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Is Gilbride Really That Bad?

To some Giants fans, OC Kevin Gilbride is the problem, not the solution to some of the offensive woes the Giants’ have had. To some, he’s ineffective, and makes predicatble calls  that everyone sees coming. To others, he’s simply awful. However, is Gilbride really as bad as most fans make him out to be?

Gilbride happens to have the reputation of being one of the best at adjusting on the fly. One thing you can’t knock him for is his ability to change his game plan when things aren’t working. Rarely do you see the Giants continuing with a game plan when it isn’t working. Gilbride follows the Bill Walsh system and scripts out his first fifteen plays to see what coverage’s the defense is giving and then adjusts accordingly. Could that be why the Giants’ struggle early on in their first drives? Yes, it’s possible. But there’s a reason why there a hot team come towards the end of the game, and they have the ability to come back.

Gilbride By The Numbers:

This season the Giants’ averaged 24.6 points a game, which was 8th in the league. They averaged 380 yards a game, which was 5th in the league. They passed for 242.8 yards per game, which was 10th in the league and ran for 137.5 yards per game, which was 6th in the league. With the catastrophic injuries to both the offensive line and there wide receivers, the Giants’ still managed to post numbers in which all were in the top ten in the league. While Eli Manning deserves a lot of credit for this, so does Kevin Gilbride.

You can’t knock him for regressing with this unit either. They averaged 366 yards per game last season (which was 10th in the league). They averaged 14 yards more per game, which may not sound like much, but it is. Last season the Giants passed for 251 yards per game, which was 11th in the league. This season they passed for just one more yard, so there wasn’t much progress there, but the injuries to the WR’s were to blame for that one. Here’s the telling number. Last season, the Giants ranked 17th league last season in rushing yards per game with 114.8. They averaged roughly 23 more rushing yards per game, and jumped 11 slots cause of it. The Giants’ wanted to be more balanced this year, and they were. The rushed for 17 touchdowns and threw for 31 touchdowns. This is almost a 2-1 ratio. That’s what the Giants’ wanted, and they got it. Turnovers were an issue, which was there Achilles heel. As you all know.

The bottom line is, Kevin Gilbride hasn’t been – and isn’t – as bad as fans make him out to be. He happens to be a solid offensive coordinator. There have been reports That Gilbride is a candidate for the University of Connecticut Head Coach vacancy. If it is true, Gilbride might just consider taking the position. Would he take the job? I’m not quite sure, but it’s possible. If he does take the job, you might get you wish in Gilbride leaving. But I leave you with a warning. Watch what you wish for, Giants fans. Gilbride is a great coordinator, and you will miss him if – and when – he’s gone. Do you remember John Hufnagel? That’s who Gilbride replaced, and you certainly weren’t complaining then.

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23 Responses to “Is Gilbride Really That Bad?”

  1. Kman says:

    off topic but, I saw on Steve Smiths facebook page he posted yesterday, “just found out we play the jets next year in regular season” do these players not understand how the scheduling for AFC divisions rotates every 4years? or maybe they just don’t care

  2. Gillberg says:

    Yes he is That bad.

    The reason his stats are high is because he has the best young receivers with Eli at the helm to do his bidding.

    That aside, if I am never fooled by what the Giants are calling on offense, the opposing defenses won’t be either. I am almost always correct when I predict a run-draw play every drive and I have seen enough draws to last me a lifetime. Part of the reason they collapsed against the Eagles and almost to the Redskins was because they kept going 3 and out and never gave the defense rest or motivation. The offensive problem after injuries is that they don’t take risks. I want to see a flea flicker, a lateral, reversal ect. anything that isn’t a draw play that I saw coking 2 plays away.

    • Mike says:

      PERFECT! well said. If the game plan against the eagles didn’t change on offence to run run run kick, they would be preparing for a playoff game. Against the redskins with less than 5 minutes and a lead, they are passing???

  3. Gillberg says:


  4. Ernie Wheelwright says:

    He’s worse. Any coach that consistently goes shotgun on 3rd and 1 with a great running game, and a terrific play action faker like Eli, is a total baboon.

