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Lebron, Mebron, Youbron, KnickBron, Cavbron, Heatbron?


I have never posted anything not Giants realted and don’t plan on doing it often, but I just wanted to throw out a say on this topic considering its the biggest sports story for today and tommorrow.

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Lebron, Lebron, Lebron. All we are hearing about is Lebron James. Yes I know Lebron James is a gifted basketball player who has shownt hat he is also a team leader a great young man and a marketing demigod. But this free agent class isn’t all about LeBron.

I don’t know where Lebron James is going (but I’m excited to find out).

I don’t know where Amare Stodumire is going

or Dwayne Wade

Chris Bosh

Dirk Nowitzki

Joe Johnson.

I don’t know where they want to go, I don’t know what teams want them to go there and I don’t know where they will go, but I do like pretending to be a G.M. And I do love basketball.

That’s why I’m presenting you with this entirely not giants related post (sorry) about where I think the free agents SHOULD Go.

First let me preface it by this: ignore the Salary Cap talk. Seriously don’t pay attention. the N.B.A. operates under a Soft Cap. There are ways to sign a lot of players and there are many plausible ways to go over budget, so I won’t be copmletely technicial with the numbers (but I won’t be crazy either like LeBron Wade and Bosh to L.A.)

First let’s list out the free agents of this class that intereste me.

Joe Johnson, Ray Allen, Nate Robinson, LeBron James, Brendan Haywood, Dirk Nowitziki, Ben Wallace, Louis Scola, Dwayne Wade, John Salmons, Paul Pierce (ETO), David Lee, Tracy McGrady, Matt Barnes, Allen Iverson, Amare Stodumire (ETO), Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer,

And if your team misses out on a big time player this year fear not next year holds a lot of good players as well including: Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Carmelo Anthony, Jamal Crawford, Mo Williams, Nene Hilario, Yao Ming,  Zach Randolph, Michael Redd, Peja Stoakovich, Andrei Kirilenko. So there is hope. Especially if you get Carmelo Anthony or a healthy Yao Ming.

Now onto this year here are some teams with big time capspace. Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, NY Knicks All these teams may be able to sign two max contracts (Heat three if they retain Wade).

NJ Nets, L.A. Clippers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Washington, Sacramento, and Oklahoma City.

Let’s start with a few of the above teams and their needs.

(Remember this is where I think players SHOULD Sign if they want to move to the best teams not where they will sign or where they want to sign).

Ray Allen: Ideally Ray Allen would stay with the Boston Celtics and take one last run with Rajon Rando, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, but I’ll say Allen won’t stay and will go to a different  team. Allen is a solid defender and great shooter who is also a good mentor. Ray Allen would benefit from a team that can provide him open looks at the basket and keep him away from guarding the best player on the opposing team. Allen also would work well with a point guard who can deliver him the basket.

I think Ray Allen should look into signing with the Orlando Magic.  I know it’s a bit off the radar. But the Magic could use another scorer and Allen would seem to fit in right with what the Magic are doing. Also the Magic are probably losing Matt Barnes and Allen could replace Barnes (by moving Carter to the SF spot). Plus why wouldn’t Allen want to play on a team where they say, “hey Allen go out there and shoot as many three pointers as you want”. The Magic have a lot of money tied up in Reshard Lewis and will be giving Howard another fat contract coming up soon so they don’t have a ton of money. Allen could sign for the midlevel exception (which is probably going to be over 6 million dollars) because Allen isn’t getting any younger.

Forecast: Allen stays with the Celtics.

David Lee: The Double double machine. And one of the most underrated players in the league. David Lee is a VERY good offensive player who has improved each year he has been in the league. What has helped Lee tremendously is his development of a good 15 foot jump shot. Lee is solid from the line and he has enough speed to get to the rim. What David Lee does NOT do well is defend. But this past season he avearged 20.2 points and 11.7 rebounds per game! He also had a 26.99 effecieny rating James had a 33.27. higher than either Tim Duncan, Amare Stoduamire or Carlos Boozer.

