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Just Venting After One Giant Implosion:

I am out of town this weekend but caught the last few minutes of the game today at a local watering hole.  I’ve completely had it with this team.

Winning 24-3 and losing that game is baffling to me.  I didn’t get a chance to see the whole game (thankfully) but what I did see from highlights and online the Giants deserved to lose that game.

Mental errors, changing their game plan and one horrific punt/punt coverage and bye bye division lead.  Luckily the Giants play in a weak NFC and should still hold the final playoff spot after tonights Pats/Packers game.

Matt Dodge should be cut, how simple is it to kick it out of bounds?  I mean come on.  Coughlin is probably still reaming him right now.  It isn’t all his fault the Giants should have never let them get back in that game but that was probably Dodge’s last strike.

What do you think Giantsgab fans?  Does this loss seal the season or do they rebound?

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45 Responses to “Just Venting After One Giant Implosion:”

  1. Sparky says:

    Matt Dodge is still a great kicker.

  2. PC says:

    Its isn’t Coughlins Fault? Really? He is the coach. He and Kildrive suck they are old and outdated. They can’t do anything with the talent we have. Sure the D let us down and dodge is an idiot but Coughlin is unorginal and offers nothing to this team.
    Dude Cowher is in the waiting for this job we need to snatch him up next year or Im simply not gonna watch. I appreciate what TC has done in the past but its time to move on. Fire all the coaches except Ingram and Fewell and Let Cowher coach us to a Superbowl or two!!! COUGHLIN SUCKS!!!

    • Big Blueberry says:

      I totally agree with all of your points, PC. The G-Men need to get out of Dodge, fire Coughlin, and hire Cowher. The only problem is that the Mara family displays its stubborn pride by harboring bad players and coaches unless there is insubordination. For example, just because Bradshaw wasn’t an ass-kissing glee club member, he didn’t get consistent play for a long time after he proved in his first pre-season that he was a superstar. There is also a lot of nepotism in the organization. Also, it makes absolutely no sense why Gilbride would call even one pass in the situation they were in yesterday. Poor tackling evident at almost every position is definitely a coaching problem and, when Dodge couldn’t shank it out of bounds as he usually does, the fact that the punt coverage team had two or three good shots on Jackson before he picked up steam illustrates a team that is not motivated for greatness at this point. If they get in as a wild-card their stay in the postseason will be brief.

  3. PC says:

    I think you are right however. We will bounce back and beat the Packers and Redskins and hopefully seek out revenge on the Eagles in the playoffs! Our season is hardly over. Its not like the Eagles blew us out. We can hang 4 quarters with any team in the league we just can’t seem to finish when it matters!!!!

    • Jason C. says:

      I’d prefer they get blown out, at least they’d know there are glaring needs, instead it’s a disgusting array, the team totally falling apart, and outside looking in if we can’t beat the Packers in Green Bay next week, regardless of what happens tonight. I’m converting to a Browns fan, at least you can’t get disappointed with them.

  4. JP says:

    If I have to look at Tom Coughlin with his hands on his hips and that confused look on his face one more goddamn time I am going to put my shoe through the TV.

  5. AB says:

    Sparky- a “great” kicker? really? I think youll have a hard time convincing anyone that Dodge even belongs on the starting team. Dodge didnt lose this game alone, but he has been consistently bad all season. He has made a superhero out of Feagles.

  6. JG says:

    Sparky…after that comment you should be banned from this blog. Dodge has been awful all year long.

    We couldn’t get the run game started and it killed us in the end. Not Coughlin’s fault, but could be the final straw. I think a new coach could be in store for next season.

  7. jayjayjj50 says:

    I think the giants will rebound. Hopefully come playoff time the eagles will join the cowboys, as teams the giants beat after sweeping the season series. Matt Dodge sucks. While its not his fault the game got blown. At the point the goal was to take the game to OT, am dodge couldnt even secure that.

