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Round Table Week 8: Poise in the Noise

Here are some conversations I had through email with the rest of the bloggers of the site.
I’ve been thinking about opening these up to readers as well. If you’re interested in participating in any roundtable just write “I’m in next week or something in the comments” and I’ll send you a question or few.

Or if you want to see us answer any questions about the next weeks game email us with the questions you want answered and I’ll use them.

Anyway, the NY Giants travel to the N.F.C. West leading Seahawks in the very loud Qwest Field. A stadium that the Giants 11 false start penalties in the last time they played that game (WoW).

But in an interesting chart posted by Mike Sando on the ESPN NFCWest Blog how the Giants have improved since Tom Coughlin first got to the team by going from 38 false starts in 2004 to only 13 last season (they have 5 so far this season)

Which is impressive. I know people love to hate on Coughlin, but he’s been here since 2004 (no playoffs), 2005 (playoffs), 2006 (playoffs) 2007 (Playoffs/Superbowl), 2008 (playoffs), 2009 (no playoffs), 2010 (Playoffs? We’ll see).

Anyway, there are things coaches can do like getting a team to prepare, last year the team quit on Coughlin (or maybe they were playing hard, but just beat-up beyond belief?) but for the most part you can’t argue with his success.

Tiki Barbers fumbles, and now the false start trend of the offensive line are just two ways in which Coughlin has shown he can influence a team.

Fuchs is in red, Andrew is in blue, Mark is in green, and JW is in purple.

Game ball in the Dallas game goes to….?

Lot of candidates, but I’m going to give it to Hakeem Nicks. I just thought his performance broke the game open

 The Giants D for knocking Romo out of the game

Eli Manning. Aside from his first to passes that were dropped by our WR’s for interceptions, he was locked in that game. Manning tied his career high for 4 TD’s. The game ball goes to Eli, who by the way, is rumored to have been told he is going to be a father. Congrats!

It’s between Gilbride and Manning for me.  I think the Giants offense looked particularly deadly after the second quarter started… they spread the ball around extremely well and I think Gilbride called a good game, Eli managed a good game, and they engineered a very dynamic attack against a team that didn’t know who or what was going to strike next.  Excellent job rebounding and not getting crazy after the first two picks.

Are you rooting for Dallas to lose every game the rest of the season (and get a top 5 draft pick) or find some wins and end up around 6-10?
Yes, I’m looking for them to completely and utterly FAIL as a team. I strongly dislike Dallas by default — but also in a way it’s a catch 22 with them. I route against them because of the expectation that’s set up every year: that they are the most talented, most deserved, and most powerful NFC team going. They themselves and this pro-Dallas media machine hypes them up each and every summer before a single regular season snap takes place, I usually write something about it, and yet they haven’t ONCE risen to the occasion and been competitive through to the playoffs and into a championship situation.  The Eagles and Giants are heads and tails above them in terms of tangibles and intangibles in that sense. Yes I would even argue talent lecel in the face of disparagement… we’re seeing that loud and clear this year.  And yet the horns always sound for the Cowboys in the NFC East at the outset of the season.  I’m sick of it and I’m glad the bubble has finally burst on the great American hoax, the Dallas Cowboys. 

Too harsh?

I would love for the Boys to lose every game remaining. 

Obviously, as a Giants fan, I want Dallas to lose every game. But, as a practical human being, 6-10 is much better. Giving a talented team like Dallas a top 5 pick is a recipe for disaster for the Giants and the rest of the NFC East

I don’t really care anymore. As long as the Giants’ can beat them next week, and they can knock off the Redskins’ or Eagles, what they do at this point is irrelevant. It does feel nice, though, doesn’t it?

I ask it every week so here it goes…who you taking at QB Eli Manning or Matt Hasselbeck?

