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Giant Matchups and Unit Analysis

Every week, I’ve been highlighting and grading the units of each team the Giants had to play, which is fun, but it’s not entirely relevant. On the Football field it doesn’t matter who’s WR corps is better, or which team has the better running back…what matters more is how the Giants WR corps lines up vs the Cowboys cornerbacks. So from moving forward I’m going to highlight the three most important matchups as well as the unit by unit comparisons.

Matchup 1:

Jonathan Goff and Osi Umeniyora vs Felix Jones

I could write the Giants defensive vs the Cowboys running game, but I wanted to highlight the two players I think are most important in stopping the Cowboys run defense this weekend.

Justin Tuck is one of, if not, THE best Run stuffing 4-3 Defensive end in the game. I have no qualms about whether or not he will play the run well on Monday night because he does play the run well every week. He takes pride in playing the run clearly. And obviously Chris Canty, Barry Coefield, Linval Joseph are all important in stopping the run game as well, but I’m not talking about those players.

To me, Jonathan Goff and Osi Umeinyora are the two most important players to keep the Dallas run game in check. I don’t fear Marion Barber who I think is not the same back he was two or three years ago, but I am very concerned about Felix Jones.

Jones is super fast and can take it to the house any day.

The best way to stop Felix Jones this year has been letting Jason Garret call the plays because Jones has only carried the ball 51 times in 5 games.

In the first game last year when Osi was the starter the Cowboys ran right at Osi (and Boley) with Jones who averaged 13.6 yards per carry. Thankfully he only got 7 carries. In the second matchup when Kiwianuka was playing more Jones had 6 carries for 6 yards.

This season though, Osi is playing full time with Kiwi hurt and he MUST do a better job vs the Run game of the Cowboys this year.

Jonathan Goff is becoming a very instinctual and good two down linebacker in this league. He has shown flashes of brilliance in run support. If Osi and Goff commit themselves to playing the run well this weekend it could leave Dallas in a lot of bad positions with their makeshift and outright average offensive line.

Advantage: Giants The Giants have played the run very well this year vs everyone, really. The Giants stopped the Williams and Stewart attack. The Giants contained Chris Johnson (until the game was over and then Johnson ran a little wild), the Giants dominated the #1 rusher at the time in the league, Arian Foster.

Meanwhile the Cowboys get in their own way with their play calling and never can full commit to the running game. The Giants need to take away the big run play vs the Cowboys and so far this year they have shown a commitment to stopping the run early in the game and I think Osi will play much better than he did last year in week 2 at Dallas.

Hakeem Nicks/Steve Smith vs Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins looked like an emerging perennial pro bowler last year. He also has 2 career INT of Eli Manning in four games with a return touchdown .

Jenkins this week also called out Eli Manning.

But this year he has been penalized very often. He has been grabbing and pulling at WR’s all year long because he’s not playing fundamentally sound coverage. Hakeem Nicks has been very good this year, and even though he didn’t do much last week he had opportunities.

There were two plays in the game where Nicks burned his man for long touchdown opportunities, but Eli was under duress and couldn’t get the ball to Nicks.

I’m not sure if Jenkins will matchup with Nicks or Smith, but if he matches up with Nicks it could be a long day for Jenkins. Nicks and Smith are both very fundamentally strong players and Nicks especially is strong and has a good size advantage on Jenkins (not height, but built). Nicks can also get deep and could draw a big pass interference play or get a long touchdown.

I think if the Giants can get the ball downfield to Nicks a few times it’ll help out the running game, which in turn can help out the ferocious pass rush of the Cowboys and let the Giants operate more comfortably in their offense.

I hope Nicks has a big day, in his short career he only has 2 catches for 37 yards vs the Cowboys.

Corey Webster or T.T. Vs Miles Austin

You know what I hate about Dallas is that they have some players I would really like if they played for another team, but I can’t root for them because they play for Dallas. I really believe that Tony Romo is probably a really good guy, but he plays for Dallas so I have to hope he chokes and goes down in flames.

If he played for say, the Bills, I could root for him to do well.

I get that feeling about Miles Austin too. He was an undrafted guy who has worked very hard to get into the position of being the #1 WR in the league (and since the Kansas City game last year he is statistically the best WR in the game).

I also don’t hear him talking much, and you don’t hear things about him being a douchebag, so I wish he played somewhere else where I could root for him, but I can’t.