  8. Chris says:

    This was on Grant, Ross, and Phillips not using their heads. Grant doesn’t come in under control while Giants are streaming in all around Vick. He jumps up and Vick goes around him for 30 yds. THen Ross doesn’t seal the corner – same result. Then Phillips (the SAFETY, mind you)should do the safe thing yet plays for the pick and lets a fat tight end get the longest catch and run for his career. Use your head on those three and the Giants win by 14.

    • JL says:

      Easy to point to a few plays and say, without these giants win by x number of points. I’m sure the two unreviewed, non-fumbles which led to giants points won’t get much attention nor will the 2 picks dropped by Quinten Mikell or D’mitri Patterson. How about the fact that everyone in attendence and watching the game was expecting that onsides kick except the 11 men in blue. Heck, who didn’t see Akers tee the ball up sideways?

  9. JC Enriquez says:

    We all know it was a matter of time before dodge would hurt Gmen,
    but more disturbing is the changes on defense. Osi and Tuck dropping into coverage,Why? They should rush Vick. Lot’s of missed tackles, Grant and
    # 31 made mistakes. This is still playoff team, just more difficult now. Keep
    punter? On the last Giant possession eagles all out blitz, receivers running
    down field unaware that they needed to break off route. Nuff said.

  10. j.gURN says:

    Eagles AGAIN practice VOODO on g-men….The Team, the STADIUM,
    the Coaches need an exorcism….THIS IS BEYOND ANY Sports understanding…..ALWAYS…THE LAST QUARTER COLLAPSE…why?why?
    Lastly, who does Matt Dodge “know” in the Giant organization…
    HE MUST BE LET GO! He’s an embarrassment to PRO FOOTBALL.

    a very disgusted x-fan…I’ve HAD IT !

    jIM gURN

  11. jmerms says:

    i think we rebound because we are still in playoff picture and thats most important.

  12. j.gURN says:

    unbelievable…the last quarter COLLAPSE….pHILLY VOODOISM wins AGAIN!

    send DODGE “out-of-town” for his safety….

  13. pkirn says:

    A choke might be, oddly, easier to stomach, but I still look for victories over the Redskins and Packers to deliver that number 6 seed. You may have had it, but the 2010 Giants haven’t – yet. Of course, that sets up a 7th straight Philly humiliation possibility. Yay.

  14. Gary says:

    I don’t know how anyone can be positive after that display. I will fully admit to being a very negative giants fan but I couldn’t even imagine that big blue would lose today after fat andy didn’t challenge that call on the jackson fumble. I believe that this was on par with the 2002 playoff loss at San Fran being up 38-14. Think about it, every one of the following events had to happen for the giants to lose in regulation today…
    -the ridiculous Celek 65 yard touchdown…
    -the onside kick and ensuing drive
    -the penalty when we were driving after the onside kick (and don’t underscore the false start to go to 2nd and 11 instead of 2nd and 6 because we clearly panicked for the next two plays)
    -a 90 yard drive
    -the ridiculous punt…clearly our special teams are the worst (save San Diego) in the league…

    Finally, I hate Desean Jackson more than anyone in the league…he deserves any gruesome injury he will undoubtedly encounter in the next few weeks…

    I hate football

    • GG says:

      Wishing horrible injury on a showboat? Nice. As if you wouldn’t love him doing the same thing for the Giants. I’m sure you’ll respond by saying that you’d be disgusted by his actions even if was a Giant. Sure you would.

      If you hate seeing DeSean Jackson running all over your poorly coached, choking team then demand players who have the fortitude to stop him. Good luck with that.

      • Gary says:

        Would certainly tolerate him if he was a Giant but he is still a bag of you know what…are you an Eagles fan? and you can talk about the Giants being a choking team? really?