David Lee needs to sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder are a very good defensive team who could help to cover up the defensive defeciencies of David Lee. David Lee on the other hand can provide the Thunder with some much needed low post scoring and rebounding. I think the Thunder are a very, very promising team. The Thunder are in a great positon they have some very young talented players (Durant, Westrbrook) and some good solid young players (Green and James Harden) but what they don’t have his great size or a low post presence. The Thunder also have money.

David Lee is a GREAT fit in my opinion and hopefully it will happen. It won’t cost the Thunder and arm and a leg and in fact they may even be able to sign one more player after David Lee.

Tracy McGrady: Is a big name who has battled many injuries throughout his promising career. He’s probably a mid level exception guy now and he SHOULD look to just offer some help to a young team or a team that needs one more player to get over the top. There are a few teams I think McGrady should consider: the Thunder, the Spurs (maybe he can give the Spurs what they hoped they were getting from Richard Jefferson), maybe the Hawks or a Denver Nuggets, a Portland Trailblazers, or any team that can get two of the big free agents.

Joe Johnson: I think Joe Johnson is a very good N.B.A. Player, but he’s not a franchise player, I don’t believe. I dont’ think you can win a championship with a Joe Johnson as the focal point of a team. I don’t think Johnson should get a max contract, but with that being said anyone who signs this player will be happy a very good player. Lets look where Joe Johson should go. Johnson is a good scorer with a good shot and is a pretty good all around player. He’s not a great penetrator (but he can create his own shot), he’s not a dangerous assist two guard (like a Wade or Lebron), but he’s good.  I think Joe Johnson would fit very nicely with the New Jersey Nets. The nets have some young talent. They have a PG (Devin Harris) they have a center (Brooke Lopez) they have what they hope will be a good young power forward (Derrick Favors) and they could have a good small forward with the talented enigma Terrance Williams. What they don’t have though is a very good two guard. I think he’d also fit well with the Magic (and a number of other teams) or the Oklahoma City Thunder where he could play the two guard position and give the Thunder a very good combination of players with Westbrook, Druant, and Joe Johnson.

Prediction: NY Knicks. I don’t think he’s a max contract guy. The Knicks do. Hell probably sign with the Knicks or Hawks.

Amare Stoudemire

Amare is a great offensive player who can really take it to the rim. Stoudemire is a gifted offensive player who doesn’t play great defense. He avearged 22.2 points per game and 6.60 rebounds per game. Stoudemire also shot 55 percent of the field.

Stoudemire is flashy and has a big name, but I think he is OVERrated. He doesnt’ play defense and he gets a TON of open looks because of the system he plays with and also because of the point guard he plays with. Stoudemire to me is not much better than David Lee, but David Lee is a year younger and going to come much much cheaper. Stoudemire will recieve a max contract or near max contract while Lee will probably receieve 10 million dollars a year. Sure Stoudemire will help you sell more tickets but Lee might actually help you win more games. He rebounds better, he has more of an outside game and neither is an exceptional defender.

Amare would fit well with a player who can create space or run with him. He should re-sign with the suns, but if that’s not where he wants to go he should look to play with a good point guard. He might fit in well with the Los Angeles Clippers. Who have cap space, Baron Davis Chris Kaman and needs a big name to try and even compete with the Lakers attention.

Forecast: Knicks with Joe Johnson.  

Dirk Nowitzki

To me, Nowitzki is the PERFECT compliment to LeBron James. Nowitzki is a big guy who can shoot from the outside and actually prefers to play fifteen feet and out which opens up the lane for LeBron James. But you can’t double LeBron with Nowitzki on the team becuase Nowitzki will KILL you if you double LeBron James all game and leave him to shoot those jump shots which you can’t really stop anyway.

Nowitki had a 29.9 effeciency rating. He gets blocks and he’ll also rebound. He’s not an elite defender, but like I said he can block and Dallas has been an elite defending team with Nowitzki on the floor so he won’t kill you defensively.

I think Nowitzki should go sign with LeBron and we could watch some beautiful basketball being played with LeBron Dirk  on the team I think Lebron should go to.