I  think this is the year that Eli really proves to even the most heated Eli Manning haters that he is a legit QB.  Like his brother, he knows the offense inside and out.  He’s got talent to sling, no longer is he a ‘wounded duck’ kind of passer — I’m seeing bullets from him this year as well as last year.  And while he has a lot of INTs, I think people are finally seeing that he’s taking some risks downfield and he’s keeping his team balanced, multi-dimensional, and quite potent for most of the game.   Eli is truly a great QB right now for the Giants. 

No doubt Eli Manning, Hasselbeck is about done in my opinion

I think the question, if asked about 4-5 years ago could be up for debate, but right now, it’s Eli Manning hands down. Manning is entering his prime, and aside from the 7 WR caused INT’s there aren’t many QB’s playing better. If he cuts down on his turnovers, he’s a top 5 QB this season, I think. 

Manning. Hasselback had his time as a good QB, but it’s near the end. 

Last week the Raiders sacked Hasselbeck 8 times can the Giants get that same kind of success?
Without a doubt.  The pass rush is ferocious right now so I would imagine another stellar game for the D. 

You bet. Even if Russell Okung plays, the Giants defensive line is much more talented than the defensive line of the Raiders. You have to think that Osi, Tuck and company will have big days. 

It’s entirely possible they can, but I don’t think they will. Russell Okung will be back and healthy, which should help their offensive line, a lot. The Giants’ should be able to get to Hasselbeck, but I don’t think they’ll have 8 sacks. Look for tight-end help on Osi and Tuck this Sunday.

I think they can, I think they will look to have as balanced an attack as the Raiders had last week.  I don’t see the Giants becoming one dimensional any time soon with Bradshaw/Jacobs and Nicks/Smith/Manningham clicking like they have been lately.  And if all else fails, Boss/Beckum is still that last option that can lead to big plays.

Seattle is greaet at home and the last time the Giants went there I remember 40,000 false start penalties and some sloppy plays, with the Giants coming off a bye week and then traveling all the way out to Seattle is this a trap game? 

Trap games are generally classified as against teams who aren’t very good. Seattle happens to be a pretty solid team who could very well win their division. I don’t think it’s a trap game at all. The Giants’ should win this one, but it could be tough. What’s the easiest way to take the crowd out of the game? Get a lead early. You’ll take them right out of it.

 I remember in 2008 they beat them by 40,000 points with Jacobs running all over them.  I think coming off the bye week they are fortunate to have a team that’s struggled and looking to reignite their own fires at home.  I have no doubt the wet blanket of the Giants offensive line shows up this week and really dampens their spirits in Seattle.

A little bit, yeah. It’s near impossible to play in Seattle. Going on the road, after a road game, with a game against Dallas again coming up, it’s not hard to see the Giants looking past the ‘Hawks.

  It always makes me nervous when they make to long trip out west but right now they are playing so well I think the momentum and the rest will help them to the victory.
Prediction for the game? 

Giants are the better team here, by far. They’ll get the win. 38-14, Giants
Seattle is coming off a terrible loss and the Giants’ had two weeks to rest up for this one. Giants’ 28 v. Seattle 17

  Giants keep rolling 27-17 

34 – 10 Giants

To Andrew:
What will the Giants see out of Will Blackmon this weekend?

Well Darius Reynaud is still on the roster… and Coughlin has been patient with Special Teams this year.  I hope Reynaud takes this week more seriously at avoiding blocks than running right into coverage now that he has some competition.  Rumor has it that Blackmon will be ready to go in a moments notice.  As a defensive back, he may not see the field until way late in the game (assuming it’s a blowout) due to the Giants heavy use of the 3-safety look this year.  Deon Grant has been exceptional as that utility player that can fill all the gaps.  Much better than Aaron Ross in my opinion.  At the beginning of the year, I was worried about the corners – but the way Perry Fewell has dialed up his coverages the best players are all on the field and executing at a high level regardless of their core abilities and positions.  
Seattle ranks 29th vs the pass and 10th vs the run on defense, what should the Giants plan of attack be this weekend?