        Additionally, I cannot stand players from Cal for multiple reasons including Berkely’s general stance on EVERYTHING…not that he probably cared but it’s just another strike…

        I just hope you are satisfied with the personnel on your squad (a dog killer and a showboat who is tremendously talented but often causes even his own team because of his absurd attitude). They will undoubtedly find a way to choke even if it isn’t to the Giants.

        • GG says:

          That’s quite a nuanced reply. So part of the reason you root against a player like Jackson is because you are politically conservative and he went to a liberal college? Huh…

          Again, if Vick were doing the same for the Giants, Giants fans would be singing a different tune about him, just like Eagles’ fans are now. I think his actions were deplorable, he went to jail for it, and by all accounts he’s sincere in his desire for redemption. I don’t blame ayone for having strong opinions towards him, but I am here to point out the hypocracy of the sports fan….ultimately you root for the laundry. Don’t pretend your morals are somehow higher than anyone elses. The only reason i wrote was in response to your wish for horrible injury to Jackson (because he is a showboat whom your special teams have no answer for). Weak.

          Go Birds!

          • Gary says:

            Objection…I was merely stating facts….Did Vick kill dogs? Yes. Do I despise Jackson for multiple reasons? Yes. would I root for both of them in Giants uniforms? Yes…but that isn’t the situation and not the point…I hate Jackson, my reasons are my own, and if that hatred manifests itself in the desire for physical injury so we don’t have to face him in the playoffs (if the Giants make it), than so be it. You may think of me as a buffoon…but I look at the big picture of the Giants having a better chance without that a-hole….strategery, my friend, strategery….

      • david ivaldi says:

        I am a giants fan and never ever would wish an injury on an opposing player. My own players, maybe.

  15. uconnjoec says:

    100% agree that Dodge is atrocious. Inexcusable and he and Hedgecock (I know he’s barely played all year but he’s another totally unreliable guy) should be cut immediately after the season ends.

    Amazing plays by Eli and the D for 3 Quarters. I don’t care what Canty said in the post-game…that was a prevent Defense. When your DE’s are in coverage, that is totally Prevent no if’s and’s or but’s…

    Listen, I’m a die-hard so I think we’re going to respond and make the playoffs and we’ve pretty much proven we can meet Philly…just sucks right now

  16. jpelleg1 says:

    We’re looking at a full systems collapse here.

    The offense going 3 and out on the last drive.

    The ridiculous change in defensive game plan (Perry, your defense rules, but what the hell were you thinking??!?!).

    …and the Matt Dodge Doomsday Clock finally struck midnight. It was only a matter of time, people. His mistakes finally cost the franchise a game, and of course, it had to be the biggest game of the season.

    As I said, this loss was a complete system failure, but for the organization’s sake, there needs to be some sort of accountability here. Plain and simple, tomorrow, someone needs to be released, and it has to be Dodge. Enough second chances… you can’t play at this level. Sorry.

    This friggin sucks… I’ll be telling this one to my kids. This is up there with the ’97 Calloway botch of the onside kick against the Vikes, the 49’ers loss… this wasn’t even a playoff game, and this might be the worst 🙁

    It’s pretty much win and in for the six seed next week. If they lose to the Pack, methinks the 2011 G-men are going to look completely different from the 2010 G-men.

  17. Anthony1968 says:

    I am so disgusted!

    The Celek play was absurd. Tackle the TE for goodness sake! Then asleep at the switch for the on sides kick. What else do those up backs need to do in that spot! Horrible coaching and execution.

    Then letting Vick for absurd amounts of yardage. And I don’t even want to talk about the last play of the game.

    Can’t we finally just cut TC (and Dodge) loose and move on?!?!

