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Monday Thoughts And Musings

Happy Monday! I’m writing this as I download the new iPhone software. It looks pretty sweet. So, in honor of that, let’s do some Thoughts and Musings

-It kinda sucks that there isn’t going to be football–real football– for six weeks. They should space out the mini camps better.

-Now that Hixon is out for the year, don’t be surprised if Tim Brown, an undrafted rookie from Rutgers, makes the team. He’s short, about 5-8, but all he does is make plays. He’s a burner, and as a sixth receiver who can contribute on special teams, he’s not a bad option.

-Speaking of Hixon, we can’t underestimate how big of a loss that is. Punt returner. Kick returner. Kick coverage. He did it all. And wasn’t a terrible receiver. The leader in the clubhouse to be the return guy is probably Sinorice Moss, but I think when all is said and done, Aaron Ross will be the punt returner, and Moss will be the kick returner.

-I won’t be surprised to see Rhett Bomar be the 3rd quarterback. Last year, they went with two, but Bomar has done a lot of impressive things in mini-camp, and I think the reward is a roster spot.

-If everything I’m hearing is correct, Clint Sintim is going to have a monster year.

-Personal interlude: Ran into someone I hadn’t seen in 3 or 4 years yesterday. Very randomly too. Just saw him walking. It was very nice to catch up. I wish those things happened more often. Just running into someone randomly you haven’t seen in years is pretty awesome.

-I know the Jets reduced their PSL prices, but you have to think the Giants will too. Their economic situation may be different, but I can’t imagine the Giants would let the Jets reduce prices and not reduce prices themselves.

-So, it’s Rich Seubert vs Will Beatty. If Beatty wins, he becomes the left tackle, and Dave Diehl slides to left guard. If Seubert wins, the line stays the same. Beatty is much more talented, but never count out Rich Seubert. That’s one tough dude. If I was a betting man, I’d put my money on the line staying the same, with the possibility of Beatty joining the lineup midway through.

-The Giants were practicing with a four defensive end front: Osi, Kiwanuka, Tuck, JPP. That has the potential to be dominant. Think about it: Guards and centers can’t stop Tuck. We saw that in the Super Bowl. Same with Kiwanuka. It’s going to be a great 3 down look.

-Speaking of defensive ends, if Osi can produce, it will take a double team off Tuck. It’s so hard for defensive ends to beat double teams, and I think that’s part of the reason Tuck struggled last year. If Osi can produce (a big if) the defensive line will be that much better.

-Futbol interlude: Any one watching the World Cup? I find myself fascinated by it. The problem with soccer in America is that no one watches the MLS. Soccer is a great spot, but in America, it’s only really watched once every four years. I think that’s a shame. It’s so hard for their to be a major league in the US. They’re going to be fifth or sixth. So, it’s tough. I guess we just have to wait every four years.

-I’ve said it many times, but I’m really excited about the secondary. With or without Kenny Phillips, it’s a young, talented secondary. With Phillips, it’s that much better. That was a huge weakness last year. Provided they stay healthy, it’s going to be a strength.

-I’ve maintained this for a while now: Jon Goff will open up as middle linebacker, but Phil Dillard will replace him by midseason. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s not going to be because Goff is so awful. It’s just going to be that Dillard is a better player, and once he gets used to the defense, he’s going to start. Goff is a placeholder at this point.

-I’m really excited for Andre Brown. He’s been looking really good in mini-camp, and if can provide a respite for Jacobs and Bradshaw and be productive, all will be well.

-People seem to be forgetting about Chris Canty, but I think with a year in New York under his belt, he could be better. Could.

-TV interlude: I just got into The Wire this weekend. Watch it. Now. Seriously. It’s the best show on TV. It’s smart, it’s realistic, and it makes you think. The ensemble cast is terrific. You get attached to the characters. So watch it. Now. You won’t regret it.

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5 Responses to “Monday Thoughts And Musings”

  1. Jason C. says:

    There’s absolutely no chance of them keeping 3 QB’s on roster. Where does the cut come from?? If you remember, last year they went with 3 TE’s, and 3 S’s, this year they might carry 4 of each. They still need a bring in another corner, unless Chad Jones can play CB as well as S. Then there’s guys like Tollefson and Wilkinson. The Giants are one of the few teams that are in desperate need of a roster expansion, and unless that happens, don’t expect Bomar to make roster.

    About the World Cup, I too love to watch as well, but the main reason it will never make it big in America is advertising, there isn’t room for TV timeouts in soccer, and EVERYTHING in America is based on advertising. The other reason is lack of scoring, hockey has taken a nosedive in terms of popularity, and has tried different ways to “fix” the game, like eliminating ties, while soccer is almost always played for a tie, we as a nation like to see a winner and a loser, bragging rights is very important in sports here, and a tie just doesn’t give you much to brag about.

    • andrew says:

      I agree, 80 isn’t much room for dead weight. 53 even less. 45 that much more stringent. 2 QB’s — especially since Antrel has an arm


    • Jason C-

      interesting thoughts.

      There was an article in Time Magazine describing the growth in popularity of soccer in the United States. Especially in places like Seattle

      Where they have AVERAGED over 36,000 fans A GAME!

      That’s more than a lot of baseball teams draw. More than almost every baseball team draws

      If you go to this site here:

      you’ll see that all 16 teams draw over 9,000 a game and the league as a whole averages 16,000 + fans a game.

      Also soccer is I think the most played sport among children in America.

      Also, as schools continue to cut budgets one big cut is football programs which are extremely expensive

      and is replaced with soccer which is much more cost effective.

      America has been slow to the soccer train, but it is growing more quickly than you think.

      The time article also says that (I haven’t confirmed that) there are some major players in Eurpoe following Beckhmas lead and moving AWAY from England to the US.

      I do agree about goals though–and the win loss thing’s not terrible because that can be easily rectified with shootouts and stuff.

      The ADvertising angle is an interesting and very shrewd comment and I agree with you that it’s definitely possible that Big corporations have stayed away from soccer because it’s more difficult to advertise, but it works in Europe I’m sure it could work here as well.

  2. Shrimp says:

    I just feel that in America the second a child shows flashes of elite athleticism, they guide him into football or basketball. How do you think Chris Johnson, Darrelle Revis or Reggie Bush would have done if they grew up playing soccer their entire life? I’ll tell you one thing… I’m glad they stuck to football!

    • Astute comment Shrimp. That is true clearly the best athletes play football or basketball.

      Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Antonio Gates imagine some of these monsters running down a soccer field who are athletic as well as big and strong.

      America could easily have the best soccer team in the world if all the best athlees played soccer growing up instead of football or basketball (or even baseball in some instances)

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