    • Jason C. says:

      Come to think of it, play action was pretty underutilized this year, I never thought of that, but in hindsight it seems to be true, though I’m sure someone will come up with some weird stats to say otherwise, but it sure does seem that way.

  5. Andiamo says:

    Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!!! Kevin Gilbride needs to go.

    His methods are outdated and his play calling is moronic.

    You can’t look at the positives from the Offense and just put it on KG…

    But let’s look at his play calling
    A) he doesn’t run enough….YET, he still found a way to totally run AB into the ground this season

    B) WR Routes. They are not dynamic enough. If you throw WR screens and slants repeatedly there should be more wrinkles in the Play Calling to counter act those plays. When you see opposing Defenses jumping routes before the ball is even thrown (C) McCann down in Dallas….guess what? they are being coached up to jump those routes (yes, even Rookies can follow basic instructions).

    How about consistently and constantly testing A. Samuel on that slant pass that seems to always get picked off???

    I think the 2nd Philly game was probably his best b/c even though Eli was under pressure he still had time to go up top and beat the Eagles deep….just not nearly enough of it.

    C) Why does the passing game rely on WRs?? Why did Reese draft Beckum? Why did Pascoe not get 1 ball thrown in his direction the past two weeks? Why does Boss average 1-3 targets a game?

    D) the way he deals with players….anyone remember what the genius said about Suebert this year? What about his constant critique of Barden? For two years I had to listen to one bs lie after the other….you know what…I’ll defer to Eli who flat out said at the beginning of the year “Barden earned it and he deserves more playing time”….

    E) Strategy….or lack there of. He called a fake quick out to AB last weekend vs. Wash. NEXT play he called the quick out to MM!!! The same damn play! you basically telegraphed it! Hello!!!!

    F) Inability to change to his players….KG said Beckum was an H-back. He said it, i remember. we all do. How come he NEVER once tried to use him like one? His rookie year he was lined up out wide more than in the slot or backfield…like a true H-back is supposed to. Hell he was making Jacobs run Ward’s old plays last year!!! Since plax went down, no changes, no wrinkles….NO nothing.

    KG is calling the same damn plays he was in ’07….the fact is, he was new in ’07 so the all this wasn’t common knowledge…now it is.

    Defend this guy at your own risk

  6. Russo757 says:

    “Gilbride happens to have the reputation of being one of the best at adjusting on the fly. One thing you can’t knock him for is his ability to change his game plan when things aren’t working. Rarely do you see the Giants continuing with a game plan when it isn’t working.”

    That comment almost gave me a heart attack. Gilbride will run a scheme into the ground working or not. The 4th quarter against the red skins is a prime example. They ran the ball on 1st and 2nd down for jack shit yardage and were forced to pass on 3rd down and went 3 and out on 4 consecutive drives, almost 5. I was throwing a fit from my couch because I knew after the second 3 and out that he was just content on a poor run attemp to “eat the clock” and hope to make up for it with a pass on 3rd and long. He is the only dipshit in the league who will try to just run the clock if given a lead even early in the game.

    Why do you think the giants cant convert on 3rd and 1 EVER. Or 3rd and goal from the 1. Because a blind, mute, parapalegic could see the play coming a mile a way and defend it. I’ll credit the stats to the guys on the field making things happen.

  7. Vic in Dallas says:

    How many first drive TDs did we have this year compared to last? Am I a homer to say that the Giants have a top 5 offense in talent? So if we have top 5 talent, we should have great offensive numbers. The problem is that his calls are way too predictable, reminiscent of the old Parcels teams. In todays NFL, you just cant succeed year after year being that way.