    • Jim says:

      Amen. If you put your hands team on the onsides attempt, it would have forced philly to kit it downfield. You still would have had the ball near the 20 anyway

  18. Gary says:

    Coughlin has to take a hit for this one…we looked like the best team in the NFC for three quarters…this team has the most giveaways in the NFL this season and it is all mental…you can’t dominate a game for 53 minutes and then decide to stop playing defense for the final 7 minutes…I don’t even know what to do with myself at this point…hopefully, Rodgers doesn’t play next week because I don’t think we can bounce back from this kind of loss against a good team…

    I’m so depressed

  19. Joe says:

    Dodge is actually having a good season. He is twords the top in the leuge in punting averege.

    • david ivaldi says:

      It never should have come down to the Dodge punt. Everyone else had to suck more first. Even if Dodge got it out of bounds, The Giants would have lost in OT anyway, of this i am sure.

  20. Pete says:

    Coughlin should get fired, this team has no discipline, no focus, it’s an inexcusable loss. Dodge might’ve messed up but he should’ve never been in that spot to begin with.

  21. Jim says:

    poor coaching for sure

  22. JAYDEE says:

    This loss belongs to the coach! You don’t stop playing when your up 31-10 ,Four un- answered touchdowns in the fourth quater! I think this come down to basic football . Control the ball and run the clock down . Coughlin never seems to be able to stop the bleeding in these games . It’s his job to make sure there is a plan , instead he stands there looking like one the confused fans .

  23. stephanie says:

    matt dodge is new to the nfl & yes he has screw ups but he is still a good player. This game should have never been down to this point. so yes he messed up at a bad time, but there are other people on that field for the game other than dodge. he can do this and recover from this. you just have to have faith in him

  24. Tyroc2 says:

    This is a coaching loss for sure. The team’s aggression was undermined by woefully conservative an predictable play calling in the 2nd half. The offense play calling and the defensive play calling was alarmingly inapt to pass when Philly was out of time outs was incompetent and to have you two best pass rushers who are DE by the way both in coverage at the same time and on multiple plays that happen to be passing plays…smells of a mob fix…it’s so unheard of in the realm of logical football coaching. This coaching staff is in over their head, they are blessed with a roster that is loaded from head to toe, the receivers had their way all day so of course they put them in moth balls. I can go on but consider this, this coaching staff lost this game a week ago when they started dicking around with an OL that has 5 weeks of no sacks and dominant running so how do you fix that? Insert an lineman who hadn’t played in weeks and promptly said streak of no sacks end. But that is not good enough, two games same OL has 200 yrds rushing…no problem we’ll fix that now the OL look just like before, very few holes for the rbs, pressure up the gut, linemen pushed back into the qb and Sheli playing like a deer in the headlights when the going gets tough. Great coaching the goal after all is to get the starters back in there, not to know the defense off the ball and keep the qb upright after all the other guys where doing that and it must have been broke right? We are just wasting time with these coaches. And by the way, does no one remember the first year of a certain hall of fame Giants punter named Jennings? He had a career defining moment his first year and was allot like Dodge, people screamed for his head to but cooler heads prevailed. A sign of truly incompetent coaching would be to cut a promising one in a thousand punters like dodge now. If you can’t see that then shame on you.

    • Tyroc2 says:

      “not to know the defense off the ball and keep the qb upright after all the other guys where doing that and it must have been broke right?”

      Should be: :not to knock the defense off the ball and keep the qb upright; after all the other guys where doing that and it must have been broke so fix it right?

