, but it could be an intriguing option.

I bet the Giants could even get away without giving up draft picks.

The Giants might be able to move some of their WR depth (Sinorice Moss maybe?) and a 7th round draft pick or Sinorice Moss or an OL to the Bills for Lynch.

I’m not a big proponet of this hypothetical deal,  I just thougth I’d lay out some paramters and see what the Giants fans think.

If the price is right would you consider going after the talented enigma Marshawn Lynch?

In other malcontent news, it seems Haynesworth has officially asked for his trade. I still think he should have taken the 20 million less from the Giants  and had a shot at a winning season. But what about Haynseworth?

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14 Responses to “How Would “Beast Mode” Look in Big Blue?”

  1. Steve B. says:

    No Thanks.

    Wouldnt trade a 7th pick for Lynch.

    After being burned by Plax’s off the field actions, the Giants will be in no rush to add another head ache player.

    You could almost say same with Haynseworth.

    Think the Giants have too many DT on roster to add Haynseworth, who might show up and play.

    They got Cofeild, Canty, Alford, Bernard, and the 2nd round pick Joesph, all of whom will be looking for starting time.

  2. Giants101 says:

    How would he look in Big Blue? Probably as he does in that picture.

    • ha nice that’s funny.

      I agree with you he seems like too much of a knucklehead to seriously consider trading for, but what is there to lose really?

      If he doesn’t fit in with Coughlin he’s shown the door and all it might cost you is a Sinorice Moss and a 7th round pick if the Bills are motivated to move him.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I would trade 2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th & 7th round picks for Haynseworth but only if the redskins continue to pay his entire contract.

    What ya guys think? we could win 2 or 3 Superbowls with that fat guy.

  4. Jason C. says:

    I like Marshawn a lot, and wish him luck, hope he gets himself straightened out, but I don’t really have much interest seeing him in blue. I think the RB depth is just fine, CB depth on the other hand (I’d bring in Pacman at this rate haha, ok maybe not, but yeah.)

  5. andrew says:

    this is a major issue, because we have the main ingredients to a youthful 3 headed monster with Danny Ware / Andre Brown competing for that 3rd spot. They are basically the same size backs, that power-scat type of player that would round out the backfield nicely. I stand by my feeling that Johnson is basically a glorified backup, which is the only reason he was brought in to begin with last year. I think the Giants have what they need right not to be more than adequate at RB…. but there is a small part of me that believes another diamond in the rough is out there for that third spot. and that same part of me hates to think that it was D Ward…. but damnit he took snaps away from Bradshaw who I’m really high on. Can’t argue with that 2008 rushing powerhouse trio though….. best damn team to lose in the first effing round.

  6. kevin says:

    Why do you guys waste time discussing these players that you know Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin will never trade for or coach? For all the great analysis on this site from time to time, there really are some dumb posts.

    The Giants are SET at running back and DT. If they had interest in another RB, they wouldve signed one by now. If they wanted a DT, they wouldve signed John Henderson. It’s not their style to trade for high profile players with baggage, even if they did make Fat Albert an offer in the ’09 offseason. Maybe Accorsi wouldve entertained the idea of trading for these guys, but not Reese. This should be clear to everyone by now.

    • Kevin

      This is purely a hypothetical situation.

      I live where I have no access to the OTA or training camps so I can’t contirbue anything unique or new on that basis. We’ve discussed ad nauseum the giants draft picks, we’ve broken down the schedule we regularly post. We’ve discussed key moments from last year, we cover trade speculations.

      It’s just a different idea to post something a little different and see what Giants fans would think if they were running the team.

    • andrew says:

      we’re still months away from being able to discuss and analyze REAL football — you know actual GAMES. so keep that in mind everyone….

      and you should be aware that the site contents are not exclusive to just status quo news found everywhere else, but opinions and topics that try to provide a spring board for discussion. you may not like every twist and turn of the gab, but its not necessary to insult the author.

      Jesse asked a very thinly veiled open ended question in this post — an opportunity to share how you feel about the backfield… to which your response makes it perfectly clear where you’re coming from. so thanks for participating… but you don’t have to bite the hand that threw you that bone, its just rude.


      keep in mind, the easiest thing to be in life is critical of someone else’s work

  7. kevin says:

    Agreed. Should not have called it dumb. My apologies. Just bored at work and looking for something to read. To be honest, I get tired of die-hard fans discussing hypothetical/unrealistic trade scenarios, especially when it’s on a reputable blog like this. Regardless, I see where youre coming from, and I appreciate the work you guys do. I’m just disappointed when I see posts like this.

    As far as other topics are concerned, I think there are numerous position battles (not just MLB) that havent been discussed at length yet (on this or any major Giants blog). That could be a good feature heading into training camp. Just my two cents.

    • Intersting you brought that up. I’m actually working on starting those right now about position battles and roster breakdowns based on who’s invited to mini-camp.

      Be coming soon.

  8. sam says:

    I would trade for both of them because if they turn out to be turds you just cut them! I would trade Sinorice to Buffalo or a 7th round pick or both but nothing higher, Haynesworth I would definitely trade for as long as he re-does his contract with us,I really dont care to have Lynch because I believe hes trouble, when you have millions and your still stealing! you have a problem!I also think Lynch at his BEST doesnt make us as good as Haynesworth at his BEST! I think if you had both of them at there best it would be AMAZING but for team chemistry, I dont think I need Bradshaw hanging out with Lynch and we’re low on depth at Running back but Lynch would make it a crowded backfield,I think getting Haynesworth would be sick but we would have ALOT of potential just SITTING on the bench, like ALford and Linval. I dont know, I want the Giants to have the best team ever so of course I would like to get either player, but honestly if the team we have right now plays to its potential! WE ARE SUPERBOWL BOUND!

    I just cant help thinking about running against a line of Tuck 6’5 274 ,Haynesworth 6’6 350,Linval 6’4 320,Canty 6’7 310 LMAO! WOWOWOWOW

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