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Giants Blow 21 Point Lead, Lose To Eagles In Final Seconds

It should have been easy. The Giants were up 21 points, with 8 minutes left in the game. Should have been easy. But, as it always with this team, it wasn’t easy. 8 minutes later, the Eagles are on top, walking away with a victory. A 31-10 lead became a 38-31 loss. Just like that.

It started off nice. The Giants put up the first strike, as Eli Manning hit Mario Manningham for a 36 yard touchdown. After an Eagles field goal, the Manning-Manningham connection was at it again, this time on a 33 yard strike. After a Lawrence Tynes field goal, the Giants scored a touchdown with 5 seconds left, on a 8 yard pass to Hakeem Nicks, to make it 24-3 going into the half.

Jeremy Maclin scored the first touchdown of the second half for the Eagles, on an 8 yard reception. The Giants answered right back, however, when Kevin Boss scored on an 8 yard touchdown, to make it 31-10 with 8:17 left.

This is where it all fell apart. Just minutes later, Mike Vick hit Brent Celek for a 65 yard touchdown. After recovering an onside kick, the Eagles marched down the field again, this time scoring on a 4 yard Vick run. They tied it up a few minutes later, this time on a 13 yard pass to Maclin.

After a 3 and out by the Giants, with 14 seconds left, the Giants decided to punt it. Instead of kicking it out of bounds, and going to overtime, our favorite punter Matt Dodge punted it right to DeSean Jackson, who ran it back 65 yards for the touchdown and the win as time expired.

It’s as bad of a loss as you can imagine. Trust me, I was there. The crowd was just stunned, shocked. I’m still a bit speechless, a few hours later. The Giants were up 21. With 8 minutes left. That should be a win. That’s in the bank. But, Mike Vick decided to play like SuperMan, and the Giants couldn’t stop him. If he’s not the MVP, I have no idea who would be.

The punt by Dodge, while awful, is the least of our worries. It should not gotten to that point. You can’t give up 21 points in 8 minutes. You can’t not be ready for an onside kick. You have to make a stop. This was the Giants problem last year. Couldn’t make a stop when they needed to. It hadn’t been a huge problem this year. Until now.

Giants can still make the playoffs. If they beat the Packers next week, they’ll be in. Pretty simple. But, you feel confident in predicting a win for the G-Men, with the way they’ve been playing? I don’t.

It’s just an awful loss, and one that you think could have lasting effects, both on the team and the fans. The coaching staff has to be on pins and needles. Special teams coordinator Tom Quinn has to be let go. Can’t be that unprepared.

It’s still a 9-5 team. A good football team. The frustration is understandable. I’m frustrated. But, we’re still in the hunt. And it could be a lot worse. How the team responds next week will tell us a lot about this football team.

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17 Responses to “Giants Blow 21 Point Lead, Lose To Eagles In Final Seconds”

  1. Mike from PA says:

    Its an absolute fitting END for this team of PRETENDERS. The last game at our new stadium was just like our last game at Giants Stadium. A complete EMBARASSMENT. Three years of excuses and disastrous historic collapses. Clean house. Start with Tom Quinn and Thomas McGaughey, the two special teams idiot coaches then go right up the line. Dodge should have been cut right after the game. I have no idea why he is on this team. Go get Cowher.

  2. Djacc says:

    How do you like them apples?

  3. edub says:

    reminiscent of the giants 9ers game about 8 years ago when t.o. and jeff garcia butt f’d the gmen in the second half. but if any of you doubters saw the post game stuff, you would know the leaders on the team wont let this loss lag, and they will be ready to go come greenbay.

  4. sam says:

    what happened today makes me wish sometimes that I wasnt such a big fan : / , I feel like Fewell called a great game but the players didnt execute in in key spots, kenny going for the ball then hitting Celek who was bobbling the ball. kevin gilbride completely gave up on giving bradshaw the ball,mario completely just dropped the ball…I feel like strahan hit it on the nose in the post game show, he said that when you see vick takeover you start to become a spectator and forget your a participant. Im already tired of pointing fingers, the only thing positive I can take from this game is that if we can make the playoffs and play 60 minutes we can beat anyone! I know this is the most despicable lost ever and I really almost shed a tear over it but we cant stop fighting we just need next weeks game and we have new life. Things like this happen all the time! we know how the story goes,we’ve been here before. theres so many fans today that are done watching football but we’re not, we can still do this! as hard as it was for me to even breathe after the lose I can still build the strength to say lets Go Giants!

