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Thoughts And Musings

I’m calling, once again, for a collective deep breath. Ready? On the count of 3: 1, 2,3 and breathe. Feel better? I do. If only for a little bit. Yesterday sucked. I know. It really sucked. I was there. I was in the crowd. And it sucked. But, remember, the Giants have a win and in scenario on Sunday. Win against the Packers, and they are in  the playoffs. Not bad. Let’s delve into a somewhat melancholy Thoughts and Musings.

-Feel like I have to mention this. Matt Dodge, while he made a boneheaded play, did not cause this loss. He didn’t blow a 21 point lead. He made a stupid play, no doubt. Very stupid. But, he should not have had to be in that position. So, people, lay off the man, or anyone with the same name.

-All right. Let’s get ugly. That was as bad of a loss as I’ve ever seen. In person or otherwise. For the Giants or another team. It was awful. I was at the game with my father, and after the Giants scored to make it 31-10, we thought about leaving. Beat traffic. This game was over, right? But then we gave each other a “there’s too much damn time” look, and stayed. Kinda wished we left.

-PREVENT DEFENSE PREVENTS YOU FROM WINNING. I’ve said this on the site for as long as I’ve been writing. You can’t have JUSTIN TUCK AND OSI UMENYIORA DROPPING INTO COVERAGE! I’m sorry. You just can’t. The Giants beat up on the Eagles for three quarters, by getting after Mike Vick. They were pressuring him the whole game. It worked. And then, with a lead, they backed off. They didn’t pressure him. And look what happened. Look at what Vick did. Look at what happened. You either stick to your gameplan for the entire 60 minutes, or you don’t. And the Giants didn’t. And it cost them.

-Lots of comments on the site about Deon Grant, Aaron Ross and the secondary. I think some of it is valid. Their 4th quarter play was awful. Think of the Celek touchdown. Think of Vick running for 50 yards at will. It wasn’t pretty. They did, however, shut down Jackson and Maclin for 3 quarters. Not much of a consolation. But something.

-Really, Tom Quinn? Not being prepared for an onside kick? When everyone knew it was coming? Really? Unforgivable.

-Also, talk about the punt as much as you want, but where was the punt coverage. I mean, Jackson fumbled the ball at the start. No one could lay a hand on him. That’s more of a disgrace than anything.

-Hey, at least the offense played really well for 3 quarters!


-But, they needed to get a first down at some point. They had the ball with over a minute left. Couldn’t move. Had to go, say, 30 yards to get in field goal range. Couldn’t move it. That’s an issue.

-I think the Eagles got a lot of momentum when Mario Manningham fumbled the ball in the 3rd quarter. Led to an Eagles touchdown. But really got them in the game.

-Other than that, a great game by Manningham. Seriously.

-Do the Giants bounce back next week? Can they? I don’t know. Look, Green Bay, even without Rodgers, is a tough opponent. Going to Lambeau is tough. The Giants need to forget about this one. It’s a win and in situation. Win, and in the playoffs. Even with this debacle. Their eye has to be on the prize. It is going to be difficult? Sure. But, they have to.

-Let’s hold off on the Cowher talk, at least for now. First off, this is still a team poised to make the playoffs. Coughlin is still a good coach. Still only a few years removed from a Super Bowl win (oh, how quickly we forget). Let’s see what happens with the rest of the year, before we call for Coughlin’s head, and anoint Cowher as the savior.

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9 Responses to “Thoughts And Musings”

  1. JC Enriquez says:

    Well said, no need to talk about coaching changes while in the playoff hunt.
    Coughlin’s decision to play soft defense was boneheaded for sure especially
    at the end of a game. Special teams coach is not bright, but neither is Dodge
    so why call them special? Playcalling at the end was very very conservative,
    no screens, draws, rollouts. Gilbride was doing ok until then. Giants can
    score points so they have hope. Now get the D back!

  2. Russo757 says:

    Coaches have to take a hit on this one. The press coverage by the corners the first half was working wonders. Allowing the Philly receivers to get into their route was a bad call. Also, I think Dodge played a decent game minus the last punt. But you cant fault the guy too much, it was a high snap, was fumbled, and still no one made a tackle. Thats unacceptable.

  3. M Pacifico says:

    This whole mess comes from a poor preparation by the head coach. How many times have you seen Andy Reid pull a fake punt, fake field goal or on side kick when he is behind and the game is on the line. He does it with everybody, specifically the Giants. He has Coughlin’s number and he will take it to his grave. Coughlin needs to go and so does Kevin Gilbride. I could defend his offense and I only played one year of high school football.

  4. John Deer says:

    I have seen one or two posts about a Coughlin Curse. Is there anything to that?

  5. Chris says:

    I think this team was prepared – they were kicking butt for over three quarters. A few bonehead plays can ruin a whole game. If dummy, VETERAN Grant does not jump up like an idiot and let Vick go around him, it’s a sack. The Giants were closing in all around him – all Grant needed to do was stay under control. Watch the replay – it was ridiculous. The coaches coached about containing Vick all week but Grant forgot. The Ross forgot the number one rule of a corner – contain and seal off the outside. He forgot his years of experience and got trapped inside. Without those two bonehead plays the Giants win by two touchdowns.

    • Russo757 says:

      I have to disagree. Granted those plays resulted in TDs but the Eagles were marching up and down the field at will all quarter. It was a combo of bad play calling and a mental shutdown. The offense is just as guilty. They couldn’t convert on 3-1 or get any momentum.

      How many games this year have the giants had a nice lead and changed to conservative D and a slow run the clock offense which resulted in a team almost coming back for the win? I can think of a few. they need to learn how to finish games.

      • Chris says:

        I disagree. They had stopped the Eagles cold two straight plays before Grant’s mistake. It was 3rd and 10 and it was still 31-10. Sack him there and they punt. Same with Ross’s mistake. Those were THE TWO BIGGEST MISCUES OF THE GAME! You don’t let the most dangerous running QB in NFL history out of the pocket – plain and simple. When Coughlin gave his speech after the game, the FIRST thing he mentioned (without naming Grant and Ross and flipping them in the grease) were those two plays.

  6. PC says:

    yes Coughlin won a superbowl and thats great but it doesn’t excuse the fact that he is old and outdated and Cowher is younger and fresher. Even if he wins a superbowl with this team I still think he needs to be let go!

  7. BlueManFla says:

    As good as GB looked against the Pats (Even without Rodgers), and as bad as the GMen looked in the 4th qtr on Sunday, I see no hope that we can beat the Pack. I think we need to hope that “Da Bearzzz” beat them the last game. However, with them clinching the division I dont see Chicago playing any starters for very long.

    This could be a bleak last 2 weeks with the only thing to look forward to is the next draft.

    I hope to hell I am wrong, but I have a gut feeling about this, just like I had when Mario fumbled in the 3rd qtr and the Eagles scored off it.

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