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Winners and Losers:

Their were many winners in tonight’s Giants’ victory. Most of the entire starting unit played well, their wasn’t many guys starting who struggled. Here is your annual review of Winners and Losers:

Shawn Andrews: In his second game as a Giant, Andrews impressed once again. Yes, he was working with the second unit, so you can’t put all your chips on Andrews just yet. However, if he can play the way he played, the Giants’ got a steal. Andrews, if healthy, could be a nasty tandem with Snee. If either Snee or Schubert goes down, the Giants’ would feel very secure with Andrews taking over.

Duke Calhoun: The UDFA our of Memphis is Victor Cruz’s only legitimate competition for that final Wide Out spot. Tim Brown seems to be a Practice Squad guy if he can stick. Right now, it wouldn’t honestly surprise me if Calhoun beats out Cruz for the last WR spot. He adds more value on Special Teams and with his tremendous game winning 60 yard touchdown catch and run, Cruz could be the odd man out. I don’t think Calhoun sticks on the Practice Squad and neither does Cruz. Coughlin has a tough decision on his hands. Could Cruz be the odd man out? It’s possible.

Jon Goff: I’m not quite sure if it was him feeling more comfortable and confident in the new defense, or it was the remarks from Antonio Pierce that fired him up. But boy did Goff play one heck of a game. He was quick, instinctive and well quite frankly all over the darn place. Goff had that one huge stop on first and goal, and camp up with an interception later in the game. With Dilliard out of the game with a hamstring injury, Goff got most of the reps tonight, something he needed. Goff secured the MLB job tonight. Job well done, Goff.

Gartrell Johnson: When I see him run, I think Rigor Mortis right away. With Brown out, Jacobs taking it easy and Ware receiving most of the snaps with the second unit, Johnson got a good amount of runs tonight. I still think he gets cut due to the numbers game, but with Andre Brown out ten days with turf toe you never know. He was playing tonight to showcase his talents. He’s got to hope tonight’s performance could land him on another team. It probably should. Even the Chargers, his former team, could come calling.

Matt Dodge: Aside from the botched snap on the first extra point, Dodge kicked well. He has improved each and every week, showing Coughlin he’s their guy. Dodge proved he can be a Punter in this league, and he should be the starter. I don’t see the Giants’ hitting the wavier wire anymore for a Punter, either. Like Goff, he secured his starting spot tonight. Job well done, Dodge.

Brian Kehl: The third year pro was on the buble, and with two goal-line stops, a touchdown saving tackle and his abilites on Special Teams just saved his roster spot. Gerris Wilikinson’s spot became a lot more hot now. I think Wilkinson makes the roster, but it will be interesting now. He could be the odd man out. They could choose to fill his spot elsewhere.

ME!!: Yes, me! I predicted the score correctly tonight! I’m now 3-0 on the season. If your going to Vegas, you should probably take me. If theirs one thing I’m good at, it’s getting the scores right.


William Beatty: Tonight was Beatty’s last chance to win the starting spot, and he flopped tonight. Beatty has shown he isn’t ready to take of the LT position. Beatty got blown off the ball again and Bomar got killed as a result of it. Beatty will not be starting come opening day. I like the kid, I really do. He’s humble and he does have the talent to protect Eli Manning’s blind side, but not this year.

Victor Cruz: Cruz didn’t play bad tonight, but he didn’t help his chances to make the team. Calhoun played stellar on Special Teams again, and caught the game winning touchdown pass. Cruz may not make the roster, as silly as that sounds. Don’t be shocked, cause I won’t be.

Rhett Bomar: Bomar had a chance tonight to secure the backup QB spot, and he didn’t. Bomar should have had another TD pass but Hagan dropped it. Even so, Bomar was inaccurate at times, like he’s been all pre-season. Their’s no doubt in my mind he can be a backup in this league one day, but not now. Their is simply NO way Bomar is their #2 come opening day.