And I hate him (Sports hate). He’s 6-2, 215 pounds and can move like a running back once he gets the ball in his hands. He can take a 10 yard pass and turn it into an 80 yard touchdown play.

He is, what we hope Hakeem Nicks will be very shortly. A player who can go deep, short, and rack up the Yards After the Catch (He is already 26th and in his fifth season so, developmentally Nicks is miles ahead at the stage of their careers).

Then there is Corey Webster who has been VERY Good this year. Underrated good, like in 2008. Webster has played against more #2 WRs this season, but that might change soon.

Terrell Thomas is big and strong and good, but Webster has been better.

I just hope whoever has Austin keeps him in check.

One could argue that the matchup of Player X vs Jason Witten is more important, but I don’t think so. Fewell’s defense relies on  protecting the deep ball, but given the offense enough chances to hang themselves.

Which I think matchups up well with Dallas. If the Giants can keep everything underneath the Cowboys will eventually do something stupid that could cost them the game.

They have to keep Miles Austin’s receptions to about 10-12 yards and nothing more and I think good things will follow, if they do.

Unit by Unit comparisons


Eli Manning vs Tony Romo

This is an interesting case and even though you can now tell that I’m a big proponent and support of Eli Manning, Tony Romo has had a successful regular season career.

If you look at profootballreference’s Approximate Value metrics Eli Manning is rated at 55 while Tony Romo is at 50 (the higher number is better) for their career values.

But that’s very close, for example Peyton Manning’s is 153 and Aaron Rodgers is 34 so as you can see both have a long way to go in their careers to be elite.

What is not really known is that Tony Romo has actually been in the league longer than Eli Manning, even though his first significant action was in 2006.

Anyway, statistically Tony Romo has had the more impressive career, in fact his Career QB rating is Higher Than Eli Manning’s BEST QB rating for one year.

Tony Romo averages a very impressive 8.1 yards per passing attempt in his career, Romo has a good career win percentage. Tony Romo’s a better runner, he’s a better scrambler and he’s a better stat monster. He also has a very good win percentage, but still something is not right.

Tony Romo is the Quarterback of one of the most talented teams in the league, every year. This team reloads like no other and has deep pockets (the N.F.L. has many ways to get around the “cap” for each team). Yet, something is wrong in Dallas that no one can put their fingers on.

Does Romo get more blame than he should? Probably.

Is he a better QB than Eli Manning?

I don’t think so, honestly. I’ll take Eli.

Advantage Giants. Romo plays in a great throwing stadium with a talented loaded team in a pass friendly offense, he is far superior statistically than Eli Manning, but if I have to choose a leader for my team I’m taking Eli, but it’s close because Tony Romo’s numbers are VERY impressive.

Running backs

The NY Giants trot out Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs (no one else carries the ball). They also have Bear Pascoe as their full back.

The Dallas Cowboys use Mario Barber, Felix Jones, Tashard Choice and use Rob Gronkowski as their fullback.

I think if I had to choose one back out of the seven to put on a team I’d have to go with Ahmad Bradshaw with the way he’s playing this year.

But Felix Jones is very dangerous and not much behind Bradshaw.

Jones’s biggest problem is probably that his coordinator and QB don’t stick with the run enough.

Advantage: Cowboys. I’ll be the first to admit that I never thought Bradshaw would be able to be a full time back, but I was wrong. He has been very, very impressive this year. Jacobs is also coming around and when his head is on right he can be a bruiser.

But the difference between Felix Jones and Bradshaw is minute. Jacobs and Barber are also similar backs, but Barber is a better receiver out of the backfield (although they are tied with 44 Rushing Touchdowns each in their careers, both of which started in 2005). Tashard Choice is being underutilized this year and even though he’s not great, I trust him much more if he has to fill in for Jones or Barber than I would if D.J. Ware had to fill in for Jacobs or Bradshaw. I think these units are very close though.

Wide Receiver

If there is a position that is loaded with talent for both teams this is the position. Like I wrote about in the “Giant matchup” section at the beginning of this post: Miles Austin has been one of the best WR in the league since early last year,.

He doesn’t have the career success of many of the other top guys like Reggie Wayne, Randy Moss, Hines Ward and a myriad of other guys.

Miles is big, fast and explosive.

The Cowboys also employ Roy Williams, Dez Bryant, Sam Hurd, and Kevin Ogletree.

