Giants Roundtable Week 10: Cowboys Act II

The Giants ended the Cowboys season in their last game. And it seems like just yesterday, will the Cowboys look to derail the Giants season now that they have a new coach and a new attitude.

Interesting thing I saw while reading an old sports magainze at the doctors office (ESPN the magainze I believe). There was a season football preview…football outsiders has a method for predicting wins and they actually picked Dallas to finish dead last in the N.F.C. East because their methodology showed that teams that had the offensive lines of the Cowboys were doomed to fail.

I wonder if perhaps we were all wrong about the Cowboys team where it matters: in the trenches. Sure they have skilled position players, but games aren’t won there.

Let’s get into this big divisional game because there is almost always fireworks between the Boys and Giants despite their records. And who knows if Dallas holds a grudge because they think Michael Boley ended their season.

Let’s get into the roundtable.We have the usual guests this week, plus two new comers. In orange will be Jeremy P, in Red Fuchs, in Green Mark, blue Andrew Ilnicki and in Gray Jason C. Anything in written in black is me.   

I enjoyed the readers participation in this so if you’re a reader and interested in being apart of this next week, let me know and I’ll throw you a few questions.

First question. 

Game Ball in the Seahawks Game Goes to…..? 

Eli Manning. Dude stuck with it and managed one hell of a game. He dispursed the ball around well, did all the little things right like looking off the safeties, he looked like his brother at times. 3 TD passes and 0 INTs, nearly 300 yards on the road… nice job.

I’m going to give this one to the offensive line.  With all the adjustments they had to make due to injuries and other factors I think they did a fantastic job. 

  Who to choose? I’ll go with the offensive line. With no O’Hara, they a good job, playing out of position, and protecting Eli.
 Eli Manning for a fantastic performance.  

My game ball goes to the Offensive line. They didn’t allow a sack and got almost 200 yrds on the ground. And that 19 play drive at the end of the game, where we didn’t have to attempt a single pass, was a beautiful thing to watch.     

Are the Giants the best team in the N.F.C.?  N.F.L?

 NFC Yes, NFL to be determined but getting closer and closer every week.

  They’re the best team in the NFC, no question. In the entire NFL, they’re up there with the Steelers. In fact, I’m expecting a Giants-Steelers Super Bowl     Right now they are the best team in the NFC and perhaps amongst the best in the NFL, however, right now really doesn’t mean anything (sorry Sammy Haggar).  Let’s see Big Blue at this point in early February, that’s where the best team in the NFL is decided. 

They are up there in the NFC for sure. Atlanta looks good, the Packers look good and I would say those two teams have harder schedules than the Giants. That right now is the main criticism of the Giants, an easier schedule than even say, the Cowboys. But you still have to win your games…. and when the Giants didn’t beat themselves they beat their opposition and I think at this point in the season they deserve some respect. #1 defense, #2 offense overall — they are one of the best in the NFC certainly

That would be a no. We’ve looked good against bad teams and bad against good teams. But the Giants are on a five game win streak and have gotten better each and every week. With the meat of our schedule about to begin we will see how good they really are.   
What’d we think of the Blackmon Debut…? 

I wish there was a replay on his first catch and run, because he may well have broken that one for a TD. And even though it was called dead he still ran it out. I’ve watched and re-watched a dozen times — it was close. I like the oomph he brought to return duties — one really gutsy play where he dove to catch the ball at the last second. I like his attitude. Decent job on defense as well… great addition by Reynaud’s subtraction.

 There really wasn’t much to go by, but I think at this point the entire New York Giants fanbase is sick of the ineffectiveness that Darius Reynaud has shown.  That, and the one good return combined make Blackmon look like the second coming of Dante Hall.  I’m not buying it, but it’s good to see ANYTHING from back there this year, so he can keep the job as far as I’m concerned.  What’s the next move?  Will Reynaud get cut to make room for some more offensive line depth with all the injuries?

  Anything is better then Darrius Reynard.  Too early to tell yet.  Not bad, nothing special. Needs more attempts to show what he can do.
A breath a fresh air. It felt good watching him actually catch punts and not let them bounce costing us 10-15 yrds in the process

 Anything is better then Darrius Reynard.  Too early to tell yet.