  8. Jason C. says:

    I don’t think Gilbride is a very good coordinator because he doesn’t put his players in the best position to succeed. I think his play calling is alright, but vanilla at times, and too complicated when it doesn’t have to be. For example, if you’re pushing up the line on a team all day, why run a toss play on 3rd and short? If you’re struggling to get anything going at all, why not try pulling out a designed screen? If you do run a screen, WHY RUN IT TWO PLAYS IN A ROW???? There’s lots of question marks (literally) with Gilbride, but is he solely to blame for their failure? Of course not, the offense was still good, but it could be better. On the other hand, I think Fewell, while I think he’s a pretty good def. coordinator, is getting way too much credit for what the Giants defense did this year. They are one of the most talented teams up front, however he took TOO long to blitz in certain games when they couldn’t get a push, and in more than just the Philly game, the defense made questionable changes when they were having their way with the opposition (outset: in many games the Giants would bring HUGE blitzes and have 2 to 3 guys playing deep, if you’re sending such a blitz you HAVE to expect a slant, to play guys deep you’re inviting it, this is what happened in the ENTIRE Packers game). The major problems with this team is 1. (and it’s a big ONE) Special teams, and 2. nothing in the middle of the field, on both offense or defense. That’s why I will say it for going on 3 years now, let’s shore up this LB unit (not that easy we’ve come to find out) and bring in a REAL Tight End…

  9. andiamo says:

    here’s another gem for you….while the author defends KG by blamming the Turnovers and INTs….

    check out this stat…

    when you factor in the Rushes from Eli (that were originally Passing Plays), but instead turning into running downs the Giants are dropping back to throw the ball roughly 56%-57% of the time.

    Yeah, Yeah, I know, Eli checks outta SOME plays…but I think this team needs to get back to running the ball a bit more, and maybe, just maybe you will see Eli’s INTs and Fumbles decrease.

    May see more fumbles by the RBs (AB in particular), but at least AB did get better in the 2nd half…minus the botch job on the C. Woodson tackle in GB

  10. Mike says:

    Yes, he’s actually that bad. You can’t go by numbers, maybe go by games against GOOD teams.

    Philly, 17 in the 1st game – give him credit for the 2nd game at 31 but couldn’t ice the game when needed.

    Playcalling in the Dallas game cost us, throwing the ball on Dallas’ 1 yard line caused a 14 point swing.

    Indy, 14 points

    Green Bay, 17 points

    And since when are turnovers, and stupid penalties not on the coaching staff? I guess if it’s all on the players than that would take away from Bill Belichik’s coaching abilities? It does fall on the coaches and that’s why Belichik is great, and that’s why our coaches suck because we always shoot ourselves in the foot, we can never ice a game, and we ALWAYS kill ourselves with stupid penalties.

    We kill bad teams because you can make those mistakes and get away with them, we lose to good teams because you can’t do that stuff.

  11. Mike says:

    Oh and as for “Gilbride follows the Bill Walsh system and scripts out his first fifteen plays to see what coverage’s the defense is giving and then adjusts accordingly. Could that be why the Giants’ struggle early on in their first drives? Yes, it’s possible. But there’s a reason why there a hot team come towards the end of the game, and they have the ability to come back.”

    What games were you watching? We had 1 comeback win this year and that was Jacksonville. Every other game such as the 2nd Dallas game, we put up points, and gave them points with stupid playcalling i.e. the pass that was picked for a TD from the 1 yard line when Dallas was ready to roll over. And we also had a chance to really even that game up and we couldn’t do it TWICE from the 50 yard line and we punted.

    The only other comeback we had was the 1st Dallas game when we were down 10-0 I think, and we came back because Romo went out and our D killed em…until of course we let Dallas back in it late by throwing sideline patterns up 3 touchdowns and Dallas cut it to 6 points then we recovered an onside kick.

    I’d love to hear someone rebutt my last two statements.

    • JW says:

      The comebacks were referring to the many comeback wins the Giants’ have had under Gilbride since 2007. The Giants’ came back in the Jags game, and also the Cowboys game. They were down I believe 21-3 at one point in that one, too. Since Gilbride has taken over the reigns as coordinator the Giants’ have over ten come from behind wins. Not all are attributed to Gibride’s calling, but that’s a telling number.

      Do I think he’s perfect? No, I don’t. He’s far from it. I, too, don’t like the shotgun runs on third and one. However, the point I was making was he isn’t as bad as he’s made out to be. The Giants were a top ten offense this year, and he deserves some of that credit.