  25. Erik says:

    Special Teams: Consistently poor coverage: Deossie beating other athletes down the field is terrible
    Ware: Thank you why the hell did we waste a pick on reynaud!
    Blackmon: One good 23 return one fumble
    Blackburn: I wish all players played like him great fumble recovery
    Dodge: 1 50 yrd thing of beauty
    2 pinned deep
    1 that should have been saved at the 1 but was a touchback
    1 shank that ruined the game but that always seems to happen when the returner drops the ball
    They should have just let him bomb it
    Sacks = good
    Blitzing every down = bad when people lose contain like rolle on vick’s td run
    Corners: Amazing for the most part
    Tuck on Celek: Fewell wtf?? like really?
    I wish kiwanuaka was back imagine that front 4 on 3 and long
    NO SPY on Vick on any play?????
    Offense: where was jacobs????? why did they not try to bruise the ball on a rookie mlb??????
    Diehl and Seubert played terrible
    No play action to pascoe at all???
    They should have isolated patterson all game or the 3rd corner and just left samuel alone.
    No screens, no trick plays, or sweep pitch kinda thing to bradshaw How do you not try to fool an eagle’s team once??
    No vertical routes? except 2 to start the game and that lob by eli???
    Manningham hold onto the ball!!!!!!!
    We need a percy harvin brad smith reggie bush type who came just add another wrinkle.
    The end….
    Coughlin needs to have them play 60 minutes

  26. brian says:

    Man we really put it in your assholes tonight… woooo hooo fuck you gaymen

  27. Steve9 says:

    This is a crippling loss. Instead of looking at a stronghold on the NFC East and a possible first round bye the Giants now have to in all likely hood win next week in Green Bay to secure a wild card. I know there are different scenarios if they were to lose depending on what happens with New Orleans or Tampa Bay, but essentially this will be the season.

    Special teams played a huge roll in today’s loss. The Giants special teams, particularly the punt unit have been bad all year. It was only a matter of time before Dodge would cost them a game. Unfortunately it cost them in the biggest game of the year. The only reason I believe he stays with the team is because they used a 7th round draft choice on him and teams don’t like to admit they “messed up” with draft choices.

    Next weeks game is going to be very telling for this franchise as it moves forward. If the Giants don’t make the playoffs it will most likely mean the end of the Tom Coughlin Era. I know a lot of people are calling for Bill Cowher to be the next coach, but think about what that means for a second. If Cowher is the next coach it means that there will be a massive overhaul on Defense. He will most likely want to play a 3-4 scheme and the giants don’t have the right personel for it. It would likely mean the end of Osi Umenyoria as a Giant because he does not fit well as a 3-4 defensive end or Linebacker. It also makes you wonder what they would do with Tuck. I don’t think he projects well as a 5 technique D-End and as an outside linebacker i’d worry about him (case and point how he got beat down the middle of the field today on the celek touchdown).

    With the eagles generating a strong nucleus on offense and with Dallas possibly re-gaining form next year, a change to cowher might set this team back a year or 2 before it’s a legit superbowl contender again. Thats why i think nexts week game is so important. It might be the last go-around with the current giants core if they cant win.

  28. Ed says:

    Micheal Strahan said it best. It’s not the punter’s fault. You are up by 3 toughdowns with 8 minutes left. PLAY DEFENSE, RUN THE BALL, KICK A FIELD GOAL DO SOMETHING!!! I also have to agree this coaching staff should be FIRED!!! Eagles down by two touchdowns with 7 or so play…. MAYBE THEY MIGHT TRY AN ONSIDE KICK????? WHAT IS THE DEFENSIVE END’S PRIMARY JOB???? CONTAIN CONTAIN CONTAIN…. That worked well didn’t it. DEFENSIVE and SPECIAL TEAMS COACHES SHOULD BE FIRED. THE HEAD COACH NEXT…. DO IT NOW!!!! WHAT AN EMBARRASEMENT!

  29. Ant says:

    This collapse has happened before. The Dallas game. They nearly lost that one. It’s time to move on with these coaches. Hey Eagle fans, what would you rather have 3 Super Wins or the Herm Edwards td and what happened yesterday? I’ll take the 3 SW.

  30. Easy to point to a few plays and say, without these giants win by x number of points. I’m sure the two unreviewed, non-fumbles which led to giants points won’t get much attention nor will the 2 picks dropped by Quinten Mikell or D’mitri Patterson. How about the fact that everyone in attendence and watching the game was expecting that onsides kick except the 11 men in blue. Heck, who didn’t see Akers tee the ball up sideways?

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