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Thoughts And Musings

What an awful game. Disgraceful. Let’s jump into a melancholy Thoughts and Musings.

-What happened to the Colts defense that gave up 231 yards in week 1? And a team without Bob Sanders? A lot of the blame goes to the Giants offensive line. Man, did they look old. Diehl could not stop Freeney. He won’t be able to stop DeMarcus Ware, either. Kareem McKenzie looked old, too. Just slow. Not able to contain the rush. Can’t open holes for the running game. You’re going to see Shawn Andrews this week, I’d imagine. The 2011 draft needs to be focused on getting youth on the offensive line. A first round pick on a stud left tackle would be a good idea.

-Talk about a defense that doesn’t have any fire. Couldn’t stop the run at all. Next week against Tennessee, with Chris Johnson, could be rough. Addai and Brown are pretty average. Johnson is elite. Could be a huge day.

-Bend but don’t break doesn’t work. It’s a more aggressive form of a prevent, but it still prevents you from winning. You’re going to end up breaking much more than you bend. Watching Peyton operate, all he had to do was hit his receivers on those slant routes, and move the chains. Painful to watch. The defense needs to tighten up. Needs to be more aggressive, getting more pressure. And I’m not liking the constant nickel defense, with only one or two linebackers. The linebackers may be a bit weak, but the middle of the field is constantly open. Can’t have that.

-Now that Jacobs is asking for a trade, I think it may be time for the Giants to cut their losses. He’ll probably net a 4th round pick, maybe a 3rd. He’s just going to be a distraction, not to mention ineffective. Ever since he signed that contract, he’s had no motivation, no fire, no anger. As Coughlin said, no more east-west crap. Hit the damn hole and hit it hard!

-The Giants passing offense can still be explosive, but they need to protect better. Eli had no time. Sure, Freeney and Mathis are elite, but you gotta slow em down, put an extra blocker. Manningham, Nicks, Smith these guys are a tremendous trio. But they can’t be used if Eli doesn’t have time.

-On the bright side, Matt Dodge looked pretty good. Saved his job, at least for one week. He’s still probably on a week to week basis, but he’ll stick around for at least one more week.

-Saying that Travis Beckum can’t block is an injustice to people who can’t block. He’s awful. And he had to block Freeney on some occasions. That was never going to work. The Giants need another meat and potatoes Tight end to block. Beckum doesn’t cut it.

-Music interlude: I go through phases in my music listening. I’ll listen to an artist, or a playlist for awhile before I tire of it. Right now, I’m on a Brett Dennen kick. The dude is awesome. Singer/Songwriter type. Amazing lyrics. Interesting voice. Check him out

-Michael Johnson looked bad on that TD to Dallas Clark. Really bad.

-I think this team has a lot of talent. But translating that talent to gameday takes work. And the Giants don’t seem to put in the work. They don’t seem to want it. They don’t seem to care. It’s not good enough. It’s not fair to the fans. It’s becoming a disgrace.

-Is Coughlin on the hot seat? Yeah. With a few more performances like this, he could be gone mid-year. It just looks like the team is tiring of his message. Bill Cowher will mentioned a lot. I don’t know if he will leave retirement for a team that needs a lot of work. Maybe Jon Gruden? Whoever it is, it needs to be someone to give them a kick in the ass.

-I’m switching my prediction for the season to 8-8. I think they can beat the bad teams. You can get away with being flat and making mistakes against teams with lesser talents. But they won’t beat the Cowboys. They won’t beat the Packers. And they won’t make the playoffs.

-Who’s going to tell this team to show up for all 60 minutes, not just when they want to?

-I was disappointed watching the game last night. Just, as a fan, it was hard to believe that this was my team. You expect these guys to bust their asses for you, and when you don’t get it, you feel let down. I felt let down.

-Annoyance interlude: I hate when I capitalize a word, and I hold the shift button a little too long and the second letter gets capitalized. I don’t know if there is a way to remedy this, but it really annoys me.