  12. Ryan says:

    Listen I don’t care how great they make Gilbride out to be, bottom line he’s terrible! Moving Osi and Tuck to the back field was so so stupid! He didn’t do it just one time or in just one game he did it in most games. Osi and Tuck are the best at what they do and it shows on the field so why in the hell would you have them playing the back field after it repeatedly did not work and why would you think it would, they need to stay up front and continue to give the QB pressure and it worked so why the he’ll would you get away from that. And the problem with that is this is just the icing in the cake with Gilbride he also runs plays over and over and over it’s stupid already and played out. Fans know the plays he going to call you dont need to be a coach to figure it out! It’s old tired and I’m tired of it already! Run him out of town!

  13. Mike says:

    Gilbride doesn’t call the defense dude.

    As for the Jax game they were NEVER down 21-3.

    Here’s the playcalling, 1st down pass, 2nd down run Jacobs into the line, and 3rd down and 7, 8, 9, 10 – pass. Never any creativity, never a flea flicker – nothing.

    Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, and Mario Manningham are probably make up the best receiving core in the entire league and the Giants play well in spite of Gilbride. It’s really not that hard when you have a QB with Manning’s tools and the wide receivers tools to make things happen.

    Look, does he call a good game every now and then? Of course, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then, but this offense isn’t performing to it’s capabilities, especially in big games and key situations.

    2008 playoff game, 1st and 5 down 1 point on Philly’s 20 yard line, pass, pass, pass – Field Goal, left Philly with enough time to move down the field and kick a halftime field goal to go up 1 point and the game was never the same. 4th and 1 direct snap stuffed in the games deciding drive. I blame Gilbride until this day for that loss.

    The guy’s not as bad as everyone makes him out to be but you said he’s a great coordinator and he’ll be missed. That’s 100% incorrect, he’s awful and he needs to go. This team should score 28 points a game with the talent they have and we’re missing our window.

    • Ryan says:

      Yea I realized that after I hit send i ment Fewell with that aspect, and not Gilbride. Gilbride is also Terrible another one with running plays to death that just do not work! I do not like either one of them both need to go it’s just tired already, same old same old!

  14. Mike says:

    And maybe we’re always playing from behind because we can never score a damn touchdown on an opening drive which is ludacris.

  15. Eddie ini Jersey says:

    3rd and short means inside handoff out of shotgun, 100% of the time it works none of the time, count it!

  16. btenem says:

    I have hated this guy for years, but rather than try and destroy him, I just want to make two strong points on why he MUST go. The first is an obvious fact, the 2nd is more of an opinion:

    1 – several times this year and last I have seen him call a run on 3 and goal from the 6 or 7. This is complete bullshit, you must take a shot at the end zone here. last year vs. SD we are up 3 with abt 2 mins or so left, a TD will put the game away but we dont give ourselves a chance and we run on 3rd and goal from the 6 and kick the field goal to go up by 6. V Jax TD on the following drive and we lose the game. The Gmen have one of the best teams in the league in a position to finish them and we call a play that doesnt give us the chance.

    2 – Eli needs a new coach. Something is wrong with him and a change is needed in order to further his growth. You may not agree, but I feel we have some unrealized potential in both Eli and our offense. Considering what we did this year, thats a scary thought. Get Gilbride out of there so Eli can grow even further next year.

  17. nycsportzfan says:

    yes, gilbride is terrible! Just terrible! Hes got no imagination, and the giants having any success on offense, is more a testament to the talent they have on offense, where even the worse of OC’s can’t keep them at the bottom of the leauge.. With a Good OC, this team should be at the top of the NFL in all offensive categorys… Theres way to much talent, to not have more imagination and success

  18. DB GMEN says:

    GIlbride needs to go! I feel like i can guess every play he’s going to call in a tough situation. Hes still stuck in 2009 when we had the three running back combo with Jacobs Ward n Bradshaw (those plays dont work anymore). Also I have a question. Do we ever have a trick play? or even something out of the ordinary. Im so bored with Gilbride….The Giants need a change or some sort of spark for our offense

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