Dez Bryant is supremely talented and there are a lot of teams that draft in the top 15 that may very well regret passing up Dez Braynt, especially teams like Jacksonville who are Wide Receiver starved.

This year he has played well with 18 receptions for 211 yards.

The surprise of the unit has been Roy Williams who already has five touchdowns this year to go along with his 306 receiving yards. Wililams is trying to make amends for his poor efforts since he was traded to the ‘Boys.

The G-men also have very good young WR.

Hakeem Nicks is an emerging star at WR who already has 6 touchdowns this season and had opportunities for a few more. I believe the consistency will come with Nicks where he is a problem every week instead of a potential problem every week.

Steve Smith is very reliable WR who just continues to make catches and convert third downs. He is not the explosive WR Nicks, Bryant, or Austin is, but he’s a very solid player.

Mario Manningham is the wild card and could be dangerous (maybe as a return man also). Manningham has Great elusiveness and was the starter for the NY Giants last season.

The Giants have much more potential in the bottom half group of their WR with Ramses Barden, Victor Cruz, and Duke Calohun.

Barden has massive size and good ability, but has been very inconsistent, but he has been getting into more games.

Victor Cruz looks like a natural WR who needs some refinement.

This is a tough call.

Advantage: Cowboys. I really wrestled with this decision. If  you tell me you have to play a game this weekend and you get to choose your one of these two WR corps who do you choose? I’d have to choose Dallas because Miles Austin has been great. Roy Williams is playing very well and Dez Bryant is a playmaker (in the Special Teams department as well). If you said which group would you take for the next three years? I would take the Giants.

Nicks is still emerging, Manningham is solid, but Cruz or Barden could really turn into something in a few years. Neither team suffers in the Wide Receiver department.

Tight Ends

Jason Witten, Scott Chandler, Martellus Bennett  vs Kevin Boss, Travis Beckum, and Bear Pascoe.

This is another group I think both teams are happy with. Travis Beckum continues to improve every week and last week recorded his first touchdown of his career. Beckum can be a very dangerous weapon at some point in his career. He’s shifty and a matchup problem. He’s not there yet, but he’s improving.

Kevin Boss is a solid player who is a better all around Tight End than he is a pass catcher. Boss is one of the better blocking Tight Ends in the league, which is not often considered when people discuss the abilities of Tight Ends.

Bear Pascoe is a team favorite and should be considered as a viable full time full back for the rest of his career.

But Jason Witten is Jason Witten and he’s a very good player. He’s not a poor blocker and is an excellent pass catcher. He is a big reason why Tony Romo has been so successful in his career.

Martellus Bennet is the kind of player who absolutely frustrates a franchise. His talent is undeniable. His drive, will, and maturity is in serious question. He acts a fool very often, but is he dangerous? Yes, at times he is very dangerous.

Advantage: Cowboys. If Beckum continues to develop it will be the Giants Tight End group next year that is more impressive, but as of today he’s not there yet. He hasn’t amassed a ton of catches, but he has a least one catch every game and also has two of his biggest catches negated by Giants penalties. He’s not a blocker, but he doesn’t need to be. Jason Witten is very good and Martellus Bennett is very talented.

Offensive Line

The Giants offensive line might be one stubborn old coach away from being an elite group again. What I mean by that is David Diehl has struggled greatly, Shawn Andrews could be the solution, but the Giants won’t make a move unless Diehl gets hurt.

What the Giants have done VERY well though is use Shawn Andrews as an extra blocker. The Giants have that luxury because they can still send out Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith out for passes and even Kevin Boss out for a pass with Andrews as the second tight end, while maintaining good blocking. And either Smith or Nicks is bound to get open because they are good, smart football players.

The Giants offensive line has also played better the past couple of games.

The Cowboys, on the other hand are struggling along the offensive line.

Doug Free looks like he could be the LT of the future for the Cowboys, but they are hurting everywhere else and Free is NOT the powerful run blocker Flozell Adams was and may still be with the Steelers (their run game has been much better this year…coincidence?). Age has caught up with Gurode, Kyle Kosier is hurting and will probably miss this game. Colombo and Davis aren’t playing as well as they have, and Colombo is also battling injuries.

Alex Barron is awful and the line has no depth where the Giants have Andrews and Beatty as viable backups (Beatty when he gets back).

