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The Cowardly Lions? Not Anymore: Giants Roundtable Week 6

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Welcome Back to Giants Roundtable It’s week 6 of the N.F.L. Season and the Giants stand at 3-2.

And this week they face the hapless Lions who are much improved and are quickly becoming one of the best drafting teams in the NFL. This is a team that has recently selected suh, Stafford, Best, Safety Louis Delmas, TE Brandon Pettigrew, Kevin Smith, and Calvin Johnson in the past four drafts. They have also added veteran talent like Kyle Vanden Bosch

Still, this team struggles a lot on the road haven gone their last 23 road games without a victory.  That’s a streak that will  not last with the talent and coaching that they have, but let’s hope it lasts just one more week.  Because as all good things come to an end so do all bad things.

Here to disucss the Giants today are Jeremy Fuchs, Andrew Ilnicki, JW, and Mark.

Let’s start off by recapping last week’s game by the Giants.

The first question I posed the writers was:

Game Ball Goes to…? 

How’s this for a change — Tom Coughlin.   For getting his team to man up and silence critics both offensively and defensively, and in special teams coverage.  I commend him for putting the coaches under him and his players in a position to dominate the Texans in every way, and for applauding his players throughout the game who did a tremendous job.  This team clearly still has the heart and desire to play for him. A job well done all around

Hakeem Nicks. He looked like the best receiver in football. Some of those catches he made were just mind boggling 

  Hakeem Nicks minus the easy drop 

Hakeem Nicks. There were many who were deserving of the game ball, but Nicks was the big playmaker who should have had four touchdowns. But hey, two will do. One could argue Corey Webster should have gotten it for his stellar play on Andre Johnson, but Nicks gets it. 

Hakeem Nicks seems like  the heavy favorite to get the game ball and he played well, though he didn’t play nearly as well in the second half and he had that big drop that cost him another touchdown.

I’ll give my game ball to Osi Umeinyora. He had 2 sacks and 2 FF on the weekend and seems to have put the turmoil behind him. Despite battling through a nagging knee injury, Osi has played with a fire this year and has even been adequate in run support up to this point in the season.

Better on Sunday offense or Defense? 

 I’ll go with defense. The offense kind of had a hiccup in the 3rd quarter, while the defense was dominant throughout.  

It was the perfect game plan on both sides, truly.  But between nearly perfect execution on offense (3rd quarter) and a perfect execution on defense, it leads me to go with the latter…  Defense.  

Defense, they completely shut down the run and disrupted the potent Texans offense all day

Defense. The Giants’ offence is always capable of putting up those types of numbers. We weren’t exactly sure which defense would show up on Sunday. They put on quite the encore. It was against a far better offence, too. 

I wrote an article last week where I said that the Giants are bullies and play much better when they can come out and punch the other team in the mouth. That is what happened on Sunday the offense and defense played well in the first half, which helped them stay motivated throughout the entire game. With that being said, the defense stopped one of the best offenses in the league, while the offense did what it should do against an average (but talented) defense.

Who’s the Giants #1 WR: Hakeem Nicks or Steve Smith?
  Thats a trick question, big play/deep threat is Nicks but possession/big third down catch is still Smith. 

Obviously Hakeem Nicks is on the tip of everyone’s tongue right now.  But it’s not exactly apples to apples.  Smith is more of a possession receiver, but obviously Hakeem Nicks was everywhere last game.  Who’s the # 1 this week, this game, this moment?  Who’s getting doubled and who’s open? That’s really all I care about.  I hope some weeks it’s going to be Mario Manningham as the #1 to be honest, just so opposing defenses have no idea who they should be concerned about. The Giants in my mind can be the most complete NFC team when they’re clicking like they were last week.  Great to witness for sure


It’s still Steve Smith. He’s far more reliable. Nicks is the big play receiver who can score whenever he get’s the ball. However, Smith is like Amani Toomer, Eli’s security blanket. He can find a seam and make the catch. Nicks will score more, but Smith is still #1 on the depth chart

 It has to be Hakeem Nicks. He’s been one of the best receivers in football. Smith has been good, but not as good as last year. 