-Last note on the game: The Giants need a kick in the ass. They need, as Rex Ryan would say, a goddamn snack. They need fire, energy, passion. They need to get mad! They have the talent to make a deep run in the playoffs. But they don’t have the drive. They don’t have the will. As Herm Edwards says, “It’s not the skill, it’s the will”. I’d rather have 53 Chase Blackburns than how this team is constructed. Give me the hard working, blue collar guys. I don’t want guys who think they can get by on their talent.

-And, one final note: Who’s the leader? Is is Eli? Tuck? Someone else? Because we sure as hell don’t see someone leading. Where’s Eli yelling at his line, or yelling at his running back. Where’s Tuck yelling at his defense. You see guys like Drew Brees about to kill themselves to get the team pumped. Guys like Brian Dawkins. Guys like Michael Strahan. You don’t have it on this team. If the coaches message is getting old, then the players have to step up. And no one has. I’m not blaming Eli, because it’s just not his personality. You can’t ask someone to lead if they’re not capable. But someone has to step up. Maybe it’s Tuck. Maybe it’s Keith Bulluck. Maybe it’s Antrel Rolle. I don’t care who it is. Just do it.

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7 Responses to “Thoughts And Musings”

  1. JCE says:

    I agree with your comments, though I thought
    with such a fierce pass rush and the o line looking slow, why not more screens or dumpoffs?
    I blame a lot of this on gilbride his playcalling is average at best. this jacobs thing has been coming, he has a bad attitude,
    a BIG MOUTH,and he’s not that good. Sure he can
    beat up defenses but they constantly hit him
    harder than he does them now. The giants need
    fast backs, not bulldozers especially when teams know whats coming. Clue: on the goaline.

  2. CMH says:

    Brutal game. Looked like they didn’t even care. My thoughts:

    – Play calling was terrible. why not pound the ball against the smaller Colt D and wear them down? Eli looked like he was forced to do a Daryl Lomonica impersonation last night.

    – For some reason, I don’t think Jacobs is done. If he can get some carries maybe he can get going.

    – Reese/ Coughlin erred terribly going into the season w only 1 (injury prone) true TE on the roster.

    – Why is Diehl still our LT? He’d be a decent G at this point but doesn’t have the agility to play outside. Where was the planning to fill this obvious need?

    – Defensive game plan sucked. You can’t play a prevent D against Peyton. Stop the run, put hem in 3rd and long and try to put some pressure on him. Even if it doesn’t work, at least you play to your strengths. We played to our weakness.

    – Michael Johnson needs to be cut. Why does a team that has Phillips, Grant and Rolle need to put him on the field?

    – Why have so many of our young players failed to develop so far after showing initial promise? Sintim, Beatty (pre injury), Beckum, Barden, Ross etc have all either flat lined or regressed.

    – Would love to see Gruden considered as Caughlin replacement. We need some fire and some smarts.

  3. CH says:

    Think about the first two weeks of Steve Spagunolo. The defense was terrible. Give them time to see if Perry’s scheme works before jumping off the bridge. I hated last night, and was very frustrated but lets consider the small sample size.

  4. Bart says:

    Boy you have hit the nail right on the head. last night was an embarrassement to all Giant fans!!!! No leadership Coughlin has lost the team its time for wholesale changes. The Giants never should have let Spags get away should have kept him at all costs. I am tired of excuses because there is no excuse for laying an egg on national TV once again. The line needs to get back to its physical play. As for Jacobs its time to give Brandon Hanesworth a spot on the bench. Bring on danny Ware.

  5. Jason C. says:

    Off topic, just thought, thoughts and musings is a good place for this one, why wasn’t there a 10 second runoff on the false start before the game winning field goal in the Saints/49ers game tonight?

  6. PC says:


    Remember when Oakland was rumored to be interested in taking him. Even Al Davis doesn’t want that idiot!!! what a joke!

  7. Bart says:

    I am in agreement Kevin Killdrive has to go

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