Romo has only taken 7 sacks this season and he has only been sacked twice this season but he’s been hit a lot (6 sacks were vs Tennessee).

Advantage: The Cowboys running backs are averaging 3.4, 4.5, and 2.6 yards per carry this season, which is not very good for Felix Jones and Tashard Choice. And while the Giants  line isn’t great, it has very good depth. I like what Mitch Petrus can be. I like what Shawn Andrews is and William Beatty when he comes back only adds to the depth.  Hopefully the Giants can pound on Tony Romo a little bit this weekend mcuh like the Titans did, which could force Romo into a few mistakes.

Defensive Line

The Cowboys have a good defensive front, with one very good player. Jay Ratliff is one of the most underrated players in the entire league. He can flat out dominate a game from the 3-4 NT position which is really unheard of.

Igor Olshansky is decent player who takes up blocks (but I think he’s a downgrade from when they had Chris Canty), Marcus Spears is ok as well. The Dline depth is not great with Dallas.

The Giants on the other hand have very good defensive line depth. They are very talented and have both Linval Joseph and JPP has young, learning talent. On top of that Rocky Bernard is a decent pro (and while I think there is definitely a drop off from Canty or Cofield, Bernard won’t usually embarrass the Giants). The Giants are missing Matias Kiwanuka who looked like he was poised for a breakout year.

They have Justin Tuck, Osi Umeniyora and Dave Tollefson who always seems to be around the ball when he plays.

Advantage: Giants. If you were to ask me who is the one player I would want to take from the Dallas Cowboys roster, I would probably say Jay Ratliff. Ratliff has 13.5 sacks between 2008 and 2009, which is Fantastic for a 3-4 Nose Tackle. He can not be stopped one on one and if he was paired with Cofield/Canty I think the Giants would be an unstoppable force up front. But overall the Giants defensive line is better than the Cowboys, even though they clearly have different jobs to do, which makes them tough to compare, but I think the depth and versatility of the Giants defensive line gives the Gmen the edge in this unit.


This is everyone’s least favorite group for me to discuss each week because it’s depressing. But I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Jonathan Goff has played well this year and Michael Boley is a solid N.F.L. player.

The question is whether or not the Giants will ever get something out of Clint Sintin and if Bulluck can make real contributions this season, which he has not been able to do up to this point.

The Cowboys on the other hand play a different defense with the 3-4, but their linebackers are the strength of their defense.

DeMarcus Ware and Spencer are very good N.F.L. players and any other 3-4 team is jealous of these players (with the exception being Pittsburgh).

The Cowboys have experience in the inside with Keith Brooking (who is past his prime though) and talent with Sean Lee, a player many Giants fans wanted the G-men to draft (he only has 3 tackles this season so far though). The leader of this unit, though, is clearly Demarus Ware.

Advantage: Cowboys. If this unit was my former high school football team in the middle with DeMarcus Ware and Spencer on the outside the advantage still might be the Cowboys. Ware is a great N.F.L. player. Not good. Great. Spencer has been good in his short career.


Both teams have a lot of talent in the secondary, but one team has much more. Orlando Scandrick on the Dallas Cowboys was a very good draft pick for the ‘Boys, who has been very solid. Terrance Newman has been a good player in the league since he was drafted 5th overall in 2003. Mike Jenkins has been an enigma. He is very talented, but this year has displayed poor technique which has caused him to collect a slew of pass interference penalties. The Cowboys have no other CB listed on their depth chart.

The Giants are also top heavy with three cornerbacks. Corey Webster and Terrell Thomas is probably one of the top cornerback tandems in the league. Sure there are many teams with one cornerback who is better than either Thomas or Webster, but not many have a number two who is in the same tier as Webster or Thomas.

Aaron Ross is also very talented, but the Giants do not trust him that much and I know this because they have run as many three safety sets as they have three cornerback sets this season.

The depth behind the Giants isn’t much to talk about: Bruce Johnson, Brian Jackson, etc etc. Doesn’t matter.

Where the units separate is at the safety position.

The Giants “Rolle” Out three good safeties with Kenny Phillips, Antrell Rolle and Deon Grant who has been one of the biggest play makers for the Giants this year. Kenny Phillips is still rounding into form after missing almost all of last season, but he will someday be one of the best safeties in the league (if he stays healthy). Rolle has been phenomenal in run support this season and has been steady back there (except for the Calvin Johnson play) and Deon Grant has been good.