Tim Brown: Brown had a chance to secure a spot on the roster with good Special Teams play. He had a chance to win the kick return job, and didn’t. He had a chance to win the punt returning job, and didn’t. He dropped two passes tonight and missed one horrible block sending the defender right into Johnson for a loss on the run. I think Brown has potential, but he won’t make the roster. He’s a practice squad guy right now, but he may not clear waivers. Even so, he doesn’t make the 53 man squad.

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11 Responses to “Winners and Losers:”

  1. Kris says:

    I’m sorry I know this is a small thing, but it’s a pet peeve of mine. Could you please learn to use the words There, Their, and They’re?

  2. Kappy32 says:

    I don’t know what game you were watching tonight, but it couldn’t be the same one I watched. I was there, live, and watched every play relatively close to the field.

    1. Calhoun did not put pressure on Cruz tonight. I’m not a huge Cruz fan, but Calhoun’s one play did not change the entire preseason. Calhoun did not stand out on special teams either; frankly the entire kick coverage team is in shambles. Calhoun missed 2 passes that an NFL receiver catches is his sleep, and his route running was not sharp; very round and sloppy. Cruz tied up that roster spot last week.

    2. Bomar had a very solid game tonight. He managed the offense very well, especially the 2 minute offense. He took control of the game and while not all of his passes were spot on, he nailed Tim Brown down field for what should have been a TD, Hagan dropped a beautifully thrown ball in the end zone, and Calhoun should have made that catch on the interception. Add Cruz’s drop to that, he had at least 5 passes dropped on him tonight. That’s the difference between a 50-plus completion percentage, and a sub-50 completion percentage, like he had tonight. He went 11/24/171/1/1; take away the drops and he should have been 16/24/250/3/0. Those are pretty damn good numbers. What you ask for from a back up QB is someone who can manage the game and knows the offense. Bomar excelled in both facets tonight, and has secured his spot as the team’s number two QB. That is, so long as the Jets do not cut Brunell, because I see Coughlin having Reese snatch him up due to their past with one another and his knowledge of Coughlin’s offense(s). I don’t see the Jets cutting him however, especially since they already cut loose Kevin O’Donnell.

    3. Matt Dodge was horrible tonight, again. The botched hold aside (that cannot happen in the regular season; shades of NY vs. SF), not one of his punts had any hangtime. While he improved his directional kicking, he did not have one fair catch tonight. Part of that is the coverage team’s fault, but most of it is Dodge’s. He needs to be cognizant of he coverage team’s ability to get down field, and not out-kick his gunners. It’s the net average, not the gross average that matters. It’s nice to kick the ball 65 yards, but if your team can’t get to the returner and he returns it for 40 yards, his net stands at 25 yards. Until he learns to kick it higher and shorter he will not be the Giants starting punter.

    4. Gartrell Johnson looked weak tonight. He didn’t square up his shoulders and hit the hole with any force tonight. He left his feet at the line of scrimmage at least 3 times. Not one of those situations involved a short yardage down, or goal line down. That is a cardinal sin for a running back. Johnson is not an NFL running back, and any team that dresses him on Sundays is in for a long season. I’d have more faith in Ron Dayne as my RB3 than Johnson.

    5. The comment from Kris above is correct. Two words: SPELL CHECK. First, “Rigor Mortis” is not capitalized. Neither is “Wide Out;” nor is “Special Teams.” Secondly, there is a huge difference between “their, there, they’re,” and if you’re a writer, you need to learn it. As a blogger myself, it is writing like this that gives us a bad name. This may have been one of the worst grammatically structured pieces of writing I’ve seen in a while from a “professional.” You should take pride in what you do; you get to write about the New York Football Giants. That pride should usurp any laziness or negativity you have for standard English. You should never let something as poorly written as this reach such a large audience as the world wide web.