  5. PC says:

    Giants need a fresh start! unfortunately it wont happen this year so we gotta deal with TC and company but we should be looking to the future and do everything we can to fire the coaches minus Fewell of course and bring on Cowher

    On a seperate note unrelated Fire Joe Buck too! I friggin hate that guy. His voice always bums me out. Let him do baseball only please!

  6. Chris says:

    Vick didn’t play like superman – Deon Grant, Aaron Ross, and Kenny Phillips handed a normal human a nice victory. Grant jumps up like an idiot instead of a controlled rush as the D line is closing in. Vick easily goes around hime for 30 yards. Knucklehead Phillips plays for interception instead of a safe sure tackle so some fat tight end gets the longest catch and run of his career. Then idiot Ross gets sucked in and Vick runs easily around for 40 yds. Without those bonehead plays, the giants win by 14. The punt and onside kick don’t matter. Three knuckleheads don’t make the plays. Two of them are not containing the most dangerous running qb in history. Idiots.

  7. Dave says:


  8. Fumblesnout says:

    Can you really expect the Giants to get up and play the Packers after a loss like this? I think the Packers are just going to blow out the Giants next Sunday and eliminate them from the playoffs, it’s terrible how one quarter can ruin a season

  9. BlueManFla says:

    I guess I am too old to get very worked up. I guess I have learned that if you are a true Giants fan, you know that a few games a season they will break your heart. Maybe I am getting too blase about life or maybe I am getting way too laid back afeter moving to Florida, but…..

    Having been a Giant fan since I was 13 years old (I’m 72 now) this game stings but in the back recesses of my mind, there was once instance that will always hurt more deeply than any other. I was forced to attend a family function in Seagate Long Island and was listening to the game on radio. This is the episode that still stings

    I guess it sticks in my mind because I was younger and more fragile and hadn’t been indoctrinated in the trails that come with being a Giants fan.

    OH well, I will just continue as always and wish and hope like the rest of us that somehow this game doesn’t ruin our season.

    OH yeah, I must be a glutton for punishment….I have also rooted for the Knicks and Rangers for a long time.

  10. VT True Blue Fan says:

    I can honestly say that in my 25 plus years of watching the Giants I have never been more embarassed by such a total and utter collapse. Although the loss against the 49ers in the playoffs all those years ago was a horrible moment, and losing the SuperBowl the way we did to the Ravens was terrible, I still think this hurts even worse. The fact that it was the hated Eagles, Michael Vick, Desaun Jackson and the rest of the dirty birds, that they have owned us for 3 years now just makes me sick to my stomach. Too be so dominate and in control for 52 minutes and then to just give the game away (which was hard to do) the way that we did, with such a complete and total failure in every sense of the game just ripped my heart out. I will always bleed blue, and have not given up on this season, but this is the most disappointed I think I have ever been in my team.

  11. johnnyd says:

    Philly put a hurtin’ on NY this past week (Lee, Eag’s, & Flyers) – so much so that you would think it was a purposeful and planned attack, kind of like Pearl Harbor.

  12. ELGINDOTCOM says:

    I was at the game. I am a NY’er who happens to be an Eagle Fan. Talk about premature celebration. The fans were taunting the whole game.. It was awfully quiet down the stretch though and we stole a game. Can’t believe I was lucky enough to witness it..

    My piece on the game..

  13. jeremy P says:

    Antrel Rolle do we have permission to boo now.

    • dylanroth says:

      Get TOM QUINN out of there. The giants cannot move forward with having the worst special teams in the league. It is embarrassing. The way teams run back both punts and kickoffs on us is mortifying and ridiculous. G-men will be ready for sunday though….there is still light at the end of the tunnel

  14. JC Enriquez says:

    After the hand wringing this is still a good team that put’s up points.
    Their choice of schemes on defense will dictate how far they go. You can’t
    play prevent D against anyone. They still have some tackling issues to improve
    on Grant and Ross and Philips come to mind. But, Eli played well this is still a
    very dangerous team, and should advance deep into playoffs. Maybe philly does
    have a curse? Nah!

  15. joe melvin says:

    I just want to know why Aaron Ross is a giant, why, what are his accomplishments, to give up a deep play everytime hes on the field. in two seasons he had two interceptions, only because he was way behind the reciever and the ball was overthrown. All we ever see is his back chasing an offender 30 yards down the field, he is the worst defensive back i have ever seen.

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