On the Cowboys they have struggled at safety. Mr. Ball and Mr. Sensabaugh are nothing spectacular. The Cowboys drafted the talented Owusu-Ansah who helps out on Special teams, but the safety unit is one of the weakest units on the Cowboys.

Special Teams

The Cowboys got rid of Nick Folk who has been great in NY (with the Jets), while David Buheler must have taken some days off (too easy?) He’s missed five of his 8 field goals and hasn’t been booting the ball out of the back of the end zone for touchbacks like he did last season.

The Cowboys punter Mat Mcbriar is very good though. He’s averaging 44.1 yards per punt and while even though Matt Dodge has averaged 45.2 yards per punt (wow) he hasn’t been impressive because of the low hand times, terrible holding on field goals and the fumbles.

Lawrence Tynes has been his usual O.K. self.

The return games for the Cowboys haven’t been great either, but they have Dez Bryant returning punts who can make some big plays.

Advantage: Cowboys. Until Dodge gets consistent, the coverage teams improve, Tynes kicks better, and the Giants return the ball better they can not beat out many teams in this department.  So basically, the Giants need to improve on every facet of their special teams. The Cowboys aren’t terrible in Special teams.



Advantage: Giants

Thoughts and Comments?

Have a nice day, everyone

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11 Responses to “Giant Matchups and Unit Analysis”

  1. Andrew says:

    Jesse, I’m surprised at you with the running game nod to the Cowboys. The Giants are now #5 in the league thanks to Bradshaw. I love the guy, everyone knows that. But opinions aside about #44, Ahmad Bradshaw is a #1 RB in every stat that matters to determine actual running ability. No offensive line excuses this year… he leads the league in 10+ and 20+ yard carries, yards after contact, yards after contact per, he’s the best blocking RB in the NFL, and he’s atleast 4th in every other stat imaginable. He is only 3 defender missed tackles behind Adrian Peterson from Bradshaw being the bona fide #1 RB in the league.

    Check out my breakdown here:

  2. jesse says:

    I said i think bradshaw is the best of the bunch but I think Dallas has superior depth at the rb position plus the Boys are superior pass catchers, to me their biggest running problem is abandoning the run too early I Do love your man Bradshaw though

    • Jason C. says:

      I think you’re playing too much Madden if you think Felix Jones is anywhere near the caliber running back that you seem to think he is. He can bust a big play here and there, but he’s probably the most inconsistent player in the NFL this side of Alex Smith. He’s similar to guys like Reggie Bush and Darren McFadden, but he’s definitely a step down, and that isn’t saying much.

      • Have you watched The Saints play this year without Reggie Bush?

        Reggie Bush doesn’st put up great stats, but he’s a nightmare matchup and last year running the ball Felix Jones averaged 6.0 yards a carry, the problem with Felix Jones in my opinion is he doesn’t get the ball enough.

        Jones has also done very well when giving the opportuny to return kicks.

        I think you’re severly underplaying the matchup problems players like Jones, Bush, and Mcfadden can create.

  3. BlueManFla says:


    You forgot one other reason to hate Austin. He is boffing Kim Kardasian and we aren’t. LOL

    • Jason C. says:

      Actually they broke up, but I wish they didn’t, I got a chuckle last year thinking about all the guys across the line telling Reggie Bush how they watched Brandy’s little brother banging his girl, thought it would be fun to get involved in some of that action on a Cowgirl like Austin.

  4. Shane says:

    Well Jesse,

    I agree to disagree on two points, wide receiver and running back.

    In your summation on wide receiver you said a couple of things I found interesting:

    1. Nicks is still emerging?

    Yes he is going to be better, but he already leads the league in TD’s at his position with 6 to Austin’s 2 and the Austin has 70 more yards receiving. As you stated, he barely has more career success than Nicks, which means he is already as good as Austin, but with a higher ceiling and a better nose for the end zone already.

    2. Smith vs. Willams?

    Williams is the more in consistent of the two, but does have more TD’s and less yards than Smith. However, Smith is the best third down receiver in the game the last 2 1/2 years and is in the top ten in yards at the moment.

    3. Manningham vs. Bryant

    Manningham has more yards and TD’s than Bryant in one less game and was also suppose to be a top ten pick prior to his transgressions.

    Besides all that, other than just the O-line, the Giants receivers are much better run blockers and that is shown in the more effective running they have had this season vs. the boys.