The Cowboys are having an awful season, next week they are coming to NY against the team that put the nail in the coffin in their season…what kind of effort are you expecting from the ‘Boys next weekend? 

They Cowboys are playing spoiler for the rest of the season. These last few games will show what type of heart they have. And after what they showed Sunday night they have non. The ones that want to keep their jobs next year will play hard but the majority of them are already thinking about what they’ll be doing on vacation. The Giants in a rout.

I’d hope a strong one, but their past few games have been no effort. This is a team in turmoil. There’s no reason for them to be this bad. The effort hasn’t matched the talent, and I don’t expect that to suddenly change

Inconsistent at best. Everyone thinks it’s over for them, including former players and coaches like Irvin and Johnson. Kinda reminds you of last season with the Giants, where it just got worse and worse with very few positives even though the rally cries were heard. Jimmy Johnson says if you can’t even get millionaires to try, it’s over. So if the Giants have any backbone whatsoever, and I think they clearly do — they crush this team at home for the second time this year. 4 wins straight for the Giants over Dallas is what I’m looking for.

  Cowboys have given up and I don’t think they really like Garrett.  They might not win another game this year. 

Anyone who’s followed football for more than 15 minutes will know conventional knowledge says the Cowboys will play with a fire they haven’t shown thus far this year and try to get rolling on all cylinders.  Conventional Knowledge also says Super Bowl favorites don’t muster up only 1 win through 9 weeks of NFL football, so throw all that out the window.  Will they be aggressive?  Yes, but it’s the Cowboys, when they get aggressive they pull and fight and hold and grab and punch and etc.  This year they haven’t gotten away with it, which could be a direct factor of their record.  Let’s hope the trends continue
You get to choose a WR for the next 10 years who’s your choice Hakeem Nicks or Dez Bryant? 

Hakeem Nicks hands down and for the simple reason that Nicks seems to be the more polished football player. He can run every route in the book and I can tell he takes well to coaching 

Nicks. Bryant is very talented, and can do a lot of things, but Nicks is going to be the more reliable of the two.

  Bryant looks like a solid pick but I love Nicks and what he does after the catch.  I’m sticking with Nicks.   

Hakeem Nicks, and it isn’t even close.  Dez is talented, but he has possibly the worst field intelligence in the history of the sport (and possibly overall intelligence, he seems like a dope).  Hakeem has done everything professionally and with little fanfare outside of what he’s earned from his skills on the field of play.   If you think about it, these two players completely reflect their respected teams outlook.  

The Giants don’t seem to over expose their weapons — where other teams like the Cowboys, Eagles and Vikings jump at the chance to let it all hang out. Nicks is a dynamic play maker, but he’s not returning punts and kicks or taking reverses and running gimmicky plays. It’s fairly straightforward for the Giants. The Vikings have Percy Harvin, he does a lot. DeShawn Jackson and the Eagles, same thing. And the Cowboys this season have tried to do everything with Bryant, and it sort of rubs me the wrong way that they’re talked about as having the most talented team but can’t even seem to get the fundamentals sound. They need a rookie to step it up to be competitive — well what about all that talent stacked in Dallas? It’s not there. So by contrast, I’ll take Hakeem Nicks executing the fundamentals over the flash of Dez Bryant and the Cowboys any day of the week, especially on Sundays.

Final score prediction? 

31 – 13 Giants

I don’t like predicting the score. But I don’t see the Giants allowing a back up QB to come into their house and beating them. 

Giants are the much better team. They’ll win 35-14
 Boys are dead in the water, Giants roll 38-10  

The 40 point streak will probably come to an end, but luckily, they won’t need to score 40 to win this one.

  Giants 31, Cowboys 13 

Mark asked me: 
Do the Cowboys salvage any part of the season with Jason Garrett at the helm? 

That’s a good tough, question. And one we’ll have to wait and see what happens I think how they respond this weekend will go a long way in determining what the cowboys can do. 