Forecast: he resigns with the Mavericks. He loves it there. He’s not young, he’s not going to get a max contract and Cuban treats his players like gods.

Chris Bosh.

Chris Bosh is one of the three players who probably deserves a max contract this offseason with Lebron and Dwayne Wade. I don’t think Bosh is as good as Dirk, but he’s younger. Put it this way the Raptors had Chris Bosh, Andreai Bargnani, Hedo Turkolu and some other very quality N.B.A. players on its roster and Bosh couldnt’ carry the team. Meanwhile the Heat have trash and the Cavs have nothing really good and those teams are carried to the playoffs. Bosh has not been a difference maker for the Raptors.

That scares me and makes me think that Bosh might not have the actual impact people make it seem like he does.

Bosh is a good player though.

I think Chris Bosh SHOULD go to the New Jersey Nets with Joe Johnson (assuming Johnson doesn’t get a max contract). The Nets have very nice building blocks but with players like Harris and Lopez and Favors the team could get well in a hurry. There is a lot to like with the New Jersey nets and they have a lot of money.

The Thunder would bea  Great Fit as well. Much like with Lee the Thunder need that low post presence and Bosh would provide it. I don’t think the Thunder have the money for Bosh, but if they did, that could be a team that could possibly take on the Lakers.

Dwayne Wade

Dwaye Wade and leBron James have very similar games. Wade turns the ball over more and isn’t as gifted as a passer as LeBron James is, but he does have a ring. Wade also has more injury concerns, but he’s a very good player.

The Heat if they don’t sign more players have nothing to offer Wade in terms of championship potential anytime soon. Wade needs to be on a team that can play some defense and allow him to be a play maker. I think Wade should go somewhere with Bosh/Lebron/Nowitzki. Where will that be I don’t know?

Obviously if the Heat can sign Bosh, Wade, and LeBron and then get some players at the mid level exception they’d have a great team. Paying all three players though might cause a lot of financial burden later.

Forecast: Wade signs with the Heat. The city of Miami is too tempting for N.B.A. players. They all want to live there. The Heat will get another player down there with Wade whether it be Bosh Amare Stoduemire, a Carlos Boozer. Someone.

LeBron James

Ideally itd be nice to see Lebron Stay with Cleveland and delive them a title. But Clevelands front office seems a bit exploitated. The Antwain Jamison move was a good one I thought that didn’t pan out. But they’ve overpaid for a lot of players like Mo Williams and Anderson Varejo. LeBron is one of the rare players who makes avearage players look very good. He’s very very good and I love to watch him play.

There is one team I believe that if Lebron signed with he’d win immediately.

The Chicago Bulls

The talent on the Bulls is fantastic. They do very well in the draft and they have money to sign another player. I think the Bulls should sign LeBron and either Bosh/Nowitzki and pair those two with the talent they already have like Derrick Rose, Luol Deng, Taj Gibson, Noah, and James Johnson.

Well that’s just a look at some of the players who could sign elsewhere this off-season.

I know this wasn’t a giants story, but it’s the biggest story in sports and probably the most exciting one right now.

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3 Responses to “Lebron, Mebron, Youbron, KnickBron, Cavbron, Heatbron?”

  1. Jason C. says:

    Knicks should sign and trade Lee and package him with Wilson Chandler for Carmelo, then sign LeBron and next year bring in Chris Paul, can they make me the GM?? haha
    But seriously, I agree that Johnson is NOT a max guy, I would not pay him max money, not even close to it, 16mil a year at most, but I would like the Knicks to keep Lee if possible, bring in LeBron and look into some more options next year, but with no LeBron, I’d love to bring in Amare and Joe Johnson (for the right price).

  2. Jeremy Fuchs says:

    Johnson is getting max money, whether he deserves it or not. It’s good timing for Johnson. I think LeBron is coming to NY, if nothing more than for the marketing opportunities. Pair him with Bosh, and you’ve got a pretty good team.

    That said, who the hell knows. A lot of things can happen. It will be fun to try and follow it all

  3. jeremy says:

    Bosh would be a perfect fit with the Spurs, they’ll become twin towers 2.0

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