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Devin Thomas is a Keeper

It’s clear Devin Thomas didn’t play this way with the Redskins or Panthers or there is no way he would have been cut twice.

He did little as a WR, but he was the first impact Special Teams player I’ve seen on the Giants in awhile.

The only thing that worries me is that if Thomas was more pumped up from this game then he will be moving forward because he holds a grude against the Redskins then this could be a one time thing. Or perhaps a guy is looking at what might be his last chance and finally playing for a non-dysfunctional organization and is deciding to step it up.

But I rewatched the game and you could tell the kind of attitude he gave the Special Teams from the first Giants kickoff where he ran down and flew into two blockers.

I rewinded it because I couldn’t believe how hard those blockers were hit and I  noticed it was Devin Thomas.

And then he made a few huge tackles on Banks, he blocked a punt, he downed Dodge’s punt at the one. He’s a very big, tall and fast WR who can make contributions on Special teams. And I trust Eli Manning’s ability to acclimiate players to the offense. I think if he can last on the roster he can be very valuable with a whole off-season of playing with Eli Manning.

I think Thomas has a great opportunity to show the Giants that he deserveswhat was Domenik Hixon and David Tyree’s place the past few seasons, excpet Thomas has much more physical ability than either Hixon or Tyree had/have.

And the rest of the review:

Sticker helmets

Devin Thomas-already discussed.

Brandon Jacobs

The only criticsm involving Jacobs this game can be…why didn’t he run the ball more? But that’s not his decision. 8 rushes for 103 yards and two touchdowns. That’s a Special Game. I’m just confused to why he had 8 carries and Bradshaw had 25…maybe Coughlin and Gilbride are worry about him taking a shot to the knees and think Bradshaw is indestructible.

Well, I’ve seen other theories:

Including one where Jacobs stated he thought that coughlin was trying to get Bradshaw up to the milestone 1,000 yard game at home instead of it happening next week at Minnesota, which could make sense because shortly after that Ware entered the game.

Maybe Coughlin was tyring to show Bradshaw he has confidence in him to hold onto the ball and not fumble, while running out the game.

Coughlin is more worried about Jacobs getting hurt then Bradshaw because Bradshaw seems to play through everything and Jacobs is more effected by injuries?

If those aren’t the reasons, then I don’t know.


Not a great line with 25 carries for 97 yards, but the two touchdowns are nice and with his 8 yard reception he went over a 100 yards total and he as always had a few runs where he turned nothing into something.

Derek Hagan

He helped keep the offense balanced in the first half and let the Giants pass a little bit to keep the Redskins a little bit honest vs the run.

Bear Pascoe

For showing the giants that they can have a full back who can catch the football and block. He also helps with the blocking.

I’d like to see them give him a meaningless carry in one of these blowout games just to throw a different look out on tape, but it won’t happen.

Will Beatty and the entire offensive line

I think I was the number one supporter for William Beatty to the Giants in the 2009 Draft. In fact I even put him in the top five on my big board for the Giants as an option for their First round pick. Of course they took Hakeem Nicks and still got Beatty which worked out very well.

He went up against one of the best pass rushers in the league in Orakpo and held him sackless. He was very good run blocking, and was fair pass blocking. The difference between Beatty and Diehl to me is Beatty has a much better chance of getting to the second level, and a much better chance at stopping speed rushers.

Diehl is less prone to mistakes, you’d think, and Diehl is more powerful against big run stuffing/bull rushing defensive ends, but those ends usually play on the Right Side (defensive left), which is why people usually believe that Diehl would make a better RT.

Beatty still needs refinement, but the key to draft success is get one or two impact players and avoid busts.

If the draft picks are on the roster making valuable contributions, while learning and practicing the Giants way you can’t ask for much more.

Fortuantely, Reese has been able to find many depth players (Sintim, Beatty, DeOssie, Beckum, Aaron Ross), who are serviceable starters as well as bonafide Stars (Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, Bradshaw).

I’m not giving up on Sintim yet, and I think Beatty will be apart of this o-line in the future.

JPP!! (and the rest of the Dline)

2 more sacks, and four in his rookie year. He is versatile but has done all of his damage as a Defensive End, even though he has yet to lay a bit hit on the quarterback.

As for the rest of the line Tuck and Osi each had a sack and Coefield had 7 tackles.