    To summarize, I think I would take the Giants receivers over the boy’s group any day for two reasons, consistency and continuity.

  5. Shane says:

    Running backs… Here we go again!

    1. Bradshaw vs. Jones

    Not even close, Jones may be fast, but not nearly as elusive, or powerful as AB. We see time and time again that AB consistently makes plays out of nothing, which I do not see from Jones. This is probably a function of AB having a better vision and a better understanding of what is going on in front of him, a.k.a. better preparation as a professional. AB in a landslide.

    2. Barber vs. Jacobs

    Jacobs is the faster of the two, the more powerful of the two, and clearly at this stage of their careers not as run down of the two.
    To say Barber is the better receiver out of the two is a little misleading as that is not how Jacobs is used in the offense. TIE

    3. Choice vs Ware

    Choice has had more game time opportunity due to injuries in front of him. Ware has had 17 career carries in the regular season for 103, at 6.1 per clip, but Choice has 164 carries for 5.1 a carry. Both are impressive in their limited tenure. TIE

    I think the Giants have the advantage from the top and it is even at the bottom.

    • Shane, I think you make good points on the Wide Receivers and might sway me. I think that is close to begin with and I enjoy friendly intelligent debate which you’ve brought to the table let me enhance my view point to you here.

      I think people are underestimating how Felix Jones can create matchup problems for opposing defense because he has blazing speed. Bradshaw is better than Jones, but Jones did average 6.0 yards a carry last season, and in 200 career attempts has averaged 6.0 yards a carry for his career. He hasn’t been used a ton, but based on his production so far in limited reps how can we say he’s not dangerous?

      Bradshaw is playing excellent this year and is the better back of the two, but I would be careful to dismiss Jones as merely a “speed guy”.

      And I agree that Bradshaw has the advantage at the top, and by a pretty good margin even.

      The past few games Brandon Jacobs has looked like the better running back than Marion Barber, but Jacobs has mostly played in the waning minutes of games where teams have given up and in goal line situations.

      Marion Barber is getting the most touches, and while Jacobs isn’t used as a receiving back I think that’s because he’s not great at it. How often have we seen him botch, bobble or not create anything after catching a pass? He must have a lot of drops compared to his catches. Perhaps I still haven’t gotten over how Jacobs played last season and for the first part of this season. I think Barber is slightly better.

      D.J.Ware and Choice have had limited carries, the difference is most of Ware’s carries are meaningless, while Choice has been impressive vs good teams and has shown versatility because he was, at one time, running the Cowboys wild cat package, which I’m not sure Ware could be. I’ve also seen that Choice is a capable pass blocker, which I have not seem from Ware.

      In games Choice has had to start he’s had:

      @ Pittsburgh (the Superbowl Winning team in 2008) 88 yards rushing 78 yards receiving.

      Vs Baltimore (A.F.C. Championship game appearing Ravens) 90 yards rushing 1 TD, 25 yards receiving

      Vs Philly 56 yards rushing 8 yards receiving.

      Tashard Choice has shown MUCH more than D.J. Ware has. (He also had over 300 yards receiving)

      If you remember last year D.J. Ware when healthy was even passed by Gartrell Johnson on the depth chart, who was released by San Diego who had no running game.

      Ware has proven Nothing to me, Choice has and I would take Choice in a heart beat over Ware, until he shows me something other than a name change.

      On top of that Coughlin or Reese continues to try to push Ware out. They drafted Andre Brown (big injury) Claimed Gartrell Johnson, claimed Charles Scott, badly wanted C.J. Spiller.

      The Giants have not shown me that have any confidence in D.J. Ware.

      If the Giants lost Bradshaw I’d be very worried about what would happen with this team.

      If the Cowboys lost Felix Jones, I think they could survive and that’s because I think the depth is much better on Dallas.

      Good conversation though, keep it up!

  6. Jeff H says:

    Anyone here trade Giants O-line for Cowboys 0-line? Thanks for the laugh though! The only advantage Dallas has is LB/TE/P in my opinion.

    • You misread what I wrote. The Giants line is much better than the Cowboys line. I didn’t specifically say that though which is my fault.

      I said their run blocking is terrible and they haven’t blocked well for Romo and the Giants have great depth.

      The Gmen line is heads and shoulders above the Cowboys line.

      Sorry for the confusion, Jeff.

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