    • Jason C. says:

      I agree about Calhoun, he runs some poor routes, however he does look pretty good on special teams which is a huge deal to TC, but why aren’t you a fan of Cruz? He does one thing that the entire rest of the WR tandem can’t, make the deep catch over his head. I’ve seen way too many of those dropped from Smith, Manningham, and Nicks to be happy to see a guy who can make that play. But seriously, get off the guys back, now you’re getting on him for capitalizing?? Really?? But at the same time you didn’t realize that he spelled Seubert’s name wrong, which is the only thing that threw me off?
      The guy is writing about something he’s passionate about, if you have a problem with the way he writes about it, read another Giants blog, or write your own, as you’re such an expert writer and bloggist.
      When I first started reading this blog I was happy to see a place with no arguments like this, now out of nowhere everyone is talking more about grammar than content, and it’s one week until the start of the season, let’s talk BIG BLUE!! (did I capitalize that properly??)

    • Russo757 says:

      Maybe your seats werent as good as you think because that pass to Calhoun was high and misplaced. The only reason it was tipped is because he made an attempt to catch a poorly thrown ball that should have gone sailing over his head. Bomar threw a few of those last night. Granted, he also threw a few that were dropped, primarely by Brown.

      And I have to agree with Jason C, can people quit complaining about grammar and what not. This is the second article that had comments related to the authors writing. This is a place to talk football, not proper Grammar practices.

      Seems like this thread has changed a bit since last season.

      • DVision says:

        That pass to Calhoun was completely uncatchable. Terrible pass by Bomar to a wide open Calhoun. The tip ball was the result of Calhoun making an effort to snag a ball that was out of his reach. It was clearly not his fault and it was definetly NOT a pass that an “NFL receiver catches is his sleep”

    • DVision says:

      If what you saw from Gartrell Johnson was him hitting the whole with no force than you are blind as a bat. The man ran hard last night (granted against the 2’s and 3’s). He didn’t leave his feet, he had his feet taken out from under him. He was finding the whole and getting north and south. He even moved the pile on one run in particular.

      Dodge was not that bad. True he didn’t have much hang time, but it appeared he was working on his directional kicking. You have no idea what the coaching staff was asking of him so to criticize him is asinine. He averaged 42 yds and his longest was 65. The longest return they had was 15 yards and that was with our poor coverage team (After the cuts this better improve).

      And lastly, most fans come here to catch up on info and opinions on the G-Men. Not to proofread or get a grammar lesson. So all that about giving bloggers a bad name is BS! If you can’t stand the supposedly “poorly written” articles. Get your Giants info somewhere else. Simple as that. Or at least be polite about your corrections! You may be a decent writer, but you seem like a terrible person!

  3. Chris says:

    If Cruz doesn’t make the roster I’m becoming a Jets fan. You can teach someone to be good on special teams, but it’s difficult to teach how Cruz goes after balls – that’s instinct.

  4. Geeeeemen says:

    I thought Gartrell Johnson played pretty well. Ran hard, punished defenders. He won’t make the team, but he played well.

  5. nycsportzfan says:

    Your caught in the moment.. Calhoun isn’t making the team over Cruz, cruz’s big game, was ten times bigger then Calhouns big game, cruz was consistent through pre season, and must of made a catch on every diffrent route that the book has to offer, he prooved to not only be a guy who can make a big play, but also, just find the sticks.. I don’t see CRUZ not making this team…

    Gartrell Looked great, but again, hes played exclusivley against 3rd team, and Brown and Ware have had there carries against top Defensive Teams, as far as 1st and 2nd string guys.. Gartrell can certainly be a “wear the Defense down” type guy, theres certainly a Place in this league for his Style…

  6. GetThePoisionOut says:

    Would you really put Brown on the practice squad? His speed is nice for simulating opponents in practice, but he looked terrible last night – I think he had two or three inexcusable drops.

  7. Scott says:

    ‘If your going to Vegas, you should probably take me. If theirs one thing I’m good at, it’s getting the scores right.’

    AND if there’s one thing you’re NOT good at, it is apparently knowing how to spell.

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