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Playoffs A Bit Murky For Giants

The Giants playoff hopes took a bit of a hit today. The Vikings beat the Eagles, on Tuesday Night Football. That means the Bears have the 2 seed locked up. No need to play hard against the Packers on Sunday. The Giants, of course, need the Bears to beat the Packers to even have a chance at making the playoffs.

The only way the Bears have anything to play for is if the Panthers beat the Falcons and the Bucs beat the Saints. If those two things happen, the Bears will be the number 1 seed with a win. But, that’s a longshot. The Panthers aren’t beating the Falcons.

So, the Giants are really down to a prayer. If the Pack stink it up, which is a possibility, the Giants will have to win to get in. But, the likelihood of that happening is shrinking.

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13 Responses to “Playoffs A Bit Murky For Giants”

  1. Chris says:

    I want them to lose. Getter a better draft choice, cement Coughlin’s firing, and have this team think about no playoffs all off-season. Get Gruden or Cowher or someone else and have EVERYONE fight for a job. The best part is that Killdrive will be gone. Eli will flourish under an innovative off. coordinator. Have Ross unseat Webster. Put Phillips on notice he’s not secure. Give Ware a shot. A shakeup is needed. Fassel got his 7, so did Coughlin.

    • VmM says:

      Aaron ross dude? really? that man is nothing compared to webster, if anything he should be gone as well as killdrive. i dont think tc is goin anywhere, but i do think that we will have a new off cord and a new special teams coach. giants probably wont make the playoffs this year but i will continue to follow blindly…..

  2. batman says:

    ross unseat webster? are we talking about aaron ross? dude is terrible

    • Chris says:

      We don’t know if Ross is terrible. He’s only been a nickel guy and in zone coverage. Before he was injured he wasn’t a bad corner. Webster’s had several bad games this year. He often makes the BIG mistake at the worst time. I’m just saying make everyone compete. If they don’t think their job is secure, they may play better. It’s time for a shakeup.

  3. PC says:

    Who says Chicago wont play hard? Its a divisional game I bet you anything the starters play and try to win regardless of any playoff implications. The Bears will lay it all on the field. Doesn’t mean they will win but I don’t think they are gonna hand the game over. Anything is possible.

    I do think everyone on our team should have to fight to keep a spot. We need to sign Smith and Kiwi again because they will contribute. All of the other free agents should be offered low money and they can walk if they don’t like it.

    Josh McDaniels would be a good Off Cord? He is young and he did alot with Brady and Co?

    Fewell is a keeper and so is Ingrahm but Quinn Kildrive and Coughlin gotta go!

  4. Eric says:

    Webster is a stud. Fewell is the one making them play 10 yards off the ball the whole game when Jennings and driver keep running button hooks. They didn’t adjust and played 10 yards off the ball Thales whole game which is why Webster got beat a ton. Fewell called the d plays blame him not Webster

  5. BlueManFla says:

    “Eli will florish”????????????????? LOL Get real.

    We saw his true talent in the Green Bay Game. You could bring in Bill Walsh in his prime and the result would be the same. Dumb turnovers, then blame it on his receivers.

    San Fran will be picking early and they will need a QB. Hmmmmmm. Trade?? Get extra draft picks????

    Nah……………Too much to dream for.

  6. Sparky says:

    Let’s make an offer to Skip Holtz. Holtz was Matt Dodge’s college coach. I think putting them together again would be a positive move for the Giants.

  7. VT True Blue Fan says:

    I really hope the Bears do play their starters and try to take this game. It is against hated Green Bay and they probably don’t want them in the playoffs. That being said, do we really deserve to make it? Don’t get me wrong, I will still be routing for them completely, but the last game and a 1/4 were such a disgrace I’m not sure we should be there. Seen this happen before huh? i don’t think there is any way we are getting rid of TC. everyone keeps saying we are going to or should, but you know as well as I do, he will be back nest year.

  8. Ryan says:

    I think it’s time the entire coaching staff goes all of them start new and make the players fight for there positions or they go to. I mean really man! Enough is enough already it’s just stupid now!

  9. andre says:

    I cannot see any realistic chance that the Bears will beat GB so we will end with what I never thought could happen: a horribly disappointing 10-6 year. I truly respect and love Coughlin and I believe he is a gentleman and an excellent coach. That being said he should be replaced and I believe that Jon Gruden is the best choice. Bill from Pitt. lost more big games than Coughlin ever did. I think Grudens youth, fiery attitude and talent as a QB coach can make us a powerhouse for the next 5-6 years

  10. PC says:

    Now Nicks is out with a broken Toe!!!!!! Whats the point! Even if we get lucky and make the playoffs Nicks and Smith will not be there for us!!!! Ohara is also out too it looks like but Seubert did a better job this year at center and got snubbed on the pro bowl Go figure that one out.
    The Nail is pretty much in the Coughlin for this season.

  11. Dave says:

    I think we’ll see the return of TC for one more year, but Killdrive will definitely have to go and that awful Special Teams coach. I agree Fewell has been sooo much better than Bill Sheridan, but they need to get way more agressive with press coverages and blitzes (enough of the corners playing 15 yards off receivers and minimal blitz packages!) The 2007 defense was way more agressive under Steve Spagnuolo even with a questionable secondary with Webster and Ross and Butler, et al, but they got it done because the Big Blue D pressured everyone with great LB and D-line play.

    Eli has sucked this year and has been lost without Buress and Smith. He seemingly had a good receiving TE in Boss but he has been VERY inconsistent as of late. Brandon Jacobs is just not that good most of the time with the occassional break out game but very far and few between… and Ahmad Bradshaw plays so hard he’s injured most of the time and now has come down with fumbleitus.

    So… where does it leave us…. down to no receivers, a not so great defense that gives up HUGE plays, a QB who always had potential, but has been a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde for years… you never know which Eli is going to show up, and an AWFUL punter… I mean come on… geeez… we have been plagued with bad special teams kickers for years (except for Feagles). Even IF and that’s a big IF, we defeat the Skins this weekend, AND for some reason, the Bears feel the necessity to beat down the Pack (not gonna be easy), it will be short lived excitement, because we will most definitely be playing Philly and you know what that means… ANOTHER embarrasing defeat at the hands of our HATED rivals. Not sure I can take that again… Can you?

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