I do think there will be more of an effort for sure with the rest of the season, but Jason Garrett was the player caller for the offense all season, which has struggled the past few weeks. 

Garret, seems to be more intense though, it’s reported that the Cowboys have practiced in full pads this week which shows that there might be more demands out in Dallas. I think at some point Dallas will get sick of losing and come out with some big efforts, but they have some real problems like the offensive line and their secondary, and their QB play. 

If Garrett is fired at the end of the year who do you think replaces him in big D?

 I think John Gruden or John Fox could do wonders, so I’m hoping that’s not the answer. But I think, from everything I’ve read, that John Gruden is the guy if he wants the job. Do you see a roster overhaul coming at the end of the year for the boys? No, I do not see an overhaul because I think Jerry Jones will refuse to rebuild this team. Jerry built this team and believes his players are very good I think if they show improvement during the rest of the season, Jones will chalk it up to bad coaching and continue with mostly the same roster (I think some different defensive linemen).  

Fuchs asked me.   Do the Giants change anything from the last time they played Dallas?   

I think they may choose to start the game out pounding the run. And I also believe that Eli’s pace will be slower again because he might be trying to figure out just exactly what the new defensive coordinator is doing throughout the first half and I would be surprised to see more points put up in the second half as opposed to the first half this weekend. 


 How do the Giants stop Dez Bryant? 

By beating up Jon Kitna. Dez Bryant has exceptional strength and so far Dallas has used Bryant a lot on underneath throws allowing him to try to make the first defender miss because he’s so strong. I think the Giants should have a pretty good idea how to stop Bryant, because to me he is VERY similar to Hakeem Nicks. Bryant is a little bigger and perhaps a touch faster, but Nicks is the smarter player. Still their styles are similar. The best way to stop Bryant is change up your coverages on him and to knock Kitna silly. 

And then Andrew had some questions he wanted to be asked and answered.

Q:  Offensively, what can the Cowboys do to get back on track this week against the Giants?

A: If you saw last week’s game with the Cowboys losing big to the Packers… you still have to admit that Jon Kitna has an arm.  He can chuck it — I saw several tight spirals, they weren’t all caught mind you but I still think he has arm strength to go up top and try to get the best of the Giants safeties.  Dez Bryant is still dangerous, and Miles Austin is extremely fast and athletic.  This could be the game where Dallas turns it all around on offense.  They have to run in the right situations this game — none of this run, run run, punt nonsense.  Get aggressive and stay with it.  Kitna can throw it, let him loosen up early and throw the ball down field. 

Q: What strategy do you see Eli and the Giants going with to keep Dallas’ pass rush in check?

A: The Giants passing game has come on strong lately, Eli is flirting with that 300 yard mark each and every game.  He’s worked on minimizing his turnovers, but has been aggressive and sharp with his aerial attack even still.  I look for the Giants to go right at the Cowboys with a balanced attack this week with some big pass plays for Nicks, Manningham, and it looks like Ramses Barden will be the third option in the rotation. They are going to hopefully try to stretch the Dallas defense out until they collapse, then run on them.  It worked extremely well last game and I look for it to continue at home this week.

Anything else to add…? 

After seeing the Giants put up their first complete game. I’m eager to see if they will bring that same intensity in back to back games. This has the makings of a trap game with Philly in two Weeks. 

One thing the Giants need to avoid is getting too cocky. 

  The Giants took a step in the right direction last week cutting down their turnover totals incredibly, I think the bye week helped work a lot of those kinks out.  This week I’d like to see a perfect, turnover-free football game.-The Lions game seems like ages ago, it’s also the last time the Giants played at home, nearly a month has gone by, I’d like to see how they re-adjust to playing at home, where they haven’t looked as successful as they should. 


Toughts and comments?

  Have a nice day, Everyone.

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  1. Chris says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised if it was the Giants and the Falcons in the NFC championship game. But the Packers and Eagles could get there too. I’m not going to crown my beloved G-Men the best in the NFC until they reach the super bowl. One of those other three teams could get there as well.

    • Jason C. says:

      Don’t sleep on the Saints either, am I crazy to feel they are the scariest team lurking around in the NFC for the Giants??

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