Perry Fewell

Last year the Buffalo Bills were at the top of the league in turnovers forced, this year they are near the bottom. Last year the Giants couldn’t take the ball away..this year….

Everyone whined and moaned about the read and react defense during the off-season, but few realized how great Fewell is.

I watched him (wife’s a buffalo Bills fan and I live in Rochester, I watch every Bills game) work magic with below average N.F.L. starters with the Buffalo Bills. I  knew with a team that can actual rush the passer the secondary would create a lot of turnovers.

Terrell Thomas

He gets thrown on a lot and misses some tackles, but he’s probably the Giants best player at getting the ball away from the other team. He has 10 Interceptions the past two seasons and he also forced a fumble today.

Corey Webster

Can we please get this guy to the Pro-bowl? He was average last year, but he’s been very good in 2008 and this year. Not a Shut down corner and I still want the Giants to draft a CB early (I love Brandon Harris out of the Miami, but he seems to be climbing mock drafts rapdily lately)

Sit On Your Helmet (benchworthy performances)

When you blow a team out there’s not much bad to say but I will highlight one or two.

Keith Bulluck

I don’t think this guy’s made a play all season, and then this weekend when Thomas giftwraps a perfect opportunity for Bulluck he falls over and ruins a chance for the first Giants Defensive touchdown of the year. I know he doesn’t always play because it’s not out of the Giants base (where they go three safeties a lot), but he’s been a no-show much of the year, I think.

I wonder what Clint Sintim can do, and I wonder if the Giants will be able to get a linebacker that is worth something in Free Agency (I always think teams should fill needs in Free Agency and draft good players in the draft)-well looking at the list from KFFL and Lamarr Woodely, David Harris, Shawne Merriman, Barrett Rudd, Paul Posluszny (been playing great in Buffalo…I think he could play outside), Chad Greenway, Manny Lawson, Justin Durant, Tamba Hali, Kirk Morrison, Mike Peterson, Thomas Howard, Steward Bradely, and Derrick Johnson are the free agents currently listed, but Im’ not sure if this is an updated list or not.

Darius Reynaud

The Giants can keep D.J. Ware returning kicks, but for the love of god Will Blackmon needs to get back to return punts. Blackmon is sure-handed and explosive. Reynaud scares me. He dove for one today, always seems unsure about whether or not to fair catch or let it bounce and had one return for one yard.

Other thoughts:

Ahhh! The Giants were very close to being in great position, but both the Lions and Bengals blew games they should have won vs the Bears and Saints, respectively. The Bears have a very difficult schedule coming up and the Falcons win over Tampa helps things a lot and at least now opens the possibility that hte Giants can win the wild card.

The Bears play the Packers, Jets, Patriots, and at Minnesota.

All four are loseable game (every game is “loseable” technically), but no easy games left.

Tampa’s schedule is much easier, but with already being one game behind the Giants and with three loses in the conference, I believe the Buccaneers would have to be an entire game better than the Giants to win that wildcard spot.

New Orleans plays with the Rams, at the Ravens, at the Falcons, and with the Buccaneers. They seem poised to take one of the wild card spots.

The Packers play at Detroit (Lions play well at home), at New England, vs the Giants, and vs the Bears.

Bottom line on playoff picture

Giants play their two biggest competitors to the playoffs: Green bay for the wild card, and Philadelphia for the division. They also own the tiebreaker over the other team: Chicago.

I think the Giants need to go 10 and 6 to make the playoffs with how things have played out and things look positive, but not great. Perhaps its just my dismay with the way the season ended last year.

Regardless this is another season where Eli Manning has not had a losing record and another season where Giants football matters in December. And while Playoffs and a Superbowl apperance is great, all you can really ask for is to consistently be in contention in December.

Oh, by the way with the way the Cowboys are playing, it gives one hope that they can at least knock off the Eagles once, right?

Thoughts and comments about Devin Thomas, JPP, or just the Giants season in general?

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15 Responses to “Devin Thomas is a Keeper”

  1. JohnDeeezy says:

    I dont think you can write off Bullock so early. You have to remember he is coming off a MAJOR injury from last year. Also, he played in Tennessees defense for his whole career and now he is learning a new one for the first time. I say give him another year and see what happens.

  2. royhobbs7 says:

    You’re absolutely spot on, Jesse. Bullock has been nowhere this season and has been a huge “Achilles Heel” to the defense.

