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Giants Extend Winning Streak, Beat Lions 28-20

So, sorry for the late game post, but I was at the game, so hopefully you can forgive me. We’ll do the game recap in Thoughts and Musings style, meaning no Thoughts and Musings tomorrow. Let’s do it.

-First, a note on the Stadium. It’s quite nice. A huge improvement over the last stadium. But it’s bland. No real defining features. It’s a nice place to watch a game. It isn’t like Yankee Stadium. But it’s nice. A huge improvement. Food is better. Sight lines are better. A better experience, for sure.

-The Giants are now at 4-2. They were the much better team today. Much better. But once again, they let the Lions creep back in. Can’t have that. There’s no knockout punch in this team. The Lions were technically in it until the end. The Lions have a good offense, and you can’t let them, or any team, have that many chances to come back, especially when you outplay them. It just doesn’t work like that.

-Ahmad Bradshaw. Enough said. So much fun to watch in person. You can see him bounce off tacklers, and you can see him hit the holes. He’s a great back. There’s no question. Combined with a more motivated Brandon Jacobs (who’s running harder and smarter), the ground game is going to be a good one.

-Eli has his Eli moments (pass to no one, etc) but he made the necessary passes. The TD to Manningham was a beauty. Just a terrific pass. Can’t complain with him.

-The defense needs to blitz all the time. They can get after the QB when they need to. Do it more often. They moved Tuck inside in the 3rd quarter, and had Jason Pierre-Paul (more on him in a bit) at DE. And that seemed to work. But, there were other times when they just sat back and allowed the Lions to gain yard. Blitz all the time, Perry Fewell. It works.

-Matt Dodge. Oh boy. He had his moments. But, in warmups, I was particularly interested in watching him. And it’s not impressive. There’s a different spin on the ball. It kind of has some back spin, which you would think is good, but it’s not for him. He never gets a normal punt off. He’s shaky. How many more weeks can they let him go? I don’t know.

-I love the secondary. Deon Grant had a terrific game. The Giants, particularly in the first half, used 3 safeties, instead of  3 corners. Aaron Ross barely played in the first half. It worked. Phillips had a huge play on Johnson. Rolle sealed the game with the INT. Webster is lockdown. And other than Terrell Thomas’s lapses against Megatron, they had a terrific game.

-Ndamukong Suh is the real deal. My oh my. He can collapse the pocket like nobody’s business.

-Jason Pierre-Paul. On one of the punts by the Lions, I made it a point to just watch him. And I was so impressed. The burst. He’s so quick off the snap. He’s stronger and faster than most guards. So he blew right by and came so close to blocking a punt. He’s fun to watch. He’s a keeper.

-Hakeem Nicks had single coverage most of the game. The safeties were creeping towards Steve Smith and Mario Manningham. Yet, Nicks did not do much. Not a bad thing. Just interesting that Eli never exploited the single coverage downfield.

-I can’t stand watching kickoff coverage. Chase Blackburn is always the first guy down. Good for him. He’s always hustling. But I feel like he’s the only one. You could just see some of those long returns coming.

-A good win. Not perfect. But, they took care of business. Onto Dallas. And full coverage by us.

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11 Responses to “Giants Extend Winning Streak, Beat Lions 28-20”

  1. Russo757 says:

    O-Line is starting to worry me. Eli didnt have much time to scan the field. Saw wide open players on multiple occassions but Eli got stuck looking in one direction. Nice to see Andrews get some time.

    Gilbride SUCKS! Ive been saying this for years. The play calling is F-n terrible. Boss was used once, maybe twice. 3rd and short and they passed religiously. Lack of play action plays, SCreens, or misdirection.

    THis team has a lot of talent but I really feel they are underutilized and poorly coached. I’m watching washington hang with the Colts by switching up their play calling and keeping them on their heels and it pisses me off that the Colts made NY look like a chumps out of a peewee league. Lose Gilbride and the special teams coach reguardless of how the season ends and if they dont make the play offs kick Coughlin to the curb and pray for Cowher.

    Glad we won but the season doesnt look hopefull if the boys in blue keep winning in this style.

  2. Dave says:

    Wins are what matter. I’ll take them however they come.

  3. Chris says:

    I agree on the Killdrive and special teams coach assessment. Can you imagine how successful Eli would be under an offensive guru like Bill Walsh? Boss and Beckum severely underutilized. The o-line, however, doesn’t concern me as much since they ran the ball fairly effectively. Jury still out there.

