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A Word On The Giants Jets Rivalry

Ever since the Jets have become big time–good team, bombastic coach, show on HBO–they have, in their minds, become the toast of New York. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Giants fans. And it shouldn’t. Giants fans should be proud of their team. So should Jets fans. They are both good teams in a great city with great fans.

But, seemingly, a “rivalry” has developed. A rivalry is when two teams who hate each other face off numerous times for supremacy. Yankees-Red Sox is a rivalry. They face each other 19 times a year, and each game is more stressful than the last. Michigan-Ohio State is a rivalry. My sister went to Michigan. It goes beyond hatred. Duke-North Carolina is a rivalry. These teams play each other frequently, and every game is incredible.

But the Giants and Jets? Not a traditional rivalry. They play each other in preseason every year. But, does a preseason game constitute bragging rights? Of course not! Preseason is meaningless. Starters barely play. Not many people are actually watching.

While the Jets and Giants do get together occasionally in the regular season, it’s very rare. When they do play, it’s a big deal. But, they barely play. It’s like starting a rivalry between the US and Serbia in soccer. They rarely play. It’s not worth it.

But, some fans can’t seem to accept that, on both sides. “We have to beat the Jets.” “We have to beat the Giants.” It’s something that has to be done, in a lot of fans’ eyes.

But the rivalry isn’t about beating the other team. They don’t play enough to do that. The rivalry is about one-upping the other team. Take any high school cafeteria table debate. The Jets fans will be trying to one-up the Giants fans. Take any barroom debate. The same thing will happen. It’s not about beating each other. It’s about being better than the other team. It’s about getting the better players. It’s about getting farther in the playoffs.

In our society, we tend to sensationalize things. In sports, politics, whatever. The real story tends to get lost, and the juiciest part becomes the headlines. That’s what happening to this preseason game. The game is not about the Jets trying to take New York supremacy. A week one preseason win won’t do that for you. It’s not about the Giants trying to keep the crown. It’s not about Rex Ryan or Tom Coughlin. It’s not about Bart Scott or Terrell Thomas. It’s not about the game. If anything, it’s about the Stadium, that these two teams happen to share. It’s about opening the new place up with football. It’s not about the sideshow. It’s not about the game.

The Jets may win this game, and they’ll be talking to the papers, claiming dominance. The Giants may win this game, and they’ll be sitting pretty on their throne. But, that’s not what matters. It’s about starting football again. It’s about seeing the new Stadium. It’s about the fans. It’s about the experience. Anything else is manufactured drivel.

Giants fans can dislike the Jets. I dislike the Jets. I’ll admit it. Growing up, arguments with Jets fans were plenty. We’d argue for hours about which team was better. And when they did play each other, we’d come in the next day to rub it in. But, for this meaningless preseason game, it’s not about that. I’m not going to text my Jets fan buddy if the Giants win and trash talk. And I know he isn’t either.

The Giants and Jets have a rivalry. It’s a rivalry for pride. It’s not an on the field rivalry. It’s a back page of the paper rivalry. It’s a talk show radio rivalry. It’s a cafeteria rivalry. It’s a barroom rivalry. And that’s all it is.

Enjoy the game. Enjoy the new Stadium. Enjoy the pride. But don’t get caught up in the manufactured part of it. Because it isn’t real.

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5 Responses to “A Word On The Giants Jets Rivalry”

  1. JetsFan says:

    I think the rivalry is mostly between the owners, and the one upsmanship, as you said.
    Its not a real rivalry, though since both teams play in the same stadium, the fans will argue. Face it, if teh Jets fans werent arguing over something menaing less, we’d all be arguing over something else meaningless. 🙂

    I am really looking foreward to seeing what Fewell does with the team, compared to Sheridan. Did Sheridan cost the team 1-2 victories? Can Fewell get that back? The Giants have suffered some injuries, and Dallas and the Eagles are tough opponents.

    • JetsFan says:

      PS I am a Jets fan, for real. And I meant to write “if the Jets and Gianst fans weren’t arguing over something menaingless like this, we’d be arguing over something else”

      I didn’t mean to leave out the Giants or take a swipe at the Jets

  2. jeremy P. says:

    It’s my theory that The team leaders on offense and Defense who don’t need to play are resting so key young players can coincidently get starts and game time. Eli is only going to be playing the first drive and only because he has too.

    I am eager to see Ramses and Bomar. Also the O-Line play and how well they play as a unit. And on the Defensive side I want to see how fast has the Defense absorbed the new defensive scheme. I’m hoping there are no early mishaps on that side of the ball.

    I almost forgot about the back up running backs. But i care less about the running plays and more about their catches out of the backfield. I want to see who will be our third down back.

    Im just saying…

  3. Jared says:

    Let the Jets have ‘Hard Knocks’…..

    Every team that has been on that show has not done anything productive after they were showcased. Let the Giants fly under the radar and put up some W’s while the Jets get it handed to them this year!!

  4. Frank R says:

    The Giants-Jets rivalry is totally a Jets thing as I have never seen them as rivals. I think most Giants fans think the same seeing the Cowgirls, Deadskins and the Beagles as our primary rivals. The Jets are like your little brother doing anything to get attention.

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