I think Hakeem Nicks is much more of a protypical number one WR that can do damage in a hurry while Smith has been the more consistent WR. He has been one of the most consistent WR in all of football. He never gets shut out. He has at least four catches in every game (four catches isn’t great) and has had at least one catch in every game since the final game in 2007 (38 straight games). That’s impressive.

Nicks will be the better of the 2 WR when all is said and done, but right now Smith is because he’s the one who is getting the coverages rolled towards him.

 What did you think of Clint Sintim’s play?
  didn’t see much. There were one or two plays where he flashed. But that’s it. He’s running out of chances 

He only had about 20 snaps, didn’t make any big errors — good to know he can be leaned on for support. 

I thought he played solid. We didn’t hear much about him, so that can’t be bad, right? Sintim was supposed to be the starter this year and lost his job. Sintim played well in coverage, but had a few miscues that led to some Owen Daniel catch and runs. But not bad overall.  

   Not much. 

I think Fuchs is having a typical fan reaction. While in the N.F.L. chances aren’t infinite, this is only his second year and I can’t see the Giants at least giving him next year also. I do wonder though if he’d be better suited as a pass rushing DE or an OLB in a 3-4.

Who would you rather have at QB Eli manning or Matt Stafford (or Shaun Smith? Hey I ask this question every week) 

 Eli, every week.  Especially last week. 

Easy answer: Manning. Stafford has the chance to be very good, but he needs some time 

Not even a question. Eli Manning. Stafford has tremendous upside, but he won’t be the QB Eli Manning is today. 

Until I quit being a Giants fan or he gets traded I am sticking with Manning (unless he plays the Colts). 

No Brainer.
Who is most dangerous on offense for the Giants’ defense: Jahvid Best or Calvin Johnson?

Tough one. Against the Giants, probably Best. It’ll be tough to cover Johnson, but Best can sneak behind the linebackers and that’s where the Giants are vulnerable. 

  CJ, he is just a big man and a beast of a wideout

Johnson’s more dangerous. His size and speed will create terrible matchup issues. However, he is questionable Sunday. Johnson is a freak of nature. 

I have more faith in the run stopping abilities of this team than I do their abilities to close the gaps around the seams of the defense.  I’m saying Johnson poses the biggest threat to the Giants.

I think Johnson’s injury and the shaky offensive line for the Lions means for the Giants Jahvid Best will be more dangerous. He’s very, very fast and will probably have at least one reception out of the backfield he takes for thirty or forty yards down the field.



Final prediction for Sunday’s game?
 Giants role 27-10  

The Lions are a good football team, even if their record doesn’t show it. Still, the Giants are going to ride this momentum. Final score: Giants 27, Lions 17 

I think they Giants’ win this one again. Jacobs will pound away as the #2, getting better in his role. 31-17 Giants. 

34-17 Giants 

All games make me nervous with how incosistent the Giants have been since week 6 of last year, but this is a game they should win. Although, I am a believer that all streaks come to an end and the Lions are seriously due for a road win.

And Now I’m going to pepper the panel with some questions.

To JW:

What’s the key to victory against the lions? 

  Stop the run. The Giants’ will get pressure on Hill, assuming Stafford doesn’t play. Regardless, stop the run. If the Giants’ can do that, they should win. 


Any chance the Giants contain both Jahvid Best and Megatron this weekend?

Yes, the Giants’ are the #1 ranked defense so far. They stopped Arian Foster and held him to under 30 yards. They also contained Chris Johnson for most of the game. Best is quick, but the Giants’ can stop him.

Good Answers, JW.

Now, onto Mark.

 The Lions added Suh with the #2 overall pick in the draft and he has three sacks already this season. Kyle Vandon Bosch has 1.5 sacks and they also have Cliff Avril  and Corey Williams (was once a very good player for Green Bay) does this line have the makings of a good defensive line?
 I am a big fan of the Lions defensive line. They have a good mix of young talent and proven veteran leadership. Vandon Bosch is one of the most underrated players in my book, that man just never quits.
The Lions have drafted Suh, Jahvid Best, Brandon Pettigrew, Matt Stafford, and Louis Delmas recently?
Suh has 3 sacks already, Pettigrew has 276 yards, Best has been great, and Delmas has 33 tackles and 2 sacks has this team finally learned how to draft.
 I am going to say yes. I live in Michigan and watch lots of Lions games and they are starting to look better. That nucleus has the potential to turn things around in Mo-Town.

