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Strahan Rips Giants, Calls Them Soft

Giants legend and current FOX broadcaster Michael Strahan called out his former teammates, in remarks released by the network:

“I’m not apologizing for that, they should be ashamed of themselves,” Strahan said in comments distributed by the network. “You look at that game and wonder how it got out of hand for the Giants. They got soft and relaxed. They thought ‘we got it.’ With eight minutes to go, they’re up by 21 and give up an easy touchdown to Brent Celek and all of a sudden the blitzes looked like ‘whoever gets there gets there’ [lackadaisical] instead of ‘I’m going to make that play and not wait for someone to make that play. Then when it came time to pick it up, they couldn’t. The end of the game was fitting because you don’t let a team back in when you’re up like that.”

“The Giants have not finished, I don’t know if they know how to finish, and they need to learn how if they expect to do anything this year,” he said. “You have to have a killer instinct. You have to finish teams.”


Not surprised he said that. It’s pretty dead on. Sure, Strahan may have gone all Tiki on his teammates, but it was accurate and warranted. What do you think of his comments?

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16 Responses to “Strahan Rips Giants, Calls Them Soft”

  1. jeremy P. says:

    I love Eli but with 1.5 minutes to go in the game he only has to get 35 yards and the Giants are in field goal range, but instead he goes 3 and out. I’m very disappointed in our Starting QB.

  2. jeremy P. says:

    “But, they needed to get a first down at some point. They had the ball with over a minute left. Couldn’t move. Had to go, say, 30 yards to get in field goal range. Couldn’t move it. That’s an issue”:

    It was as if they wanted to go into Overtime.

  3. Steven R says:

    Strahan left it all on the field. He knows when other guys are mailing it in….Who is the leader of that defense? Without a leader they will not win next week.

  4. Rodney G says:

    I’d agreed with Strahan, however wasn’t he on the 2002 Giants team that lost to 49ers in the playoff, after they were up by 24 points. He should know how sickening they are feeling right now. He’s been there before…. Have some sympathy Stra!!!

    At least this Giants team has an opportunity to redeem themselves if they do advance to the playoff, and play the Eagles.

  5. Jose says:

    Hello all, the Giants are a very very sad team. Everyone was getting so hyped, and excited that the Giants are on the rise. However they are just trash. Terrible team chemistry, no special teams and there defense is just sub par. How the hell do you let a team come back from 21 points in 7 minutes. Giants should be demoted to the AFL or CFL. Giants are trash and will get bounced from the playoffs first round. Strahan your right they are mad weak.

    • Chris says:

      Jose, time to start watching the games. The defense was solid for three and half quarters, and last time they held Vick to no touchdown passes. If goofy Deon Grant doesn’t jump up in the air for no reason and controls his rush instead, and dummy Aaron Ross doesn’t get trapped inside on the corner blitz, the giants win by 14 pts. The defense line was let down by Grant and Ross, two veterans who should know better. They made dumb rookie mistakes. Until that point, the defense was kicking butt.

      • mike says:

        @chris — two eagles dropped td passes the 1st game this year against the giants. That final score in Philly the 1st game should have been 35-17.

  6. dylanroth says:

    I beg to differ jose, how can you say the giants defense is sup par? they are ranked 2nd in the league in defense. There defense is great. Alright, they did let the eagles come back in 8 minutes but you know what, we learn from our mistakes. In the long run, i really do trust their defense. I think you are wrong jose, go home.

  7. Dylan Roth says:

    Actually, Matt Dodge should not be blamed for what he did. Our loss is all on the special teams. Not being ready for an onside kick, or being able to tackle a player on a punt return. The giants stink, and they will not make the playoffs because we cant win good games.

  8. Jeremy H. says:

    Strahan is just trying to separate himself from the giants. Now that hes an “analyst” hes just trying to prove he is unbiased and independent. And truth be told Im glad we or well the giants lost this one. Gives them a chip on their shoulder. Not that we allready had one but now its like an open wound that just wont heal and keeps bleeding. This loss should provide more than enough fuel for the fire that the giants will need to make a deep playoff run. Im just really praying on my lucky stars we get a rematch in the playoffs with the dog killing convict who for three and a half quarters on sunday showed his true self. If vick cant run hes about as worthless as tits on a boar. All this MVP talk is truly making me nauseous. To even mention his name within the same breath as tom brady is so wrong it should be illegal. In a perfect world the final score on sunday would have been 38-3. But we live in this world and we all know what happened. Or does this loss set up a rematch in the playoffs in which a victory would be all the more sweeter? I dont know all depends on how the giants respond. When the giants are firing on all cylinders(offense,defense,special teams,ball control,penalties) we have the best team in all of football. As evidenced for three and a half quarters on sunday. Well I feel better been holding that in since sunday.

    • jeremy P. says:

      I hope your right.

    • mike says:

      nice try jeremy h : If that stupid diatribe makes you feel better , I guess we all have to do what works for us individually. How bout this , the Eagles came out flat after playing the Cowgirls and had an off game. If 2 TD passes are not dropped in the 1st game in Philly the final score is 35-17 eagles. The Eagles own the Giants and are in their heads (6 in a row). The Eagles are scary fast and can put up points fast on anybody. Stop making exscuses your Giants got beat fair and sqaure. Looks like Aaron Rodgers is playing this week and your Giants are goin down again. Best news for Eagles fans is their the youngest team in the league and are just gonna get better the next few years.

  9. seth says:

    Hey all, I’m selling my game used Antrel Rolle pink breast cancer awareness cleats. Both cleats are atuo’d, and still have saud between the spikes showing significant game use. These are the only pair (that I know of) from Antrel, and would be an awesome peice to anyones collection. Email me for pics. Im accepting all reasonable offers.

  10. PC says:

    Lighten up Bro its one loss. We are still in the drivers seat to go to the playoffs and seek revenge on those dirty bird bastards! Remember in 2007 when Eli throw 4 picks(3 for td’s) against the Vikings and we bounced back the next week and went to the playoffs met up against Dallas(whom we lost to twice) and beat them and went to the Superbowl and beat……The Patriots(who are the best team this year too).
    The best thing to do is put the loss behind you like this Giants team has done and move on to Green Bay. Our defense is 2nd in the League. Its one bad game we have all the skills and capability to win it all now. There is always some insight and something to learn from a loss like this and thats what the Giants will do and overcome as a team.
    Don’t be the typical Giants fan that freaks out over one loss. The fact is we are 9-5 and will most likely finish 11-5 which is damn good and we will see the Eagles again and Vick will be running for his life.

  11. JC Enriquez says:

    Well said everyone, no need for panic. The giants will probably meet
    eagles in playoffs I welcome that challenge. Giants don’t run scared
    they just have to finish game. They still scored 30 Pts. They will have
    a chance.

  12. Karen Sibert says:

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