  4. Chris H. says:

    Can someone more football intelligent than me explain why in the holy hell we can not stop teams on 3rd and long? Is it the zone coverage called on 3rd and long, the lack of blitzing on 3rd and long or just players being out of position? Everytime I see us blitz it seems there is a sack, incomplete pass, or a pass for little yardage. I understand you don’t want to blitz on every down but I’m really tired of having teams in 3rd and long situations and giving them a first down 90% of the time. Drives me crazy.

    • Russo757 says:

      Its play calling. NY seems to get super conservative in 3rd and long situations or if they are leading in the 4th and the other team has the ball. The play a zone or cover two and leave the middle of the field super exposed and get torn up by the short pass. THere were way too many instances that the Lion’s converted on 3rd down when it should have been an easy 3 and out. Boys in blue better step it up or they are going to get their asses handed to them by the rest of the East. Despite the loss last night, Wash looked solid on both sides of the ball.

  5. Andy K says:

    Great Website.
    I usually agree with what you say but I don’t know if we go to a different Giants stadium or what. The experience is terrible. I walk in at the Verizon gate. It is literally a fools work. I feel like I am back at PSU trying to get into the game, fighting for position to the escalator. The improvements you mentioned I agree with, but who wants to pay 8.75 for a bud light or 8 bucks for a sausage. And honestly, I could forget about all that; the broken escalator when leaving the Bears game, the long traffic trying to get into the prepaid parking lot, the 30 dollars out of your pocket every time you leave your seat. I can put that behind me. What kills me most about this stadium…THE EMPTY SEATS. Or even worse, the bears, lions, and titan fans that seem to make it into my section now consistently. Our old section, 326, that was TRUE BLUE. Before the PSLs, before the new luxury boxes, Giant stadium was special because of the fans. Giant ownership has effectively priced out its fan-base and something SHOULD change. Thanks for letting me be heard.

  6. nycsportzfan says:

    i will say this about the win, IT WAS A WIN!!!!! Think about it people. The NFL has parity and theres not alot of blowouts like there used to be.. Ya, theres some games that go as planned, where the seemingly better team puts it to the seemingly weaker team, but being that the Game involves so much more then just the Players on the Teams, scores and games can be alot closer, no matter whos playing.. U got Penalties, and Turnovers, and lucky bounces and etc..etc..etc We beat the lions by more points then the Eagles and Packers did combined… really, all that matters, is winning… Todays NFL has so much darn parity.. It would not surprise me at all to see the Lions go out and beat a Good team at some point this season..

    Hats off to our giants, for going out and winning the game, by 8pts.. A solid Victory..

    • Jason C. says:

      I agree 100%, despite the best efforts of Matt Dodge handing the Lions momentum and the lead early, the Giants were good enough to build an insurmountable lead, why insurmountable? Because they never gave the Lions the ball with a chance to go on a game winning drive all game (remember even on that last drive, they would’ve had to get into the endzone and then convert for 2 points just to tie). I would like to see them step up on some of the 3rd and shorts, or at least just to put a couple first downs together on some of the later drives to put the game in the bag earlier, but they were always in the position to win. Let’s give some credit to the Lions defensive line though, they are a hungry unit, a good mix of youth and experience, that Suh is a bad bad man.

  7. BlueManFla says:

    I am not satisfied with the all the play calling either. But I am not willing to blame it all on Kilbride. Offensive coordinators don’t send in plays with the reasonable expectaion of them failing. I am assuming that he expects that if every player does his job, the play will result in a gain.
    The big thing is that Eli audibles out of called plays an awful lot. I am not sure where to find the statistics, but if there was a site on the web, it would be interesting to see the percentage of plays that Eli audibles out of. Then also show the success rate of the plays that he does and the ones that he sticks with that are sent in by Kilbride. Then we could actually place the blame on the correct party. And NO I am not an Eli hater, but neither would I put him in the top 10 QB list.

    Since the G-Men rank in the upper third of the league passing yards, rushing yards and points scored, it can’t be all bad.

    Sorry, but I am not a Kilbride or coaching staff hater. Could it be better, of course. But no coach in the league has every play they call go for 30+ yards. Maybe, just possibly it could be because the other team plays decent defense for those plays.

  8. Ed says:

    While the criticisms are understandable, we are not yet at the half way point in the season. But if the trends continue, especially the third down issues on both offense and defense, it will start to show up in the loss column. The upcoming game in Dallas will tell us a lot more. And Dallas is hungry to say the least.

    Frankly, the Giants have played better than most of us would have predicted after the first three games.

    But I really like the passion and enthusiasm of the fans on this board. And some excellent “inside football” observations as well.

    Part of the frustration is that many football coaches are conservative in nature. They like to go with the safe play and try to prevent long gainers. This may partially account for the seemingly conservative calls on third down defense.

    Go Giants!

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