  3. LIgiantfan says:

    Where is Linval Joseph? I thought I saw his picture on a milk carton!

  4. PC says:

    Agreed I think we need to think a bit harder before signing aging stars in the NFL. I don’t think Bullock or Andrews where good pick ups. I know they are pro bowlers and such but in 2010 they aren’t in the best NFL shape even though I really love what they have done in this league.

    • Russo757 says:

      I agree that the free agents picked up by the giants werent the best although Grant is playing like a beast.

      Not sure Rolle is making the impact everyone thought he would though.

      • Dman552 says:

        How can you say that Rolle isnt making the impact they thought he would? Look at the defense as a whole! The giants have sacks because QBs cant find anyone to throw to!

      • dylanroth says:

        I have to disagree on this, antrel rolle has been huge this year, whether it be forcing turnovers, or even blitzing the QB. He is so versatile and athletic and he has been awesome this year. I expected nothing less of Rolle. If anything, he has surprised me with the season he is having

        • Russo757 says:

          U cant contribute the defense as a whole to the ROlle signing. ALl im saying is I expected more of ROlle and less of Grant and from what Ive seen so far Grant was the better pick up. Rolle tends to over persue.

    • I like the Andrews pickup he flashed ability to still be a Franchise Offensive linemen, but if he never starts fully at LT for the Giants, they won’t pay him much. They can use him as a dominating Blocking TE

  5. BlueManFla says:

    Not sure you placed Beatty in the right category. With his 2 holds, and at least 2 more that weren’t called, I can understand why Seubert was cussin him out. The rest of the OL dominated though.

  6. True, Beatty did have some problems, but he was going against one of the best pass rushers in the game and he showed the athletic ability to be able to handle him for the most part…He has some technical things he needs to work out, but I think he is surprising people with how much he can run block as well as pass block. Not great, but I think he has a pretty good future.

    Fair point though.

  7. I think your analysis on Bulluck is a little off especially since you are talking about a LB used to playing every down. What your missing is while he is taking on the blocker Goff is not sliding an filling the hole. Bulluck may not make the play play but he is playing it correctly. He has also shown when given reps he has produced (Titans) game.

    As for Beatty, that kat was holding on for dear life (literally) towards the end of the game. Andrews was very serviceable and remember he for the most part kept Ware quite. His back is obivously makes him iffy so an upgrade is needed.

  8. Clint Sintim can’t come in and take on blockers….maybe Sintim can come in and actually shed a blocker once or twice.

    Plus I don’t think you can count the titans game, football is an emotional support and It’s probably not a coincidence that is one productive game is the most emotitional game.

    Fair assessment on Beatty, I think he did a decent job and lacks technique, not athletic ability and I still think he has a bright future.

  9. Jason C. says:

    Beatty’s holds could be costly, but sometimes it’s better to hold then to give up a sack, for one you don’t lose a down and also your QB doesn’t get hit. So I can deal with 2 holds and zero sacks. Overall he does look pretty good, much better than I thought he would, I feared for Eli’s life when seeing Beatty/Boothe at the left side. I have to chime in on this Rolle situation, I think the guy’s having a great year, and is all over the ball, plays great in run support, can blitz, covers well, a very versatile player. Grant has been a pleasant surprise, but he’s dropped a couple of interceptions which is something the team should work on as a whole. I’m not so much surprised at his production, but more as to how much playtime he’s been getting, but I guess with the defense they’ve been running it works.
    I would like to see the big play taken away, every game this year they seem to give up at least one big scoring play, and it needs to stop, if this is going to be a dominating defense, there can’t be 40 yard passes to wide open receivers, who aren’t even that good.
    Eli’s interception was borderline nauseating, I like the guy, in fact wouldn’t want many other QB’s in place of him, but even if he didn’t see Fletcher there, the coverage was still unbearable.
    For the most part though the mistakes were few, and the positive factors here were in multitudes. Lastly, I’m proud of Jacobs, keep running that way big man!!

  10. Shane says:

    I have to admit, Devin Thomas was impressive, but I agreee that he will only be a revelation if he can produce like that against teams he never played for.

    The BIG news is that JPP aka “The Predator” is figuring “it” out and opposing offenses should be scared. Now teams have to account for this guy in addition to Tuck and Osi, good luck!

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