The balance attack is key.  And they can keep doing it if they stay effective in the run and pass and zag to what the defense is giving them. The Giants have looked better offensively these past few weeks than at any time since Eli Manning joined the team.  And one of the reasons is because the Giants running game has been almost impossible to stop with Bradshaw starting and creating gains that should be losses on busted plays. What a help that’s been ….  At the same time Manning has been focused on finding receivers deep down field for large gashes in the middle and along the sidelines — designed 10-20 yard passes away from coverage and pressure that stretch the defense out and move the chains effectively.   There is no one dimension to this team anymore, and that is apparent more than anything right now.  It should frighten Seattle actually coming off that Raiders debacle. 

To Mark:
The Seahawks are 8th in the league with 21 sacks on the season…will their defensive pressure packages give Giants problems this weekend? 


There is a chance that Eli will get knocked around a bit especially with O’hara out again but it won’t be enough to slow down the offense.  

One of my favorite players going into this past draft was Earl Thomas out of Texas (safety). This year he has 4 Interceptions and also leads the Seahawks in tackles…how right was I?  

  Dead on, he was my pick as well I loved him and wanted him in Giant blue.  He is a fun young guy to watch and has the chance to develop into a top safety in the league. 

Is this the weekend JPP Gets his first sack? 

I don’t think so. JPP will have some chances, but not this week. He had his first INT that was called back a few weeks ago, but he’s looked good when he’s been in the game. I don’t think he gets his first sack this week, but if he does, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s possible.
The Seahawks are 25th in pass offense and 27th in run offense, what can the Seahawks do to have some success vs the Giants?

The Seahawks are going to have to get Marshawn Lynch involved more. Lynch is their best back and is a player the Giants’ could have trouble against Sunday. They need to win the game by slowing the tempo, hitting Mike Williams and pounding the ball. Will they do this? I don’t think so, but that’s there best shot to win.

To Fuchs 

To Fuchs:
How much of is Seattles home field advantage going to effect the game this weekend? 
 It’s always hard to play in Seattle. Always has been. The key is not letting false starts kill you. It’s happened in the past. If they can keep the sloppy penalties under control, it shouldn’t affect them that much. It’s about not letting it get to you. But, as we’ve seen in the past, that doesn’t always happen.  
The Seahawks recently traded for Marshawn Lynch (which I wanted the Giants to do in the off-season) does that give them a dangerous run game with Lynch, Forsett,and Leon Washington? 
 Lot of talent, for sure. I don’t think Lynch is as good as he used to be, but combined with Forsett and the always dangerous Leon Washington, it could give the Giants fits.

Anything else to add…? 

Like I’ve been saying, and probably will keep saying all year, just keep doing what they’ve been doing. If they do that, the Giants will be fine. 

Keep an eye out for how Matt Dodge does this week. He punted great against Dallas. With another week to improve, it will be interesting to see how he does.

  The Hawks have surprised me so far this year but the Gmen are on one of those rolls right now.  I hope they keep it up out west.  This game makes me think back to when Feely was missing field goals left and right.  Lets hope that is just a memory of the past and the Gmen keep the streak of W’s alive 

Thoughts and comments?

Have a nice day, everyone.

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2 Responses to “Round Table Week 8: Poise in the Noise”

  1. jeremy P says:

    I’m in.

  2. Jason C. says:

    Earl Thomas’ numbers are inflated, and won’t likely climb too far unless he takes advantage of some tipped balls this week haha.
    He can’t play the run and can be out muscled in coverage, due to his being completely undersized. Look at Jairus Byrd’s numbers this year if you need an example of where he’s heading. (I’ll save you the time, 30 Tackles, 0 FF, 0 FR, 0 PD, 0 INT)
    Also IMO, JPP will get his first sack this week, I have a feeling he’ll be seeing a lot of time on the field, if the Giants can finally put a team away when they have them on the ropes, allowing him to work his magic.
    Finally I’d like to be a member of the round table next week, so I’m in as well.

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