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Giants Off-Season Neeeds and next year’s schedule

We here at giantsgab will spend very much of the off-season talking about coaching, free agency and draft stuff to fill the team needs.

But I just wanted to kind of have an open forum about what you all believe the Giants Needs are as of today.

I will do my own write up about it later this week and I’ll try to intertwine some of the explanations people use for the teams’ needs as I percieve them.

So in the comment section: what are the Giants needs for next season?


Also the schedule for next year is as follows:

HOME: Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, St. Louis, Seattle, Buffalo, Miami, Green Bay
AWAY: Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, Arizona, San Francisco, New England, Jets, New Orleans

The Giants play the N.F.C. West, the Buffalo Bills, and Miami Dolphins next year, all of whom had losing records this year.

So that’s hopeful (although the Cowboys, Redskins, and Eagles can say the same thing).

The J-E-T-S week should be exciting (don’t be surprised if they make this game an early Monday Night Game (like Week 1).

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18 Responses to “Giants Off-Season Neeeds and next year’s schedule”

  1. E. Oskay says:

    They need a stud on the O line and a stud on the D line. Canty was hurt last year. This year he played well to start the season but seemed to have faded. Linvale Joseph didn’t play enough to give an indication that he is the answer. On the O line they need a road grader to open holes for the running game.

    They also need more speeed in the backfield and the line backers if they ever expect to beat the Eagles.

    I frustrated with either eli’s accuracy or his lack of communication with his receivers. Eli might now have what it takes to get their attention so that they run the correct routes.

  2. Matt says:

    Ohara is great, but i think if Seubert recovers, he should get the starting center position. LB’s need improvment for sure. Special teams is obviously our biggest weakness, and hopefully with Hixon back next year, and an improving dodge, we stand a good chance for playoffs with that schedule. Very glad the nonsense of firing TC is over. He’s the kind of leader the team needs. The players obviously support him and why break that. The middle men (asst coach) may need to be broken up however.

  3. Shane says:


    Between untimely penalties and turnovers!
    This team did not show much discipline on the field and that is why they will be home this off season.

    If I were Coughlin, I would have all these guys read “The Art of War”.
    Then maybe this squad could understand how to conduct themselves on the battlefield.

    Hope for the best!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Jiveass says:

    Linebacker is an obvious need. TE & OL

    • jeremy P says:

      I actually think Diehl at Guard and Sueburt at center is fine. But we do need an ATHLETIC TE and a OLB. But I love BOSS so i want him to stay. We might need a RT, though Andrews could possibly play that position, we’ll see. What to do with Kiwi? All I know is Osi made himself a lot of money with his play this passed season, I hope he doesn’t holdout. And I think the Giants should re-sign Kiwi he was our best defender while he was healthy and his versatility is priceless.

      PS: Imagine if Steve Smith didn’t get hurt, the season that could have been.

  5. Russo757 says:


    YOu talked in your previous article about lack of pass rush. I think there is plenty of speed and talent coming off the edge but there is a lack of push up the middle. A monster at DT will greatly improve the pass rush of the Giants.

    Middle of the field has always been weak, at least for the past few years. Def need some speed at LB and a legit shut down corner.

    And then there is teh O-line. Need some guys to open holes for the RBs so they can achieve their potentiel. Id like to see big free agency pick ups and the first round pick to be someone who can come in and make an impact right away.

  6. matcohen says:

    Generally speaking, the defense was fine. It would be nice to have a stud linebacker but given the strength of the D-Line, it’s not a must. Of course, this will all change if we lose Cofield, who is a stud.

    Offensively, the O-Line is getting old and we need a center of the future (and maybe a LT).

    The biggest need is tight end. Boss was dead last in the league in receptions per target at 51%. You need your TE to have a high reception rate (65-75%) to grab those 3rd down throws and move the chains. This was a particular problem with Manning’s normal security blanket injured (Steve Smith). Nicks could develop into a 3rd down guy but he and Manning do not have that chemistry yet.

