Giants Win, But So Do Packers: No Playoffs For Giants

The Giants beat the Redskins 17-14, but the Packers beat the BEars 10-3, so no playoffs for the Giants.

The Giants started the scoring on a 20 yard field goal by Lawrence Tynes in the first quarter. In the second quarter, the Giants started off with a 2 yard Brandon Jacobs run. The Redskins started to come back, late in the second, scoring on a 1 yard Fred Davis touchdown reception, to make it 20-7 going into the half.

The Giants started the scoring in the 3rd quarter, as Eli Manning connected with Mario Manningham for a 92 yard bomb to make it 17-7. In the fourth, Rex Grossman hit Anthony Armstrong for a 64 yard pass to make it 17-14.

The offense started off slow, but got going in the second quarter, moving the ball well through the air. Run game wasn’t great, but Derek Hagan and Mario Manningham played well and helped the Giants get a win. With all the turnovers by the defense, the offense had so many chances, but never really capitalized on them. No consistency. They had a few big plays, but no real consistent movement. Other than a few plays, the offense did not really show up

The defense was up and down, as per usual. Some big plays, gave up some big plays. Did enough to hold the Skins down, but we didn’t see a consistent pass rush. Some good coverage, but Rex Grossman, at times, looked like a Pro Bowler, which he’s not. The big plays were there, particularly by Osi Umenyiora, and it worked out for them, but not a dominating performance against a bad offensive team. All the turnovers kept them in it, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that Redskins could really move the ball, especially in the air.

It didn’t end up mattering, because the Packers beat the Bears, so the Giants are out of the playoffs. Still, a disappointing performance for a desperate team. Let the Redskins come back into the game. Just not the way you want to end the season. A win is nice, but it means nothing. A bad end to a rough season.

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28 Responses to “Giants Win, But So Do Packers: No Playoffs For Giants”

  1. PC says:

    If we don’t fire coughlin we are very naive!

  2. PC says:

    oh and Jay Cutler really sucks!!!

  3. Ryan says:

    I agree man! Enough is enough already! Defense falls apart at the end of every game. And the offensive line REALLY? Special teams terrible. The whole coaching staff has to go! It’s just stupid already!

  4. andre says:

    I don’t agree. 4-5 less turnovers and we have another 1-2 wins. Things happen and Tom did not bat the ball in the air for all those interceptions. They won 10 games and he is a good, hard working coach.
    There is no Bill Parcells out there. I take Coughlin over Cowher, Fox, and Gruden. Unless it’s a change for change sake, I would give him another chance. They showed parts of their game that prove they are elite in many ways.
    Let’s sign and/or draft a couple of LB’s and all of a sudden things results will be alot better.
    Remember, TC made Tiki Barber a great RB by teaching him how to hold on to the football.
    I just believe that there is alot more good with TC than not.

  5. Dman552 says:

    O-Line was VERY banged up, top 2 receivers (and 2 of the best in the game) were out, top CB was out. And they still managed to win. It wasnt pretty but consider all that and I’d say thats a pretty impressive win against a division rival on THEIR field, who are motivated to play spoiler. Now, take all that into account, and Coughlin coached a great game dont you think??? Look what the guy is dealing with! He cant prevent injuries… That being said, most Giants fans are calling for Coughlin, Gilbride, and the speal teams coaches head on this one. (Fewell has to stay but I’d say Gilbride’s gotta go). They didnt make the playoffs and they didnt deserve to.

  6. PC says:

    All of the Giants loses came in pairs this year. To me that cries out one thing, NO LEADERSHIP. Leadership is something that our Captainns need to have of course. Those Captains are chosen by our coach based on how they observe the players. Also when the leadership is lacking its up to the coach to pull the players heads out of their asses and come back strong. That never happened each time we lost this year we just went out the next week and lost again.
    Also Killdrive lacks the knowledge of our players and how to use them properly to their abilities. Players like Beckum for example, have the ability to be as good as Dallas Clark of the Colts. Instead they are hardly used.
    Of course injuries once again plagued our season and nobody really stepped up except for Hagan who the coaches cut after the preseason, yet another oversight by the old men.
    Where do we go from here? Fire TC or at least Killdrive. Let Reese do his thing in the draft and go Defense and Offensive Line. Make all the players fight for a job next year. Please re-sign KIWI and Steve Smith. Stop overpaying players i.e. Eli Manning.
    Its gonna be a long offseason(9months). I hope Steve Smith gets healthy. Thanks for all the discusions on this blog, happy new year and I hope the Eagles Friggin Choke against the Pack!!!

  7. andre says:

    Time to go after LB Chad Greenway and sign a Punter in Free Agency and Adam Podlesh(Jax) and Sam Koch (KC) are available. Let’s use the draft to get another LB at pick #20 (I believe thats where we will pick).

  8. Ryan says:

    No way man! coaches have to go! they can’t hold up for 4 quarters anymore. Not just this season last season as well. All the problems is poor coaching. Players only do what coaches ask and what the coaches have the team doing is inconsistent and that’s a problem that is not going to go away only snowball and get worse, just look @ Eli’s int it’s horrible. And enough is enough already!