If Matt Stafford can stay healthy and play QB in this league the Lions are a team to watch for the next decade as they have accumulated a surplus of talent. They still need a good offensive linemen (or two or three) and they could improve their secondary, but they are on the rise for sure.

I now will turn my attention to Fuchs.How do the Lions slow down Brandon Pettigrew who already has 275 yards receiving from the TE position…  

It’ll be tough. Jon Goff showed some ability to stay with tight ends, but Pettigrew is a good one. Look for the Lions to exploit that. The Giants have a continual problem with tight ends. I’d recommend putting Kenny Phillips on Pettigrew, and although that opens it up for deep passes, you’re slowing down a big weapon.

is this a team on the rise?
  Yeah, I think so. Their record doesn’t show it, but the Lions have a lot of talent. Between Best, Johnson, Pettigrew, Stafford they are a great offensive team. Add in Suh and others and it’s a defense that’s improving. They’re a year away. But they’re close. Jim Schwartz has done a hell of a job.

 People gave the Lions a lot of flack for drafting Brandon Pettigrew instead of an offensive linemen or defensive player with the 20th overall pick in the 2009 N.F.L. Draft. But, I am a proponet of Best Player Available (and I now that teams Never do straight Best Player Available becuase they factor in needs) but a team as bad as the Lions had to worry about adding talent because of all of their needs.

Pettigrew is quitely becoming one of the better Tight Ends in the league. He can block, catch, and run well. Great pick for the Lions and a player Giants fans will know after this weekend.

Now onto Andrew:

 Will Eli Manning finally have a game where he has TDs and No Interceptions


I think so.  Every game we’ve seen improvement of some kind… obviously they’re learning from the film as a team and making a point to try and correct their mistakes.  Manning just has to revert to 2007 status and throw the ball away when nothing is there.

C.C. Brown has 24 tackles this year for the Lions and they aren’t the worst pass defense in the league…how is that possible?

Maybe they’re keeping him in the box more, like the Giants were supposed to do before Sheridan “streamlined” the defense. C.C. Brown was a tackling machine, no doubt about it… it was his lack of coverage, communication, and understanding where he was supposed to be on the field that was an issue. Michael Johnson however was equally as bad and I think ‘Can’t Cover’ unrightfully took a lot of the fall there when he got benched, and with it the stigma of being everyone’s outlet on why the secondary was so bad last year. Don’t get me wrong… he was BAD. But Johnson was statistically the second worst safety in the NFL. So if they use Brown as an extra body in the box, I can understand how that might benefit them.
C.C. Brown is an interesting player. He started for the Texans came to the Giants was Awful (with a capital A), and then went the Lions where he is again starting. He must have some talent to start for two different teams in the N.F.L. I hope though that his coverage this weekend was as poor as it was last year.
Anything else to add…
I am pleased with the progress over the past few games. It’s beginning to remind me of when Spags came to town, it took three games and all of a sudden, boom (sorry Madden) players are flying all over the place. I hope they keep it up because it is sure fun to watch right now. 


Giants just need to keep doing what they’ve been doing. They’ve been great so far, and I don’t expect a letdown, but the Giants do have to guard against that possibility. 
The Lions’ might be 1-4 but three of their losses are by one score or less. This could be a slip up game. If the Giants’ want to be considered contenders, they can’t loose these types of games 
That wraps up this weeks edition of Giants Roundtable. I hope you enjoyed.

Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts about the upcoming game this weekend.

Have a nice day, everyone.

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  1. Jeremy P. says:

    The lions are a young hungry team. Don’t get it twisted if the Giants don’t bring there A game the Lions could leave with a win. You see what happened to the Bengals last week? This game is by no means a gimme. Especially playing the Cowboys next week our guys could look past this game which would be a mistake.

    PS: Fantasy Owners start Steve Smith(#12).

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