    The bad news is that this is a defensive line draft. There are a lot of DTs, DEs and tweener DE/LBs in the top 20 talent-wise. Not a lot of OTs up there and no TEs. So my guess is that the Giants will grab a defensive lineman in the first round and hope to fill in at other positions in later rounds.

    • Russo757 says:

      Boss isnt the problem, its the playcalling. He is underutilized. We have had a bunch of good pass catching TE’s come and go and they are never used. Maybe a new offensive coordinator will fix that.

      • matcohen says:

        Uh well – when he was thrown to he didn’t catch many of them. Actually fewer than any other starting TE – so maybe there’s a reason he wasn’t thrown to that much.

  7. Chris H says:

    I’m curious if anybody is interested in us grabbing Haynesworth?

    Granted, he’s a cry-baby with a really high price tag, but maybe we can work some magic. If Reese can get him for a low price(maybe he wants revenge on the skins?) and Coughlin can handle his prima-donna crap, he could be a devastating force for this defense.

    • Russo757 says:

      His price tag is gonna drop after this years antics. May be worth exploring

    • Jason C. says:

      Well he was fine last year with the Redskins, his bickering began when the team shifted to the 3-4, if he goes to a 4-3 team I think he’ll be fine, but Giants history tells us that they’ll probably lay off of him, and I can’t really blame them all that much.

      • Russo757 says:

        I’m not a fan of his attitude but you can’t deny he is an absolute terror in a 4-3 set up. If his stock drops, which it will, it may be worth looking at a contract based on incentive pay to see if he can perform. If not then cut him loose.

        Anyone prospecting linebackers? Goff and Boley are good but we need a threat at LB

    • Brooke says:

      I actually have been thinking about this since they benched him. I think that in a VET place like New York.

      Bring him in and we can eat his salary…the guy is a studd when motivated. He will be in NY playing a 4-3 system.

  8. Russo757 says:

    anyone interested in picking up Champ Bailey if he doesnt get resigned by Den?

  9. Brooke says:

    Really, the OL played great all year, all of the guys filled in well, from Boothe to Petrus (who is a studd run blocker) to the injured Koets. We are safe at OL. We have the best OL coach in the game and enough VETS to school the younger guys. OL does not need to be drafted.

    WE NEED LBers!!!! for God’s sake, Bullock was a shadow of himself, Goff is too small and slow, and Boley is a speed rusher only. We need a STUDD in the middle. Someone that can make opposing QB’s think twice about throwing in our seams and our middle (our most glaring weakness on D).

    I would also think about moving Jacobs or Bradshaw for more picks and draft a RB. If we are at the 19 slot and Ingram declares he is our guy.

    I am worried about the TE spot, but not as much as some others here. I think Kevin is solid and had an up and down year. It started with a shit concussion finsihed with some great plays for us. He is a great blocker and team guy.

    We need a backup TE tho that can block, I dont think Beckum will ever be able to put his pads on a guy and move him. So his days with us might be numbered.

    We really need LBers. And SPEED.

    Draft fast guys no matter the spot.

    I am happy with the DL, and the Secondary. I think Smitty will rebound slowly next year buy Super Mario is a starter in this league and he will fill the spot well. All the other guys (Barden, Ortiz, Hixon) will be back and ready to play so WR is not a target.

    A big DT would help but Linval will be a good player and will eventually start for Canty.

    I really dont care what happens…



  10. jeremy P says:

    I wouldn’t mind drafting a corner in the first round.

  11. Philip Gross says:

    The Giants needs are apparent. They are very well ouotlined in peoples comments. besides a change in several of the assitants, I see a huge need for a real 2 way tight end. We want to run the ball but can’t with our tight end. Boss is not great at anything, and is a disaster blocking. Watch the Gronkowski kid in New Wngland to see what we don’t have. We’ll run better and pass better with a guy like that.

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