  9. Ryan says:

    @ pc. That’s what I’m talkin about!

  10. Ryan says:

    Run these coaches OUT OF TOWN!

  11. Ryan says:

    TC keeps his job only because of a possible lock out!

  12. dylanroth says:

    I disagree, Keep coughlin. We won 10 games, remember that. That is without a doubt a respectable amount. Giants will end up keeping him, mark my words. However, we do need to search for some LB’s and someone to improve the horrible special teams.

  13. Russo757 says:

    How can u call a game well coached when the offensive playing was so obvious a 2 year old could have defended it. They went 3 and out 4 fucking times in a row against the redskins mainly in part because the playcalling looked like this: run, run, pass, kick.
    Gilbride needs to go

  14. Ryan says:

    We didn’t beat any real good teams lost to all of them!

  15. Chris says:

    Goff, Bullock and Boley – although not great – are not the problem. Did you see Rolle get beat on that long touchdown today? Phillips was mediocre coming off the injury, and Grant didn’t play well the second half. Thomas and Webster are good, but not shut-down, and seem to make that one bad play at the wrong time. First pick should be O-line. Second pick O-Line. Third LB. Fourth, 5th, 6th: secondary. If only Gilbride would go I’d be happy. Maybe a free agent tight end because Boss had a mediocre year. He didn’t block at all today.

  16. eagles says:

    haha you, guys suck… E A G L E S!

  17. Adam Y says:

    I think TC stays but gilbrides gotta go. i was watching the game and calling run of pass for the giants on offense and i got it right 9 outa 10 times. Gilbride is too predictable to be successful anymore, the giants O had good numbers tonight but when you watch the game the redskins handled them 3 outa 4 quaters. If you ask me the giants were lucky to win.

    Still though, GO GIANTS!

  18. Kaz says:

    Was it just me or for the past 3-4 games the announcers for the games on TV continued to state that teams attack the middle of the field time after time? PF is definitely a good DC but come on. Just tough watching the Bears game on my computer, the last drive they could have spiked the ball after a first. They didnt. Although they gave 100% the whole game, their last drive made me furious. Obviously our season should never have been decided on the outcome of another game but thats how the cookie crumbled. Thanks for the ups and downs, and heavy panicking all season Blue.

  19. Ryan says:

    @ eagles. You got beat by the cowboys. Sit down!

    • PC says:

      haha they did get beat by the cowgirls and having a dog killer as your qb? The karma will turn on you very soon and we will be the ones laughing. I fucking hate the eagles now more than the cowboys. I hope Vick gets destroyed in the playoffs. Him and Desean Jackson. Punks!!!

    • t says:

      true Ryan,

      Cowboys beat the Eagles, but the Eagles didnt need the win or trully care about it, the have the division.

  20. PC says:

    Well i hope we get a decent draft out of Jerry Reese but Coughlin won’t be able to coach them anyway! Gonna be awhile til we get back to the playoffs. Can we at least Fire Killdrive I can’t stand that asshole! Im gonna have a hard time watching another season with him behind the wheel. Eli is turning 30 tomorrow. Can we maximize his ability with a new OC PLEASE?

  21. Ryan says:

    @ PC. Agreed!

  22. Vic in Dallas says:

    Hey, I never really liked TC until we won the Super Bowl. It wasn’t THAT long ago. Like Andre said, 4 or 5 less turnovers, and we win a game or two more. 11-5 and we are in the playoffs.

    Our receiving core is excellent, but how many tipped interceptions did we have? That’s totally Coughlins fault?

    (I can’t believe I’m defending TC!)

    Sometimes a new voice is necessary, but a coaching change is not the answer. At least not head coach. Kildrive…..need I say more?

  23. Dave says:

    Keep coughlin. Just seems like no one out there brings anything more to the table. Need to go after after OL, TE, LB in draft. Possibly go after a KR/PR in the draft. Why does it seem like every other team in the league has a dynamic return guy who has a chance to take it all the way every time they touch the ball. To me, Kenny Phillips was the biggest disappointment this year. Didn’t seem to do anything in coverage and he looks tentative and almost scared out three. Hopefully it really is a 2 yr injury and he cones back next year a different player.

  24. Jason C. says:

    They had their 4th option playing center on an absolutely shitty field, on the road, against a division rival coming into their own defensively (ESPECIALLY at NT, did you see the size of that guy??), I didn’t expect the offense to do much at all, the defense gave up that one drive at the end of the first half, predictably, but that big play later should’ve never happened, but hey they pulled out the win and I’ll take it. They won some games the skeptics never would’ve gave them a chance in, and the only loss you really didn’t see coming was that Eagles debacle (the Packers loss was bad, but if you’re a Packers fan wouldn’t you expect to win a late December game in Lambeau with a team considered an NFC favorite??). As for individual players on the defense, they’re learning a new system for the third year now so guys like Philips, Goff and especially JPP come out next year firing on all cylinders. I have confidence next year they can do some damage, but again, Dallas is going to be a whole lot better next year too, so they need to cut down the turnovers and become a more dominant home team (which I think they can be). Here’s to a new offensive scheme, a completely revamped special teams, and a virtually injury free year (if that’s EVER possible with the Giants).

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